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How To Transfer Ps4 Data

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Transfer Data From Ps4 To Ps5 Over The Same Network:

How to Transfer Data From Your PS4 to PS5

For this option it will be necessary to have the two consoles physically in the same place, connected simultaneously to the same WiFi network, being able to use two screens or one only with 2 available HDMI ports. With this method to migrate from PS4 to PS5media files are not transferred. To transfer the photos and videos, you have to use a USB stick or external hard drive.

The steps to follow to pass the data between consoles por red WiFi o Ethernet son:

  • Login to both consoles with the same user
  • Connect both consoles to the same home WiFi network or via LAN cable
  • Connect both consoles to different HDMI ports on the TV
  • Enter the System menu of PS5
  • Press: Data transfer and Continue
  • Start search mode and the PS4 will be detected
  • Press the PS4 power button within the screen time limit
  • Wait while the data transfer is being prepared
  • Press Select all or specify one by one by checking the boxes
  • Wait for the data transfer system to finish
  • The PS4 will restart and also the PS5, with all the transfer data

Transfer Ps4 Data To Ps5 Via A Usb Drive

Here is the last way about PS4 to PS5 transfer. In this way, what you need to do is below:


Step 1: Prepare a blank USB drive and connect it to your PS4.

Step 2: Go to the path on your PS4: Settings> Application Saved Data Management> Saved Data in System Storage > Copy to USB Storage Device.

Step 3: Select all games you wish to play on your PS5 and choose all the save files you need.

Step 4: Choose the Copy option to let your PS4 start copy the selected files to the USB drive.

Step 5: Disconnect the USB drive from your PS4 until the copy process finishes.

Step 6: Connect the USB drive to your PS5.

Step 7: Go to the path on your PS5: Settings> Saved Data and Game/App Settings> Saved Data > USB Drive> Copy to Console Storage.

Step 8: Wait for the copy process to complete.

Anything Else To Bear In Mind

  • If youre upgrading to PS4 Pro and are connecting to a 4K television, make sure you use the supplied HDMI cable to get the best quality resolution from your new console.
  • This process isnt just for moving data from a PS4 to a PS4 Pro if youre adding a new standard PS4 to your setup , the process is exactly the same.
  • Nothing will be erased from the existing PS4, so you dont need to worry about losing anything in the transfer. Try not to interrupt the transfer though if any LAN cables are unplugged, or either PS4 loses power, the process will stop and youll have to start again. To guard against this, the power button is disabled during the transfer.
  • If youve started using your new console before you begin a full data transfer onto it, anything youve saved to the hard drive will be wiped.

If you are planning to trade in your old PS4 for a new PS4 Pro, its very important that you format the hard drive before it has a new owner. To do this, go to Settings, scroll to the bottom of the menu to Initialisation, and choose Initialise PS4, then Full. Only do this if youre absolutely sure that youre trading in your console, and that any game save data and anything else is saved to either cloud storage, or a USB stick. Once youve initialised the PS4, the data is gone for good from that hard drive.

And thats it. Everything should be transferred to your PS4 Pro and ready to play, just like you left it on your old PS4. Enjoy!

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For This Sony Offers A Few Potential Information

Direct exchange of information from one control center to another. To do this, you need to interface the two control center to a similar WiFi organization, and furthermore sign on to every one under your own record and start this cycle from the PS5.

  • You can accelerate the exchange by interfacing the control center with an Ethernet link.
  • The subsequent choice is to reinstall games from circles on account of the normal adaptation of the support and download from the PlayStation Store, additionally accessible on the Digital Edition.
  • Whats more, the PS5 effectively perceives inheritance games introduced on an outer hard drive.

These elements are basically expected for clients from the United States, whose Internet access is considerably more costly than occupants of the CIS, and the association is observably restricted in speed and has a traffic limit for a month. For the individuals who dont have to stress over the measure of downloaded data, it will be considerably more helpful to transfer the saved information of the rounds important to the cloud for PlayStation Plus endorsers, and afterward download them to PS5 alongside the game.

Prepare Your Ps5 Console For Receiving The Data

PS4 Pro: how to transfer data from your old PS4 or SSD to the new ...

This is the final procedure that you need to follow and then your data transfer will be done at ease.

  • Go to the settings menu of your PS5 console and then connect them to the same network by using the WiFi or LAN cables. The LAN cables are mostly recommended for this.
  • Now, from there you need to select the PS4 console you want to receive data for.
  • A message will appear Prepare your Data Transfer. You need to press hold the power button from your PS4 console for one second until a beep sound comes.
  • Select the data from your PS5 console that you want to receive.
  • Then you need to select the Start Transfer.
  • One, your data is transferred then your PS5 console will automatically restart and then you can play on your PS5 console.

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    How To Transfer Save Data From Ps4 To Ps5

    With the advancements in gaming technology, backward compatibility is now a common sight when it comes to gaming consoles. Older consoles from Microsoft and Sony have been capable of reading older games with a few restrictions. Now, with the PS5 being able to read PS4 games, it is natural to continue what you started and not start over.

    Transferring your saved data from your PS4 to your PS5 is possible. But, do you know how to transfer save data from PS4 to PS5? Well, this guide aims to help you by offering multiple ways of accomplishing this task.

    How To Transfer Data From Ps4 To Ps4 Pro With External Hard Drive

    If you are not a member of PS Plus or you are going to give current PS4 to its buyer while your new PS4 Pro is on the way, there is a traditional stupid way for you to transfer PS4 data to PS4 Pro. You can firstly backup your data from old PS4 to an external hard drive , and then when your new PS4 Pro arrives, restore the data to it from the external storage device.

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    Set Up Your New Ps4 Console

    Unpack your new PlayStation 4 and set it up as normal. If you only have one display, you’ll need to connect it to the new console for the duration of the setup process.

    Power on your new PS4 and follow the prompts to start using it as normal, including connecting to your local wireless network . If you’re going the wired route, your console should automatically connect to the internet.

    The data transfer is initialized on the new console . When you finally see the PS4 dashboard, head to Settings > System > Transfer data from another PS4.

    How To Backup And Transfer Ps4 Game Saves Using A Usb Drive

    How to transfer PS4 data to a PS4 Pro

    Whether you are just planning on taking your save files over to a friends PS4, dont trust the PlayStation Plus Online Storage or are changing your HDD, it is always a good idea to backup and transfer PS4 game saves.

    Thankfully, the whole process is pretty simple and straight forward, but if you are leery about messing with your save data, PlayStation LifeStyle have a step by step guide to help you get through the process.

    Note: This guide is designed to simply transfer your save data using the designated service provided on all PS4 consoles, any loss of data is likely due to user or hardware error.

    1. Connect a USB drive into one of the front USB ports on the PS4. It will not matter if you are using a USB stick or an external HDD, both should work as long as they are in a standard file format but not all drives or formats may be compatible.

    2. On the main menu of the PS4, go to the Settings option.

    3. From there, go to Application Saved Data Management.

    4. Here you will find the ability to:

    • Saved Data in System Storage: Backup game saves to either a USB drive or to Online Storage.
    • Saved Data in Online Storage: Retrieve data saved to Online Storage.
    • Saved Data on USB Storage Device: Retrieve data from USB device.

    To backup your data, select Saved Data in System Storage.

    5. Select Copy to USB Storage Device.

    Have a question about the PS4? Let us know at , and if we can help, we will!

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    Make Sure Both Your New Ps4 Pro And Your Ps4 Are Connected To The Internet

    First off, make sure you’ve connected your PS4 Pro to your TV, switched it on, and signed into PSN. Your old PS4 should be powered on, but doesn’t need to be connected to a screen.

    They can be connected either via WiFi, or to your router using an ethernet cable. You’ll need to keep a spare ethernet cable handle for one of the next steps.

    How To Transfer Data From Ps4 To Ps4 Pro

    Make sure the system software on both consoles is version 4.0 or higher.

    First, make sure both your existing PS4 and your PS4 Pro have been updated to the latest system software. If you are not sure whether your PS4 has been updated to the latest version, go to Setting and scroll to System Software Update. It will show the latest update, and if 4.0 isn’t listed, you will have to update your PS4 before starting the transfer process. Hopefully, the console was automatically updated last time you were online, otherwise, you will have two consoles which need to be updated.

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    How Do I Activate Ps4 Auto

    Auto-Upload automatically adds save data from your primary PS4 to online storage:

  • Select your local user* and go to Settings> Power Saving Settings > Set Features Available in Rest Mode > tick the check box next to Stay Connected to the Internet.
  • Next, go to Settings> Application Data Management > Auto-Upload> tick the check box next to Enable Automatic Uploads.
  • *Your saves wont Auto-Upload from a PS4 which is temporarily activated on your account. Always remember to manually upload your saves when playing on a friend’s system.

    Select Data To Transfer

    PS4 Pro: how to transfer data from your old PS4 or SSD to the new ...

    Choose which kind of data youd like to transfer from PS4 to PS4 Pro, applications, saved data, captures, themes, settings or all of them. Once youve selected, it will show you how much free space is left after transferring those items. Also, it will estimate how much time the process will cost you depending on the total size of the pending data.

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    Start Transferring Save Files From Ps4 To Ps5

    The PS5s backward compatibility is a great feature that allows you to play your favorite PS4 titles using stronger hardware. Games run smoother and they feel more responsive than ever.

    If you recently upgraded to a new PS5 and wish to continue your progress, try out the methods we discussed above!

    How To Transfer Your Data After Initial Setup

  • 1Sign in to the same account on both your PS4 and PS5. You’re likely already signed in on your PS4, so simply use the same PlayStation Network account to sign in on your new PS5.
  • 2Update the PS4 system software to the latest version. If you use your PS4 regularly, it is likely already updated. If you haven’t used your PS4 in a while, go to your Settings, indicated by a toolbox towards the end of your main menu, and select “System Software Update” to ensure you have the latest software.
  • If you are not prompted to download and install a new update after clicking on “System Software Update,” your PS4 already has the latest software.
  • 3Synchronize your trophy information on your PS4. PlayStation can recover most of your data automatically, but you’ll want to ensure that your most up-to-date trophy info has been synchronized with the PlayStation Network. Press the Options button on your controller while viewing the Trophies page, indicated by a trophy icon, on your PS4. This will pull up a menu select “Sync with PlayStation Network.”
  • 4Connect both consoles to the same network. You can either connect both devices to the same Wi-Fi Network, or set up a wired connection using LAN cables. Ensure that both consoles are connected to a power source and an HDMI output as well.
  • If you only have one LAN cable, you can connect both consoles wirelessly, and then run the LAN cable from one console to the other. Doing so is optional, but it will help speed up the data transfer.
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    Upload Saves To The Cloud On Your Original Playstation 4

    If all goes well during the data transfer, this step wont be necessary. However, on the off chance your power goes out or there is a technical malfunction during this process, its possible that your precious game saves corrupted. To avoid this, upload important save data to the cloud through PlayStation Plus. As of January 2019, PS Plus members have 100GB of storage space to work with.

    To upload the desired saves, go to the Settings section of the systems home screen and search for application data management. From there, find Saved data in system, select all games you wish to upload, and select Upload to online storage.

    To download the save data on your new system, just substitute selecting Saved data in system for Saved data in online storage, select all saves you want on your new system, and download them from the cloud.

    Note: This step is not possible without a PlayStation Plus subscription. If you are not a member, start the process with the steps below.

    How Do I Transfer Ps4 Data To Ps5 After Setup


    Whether youre looking to transfer all PS4 data or specific games and apps, the process is nearly identical. The PS5 has a Data Transfer option in its Settings menu to allow you to import files from any PS4 on your network.

    Before you begin, youll need:

    • Powered PS4 with an internet connection.
    • Powered PS5 with an internet connection.
    • A TV or monitor hooked up to each console .

    For faster transfer speeds, make sure you have both consoles connected to the internet with a wired connection. If a Wi-Fi connection is your only option, you can still connect the consoles with a LAN cable to increase transfer speeds.

    To avoid potential issues, make sure both the PS4 and PS5 have the latest system software before beginning any data transfers.

  • Turn on your PS5, sign into your profile, and navigate to Settings > System > System Software > Data Transfer.

  • Read the warnings and click Continue.

  • Turn on your PS4 and sign into the same profile.

  • Your PS5 will begin searching for your PS4. If it cant be located, check that both consoles are connected to the same network and restart your PS4.

  • Once the PS4 is located, Press the PS4s power button for 1 second until it beeps. Youll have 5 minutes to do this before the process resets.

  • After the PS4 restarts, you should see a list of the consoles save files displayed on your PS5. Select the data you want to transfer by checking off individual files . When finished, click Next.

  • Select any games or apps you wish to transfer and click Next.

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    Begin The Transfer Process

    After the PlayStation 4 Pro restarts, it will ask you if you wish to transfer data from an older PlayStation 4 to your new model. If you did not receive this prompt, you can also find the option under the System section of the settings menu.

    Select Yes, follow the on-screen instructions, and the system will begin scanning your Wi-Fi network for another console. After finding both systems on the same network, it will ask you to connect the two with an Ethernet cable. The good news is that if youve made it this far into the process, youve already hooked up that Ethernet cable.

    After that, the new PlayStation 4 Pro will prompt you to press and hold the power button located on the console for several seconds. Youll know you can let go when the console beeps Once you hear that, the PlayStation will take over and transfer the data. To give you an idea of how long this may take to transfer fully, we transferred roughly 300 GB of data in our test, and it took around sixty minutes to finish.

    Saving Data In The Cloud

    If you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you can upload your game saves to Sony’s cloud servers. This can be done by going to Settings, selecting Application Saved Data Management, followed by Saved Data in System Storage. Click Upload to Online Storage, select the game data you want to transfer to the cloud and tap Upload.

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