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How To Use Headset On Ps4

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Update Your System Software

How to Use ANY Headphones/Earbuds with Mic as a Headset on PS4

If you havent had a PS4 system software update in a while, this issue could be preventing sound from playing in your regular headphones.

Go to the Settings menu option. Scroll down until you see the two-arrow icon with System Software Update. Hit the X button on your controller, and your PS4 will review your current setup to see if an update is necessary.

If you have the latest version of the system software installed, the sound problem isnt related to this issue.

When an update is necessary, download the new software and automatically let your PS4 or PS4 Pro restart.

Do not let power turn off to your console during this time. Once youve rebooted everything, run a game or app to see if your issue is solved.

How To Connect Gaming Headset With Ps4 Xbox And Pc

So you recently bought a gaming headset because you can wait to enjoy a fully immersive gaming experience with better sound quality. Well, you made the perfect decision for choosing to work with a pair of gaming headsets instead of using your regular music headphones.

Its certainly going to be an exciting experience.

Usually, connecting gaming headsets to PS4, Xbox One, or PC is a simple and hassle-free process. Just a few steps and youre done in a few minutes. However, you may run into issues while trying to make a connection.

But dont worry. Thats why we are here.

In this article, we will teach you how to connect your gaming headsets to a PC, PS4, and Xbox. This guide provides instructions for both wired and wireless headsets.

Reset Macs Parameter Ram

Parameter RAM is responsible for storing temporary settings for your Mac. Some of these settings may include information relating to your mic, like the default input device and input volume levels. Outdated information in the PRAM can prevent settings from updating, so flushing the PRAM will reset it.

To fix this, you can reset your PRAM so that any incorrect settings are cleared, like so.

  • Click the Apple icon and then click Restart. Restarting Mac.
  • As your computer is booting back up, hold the Option, Command, P and R keys at the same time as the Mac boots. Continue to hold until you hear a second startup chime or the logo appears and disappears twice. Holding the Option, Command, P and R keys while the Mac boots.
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    Update Your Audio Driver

    Drivers are used to establishing communication between your hardware and the operating system youre using. Without them, none of the devices we connect to our computers will work. If your audio driver is outdated or corrupted, updating or reinstalling it can fix your problem.

    The below steps will guide you through searching for updated drivers, as well as re-installing your existing drivers if theyve become corrupted.

  • Right-click Start and select Device Manager. Accessing the Device Manager.
  • Click Search automatically for drivers. It will now scan for any updated drivers. Allowing Windows to automatically search for updated drivers.
  • If there were no driver updates, click Uninstall Device instead. This will remove the existing drivers. Then, unplug/disconnect your headset and connect it again to force the drivers to download again. Uninstall the drivers to force them to re-install again.
  • How To Fix Headset Mic Not Working On Pc Mac Xbox And Ps4

    How to use any Bluetooth headset with PS4

    Is your headset mic not working? Find out how to fix it using one of the solutions outlined in this article.

    Communication is key when playing any online multiplayer game. To win, you and your teammates need to work together. Without your mic, you cant make call-outs unless you type it into in-game chat, which takes time.

    Your mic also enables you to chat with friends. The banter with your friends during a match is half the fun. What good is having a gaming headset if you can only listen-in on the conversations happening?

    Well, this article will cover the various reasons why your headset mic isnt working, as well as how you can go about fixing it. Read on to find the solutions to a headset mic that just wont work.

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    How To Unpair Ps4 Controllers

    It is essentialPS4 Controllerotherwise the controller will regularly disconnectPlayStation 4 Console

  • 1.Turn on the PlayStation 4 using its power button
  • 2.Connect your PS4 controller directly to the PS4 console using a micro-USB cable and press the PS Button
  • 3.After a few seconds the light bar on the PlayStation 4 controller will change to solid BLUE, indicating pairing to the console is complete, and the controller is now unpaired from everything else
  • 4.
  • Unplug the wired PS4 controller
  • 15.That’s it!The PS4 controller is now fully unpaired from the PS4 and you’re ready to set it up with Cronus Zen.
  • Restore To Factory Defaults

    If your PS4 continues to have no sound, it may need to return to the factory default settings in safe mode to restore functionality.

    Although it sounds like a scary step, this process wont impact your game data. It refreshes the console settings to their original state without changing the other information stored on the PS4s drive.

    You can follow these steps to complete this process.

    • Turn off your PS4.
    • Press and hold the power button until you hear it emit two beeps.
    • Press the PS button on your DualShock controller to enter safe mode.
    • Scroll down to option #4, which says Restore Default Settings.

    Youll receive a warning box that says, The settings will return to their default values. Are you sure you want to continue? Select the Yes button and wait for the update to occur.

    Once that happens, restart your PS4 normally to have the sound issue corrected.

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    How To Use Regular Headphones On A Ps4

    For the PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 4 Pro , you can use regular audio output headphones successfully. Plug the 3.5mm jack into your DualShock control to hear game audio or use your microphone. You may need to make settings changes on your system.

    If you plug in your headphones to the PS4 and hear nothing from the TV or your equipment, youll need to make some changes to your system.

    • Boot up your PS4 and log into your account.
    • When you reach the home screen, go to the menu options that appear above your game library.
    • Select the Sound and Screen option.
    • Once in this menu, choose the Audio Output Settings choice.
    • From there, you must go to Output to Headphones.

    The default option for your PS4 is to send the chat audio only to your headphones. If your equipment is not set up for this selection, you wont hear anything. The sounds of your game will still play through your TV.

    You must choose to export all audio to your headphones. This option ensures that you can hear the games sounds and music.

    This procedure also works for anyone who wants to watch streaming shows or movies without disrupting their environment with sound.

    Some Issues With No Sound Are Headphone

    How to Use Any Wired Gaming Headset Through the PS4 Controller

    If youve tried every step to correct a sound issue with your PS4 or PS4 Pro without success, the problem could be related to your headphones.

    Even the best headphones for PS4 gaming and chat can break down with frequent use. After double-checking that your jack is firmly plugged into the DualShock controllers correct location, try using the equipment with another audio source.

    If you hear sound from it and not your PS4, you know an issue exists with your PlayStation equipment.

    When you continue to hear nothing through your headphones, it may be time to have the product repaired or replaced.

    Unless you spent a considerable amount on your headphones by purchasing a brand-name set, it is usually cheaper to replace a broken pair with something new.

    Replacing your regular headphones with a PS4 set can enable more applications with your PlayStation Plus account. Some models include navigational controls to make it easier to start your favorite games or apps.

    The best PS4 headsets and headphones are affordable, reliable, and let you coordinate with your friends on all of your favorite titles.

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    Ps4 Supported Bluetooth Headphones

    This section is for officially compatible headsets designed primarily for the PS4. Check the PlayStation-compatible headset list to see if your headphone model is listed.

  • Make sure the headphones are charged with the USB cable that came with them or with your PS4 system.
  • Connect your headphones USB adapter to your PS4 or consoles USB port.
  • Turn on your headphones and put them in pairing mode. Once the blue light stops flashing and turns solid blue, your headset should be properly connected and the sound played.
  • It will work, but if you are still having difficulty connecting your headphones and no sound is heard during playback even after the above steps, then continue with the steps given below.

    • Go to settings using the controller.
    • Scroll down and select Devices.
    • On the Devices page, youll see a list of all the possible devices you can connect to your PS4.
    • Make sure your helmet is always in pairing mode and wait for your PS4 to find nearby Bluetooth devices.
    • Once your headphones appear in the list of Bluetooth devices, select them and wait a while for them to connect.
    • If necessary, you may need to register your device to end the connection.

    What Are The Pros Of Headsets

    I love the feeling of being engrossed in the game to the extent that I feel that I am a part of it. Here are some of the pros of using a gaming headset:

    • If you do not like getting interrupted during gaming, then you will like it. Gaming headsets block out any external noise during the game. It is not only helpful for you but also for the people around you, especially if you are playing late at night.
    • When playing in a team, communication is the key to victory. Its imperative that Proper and a continuous exchange of words is ensured between the team members. From building up strategies to taking critical decisions, all depends on the quality of the microphone. And a gaming headset will give you a quality microphone.
    • Price of a gaming headset is much more reasonable than a fully working sound system. in fact, the sound system will be missing out on some of the components available in the headset even with the bigger price tag.

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    How To Connect Non

    Its important to note that there are two common arrangements or standards for most smartphone headsets. These standards are the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association standard, sometimes known as the American Headset Jack standard, and the Open Mobile Terminal Platform standard.

    The difference between the CTIA and OMTP standard is that the former has the microphone connector point on the base of the jack and the ground connector on the 2nd ring, while the latter has these positions swapped.

    What this means is that connecting a CTIA headset to an OMTP port, and vice versa, will result in the audio being too quiet due to compatibility issues. Newer smartphones and your PS4 use the CTIA standard, so if you want to use OMTP standard headphones, youll have to make use of an OMTP to CTIA converter/adapter.

  • Refer to the steps listed on the How to connect compatible wired headphones to PS4 section.
  • On step 4, simply connect your headphones to the OMTP to CTIA converter before plugging the converter to your PS4 controller.
  • Continue with the rest of the steps.
  • Goxmgo Video Gaming Headset

    How To Use USB Headset On PS4? Complete Huide

    This gaming headphone has a stereo surround sound quality of 7.1 and great high precision drivers of 50mm. In addition, it has an improved sensitivity unit in the speaker. On top of that, the headphone has accurately positioned headphones, and you will love the subtle sounds to make the listening time incredibly amazing.

    And the best thing? You will have an adjustable mic with the headphone with an anti-noise design. This headphone will be isolating the environmental sounds up to a great extent. Further, you will have the best transmission of the messages, and you can easily rotate the headphone at an angle of 120 degrees.

    In addition to this, you will have a highly appropriate angle to make the sound quality better than other headphones.

    Other Features

    Not only this, it has breathable earmuffs, and you will have the most comfortable headset with protein cushioning. This headphone has a retractable strap, and you will be wearing it for quite a long time.

    If you want to use the headset for gaming, you can use it with halo 5, metal gear solid, star wars, overwatch, and the world of Warcraft. This headphone contains exceptional compatibility, and it has a connectivity type of 3.5mm. You will love the support with the Xbox, and it comes with an included adapter.

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    Update Your Sound Card Driver

    If your microphone is not working when using on PC, you should update the audio driver to make sure theres no problem communicating between PC and mic. Therere two options to update your audio driver: manually and automatically.

    Manually update audio driver You should go to the website of your mic manufacturer, find the correct and latest sound driver for your device, and install it in your computer. This requires time and computer skills.

    Automatically update audio driver If you dont have time or computer skills to manually update drivers, you can do that automatically with Driver Easy.

    Driver Easy will detect the drivers condition in your computer, and install the correct drivers for your PC. More importantly, with Driver Easy, you dont need to struggle figuring out the Operating System, and you dont need to worry about making mistakes while processing. That will tremendously save your time and patience.

    You can update your drivers automatically with either the FREE or Pro version of Driver Easy. It only takes 2 simple clicks with the Pro version .

    1) and install Driver Easy.

    2) Run Driver Easy and click Scan Now. Then Driver Easy will scan your computer and detect any problem drivers.

    3) Click the Update button next to the driver name to download and install the correct driver . Or click Update All to automatically download and install the correct version of all the problem drivers .

    The Pro version of Driver EasyDriver Easys support team.

    Which One Do I Prefer

    I honestly prefer using a wired headset over the wireless one because theres no hassle of charging and it provides a slightly better sound quality as well. Nevertheless, the difference in sound quality is very minimum. And in most cases, you cant tell them apart.You can although move around with the wireless one, but you need to charge it as well. But i am lazy, and often forget to charge mine. The wireless gaming headset is a tad bit more expensive than the wired one. you can blame the added tech for the increase in price.A PS4 itself is pricey, and the games of it are towards the high-end side. The addition of a costly headset is not feasible for me. I prefer a rather budget gaming headset for myself.

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    Why Ps4 Do Not Support Earphones

    Mobile earphones with 3.5mm jack have two types of configurations TRRS, and TRS. All the earphones with mics have a TRRS configuration. The connectors have a slightly different configuration which decides if your earphone would work with your PS4 controller or not.

    CTIA is the newer standard first adopted by most manufacturers now. It is widely used in smartphones and PS4 accessories. If you use OMTP standard earphone with your PS4, the mic wont work. This could be one possible reason, why Apple Earpods mic doesnt work PS4.

    I tested the following earphones and it worked fine for receiving audio. The only problem was that most of the earphones and headphones didnt have a mic and the ones which did, didnt work.

    How To Use A Gaming Headset On A Ps:

    How To Use Any Wired Headset With Ps4

    Learning how to use a gaming headset on a PS4 doesnt require fancy, additional connections. A PS4 headset is preferable, but you can easily use most wired headsets. A wireless headset is even easier to use.


    • Figure out what audio cable your premium headset requires. If you need an adapter, purchase one. A 3.5mm audio jack will fit into your PS4 without an issue.
    • If you have a Bluetooth PS4 headset, pair that as you would any other device without any other output device that doesnt have an audio cable.
    • Always look for an audio device with background noise cancellation and features like virtual surround sound. Having a strong headset battery is also essential.

    Youll want to use the best gaming headset in your budget to get the most out of whatever audio device youre using. Theres no better way to experience game sounds.

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    How To Use Headphones And Earbuds With Ps5 And Ps4 Controller

    • 4

    How do you use headphones and earbuds with the PS5 and PS4 controller? If you play games at night but dont have access to a fancy headset, theres a way to output all PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 audio through traditional headphones and earbuds using the DualSense and DualShock 4. All you need is a pair of earphones with a 3.5mm jack, and youre pretty much good to go. As part of our PS5 guide, we’re going to explain how to use headphones with your PS5 and PS4 controllers.

    How To Troubleshoot Your Gaming Headsets

    If the connection between your headset and controller is not successful, the issue is most likely with the headsets.

    Here are a few useful troubleshooting tips

    • Turn both the headset and adapter off and then turn them off. Reconnect to the controller and see if the issue is fixed
    • If for some reason the headset does not pick up any sounds either from your games or voice calls, its possible that the headset is accidentally muted. Try to toggle the mute switch on the adapter. This may fix the problem
    • Check if the headset battery has enough power. Also, if the remaining charge on your controller is low, it may cause issues on your headsets sound quality and microphone

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