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What Is The Difference Between Ps4 Slim And Pro

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Ps4 Vs Ps4 Pro Internals

PS4 vs PS4 Slim vs PS4 Pro – Which Console Should You Buy?
  • PS4 Pro has better GPU performance
  • PS4 Pro has 802.11ac Wi-Fi antenna and Bluetooth 4.0
  • PS4 Pro has an additional 1GB of DDR3 RAM

The internals are where we see some of the key differences between these two PS4 models.

Both consoles share an AMD Jaguar x86-64 8-core CPU, which has seen a 30% boost in clock-speed from 1.6GHz to 2.1GHz based on its predecessor.

Meanwhile the GPU has seen a much bigger performance increase. Its power has been doubled, and its clock-speed has been boosted from 800MHz to 911MHz.

In total the GPU has jumped from 1.84 TFLOP in the launch PS4 to 4.2 TFLOP in the Pro. This bump is in order to accommodate the new 4K functionality.

The Wi-Fi of the Pro has also seen an upgrade to include 802.11ac and a Bluetooth bump to v2.1 to v4.0. Both of these upgrades were also seen in the new slim PS4.

The Pro also has an additional 1GB of DDR3 RAM, which will be used for non-gaming apps to free up the faster GDDR5 RAM for gaming performance.

Playstation 4 System Software

The PlayStation 4’s operating system is called “Orbis OS”, based upon a customized FreeBSD 9.

The console does not require an Internet connection for usage, although more functionality is available when connected. The PS4 is the first to include a WebKit-based web browser, which is a departure from its predecessor’s NetFront browser it is based on the same modern WebKit core as and Safari, giving it high compatibility in HTML5 compliance testing.

The console introduces a customizable menu interface, the “PlayStation Dynamic Menu”, featuring a variety of color schemes. The interface displays the player’s profile, recent activity, notifications, and other details in addition to unlocked trophies. It allows multiple user accounts, all with their own pass-codes. Each player account has the option to share their real name with friends, or use a nickname in other situations when anonymity is important. profiles can be connected to PlayStation Network accounts, making it easier to recognize friends. The default home screen features real time content from friends. The “What’s New” activity feed includes shared media, recently played games, and other notifications. Services from third-party vendors, such as Netflix and , can be accessible within the interface.Multitasking is available during gameplay, such as opening the browser or managing party chat, and switching between applications is done by double-tapping the “PS” button.

What About The Ps5

You might have a valid reason for only being able to choose between a PS4 and a PS4 Pro, but most people should also factor in the newest PS5 console into their decision-making too if they can afford to.

That’s because the PS5 really is one fantastic console. Rather than being a small step up from the PS4 , this is a true next-gen gaming experience. One which we hope will only get better as more titles arrive on the PS5 line-up.

The console is powerful and ramps up performance compared to the PS4 and PS4 Pro. When it comes to the specs, the PS5 is a technically impressive console. Including the new custom RDNA 2 GPU that can push 4K resolution at 120 frames per second, and the octa-core AMD Zen 2-based CPU with a 3.5GHz clock speed.

Add on 16GB of GDDR6 memory and the NVMe SSD and this is a machine with some seriously good-looking specs.

What’s more, Sony has re-imagined almost every key part of the gaming experience from a simpler setup and new well-thought-out user interface, to a revolutionary controller and added bonuses for PS Plus members. The result is a console that we can’t help but be hugely impressed with.

Check out our PS5 review and where to buy PS5 guide though be warned that stock can be hard to get hold of.

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Ps4 Pro Vs Ps4 Slim Differences

The PS4 Pro and the PS4 Slim are the two newest versions of Sonys PlayStation 4 console. The former is a more powerful version that takes up a bit more room, while the latter is well, a slimmer version of the standard. Of course, there is more to it than just a simple statement, so to help you out well list each major difference between the two consoles.


Slim Black, Glacier White

Pro Black

The PS4 Slim recently got a beautiful Glacier White version unveiled while the PS4 Pro is stuck with its standard color for the time being.


Slim 11.3 in x 10.4 in x 1.54 in

Pro 12.9 in x 11.6 in x 2.17 in

Surprisingly enough, the Pro isnt too much larger than the slimmer model, though it actually looks much larger when theyre right next to one another.


  • Optical Audio output
  • HDMI 2.0

The PS4 Pro actually has more ports than the PS4 Slim including an extra USB 3.1 and an Optical Audio out which was removed from the slimmer version when transitioning from the original model.


  • CPU: 1.6GHz 9-core AMD Jaguar
  • GPU: 1.84 TFLOP AMD Radeon
  • Memory: 8 GB GDDR5 RAM
  • 500GB HDD
  • CPU: 2.1GHz 8-core AMD Jaguar
  • GPU: 4.2 TFLOP AMD Radeon
  • Memory: 8GB GDDR5 RAM plus an extra 1GB RAM for non-gaming processes.
  • 1TB HDD

What Are The Differences Between The Ps4 Slim And The Ps4 Pro Console Comparative

PS4 Pro vs PS4 Graphics Comparison: Check Out These GIFs Comparing ...

After several years of the launch of the PS4 console , PlayStation has made the new release of PS4 Slim and then PS4 Pro, which has led to making a comparison between the two consoles in order to discover which of the two is a better alternative. With all this, it is no longer just a matter of comparing which console is better if Xbox or PlayStation, but it has begun to generate a dispute inside this company, especially with these two latest developments launched to the market.

These two consoles have been the last ones launched by the Sony industry, where on September 15, 2016 the PS4 Slim model would go on the market, which It would be launched with the aim of replacing the PS4 model, but this time offering a more advanced and lighter design. While later everything would evolve and would be launched PS4 Pro model, a new version that has marked a before and after.

All this has led Sony users to ask themselves what are the differences of these two models and which one is the best to choose. In this way, here we will show you how to differentiate both consoles so you can detail each of its characteristics and in that way choose the one that best suits your needs.


  • If I already have the PS4 Slim is it worth buying the PS4 Pro?
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    The Ps4 Pro Differs From The Basic Ps4 In Several Ways:

    When it relates to the PS4 versus PS4 Pro debate, one of the most significant distinctions is resolution: while the original PS4 is set to 1080p, the current PS4 Pro can reach up to 2160p and also 4K, like it is much more popularly known. The contrast among both 500GB PS4 with a 4K-ready PS4 Pro delivered at launch is nearly night and day. These two systems have a similar PS4 game library, however, the Pro includes a matt top instead of the glossy surface on the original PS4 plus is the sole way of enjoying 4K images on PlayStation.

    In the end, itll be up to game makers to release those fixes and take advantage of the PS4 Pros highly powerful hardware. You wont be able to attain actual 4K resolutions unless the game doesnt have a PS4 Pro model. The PS4 Pro resembles the PS4 Slim significantly slimmer chassis style albeit with one additional tier to assist signal the boost in power.

    Ps4 Pro Vs Ps4 Slim: Playstation Vr And Hdr

    The PlayStation VR headset works on any PS4, though you’ll get the smoothest virtual reality experience possible on the Pro when getting immersed in games like Tetris Effect and Resident Evil 7.

    Both the PS4 and PS4 Pro support High Dynamic Range for richer, brighter colors on supported TVs. So whether your screen of choice can use HDR or not, it won’t make a difference to your buying decision.

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    Playstation 4 The Difference Between Ps4 Ps4 Slim And Ps4 Pro

    It will be a tough decision to make if you are contemplating getting a PS4 console. You would want to know the major differences between the three consoles before making a purchasing one. Dont fret! We are here to help you get informed about these consoles.

    PS4 was introduced on 15th November 2013, by Sony. Afterward, there came PS 4 Slim which came into force 15th September 2016, to replace PS4. PS 4 Pro is the latest in the market of the PS 4 consoles. PS4 Pro was launched on 10th November 2016.

    Ps4 Vs Ps4 Pro: 4k Tv Performance

    PS4 PRO vs PS4 Slim | Comparison
    • PS4 Pro supports 4K/HDR
    • Original PS4 just supports HDR
    • Developers decide how to use the extra power

    This is the big one the main reason it’s worth making the jump from the original hardware to the PS4 Pro. The PS4 Pro supports 4K output, as opposed to the standard PS4’s Full HD 1080p resolution.

    When it comes to streaming services such as Netflix this means that the console is able to play movies and TV shows in their maximum resolution but unfortunately the lack of an Ultra HD Blu-ray drive means that the console will not be able to play physical 4K media.

    The PS4 Pro supports 4K output, as opposed to the standard PS4’s Full HD 1080p resolution

    Games are slightly more complicated because it’s up to developers to decide how they want to use the PS4 Pro’s extra muscle. We’re seeing it bear more fruit now the jacked-up console has been on the market for a while.

    In our review of God of War, for example, we found the PS4 Pro version came with two separate graphics modes: one which favors resolution, displaying the game at checkerboard 2160p , and another which favors performance, lowering the resolution to 1080p but displaying at a framerate that’s closer to 60fps .

    The one you choose will obviously come down to your personal preference. Camera movement is much, much smoother in performance mode, though the drop in visual detail is noticeable especially in game, where the level of detail seen at 4K is so high.

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    Ps4 Vs Ps4 Pro Appearance

    • PS4 Pro is bigger, but not by much
    • Sleeker finish on top of the Pro console

    As far as physical looks go, the most obvious difference between the original PS4 and the PS4 Pro is the addition of an extra layer on top of the console.

    While the original PS4 has two layers separated by a gap for the disc drive and two USB ports, the PS4 Pro has three layers.

    Thankfully this hasn’t lead to too much of an increase in its dimensions. The original PS4 measures 275.1 x 305.1 x 53.1 mm, while the Pro measures 295 x 327 x 55 mm. That means it’s slightly bigger, it’s 2 cm deeper and 2 cm wider, but interestingly it’s more or less the same height.

    It’s also half a kilogram heavier, or just over a pound, though that shouldn’t bother you too much unless you’re lugging it from one room to the next.

    Whats The Difference Between The Playstation 4 Playstation 4 Slim And Playstation 4 Pro

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    Sonys PlayStation 4 has been out since 2013, but theres a pair of new, updated players on the stage: The PlayStation 4 Slim and PlayStation 4 Pro. But whats the difference, and which one should you buy?

    Figuring out which PS4 to buy can be interestingeven more if you already have a PS4 and are considering an upgrade to the new PS4 Pro. The good news is that the PS4 and PS4 Slim are, for all intents and purposes, the same machine for the most part, and all three machines will play the same games. Some may play them with extra features or better graphics, though, so lets talk about the main differences.

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    How To Choose A Ps: Ps4 Ps4 Slim Or Ps4 Pro

    In June 2020, not long after a certain global pandemic called COVID 19 disrupted life as we knew it, Sony announced their new games console. It is, of course, the PS5. It is due for release at the end of the year along with an upgraded version, the PS5 Pro. Along with the release of the Xbox series X, 2020 will undoubtedly be the year of the next-gen! And it’s also the perfect time to check out the previous generation of consoles from Sony, the PS4 and its more advanced editions, the PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro . Why is now a good time to consider the PS4? Put simply, the video game catalog for this console is excellent and prices are always lower when a new model is released, as is the case with the iPhone. You could also double your savings by opting for a refurbished PS4 instead of buying new. The price will be even lower than for a new PS4 and you’ll save a few kilos of electronic parts going to waste. Sounds tempting? Sony offers 3 versions of this games console the “standard” PS4 , and the PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro . So, which one to choose?

    Ps4 Vs Ps4 Slim Vs Ps4 Pro: Which One Should You Buy

    Ps4 vs Ps4 Pro
    • The PS4 Pro is more expensive than the PS4 and PS4 Slim
    • The PS4 Slim presents the best value
    • The original PS4 will be phased out in India soon

    Sony finally revealed the price for the PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim in India, and when you can buy them. If you include the already available original PS4, it means that in the near future, gamers will have three PS4 consoles to choose from for some time, as the original PS4 will continue to be on sale until stocks last. Which PS4 is right for you, or does it make no difference? We explain.

    PS4, PS4 Slim, and PS4 Pro price in IndiaThe PS4 Slim will retail for the same price as the original PS4 – Rs. 27,990 nets you a 500GB console while Rs. 32,990 gets you the 1TB version with three games at the very least. At the moment there are two original PS4 1TB bundles to choose from. Both offer Infamous Second Son, while one has and . The other has Watch Dogs and Watch Dogs 2.

    On the other hand, the PS4 Pro costs Rs. 38,990 – this console also has 1TB storage, and there’s no 500GB variant. Though you’re paying another Rs. 6,000 above the PS4’s 1TB version, there are no games or notable extras bundled with the PS4 Pro.

    From a pure pricing standpoint, the Rs. 11,000 difference between the PS4/ PS4 Slim , and the PS4 Pro, is enough to buy four or five more games, and even more if youre able to purchase them during the many discounts Amazon India and Flipkart keep offering.

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    Ps4 Vs Ps4 Pro Connections

    • PS4 Pro has an extra USB port
    • PS4 Pro also has an optical audio port
    • Original PS4 uses HDMI 1.4, Pro uses HDMI 2.0a

    In terms of rear connectors, the PS4 Pro is nearly identical to the standard PS4, aside from the addition of an extra USB 3.0 port which should be pretty useful if you’re planning on hooking up a PlayStation VR, since the headset takes up a USB port when it’s plugged in.

    An extra USB port is an excellent inclusion, since the PSVR brings back the Move Controllers which each need a USB port to charge. If you’re planning a jump into virtual reality, then the PS4 Pro might be the way to go.

    Unlike the slimmer PS4 currently on sale, the PS4 Pro does include an optical audio output on its rear, just like the original launch PS4 from 2013.

    The final difference between the ports on the back of the console is the HDMI port. While the standard PS4 has an HDMI 1.4 port, the PS4 Pro has an HDMI 2.0 port to allow it to output at 4K resolutions .

    It’s important to note that you don’t need to upgrade your HDMI cable to take advantage of 4K, despite what Sony is claiming on its official FAQ. Any HDMI cable that can handle 1080p can do 4K just fine.

    Playstation 4 Stock Issues

    Due to the pandemic, it’s become increasingly difficult to find the PlayStation 4 in stock anywhere. When you do, it’s normally price-jacked for way more than its MSRP. You’ll have to ask yourself whether it’s worth it to purchase a console for $100 more than it’s usually listed. Personally, I wouldn’t buy a PS4 Slim for anything more than $350. If you can find a PS4 Pro for less than $500, you might want to pick it up if you absolutely need a new console. You might also want to consider purchasing a used or renewed console, as these will be much cheaper.

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