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How To Upgrade Ps4 Games To Ps5

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All Ps4 Games That Have Free Ps5 Upgrades

How To Upgrade PS4 Games to PS5

John-Paul Jones / September 11, 2021

All PS4 Games That Have Free PS5 Upgrades With PlayStation 5 now upon us, many publishers have started offering free upgrades to PlayStation 5 versions of games that will be releasing on PlayStation 4. This means that at no extra cost, PS5 owning players who have a PS4 copy of a game, will get a free PS5 upgrade which supports these upgrades, can get improved visuals, faster loading times and all the other benefits you would associate with the PlayStation 5. To date, these are all the PS4 games that offer PS5 upgrades at no extra cost:

Atelier Ryza : Lost Legends Of The Secret Fairy

Both the;physical;and digital versions of JRPG;Atelier Ryza 2;get a free upgrade.;Physical owners can upgrade from the game’s PlayStation store page;;digital owners can choose to download the PS5 version for free from the store. Since a physical release for PS5 was canceled, buying the PS4 version and upgrading it is the only way for those who prefer physical games to get the PS5 edition.

How To Upgrade Ghost Of Tsushima From Ps4 To Ps5

If you’re wondering how to upgrade Ghost of Tsushima from PS4 to PS5, then it’s likely that you’ve seen the Director’s Cut is out now and are either curious about how to get it, or are somewhat confused by the multiple options available when it comes to upgrading your existing copy of the game. There’s no doubt that Ghost of Tsushima is a masterpiece, so it makes sense that you want to experience it in even greater fidelity on your PS5, as well as visiting the new Ghost of Tsushima: Iki Island setting and telling fresh stories on your travels. If you want to know how to upgrade Ghost of Tsushima from PS4 to PS5, we’ve got all the details below.

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Can I Delete The Ps4 Version

The straightforward answer is yes, you can. Deleting the PS4 version will not interfere with the PS5 version of the game. It will also, just as importantly, stop your hard drive getting clogged up with enormous duplicate game files. for instance: A redundant PS4 version of Spider-Man: Miles Morales for example, will take up 40GB of space. Thats in addition to the 50GB for the PS5 version. So one game can easily, but needlessly, occupy far more of your hard drive than it needs to.

There isnt really any good reason to retain both copies of the game. The PS5 copy will be a superior version. So yes, start checking those games, and get rid of all those PS4 duplicates that you no longer need. Youre on the PS5 now. Enjoy a more elegant game, for a more civilized age.

Now that we know we can delete these games, how exactly do we go about doing so? Well cover that next.

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Disco Elysium: The Final Cut

List of games you can upgrade for free from PS4, to PS5 in ...

One of the most critically-acclaimed games of the year so far, the definitive edition of Disco Elysium brings the CRPG to consoles for the first time with additional content. Purchasing the game digitally gives;players access to both the PS4 and PS5 versions.;From there, all you have to do is download the version native to your console. The disc version also upgrades, with players needing to insert the disc to download the;PS5 version from the store. Next-gen features include 4K visuals, 60;fps boost and optimized sound.

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How To Make Sure Your Game Is Upgraded

The best way to check that you are playing the upgraded version of your game is by using the PlayStation Network. Log on and head to the PS Store. From here, check out your library of purchased games. If there is a PS5 upgrade available you should see a notification on it.

It should be noted if your version requires a disc then you will need the disc inserted into your PS5 to commence the upgrade. If you are having any trouble, there is a handy video guide here.

So, what are you still doing reading this article? Get to your library and get downloading! We will keep this page updated as new upgrades are announced and released.

How Will I Know Which Ps4 Games Arent Playable

Games that are only playable on PS4 will be noted on PlayStation Store as playable on PS4 only. We have a list of games that are only playable on PS4, along with additional information on backward compatibility here:

*If players originally purchase a PS4 game disc, the PlayStation 5 with an Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive is required to upgrade to the PlayStation 5 version of the game and transfer their saves over.

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Horizon Upgrade Mess Seals The Deal: Playstation 5 Title Upgrades Will Be $10

Last weeks surprise announcement that anyone who buys Horizon Forbidden West on the PlayStation 4 will not have a free upgrade path should they eventually get a PlayStation 5 received harsh criticism, which led to some sorely needed clarity.

PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan announced Saturday that the company is walking back the Thursday decision for the Horizon upgrade pipeline to PS5 by keeping it free, but maintaining that future first-party games like the next God of War will come with a $10 upgrade price. Ryan told The Post last September that launch games would receive free PS5 upgrades. While Ryan did not mention Horizon by name, the title was still implied as a launch title at the time.

Ryans decision to charge $10 for future first-party, cross-generation upgrades to the PS5 versions finally puts into place some kind of standard for the PS4 to PS5 pipeline. The messy and incoherent PS4-to-PS5 upgrade pipeline has only grown worse since the console launched last year, even when were only talking about Sony exclusives. The PlayStation 5 platform needed a clearer distinction, especially since it continues to rely on upgraded versions of PS4 titles to maintain sales.

Heres a look back at the mess:

Xbox CEO Phil Spencer explained to me in February of last year that the company coined the phrase Smart Delivery to arm customers with publisher expectations.

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Q: Why Would I Want To Play The Ps4 Version Of A Game On My Ps5


As we discussed earlier, the PS5 can run the PS4 version of any game, even ones where you own it on both PS4 and PS5. Aside from reporters like me looking to cross-check both versions and preservationists who want to ensure people can retain every version of every game for historys sake, theres very little reason to hang back and play on PS4, rather than PS5.From a pure gameplay perspective, the PS5 version will always be better, but there are two small things that might bring you back. First, many games have separate sets of Trophies for PS4 and PS5. Trophies are PlayStations cross-generation progression that charts special milestones you hit in every game you play. If youre a trophy hunter and you want to play a game again earning all the PS5 trophies, you might be compelled to go back. Second, the PS4 and PS4 versions of a game are often different sizes. If your hard drive is nearly full, you can check to see if the PS4 game is smaller. Its actually bigger sometimes, though, so its a long shot.

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With So Many Anticipated Playstation 5 Games Being Delayed We Shift Our Gaze To The Ps4 Games Receiving Free Ps5 Upgrades

When a new console gets released theres an inevitable period where it all starts to feel a bit desolate. What once seemed an exciting horizon of opportunity quickly morphs into a stretch of empty prairie. The game that inspired your purchase starts to fade to the periphery once completed; leaving an energy-sucking behemoth that provides little present comfort. Enter: free PlayStation 5 upgrades.

So far Sony has done an admirable job of making sure that PlayStation 5 owners have no need to dust off their old consoles. Backwards compatibility has meant most PS4 games can be played on PS5 without much trouble. In fact, many older games are running better on the new console than the one they were designed for.

The PS5s solid state drive means that gamers can play last generation games with significantly shorter loading times. While this may sound relatively inconsequential, its actually a huge quality of life upgrade, particularly for newer PS4 games that were doing their best to stretch what that console was capable of.

However, shorter loading times is just the start of it. A bunch of development teams are choosing to throw a bit of polish at their most affectionately remembered titles, reinvigorating their playerbase with better resolutions, higher frame rates, adaptive trigger support, and more.

How To Upgrade A Ps4 Game To The Ps5 Version

As confirmed by Sony in a recent support post, The overwhelming majority of the 4,000+ PS4 games are playable on PS5 consoles. The post goes on to address ways that you can play your PS4 games on the PS5.;

The steps youll need to take to play PS4 games on your new PS5 will vary depending on whether you purchased a PS5 with a disc drive or the disc-free version. Itll also depend on whether youre upgrading using a physical PS4 disc or a digital copy of the game you purchased through the PlayStation Store.;

Note that upgrade eligibility will vary with some PS4 to PS5 upgrades being available for free, while others require an additional purchase in order to upgrade. With that out of the way, weve included the steps youll need to take to upgrade a PS4 game to the PS5 version below as provided by Sony in their upgrade support post.;

Upgrade an eligible PS4 digital game on a PS5 console with a disc drive or PS5 Digital Edition

  • Sign in to your existing account on your PS5 console.
  • Find the PS5 game in PlayStation Store, or by Search, and go to the game hub for the PS5 game.
  • Select the upgrade offer on the game hub and review the upgrade offer.
  • Select Download to download/purchase content.
  • After the download is complete, you can play the PS5 game.

Upgrade an eligible PS4 game on disc on a PS5 console with a disc drive

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Crash Bandicoot : Its About Time

The long-awaited 2020 return for;Crash Bandicoot;impressed many with its colorful visuals, creative story, and incredibly difficult platforming challenges . Crash Bandicoot 4: Its About Time;is a faithful revival through-and-through, and it feels fantastic to jump around these frustrating stages as Crash once again.

The story follows Crash and the gang traveling through space and time to defeat Neo Cortex and N. Tropy, but youre not limited to just playing as Crash this time around. There are multiple playable characters each with their own abilities and paths through stages, only giving you more content to sink your teeth into.

The free PS5 upgrade takes things to the next level with 4K, 60 FPS, 3D audio, and it even uses the Dualsenses adaptive triggers for certain gameplay mechanics. No doubt about it, this is the way;Crash 4;was meant to be played.

Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1+2

How To Get The Free PS5 Upgrade For Your PS4 Games

Owners of the basic physical and digital versions of;Tony Hawk‘s remaster on PS4 don’t get a free upgrade. They have to pay $10 to get the PlayStation 5’s visual and performance enhancements. Owners of digital deluxe copies of the game on PS4 do get a free upgrade. There’s also a digital;Cross-Gen Deluxe Bundle;that includes both games and some DLC.

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Ps4 To Ps5 Upgrade With Digital Copy

  • Sign in to your existing account on your PS5 console.
  • Find the PS5 game in PlayStation Store, or by Search, and go to the game hub for the PS5 game.
  • Select the upgrade offer on the game hub and review the upgrade offer.
  • Select Download to download/purchase content.
  • After the download is complete, you can play the PS5 game.
  • How To Play Ps4 Games On Ps5

    Despite not pushing backwards compatibility as much as the Xbox marketing team perhaps did, you can play almost every PlayStation 4 game on the PS5.

    To play this game, simply insert the disc into your new console, wait for it to download/install, and youll be ready to go! If you want to redownload a digital version of a game, its even easier. If youre signed into the same PS account, all of your owned games will appear in your library collection. Click on the game you want to play, and it will start downloading!

    You can also transfer your PS4 games to the PS5 via an external HDD, or even store these games on an external HDD to use with your PS5. While this might impact your loading times, its probably worth it to avoid flooding your precious SSD storage with old games!

    Of course, playing these games on your PlayStation 5 could be pointless without your save data. To transfer your save data from the PS4 to PS5, youll need to dust off your PS4 and upload your save data to the cloud. If this isnt done automatically, youll need to go to;Settings;;>;Application Data Management;;>;Saved Data in System Storage;;>;Upload to Online Storage.

    After its uploaded, you can put your PS4 back in whichever box youve now placed it in, boot up your PS5 and go to ;Settings;>;Games/Apps and Saved Data>Saved Data >Cloud Storage> to download your save data!

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    Playstation 5 Wiki Guide

    Backwards compatibility on the PS5 is a great feature, but did you know you can switch between PS4 and PS5 versions, and even upgrade certain PS4 titles to their respective PS5 versions? Heres a quick step-by-step explanation of how to upgrade eligible PS4 titles to PS5 digital versions. Just remember that even if the PS4 game is playable on PS5, theres a chance some functionality available on PS4 wont work on PS5.

    Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate

    How To Upgrade PS4 Games To PS5 Version – Free Upgrade

    Mortal Kombat 11;Ultimate;collects most of the game’s DLC, including its Kombat Packs that feature guest stars like Rambo and RoboCop. The digital and disc versions of Ultimate get free upgrades to the PS5. Its enhancements include;Dynamic 4K resolution, quicker load times, and cross-gen and cross-play multiplayer. With DLC support for the game finished, this is truly the Ultimate version of the game.

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    Upgrade An Eligible Ps4 Digital Game On A Ps5 Console With A Disc Drive Or Ps5 Digital Edition

    To upgrade an eligible digital PS4 game you already own to the digital PS5 version:

  • Sign in to your existing account on your PS5 console.

  • Find the PS5 game in PlayStationStore, or by;Search, and go to the game hub for the PS5 game.

  • Select the upgrade offer on the game hub and review the upgrade offer.

  • Select; to download/purchase content.

  • After the download is complete, you can play the PS5 game.

  • PS4 games redeemed as a PlayStation®Plus benefit are not eligible for a PS5 upgrade unless otherwise indicated.

    Ps4 To Ps: How Do Free Upgrades Work

    PS4 to PS5’s free upgrades will work differently depending on how the publisher decides to support the initiative and which versions of the games you own. For example, if you purchase a digital copy of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla on the PS4, then you’ll be able to upgrade to a digital copy of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla on the PS5 free of charge. If you own a physical copy of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla on the PS4, then you’ll need to hold on to your copy of the disc, as you’ll need to use this to play Assassin’s Creed Valhalla on the PS5.

    This means that if you purchase a physical copy of any of the games listed above, you won’t be able to upgrade to the PS5 version if you purchase the PS5 Digital Edition. You can find out more about the two models courtesy of the following guide: PS5 Digital Edition vs PS5: What’s the Difference?

    Which PS4 to PS5 free game upgrades will you be taking advantage of? Take a look at our PS5 guide for more information, and then let us know in the comments section below.

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    How To Upgrade A Ps4 Game With A Physical Disc To Ps5

    Again, remember that this will only be possible if you’ve bought the PS5 Standard Edition, as the Digital Edition can’t play discs.

    1. Sign into your PlayStation account on the PS5.;;

    2. Insert the PS4’s disc into the PS5 console disc slot.;

    3. Go to the PlayStation Game Hub and locate the game you just inserted.;

    4. Select “Free PS5 Upgrade,” which should be towards the screen’s top-right.;

    5. Choose “Free” to the left of the Purchase Price icon.;

    6. Click “Accept” to confirm your free purchase.;

    7. Now you can download. Once it’s finished, begin playing.;

    Quick tip: When playing upgraded PS4 disc games, you’ll need to always have the PS4 disc inserted, regardless of whether you have a digital copy of the game.;

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