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Where Can I Get My Ps4 Hdmi Port Fixed

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How Do We Repair The Ps4

How to fix ps4 hdmi port

To repair this fault we need to carefully strip the console down to the motherboard. From there we desolder the old HDMI port. The port is attached by 4 main holding legs that are through-hole soldered and the HDMI data pins are surface mounted so it is a delicate job. Once the old port is removed, the solder pads of the logic board are inspected for damage. If the original port is really badly yanked, this can cause damage to the motherboard and in some circumstances could be beyond repair .Once we have cleaned up the board and prepped the solder pads for the new port, we solder the new HDMI port to the PS4. We reassemble the console and it goes down to our testing bench where all consoles are tested for at least 4 hours.

Is Your PS4 Still Under Warranty? If your PS4 is under a year old, it may be covered by Sony’s warranty. for Sony’s support pages

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How Much Does A Ps4 Hdmi Cost

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Can You Repair A Ps4 Hdmi Port At Home

Performing a DIY PS4 HDMI repair is tricky. It requires specialized equipment and some nifty soldering skills. You can perform an HDMI port without much experience, but it is not recommended to attempt a DIY HDMI chip repair as this is far more technical and challenging. There is a significant risk that you may end up damaging your Playstation 4 even more by performing an HDMI port PS4 repair yourself. It is best to consult with professionals before you start soldering your PS4. There is also the risk that you have misdiagnosed your PS4s problems, and the HDMI port may be totally fine.

Before looking for a PS4 HDMI port replacement, you need to perform a cost-benefit analysis. Repairing the port at home may cause further damage to your console and may not solve the problem. A professional service is often costly and only offers a limited warranty. In many cases, it makes sense to purchase a new console, and with PS5 out, it may be the perfect time to upgrade and treat yourself.

How to Fix a PS4 HDMI Port?

Do you want to know how to fix an HDMI port on PS4? Then follow our detailed step-by-step guide and get back to playing your favorite Playstation 4 games!

Before you start repairing your PS4 HDMI port, you will need to purchase a few tools. Here is a list of exactly what you need to start your PS4 pro HDMI port repair:

  • Basic electronics repair kit

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Is It Possible To Fix The Hdmi Port Problem On A Ps4 At Home

First, make certain that the problem is not with the cable but rather the port. So, were going to presume youve already tried the cable with another device, and it works well there as well. Some of the warning signs that your HDMI port is broken are the ones listed below:

  • It is the most evident indicator if any of the pins are bent or snapped.
  • Look at the ports position and whether it appears off-center or sits lower than it should.
  • Even though youve plugged in your PS4, the TV says there is no signal.
  • While the PS4s white light is visible, you cant see any images on the TV. The White Light of Death refers to this phenomenon.

Assuming youve checked all of the above and everything else is operating as it should, you may have a problem with your HDMI port. Its also possible to fix the HDMI port at home.

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How confident are you in your repair abilities? To remove the HDMI port from the motherboard, youll need some soldering experience. In most cases, this is beyond the capabilities of most people without putting the rest of the system in danger.

On The Ps4 The Hdmi Port Is Broken

PS4 with broken HDMI port (going cheap

When discussing malfunctioning HDMI ports on the PS4, its important to first identify the issue. This hardware problem may appear in a variety of ways:

  • PS4 HDMI port bent pins One of the most frequent problems impacting PlayStation console users is bent pins in the HDMI connector. When you plug your HDMI cable in and out often, you run the danger of bending the pins, particularly if youre in a hurry.
  • PS4 HDMI pins pushed in This issue is linked to the previous one. It usually happens when you push the HDMI cable into the port.
  • The PS4 HDMI port is loose If the port is loose, your cable may wobble when plugged in. Most of the time, this occurs because one or more HDMI pins are missing.

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What Causes The Ps4 Hdmi Port Fault

The most common reason we hear is that the PS4 has been dropped or knocked while plugged in. This causes the HDMI cable to yank out and physically damage the port. It can also happen while plugging in the cable. The ports are quite delicate so if the HDMI cable isn’t plugged in carefully to the PS4 it can cause damage.

If the port doesn’t look damaged, there is another part of the motherboard that could have failed.

How To Fix Ps4 Hdmi Port Issue

If you sit down to play your PS4⢠and notice there’s no display, the problem may be with the HDMI port. But how do you know for sure? Much like other PlayStation® issues that stop your game before it starts, such as overheating, software crashes, or controller drift, it’s annoying when you can’t figure out or solve the problem.

Here at Asurion, when tech breaks, we fix itâwhether your laptop battery won’t charge or you need to fix your PS4 controller. Here’s our guide to finding out if your PS4 HDMI port is having issues and what to do about it.

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How To Fix Ps4 Hdmi Port

If you do find yourself in the situation of having an HDMI port issue, and your port needs fixing, what can you do? We arent proficient enough to offer you a step-by-step guide to doing it at home. A quick Google search will help you find at-home instructions, if youre feeling brave.

But for everyone else, what are your options? Well, you could consider contacting Sony about getting a repair. The chances are that this would not be available under warranty. This would either be because of the age of the console, or because of physical damage to the HDMI port. So expect to pay to have it fixed. You could also consider finding someone in your area who has the skills and experience to do the job for you.

Ultimately, like so many electrical components, the HDMI port wont last forever. If you look after it carefully, you can get years of reliable performance. But if it needs replacing, then it may be time to take that trip to the farm upstate. You could always find a replacement PS4. Or even try to get your hands on a PS5.

Ps4 Hdmi Port Repair Cost

FIX PS4 HDMI Port Not Working Without Taking It Apart! (2020)

To begin with, adding an HDMI connector to a PS4 is a relatively inexpensive upgrade. HDMI ports arent all that pricey. The act of removing the damaged port and replacing it with a new one drives up the cost of PS4 HDMI repair.

The average cost of a PS4 HDMI port is $10. To be sure, depending on where you take your console for repair, it could cost you up to $150 or more.

There have been reports from PS4 owners confirming that Sony typically costs roughly $130 to fix a broken HDMI port on their console. Non-Sony repair shops can save you a lot of money. It is estimated to be about $100.

You should know that taking your vehicle to a repair shop will terminate your manufacturers warranty. If its original manufacturers warranty still covers your PS4, its always better to take it to Sony for service.

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It is also vital to evaluate the technicians expertise in repairing it. Its not a simple operation to replace a PS4 HDMI port. Its essential to find someone who has a lot of experience with PS4 console repairs and HDMI port replacementsin other words, repairing or replacing a broken HDMI port on PS4 demands a lot of technical skill.

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Fix Hdmi Port Ps4 Near Me

Repair your PS4 HDMI port now that you have a general idea of how much it will cost you.

The PlayStation Service Page can be found on Sonys website and is the fastest way to get help. Try troubleshooting the device yourself by selecting it and following the on-screen instructions to see if you can figure out whats wrong.

As explained by Sony, you established this short troubleshooting session on their Service Page because many of the devices that come into their repair centers do not genuinely require a repair.

Ps4 Hdmi Port Repair Near Me

Now that you roughly know how much is costs to repair your PS4 HDMI port, its time to find someone to do it.

The quickest way is to go to Sonys webpage and access the PlayStation Service Page. Select the device you need assistance with and follow the on-screen troubleshooting guide to see if maybe you can fix the problem yourself. As Sony explains, many of the devices that come in their repair centers dont actually need a repair, so this is why they added this quick troubleshooting session on their Service Page.

For your HDMI port issue, you can follow this path:

  • Choose Picture and Sound as the issue
  • Follow the instructions display on the screen until youve reached this page
  • Now, simply follow the respective link to send your console to the repair center.
  • You can also go to Sonys Authorised Service Centers page to contact a localised support service center. If there is no Authorise Service Center in your country, you can select one from a neighbouring country or contact Sony Helpdesk.

    A third way to find out whats the nearest repair shop that can also help you with your PS4 is to simply open a new browser tab and enter PS4 repair service near me in the search bar. Google will then display a list of the repair shops located near you where you can take your console for a quick repair.

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    Top Reasons Why The Ps4 Doesn’t Trun On:

    1. If you do not hear any beeeping, from the eject buitton or power button. Then you have a motherboard issue or power supply problem

    2. If you only hear beeping from ehect but not power, then it is a motherboard issue

    3. you hear a power beep and the console lights up blue for one second and turns off, then its the BLOD

    4. If you hear a beep and the blue light turns off after 5 seconds, then your motherboard needs a special BLOD repair that only TDR fixes in the entire USA.

    5. If you hear a beep, then the blue light comes on but never goes away, then you need BLOD repair service

    6. if you hear a beep , blue light turns ro White light. then you have White Light of Death issue, which can be on the motherboard or HDMI port.

    We can repair 95% of all no power, PS4 that won’t turn on.

    How To Avoid Damage


    The HDMI socket is intact on the motherboard directly, and we should be very careful with it. If you have a single cable and you use it on multiple devices, plugging and unplugging the wire constantly, then you must get a new wire. Always pace yourself while plugging in the HDMI cable as extra force can be fatal for the port. You can easily avoid hardware damage by taking good care of the console.

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    Signs That The Hdmi Port On Your Ps4 May Be Defective

    If your consoles HDMI cable is plugged into the port, but you are still unable to see or hear anything on your television, it is possible that the port is broken or malfunctioning.

    PS4 HDMI Port Issues can manifest as the following symptoms:

    • A blank screen or a notification that reads No Input.
    • Wrapped or Pixelated Screen.
    • A tight or loose port

    Broken Hdmi Port On Ps4

    When talking about faulty HDMI ports on the PS4, you first need to clearly pinpoint the problem. This hardware issue can manifest itself in different ways:

    • PS4 HDMI port bent pins This is one of the most common issues affecting PlayStation console owners. If you often plug your HDMI cable in and out, the risk of bending the pins increases, especially if youre in a hurry.
    • HDMI pins pushed in on PS4 This problem is closely related to the first one. It often occurs when you force the cable into the HDMI port.
    • PS4 HDMI port is loose If the port is loose, youll notice that your cable wobbles when you plug it in. More often than not, this happens because some HDMI pins are missing.

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    Ps4 Hdmi Repair Cost And How To Do It Cheaper

    PS4 HDMI Port Replacement | Guide

    The PlayStation 4 HDMI port is a common problem in the PS4 console. This article will discuss how to fix the PS4 HDMI port and what the cost of repair is.

    The ps4 hdmi repair near me is a service that allows users to get their PS4 HDMI repaired for less. It is important to note, however, that this service does not fix the issue at handthe PS4s HDMI port itself.

    If your PS4 HDMI port is damaged, youre probably wondering how much it will cost to get it fixed. I done the legwork for you and will summarize what I found in this article. In addition, Ill offer you one fast trick to help you save money when getting your PS4 HDMI port fixed or replaced. Lets get started!

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    Blinking Red Indicator Light

    Usually, That is your over heating problem, and this indicates that there is extra dust, roaches, or other air blocking foreign objects. It could also mean that the fan and heatsink are not properly aligned with the APU. In either case, This must come into the shop for diagnosis. Power issues with the PS4 are common, due to heating of the power supply unit.

    Playstation 4 Hdmi Port Replacement

    One of the most common Sony PlayStation 4 issues that we see at CPR Cell Phone Repair is damaged or malfunctioning HDMI ports. Fortunately, our expert technicians have the skills and knowhow to quickly clean and replace PlayStation HDMI ports. Simply bring your PS4 console into a nearby CPR store for an in-store assessment and estimate. Once you approve of the time and cost estimate, well get straight to work on your HDMI port repair.

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    Thousands Of Happy Customers

    I can’t say enough about how well I was treated when I had to bring my PlayStation in yesterday. I was actually planning on doing the repairs with a friend of mine to try and save a little money but now I’m glad I didn’t. I called in and John gave me great advice. He promptly repaired my console. Now it works better than ever.

    Sal S.

    Picked up my PlayStation yesterday afternoon and it’s working perfectly. John was awesome to work with and answered all of my questions.It was either drop $200 on a new PS3, drop $400 on a new PS4 or head over to 1Up and get the repair done with a 60 day warranty. Glad I found this place. Highly recommended!

    Mike A.

    I went there to get my video game system repaired, was having trouble playing games. They let me know it was my laser in my PS4 that was bad and gave me a good price on the repair. They showed me that it worked after it was finished and that’s a plus in my book. They had great customer service and told me if I had any more troubles to come back.

    Veku C.

    Is your PS4 HDMI port not working? 1Up Repairs has the top-rated PS4 HDMI port repair / replacement. All PlayStations are fixed on site by our team of experts, so you wont need to worry about mailing your PlayStation anywhere. You can just drop it off at any of our locations and have it fixed right here!

    With over 200 5-star reviews online, 1Up Repairs is the #1 choice for console repairs. We are the only nearby repair shop with a 5-star average rating on Yelp.

    Solve Signal Problems On Your Ps4 Console

    repairs and tech stuff: PS4 HDMI Port replacement
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    You may find yourself sitting down to a new PS4 title only to have nothing show up on your HDTV screen. Should you experience your system failing to display any graphics or have difficulty connecting to the HDTV, you may be experiencing issues with your HDMI port. The HDMI port is what allows your PS4 to connect with your HDTV and provides you with the best sound and graphics available. A quick and simple PS4 HDMI port fix is in order. Try these troubleshooting steps to get your game back on the big screen in no time.

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