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Why Is My Ps4 So Loud

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Clean Ps4 Fan By Opening It

Is your Playstation fan noise loud? Here’s Why

If you have tried all the ways mentioned above to lessen the noise coming from your console and the outcome is not satisfying, you might need to open up your PS4 console and clean it up.

So, do you have an idea of how you are going to clean it if you are not professional about handling consoles? If you have no clue about it, you do not have to worry about it follow the steps mentioned below:

  • To open up your console, you need to remove the four screws it has at the back using a T8 or T9 Torx you should see the ps4 fan when you are done.
  • Now try cleaning the fan with can compressed air, which proves to be excellent for PS cleaning either externally or internally. If you do not have can compressed air and are not up for buying it, you can also remove the dust using a microfiber cloth.
  • When you are done cleaning it up, make sure that you fix all the screws correctly. Ideally, your PS4 console becomes less noisy than before.

Make Sure There Is Enough Ventilation

Whenever your console starts overheating, the fan will start doing its job of cooling it down. The fans spin faster and faster to clear out the hot air. This hot air can be due to an obstruction.

Repositioning your PS4 to allow the air to clear out is the solution. This will ensure that there is adequate ventilation for the fans to work properly.

Make sure there is no object on the side or back such as towels, bags, etc. Avoid placing objects on top of your PS4. Also, avoid putting it away in closed spaces such as cupboards.

Will The Ps5 Be Quieter

Theoretically, the PlayStation 5 should run quieter than the PS4. In a recent interview with The Guardian, Simon Rutter explained that a great deal of effort has gone into making the PS5 quieter than the PS4. Its no secret that PS4 consoles, over time, tend to produce too much noise. Its great to see that Sony is cognizant of this and has taken strides to develop hardware with silence in mind.

Will these efforts pan out?

While players should be able to tell if the PS5s fans kick into overdrive when playing demanding games on day one, much of the noisiness of the PS4 comes from extended usage of the machine. We will have to wait and see how the internals age over time. As with prior Sony consoles, we can most likely expect a more energy efficient revision of the PS5 down the line as well.

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Is The Ps4 Louder Than Xbox One

Yes, the PS4 on average is louder than the Xbox One. This is what Ive seen when comparing the base consoles and what most report as far as the Xbox One S and Xbox One X revisions.

I always thought that the original Xbox One was comically large, but it was also near silent at all times when I owned one. It didnt suffer from the spikes in noise that Ive seen in my PS4s.

The engineering team over at Microsoft has done an amazing job of keeping their consoles silent this generation and it really shows when looking at the Xbox One X.

Not only is it a beast of a machine , it also boasts an aggressive cooling and thermal management system. The Xbox One X is a feat of engineering in many ways, but its ability to remain quiet while pumping out native 4K resolution in many games is incredibly impressive.

Noise Is Coming From The Fans

Why Is My PS4 Fan So Loud? (6 Quick Fixes)

A possible source of loud noise from a PS4 is the fans. The console has a reasonably robust cooling system that tends to run quietly for a long time. However, dust and other dirt inevitably find their way into its internals. Your PS4’s fans respond to its chipset’s temperature. When it gets higher, the fans will automatically start spinning faster. When contaminants gather inside the console and block its exhausts, heat gets trapped in, resulting in your fans going at maximum speed all the time.

While not as critical a problem as a failing hard drive, your system will need a cleanup if its fans scream louder than a newborn. Fortunately, cleaning a PS4 is also relatively easy.

  • Your first step is to clear the exhaust grill of your console. You can use a can of compressed air sprayed at an angle to get the dust bunnies out of the way. Usually, this is enough to get a loud PS4 to calm down.

  • However, if the noise persists, you’ll have to get inside and do a more thorough cleaning. All you need is a couple of screwdrivers and a few cotton swabs, as well as a bit of time.

  • Then, you can follow the detailed instructions laid out by the wonderful people at MakeUseOf. Once the dust has settled, your PS4 should be back to its quiet old self.

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Why Is My Ps4 Disk Drive So Loud

A hardworking PS4 will compromise the other parts causing mechanical failure. And from that, your device will sound like a jet engine, with intense vibrations that are faster than an athletes heartbeat.

Fixing PS4 disc drive noise is like dealing with a computer hard drive. Why? Because the two most significant factors for excessive noise in a computer and your PS4 are the hard disk and the cooling fan.

  • Loose fans will create noise.
  • Hard disks spin faster with more data load. A loud spinning hard disk means something is wrong.
  • Strong vibration on the console enclosure could mean that it is tilted or in the wrong place.
  • Dust particles collect around the vent, causing noise from the PS4.
  • Check that the rubber feet are complete and well-rested on a flat surface. Any missing foot will tilt the console, causing the parts to loosen up inside. Take note that these are different from thermal pads.
  • Use cooling pads to prevent overheating. Cooling pads help absorb some of the clacking and vibrating sound.
  • Muffle the noise by placing your console in a more secluded location but allow room for proper ventilation.
  • Dont block the vents where the PS4s fan blows the heat. Put a slight elevation if necessary so that more space will relax the fan.
  • Your PS4 is too old and needs replacement.

PRO TIP: If you have a PS4 Pro, you have a model that expels heat better with its bigger heat sink and more efficient exhaust fan.

Loud Playstation Fan Noise Try This

How do I stop my PS4 from being loud?

There are a few things you can do to try and reduce the noise your PS4 makes. One is to make sure that the vents on the back of the console are clear, and that there is plenty of space around it for air to circulate. You can also try putting the console in a location where it will be less exposed to direct sunlight or heat. If none of those solutions work, you may need to purchase a cooling pad for the PS4.

Is it normal for your PS4 to make noise?

Yes, it is normal for your PS4 to make noise. The fan inside the console will spin up when the system is turned on in order to cool the internal components. The noise level will vary depending on how hard the system is working, but it should never be so loud that it becomes uncomfortable to use. If you are experiencing excessive noise from your PS4, there may be something wrong with the fan or with the internal components and you should consult Sony support.

Are all PS4 pros loud?

No, not all PS4 pros are loud. Some are actually very quiet. However, there are a few that can be a bit noisy, depending on the game youre playing and how strenuous it is.

How do I clean my PS4 fan?Why does my PS4 Pro sound like a jet plane?Will cleaning my PS4 make it quieter?

Cleaning your PS4 will not make it quieter. The fan in the console is what creates the noise, and there is no way to clean it without taking the console apart.

Is the PS5 loud?Should I be able to hear my PS4 fan?Why is my PS4 hot?

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Get A Can Of Compressed Air

If using a vacuum cleaner is too risky for you, a can of compressed air will do the trick and its a lot safer. Consider the Falcon Dust Off, which is super inexpensive and effective. Its compact, ozone safe, and very easy to use. Once you have your can of compressed air, spray it through all the vents and inputs of your PS4/PS4 Pro console.

This will effectively get rid of dust, dirt, pet hair, and anything else that has been accumulated on the console. You should do this once a month as part of your maintenance routine and youll see a big improvement.

Fix Corrupted System Files

Why is My PS4 So Loud? Fix Fan Noise Now!

If your console database is corrupted, it may cause the fan to spin faster to cool myriads of functions running simultaneously.

You may also experience the same problem when the games are not correctly installed. This causes high loads to the CPU, making the unit overheat.

Its to be noted that when the system overheats, the fan is forced to spin faster, creating more noises.

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How Can You Make Your Ps4 Quieter

There are a few things that can be done to help reduce the noise coming from your console:

  • Cleaning Its always important to keep your console clean and dust free, especially if it is exposed in an open space where air flow isnt as good as it would be in a closed entertainment center. You can use compressed air to blow out the dust and debris from your fans or simply wipe them down with a soft cloth.
  • Ventilation If you find that your PS4 is running hotter than normal, make sure that nothing is blocking the fan intake on the bottom of console and try not placing it in an enclosed space where the air flow is less than optimal. Keep your Sony PlayStation 4 in a well ventilated space. If you keep it inside of an enclosed cupboard/shelf, then this could make matters worse.
  • Sound You can try playing with your console volume turned up or down. If its too loud, you may start to notice some of the background noise around you so turning the volume down slightly might work better for everyone involved. It all depends on what your comfort level is.
  • Cooling Fans Purchase external cooling fans to help circulate air around the console.

Beat The Heat Before Your Playstation 4 Bites The Dust

  • Shoreline Community College

There are three different iterations of the PlayStation 4 console, and they can all overheat for similar reasons. If your PS4 is overheating, it’s usually due to issues like vent clearance, clogged vents, or the fan not working, but there are a few other problems to check out as well.

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Why Is Your Ps4 Fan So Loud

Before understanding why your PS4 is so noisy, lets quickly understand the importance of fans. The cooling fans not only keep the PS4 cool but the pointy edges give your PlayStation a nice and compact look. It prevents your device from over-heating.

That being said, here are some of the most common reasons your PS4 could run so loud.

Ps4 Is So Old It Can Give Noises

PS4 Fan Loud: Why &  How to Fix It

If you have a PlayStation 4 that is more than five years old, then theres a good chance of it making some noise every now and again. This doesnt mean your PlayStation 4 is broken however, if the noise never goes away or continues to get louder over time, then something might be wrong with one of its components such as its fan or power supply.

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Why Is The Ps4 So Loud

In many cases, PS4 loud fan issue is caused by dust. Dust exists everywhere, and it covers both the inner and outer parts of your PS4. You may clean the outer part regularly, but you may not notice the inner parts until you hear the loud noise.

In addition, in-game settings may also lead to PS4 loud fan issue. Usually, games with awesome and detailed graphics are very demanding on the system. You may need to lower the graphics settings.

Now, its time to fix this issue. You can try the following solutions.

Clean The Cooling Fan Very Well

When the plastic cover is off, you can remove the top with a lot of ease. Once you do that, the fan will be exposed so you can see it clearly and get it clean. At this point, the can of compressed air can come in quite handy.

Make sure you hold the can correctly because if you dont, it can expel a bit of liquid and damage other parts of your PS4/PS4 Pro. Hold the can upright and use it to clean the cooling fan.

If you are not confident using a can of compressed air, you can always use a soft microfiber towel to get the job done. Just make sure you clean the cooling fan thoroughly and get all the spots.

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Solution For Ps4 Slim Cleaning

If you have a PS4 Slim, youll be able to unlock it and have access to the cooler without removing the warranty stickers.

  • First, remove the lid from the top of the PS4 Slim .Then remove a board by removing its internal screws
  • If you notice that the cooler isnt that dirty or ps4 slim loud disc drive, you can spray compressed air to dust it off. Without even having to remove the card.

Note: The screws on the cooler board need to be removed with a Torx T8 or T9 screwdriver.

The Hard Drive Needs Replacement Or Repair

Why is my PS4 Pro fan so loud, possible fix to the problem

If your PlayStation has been freezing a lot, turning off randomly, or giving an error message, then its possible that the hard drive is to blame. To find out if this is the case, you can go into Settings and select System Storage Management. If your HDD is full or corrupted, then you will need to replace it or take it to a professional for repair.

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Why Do Ps Fans Fail

There is any number of reasons why your PS4 fan could end up failing, including:

  • Overheating If your console is running hot then it will likely try and compensate by trying to run the fan faster to cool down. If theres a problem with it, then your PS4 may not be able to keep up and this could result in overheating which is very dangerous for electronic devices.
  • Debris If something gets lodged into or around your console then it can cause problems with how well the fan operates. This could be anything from dust and dirt, to coins or even small toys that kids may have gotten into your console.
  • Manufacturing It is possible for fans in PS4 consoles to break down over time, especially if you leave the console on all of the time so this means regular cleaning can help extend its life.

The Ps4/ps4 Pro Needs A Cooling Stand

Because the Consoles cooling fan is located on the bottom, elevating your PS4 or PS4 Pro will help enhance airflow. The fan will be quieter due to having to work less complicated.

Alternatively, you can purchase a cooling stand to prevent the Console from overheating and extend its useful life by elevating it with any random object.

Consider a cooling stand like the OIVO cooling stand, which will keep your Console upright and minimize noise by 50 dB. The Console will stay excellent thanks to the metal bottom, plus it has 12 slots for games and a charging station for two controllers, so its a great deal.

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Why Is The Fan Of The Ps4 So Loud How Can I Fix It

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The PS4 is the undisputed leader in the home console race of this generation. With a powerful GPU, a remodeled DualShock controller, and a wide selection of exclusive, high-quality games, the PS4 generation has redefined todays gaming standards. Its not a perfect machine, though.

In as much as the Sony console is popular for its exclusive titles, its also equally as well-known for having a very loud fan. This problem has plagued many PS4 owners throughout the years and can disrupt your immersion as you swing around New York city with Spider-Man or wreak havoc on the Norse gods as Kratos. Is there a way to make this fan quieter? Why is it so loud anyway?

Why Is The Ps4 Loud When Playing Certain Games

PS4 Loud Fan: Why Is My PS4 So Loud?

In most cases, it seems as though the loudness of the PS4 is correlated with how demanding any particular game is. In my experience, rendering many objects on screen, intensive networking, and cutting edge graphics are all things that can kick my PS4 Slims fans into overdrive.

In line with these observations, Ive found that PS4s fans punch it up a notch when playing:

  • Red Dead Redemption 2
  • God of War
  • Horizon Zero Dawn
  • Fortnite

In one way or another, these games are incredibly demanding. They also seem to be common culprits of the PS4s loudness for most players. Although there are benefits of developing exclusively for consoles, pushing a system to its limit is always going to demand a lot from the hardware .

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