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Why Is My Ps4 Stuck In Safe Mode

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Why Is Your Ps4 Stuck In Safe Mode

Cannot Start the PS4 Update Safe Mode Loop FIX

A console can get stuck in the PS4 safe mode loop for a variety of reasons. The most common is due to a failed or interrupted console update. A close second cause is a cord that has come loose. A faulty hard drive is another issue that commonly pops up that forces your PS4 into safe mode to prevent you from accessing any of the corrupted data on the failing HDD.

Here is a comprehensive list of the reasons why a PS4 can get stuck in safe mode:

  • A PS4 cable is damaged, broken, or has come loose.
  • The PS4 storage database has become badly corrupted, causing the operating system of the PS4 to no longer start.
  • The PS4 operating system has a corrupted file and thus no longer functions.
  • Your internal hard drive disk is no longer operating as it should be.
  • The PS4 isnt receiving enough power to operate properly.
  • A PS4 firmware update that did not install correctly.
  • You have a malfunctioning motherboard.
  • The CMOS memory chip has corrupted data on it.
  • An electrical short within the PS4 hardware prevents loading up the operating system.

Solution : Initialize Ps4

This option is available in PS4 safe mode settings, and it aims to reinstall system software for your PS4. But it is worth mentioning that initializing PS4 will clear all the data of PS4 and restore all the PS4 settings to the default ones, so you are supposed to back up the data before the initialization of the system software of PS4.

In the PS4 Safe Mode menu, select the option Initialize PS4.

After that, you will notice that you have got PS4 out of safe mode. This time you wont worry that why your PS4 gets into safe mode again and again.

Fix : Contact Playstation Customer Service

If you have already tried all the other fixes recommended in this guide and nothing seems to work to clear your safe mode loop, it might be time to seek help from authorized professionals. Your console’s problem could be a critical hardware problem such as a defective power supply or a damaged motherboard. Contact PlayStation by phone via calling or at the official website.

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How To Enable It

To put your PS4 into Safe Mode, simply follow these simple steps:

1. Turn off your system by PS4pressing the power button on the front of the console.

2. Thereafter, hold the power button and, as soon as you hear the second beep, release the button,after that, the message “Connect DUALSHOCK 4 using a USB cable” should appear on the screen. Just press the PS button and, asit says in the instructions, connect the DualShock 4 using the USB cable to the console.

3. Now press the PS button on your controller again, and subsequently,, you should see the safe mode menu screen.

How Do I Start My Ps5 Or Ps4 Console In Safe Mode

How to get out of safe mode ps4
  • Turn off the system by pressing the power button on the front panel. The power indicator will blink for a few moments before turning off.

  • Once the system is off, press and hold the power button again. Release it after you hear the second beep: one beep will sound when you first press, and another seven seconds later.

  • Connect the controller with the USB cable and press the PS button on the controller.

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    Put An End To The Safe Mode Loop

    If your PlayStation 4 is incapable of starting up normally, it will boot into an alternative mode, safe mode, with significantly fewer features. The essential functions that safe mode offers are to help your PlayStation 4 find and repair system errors preventing your console from working correctly. Even if your console is starting normally, you can launch safe mode manually to help fix some of the issues.

    If your console is launching in safe mode, there are a few easy ways to fix it. First, make sure you have scheduled cleanings and keep your up-to-date equipment to avoid as many console issues as you possibly can. This goes from anything like having the latest software updates to buying a new power cable to replace the one you’ve had for years.

    If you recently spilled something on your console or dropped it, at any rate, it might be a hardware issue that’s beyond your expertise. At that point, it’s time to call the company you bought your PlayStation from, check your warranty, and see what you can do about a replacement or a repair. More PS4 games are set to release over the next year or so, with even big exclusives like Horizon Forbidden West, Gran Turismo 7, and the next God of War coming to the PS4 as well as the PS5.

    Do keep in mind, however, that if you’re out of warranty, buying a new PS4 is going to get more difficult and more expensive, as the supply of consoles dwindles due to production shifting to the PS5.

    Why Does Your Playstation 4 Keep Going Into Safe Mode

    Several reasons can lead to your PS4 console getting stuck in an infinite safe mood loop. These causes include:

    • One of the PS4 cables you are using may be broken or damaged.

    • Corrupted database that’s affecting the startup procedure of the operating system.

    • Corrupted or conflicting files that affect normal PS4 operations.

    • Internal hard drive problems are preventing normal operations.

    • Power problems are resulting in the PS4 system not getting the power it needs to operate optimally.

    • Electrical shorts within the system’s hardware that affects its normal operations.

    • Damaged or malfunctioning motherboard.

    • CMOS memory chip issues due to corrupted data.

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    How To Use Ps4 Safe Mode Properly Fix Death Loop Issues

    Simon Sayers / May 27, 2020

    How to put PS4 in safe mode There are a great many reasons why you might need to boot your PS4 into Safe Mode, and its usually because theres been some sort of error on your system that is preventing you from using it properly.

    Perhaps youve experienced a game error, or a system failure and want to know how to fix your console and how to use PS4 Safe Mode properly?

    Check Your Hdmi Cables

    How to FIX PS4 Safe MODE LOOP! (5 BEST METHODS) (2019 Help Tutorial)

    If your PS4 is starting in safe mode and you can’t navigate the menu options, it might be a hardware issue. Before you do anything, try changing out your HDMI cables.

  • Unplug your HDMI cable from both your PlayStation 4 and the back of your TV.
  • Before buying a brand new HDMI cable, try switching the ends of the cables.

  • Use the end of the HDMI cable that was plugged into your PlayStation 4 and plug it into your TV.
  • Use the end of the HDMI cable the was plugged into your TV and plug it into your PlayStation 4.
  • Another PlayStation user suffered this terrible fate and found that changing his HDMI cables allowed him to navigate the menu, use the “Restart PS4” option, and get back to his regular boot mode. Why this option works is a mystery, but it’s worth a shot!

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    # 5 Restore Ps4 To Its Default Settings

    Some users reported that the PS4 Safe Mode loop issue can be solved by restoring the PS4 to its default settings. By doing so, it can reset your PS4 console to the factory settings without having to lose your apps, games, and data. Here you can do that by selecting Restore Default Settings in the Safe Mode menu.

    Solution 9 Rebuild Corrupted Files

    Rebuilding the database is a time-taking process and moreover, it depends on the amount of data you have stored in the PS4 system.

    If none of the above method works then the problem is raised due to the PS4 corrupted data.

    So from the safe mode menu, you have to choose the Rebuild corrupted files option. This will make a new database for the PS4 system without damaging any previous data.

    You have to wait for a while as rebuilding the PS4 file takes time. After the completion of the process, dont forget to restart your PC.

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    Why Ps4 Safe Mode Not Working

    When you activate the safe mode in PS4, only some basic systems processes starts functioning. Those processes are very important for its operation.

    PS4 Safe Mode Not Working situations arise because of the systems error redundancy. Due to which PS4 stuck into the loop or starts continuously booting in the safe mode.

    Unfortunately, if your PS4 console is also in the non-bootable state or cant get back to the normal mode then you need to take the risk.

    I think its better to take a risk in comparison to completely abandon the use of the PS4 console.

    My Console Does Not Connect Using Safe Mode What’s The Deal

    PS4 Safe Mode : How To Boot PS4 In Safe Mode

    Several users have expressed issues with safe mode and controllers. Of course, you need to connect your console to one of the USB ports on the console after booting into safe mode, as mentioned above. This pairing process mainly occurs because the USB connection sends information from the console to the console, telling it to work.

    Assuming your console charges , the cable you are using is most likely to blame. For example, if you still have the USB cable that came with your console, use that cable. But, if you are using a third party, try another method. You may have to try several cables, but you need a data line, not just a charging cable.

    It can be a little tricky to tell which cable is a data transmission cable, but when you compare two cables side by side, the sheath on a transfer cable is generally thicker than a standard charging cable.

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    Solution 6 Initialize Ps4

    You need to be careful with this Initialize PS4 method as this will wipe out entire PS4 game data.

    It will remove entire PS4 game data,saved pictures and also the system settings. So it will be better if you keep the proper backup of your PS4 system data on secondary storage devices before approaching this solution.

    Initialize PS4 method will wipe out all your PS4 data for easy restoration of PS4 to the original state. But dont worry your currently running software is completely intact. So all in all you can use this method to fix PS4 not working system or to get out of PS4 safe mode.

    Solution 3 Update System Software

    If your PS4 undergoes lost internet connection meanwhile the firmware update or it is not updated for a long time. In such a situation, you are required to manually update the software.

    By updating your PS4 system software you can easily fix several PS4 bugs and problems.

    The PS4 Software update is also compulsory because its just impossible to proceed with the classic update procedure. But if you are already in a situation where PS4 is not working then its impossible to normally update it.

    In that case, you need to manually download the PS4 system software from Sonys official website.

    After the completion of the download process, connect your USB storage devices such as a hard drive or pen drive. Now transfer the updated file which you just downloaded.

    • On your USB device create a folder with the name PS4 and inside this make a subfolder named UPGRADE. Now copy the downloaded file into this UPGRADE subfolder.
    • After that, shift your update file within the formerly existing PS4UPDATE.PUP folder of your PS4 system.
    • Launch the PS4 console. Now from the safe mode window, you have to choose the Update system software option.

    Note: If the update fails to recognize then check whether you have kept the updated file in the right folder within the PS4 system or not.

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    What Does Safe Mode Do

    When your PS4 boots up in Safe Mode, you’ll be taken to a screen with eight options:

    • Restart System is the easiest way to get out of Safe Mode. This option forces your PS4 to restart normally.
    • Change Resolution switches the display resolution to 480p once the console restarts, which may help you resolve screen issues.
    • Update System Software lets you update your console’s software through a direct download, a USB drive, or a disc.
    • Restore Default Settings resets your console to its factory settings, without deleting games, app, or other data.
    • Rebuild Database adds all your content to a new database on the system, which can resolve system feature issues, like if an app icon doesn’t disappear after you’ve deleted the app.
    • Initialize PS4 resets your console to its original settings and deletes all user data and settings.
    • Initialize PS4 removes your console’s firmware and deletes all user data and settings.
    • Set HDCP Mode applies to images that don’t appear on 4K TVs that aren’t compatible with HDCP 2.2. This setting lets you choose HDCP 1.40 to view images that otherwise won’t appear on your TV.

    Power Down Your Ps4 For Twenty Minutes

    How To FIX PS4 Can’t Start! (Safe Mode Boot Loop) (2021)

    A PS4 Safe Mode boot loop can be frustrating, no matter who you are. When a direct connection to the console does not solve the problem, power the PlayStation down for 20 minutes. Sometimes, the console just needs a good rest to reset everything and cool off.

    Next, reboot your console in Safe Mode just as you usually would. Check for any updates. These updates may contain fixes to common problems, new features, and better performance. In many situations, an update is all the Playstation 4 needs to solve common issues.

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    Why Is The Ps4 Stuck In A Safe Mode Loop

    To make the PS4 enter safe mode, simply press the power off button for a few seconds. When your console starts to blink a few times, expect it to turn off the next moment.

    Then, press the power button for around 5-7 seconds until you hear two consecutive beeps and your PS4 has entered the safe mode which will be displayed on the screen.

    If you ever find your PlayStation 4 stuck in safe mode which you are unable to figure out how and a few reasons may have caused such trouble. A few of them are listed below for a good read:

  • The operating system of PS4 may have been corrupted or there is a system failure.
  • Issues in the PS4 cables as they might be damaged.
  • Hard drive crashes which make the console OS not start or work properly.
  • CMOS memory chip may be faulty or hold corrupted files.
  • Motherboard not functioning properly or may be damaged.
  • Electrical shortage to the console or major powering issues to the PS4.
  • If your PS4 enters safe mode without the power button, the above reasons might be a cause of it and can be fixable for as long as your console does not have any power-related issues.

    If such an issue is identified, then it is highly recommended to get it fixed at a repair shop or the final call is to get a replacement.

    Heres The Ps4 Fix For Death Loop

    This is called the death loop, and there is a fix. If you want to know how to get your PS4 out of safe mode, follow option 6 and initialize your PS4. Youre going to lose data which youll have to download again, but at least your PS4 should be working again.

    Tip: Always turn off your console properly by accessing the power off option from the menu. If you turn it off by pressing the power button, youll automatically enter into Safe Mode the next time you boot up your PS4, and it can cause problems.

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    Use The Safe Mode Restart Option

    When your PS4 is in safe mode, the first option youll be given on the screen is to restart. This option is the one that you can normally use to exit safe mode, so give this a try to see if your PS4 will reboot normally. If the console just boots back into safe mode, then continue to the solutions listed below.

    Fix : Reconnect Power/cables

    PlayStation 4 Archives

    One of the most common reasons for a PS4 console safe mode loop is caused by faulty or loosely connected cables. Faulty cables, whether frayed, exposed, or pinched, pose the risk of electrocution, fire hazards, and general operation code violations.

    An exposed or damaged cable can cause electricals problems due to intermittent power flow. In addition, power spikes caused by such cables can lead to extensive heat damage to vital internal components of a console, such as hard drivers or internal chips. Over time, lack of enough power can cause serious damage to the PS4 console. Make sure to replace any faulty cables, especially the power cable, as it the cause of many operating issues on a PS4 console.

    Verify that all your cables are properly and snugly fit, and these include other cables such as the HDMI and the USB cables.

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    How To Fix Ps4 Safe Mode Loop

    Some PS4 users have been complaining about the PS4 Safe Mode loop problem where the PS4 system gets stuck in Safe mode and the users cannot get it back to normal mode. Here we will discuss about how to fix PS4 Safe Mode loop issue.

    Safe Mode allows a user to start the console with minimum required functionality. You can manually initiate your PlayStation by pressing and holding down the power button. You then release the button after two beeps or after 8 seconds. The Safe Mode in a PlayStation 4 console is characterized by the console LED lighting turning blue.

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