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Why Wont My Playstation Controller Connect

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My PS4 Controller wont Connect, No Detecting Ps4 Controller

1. On your PS4, go to Settings > Devices > Bluetooth Devices 2. Hold down the PS button and SHARE button on your controller at the same time 3. Keep them held down for approximately 5 seconds 4. Select the controller on the Bluetooth screen on your PS4 to complete the pairing.

Still not working? Lets try resetting your PS4 controller

Why Is My Ps4 Controller Blinking But Not Working

Your PS4 controller only blinking with blue light but not working might be because of low battery. You can also check the connectivity issues with regard to the same. Sometimes when there is a lot of interference, the pairing mode might not work either. So you can try resetting the controller or restarting it.

Why Won’t My Ps3 Controller Connect

There are two official variations of the wireless PS3 controller: the Dualshock 3 and the older, discontinued Sixaxis.

Both versions can be connected directly to the console via a micro USB cable, and both include Bluetooth capabilities that enable wireless play. Each controller also has an internal battery that charges when connected to the PS3. The only major difference between them is the Dualshock 3 features vibration capability.

For the vibration feature to work, it must be enabled, and the game you’re playing must support vibration/rumble.

Additionally, there are dozens of PS3 compatible controllers made by third-party manufacturers. Some unofficial PS3 controllers only work when plugged directly into the console, and some come with a Bluetooth adapter you must plug into the console to play wirelessly. Nonetheless, they all rely on the same underlying technology, so they are prone to the same problems. PS3 controller connection issues can be caused by:

  • Syncing errors between the controller and the PS3 console.
  • Problems with the controller’s battery.
  • Issues with the controller’s internal hardware.

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Use The Controller In Wired Mode

Before you give up on your PS4 controller, you should try playing with it permanently connected via a USB cable and telling your PS4 not to use the wireless Bluetooth connection. However, keep in mind that this only works for the revised model of the PS4 controller. You’ll know you have this model if the light bar is visible inside the touchpad on the front of your controller. If not, you have an older controller and can’t force wired communication.

To force your PS4 to connect controllers over USB with a compatible DualShock 4, head to Settings > Devices > Controllers > Communication Method and choose Use USB Cable. This will prevent the DualShock 4 from using Bluetooth when it’s connected via a USB cable.

If this works, you should get a long USB cable so you can still enjoy gaming from the couch even when wired in. Ailun’s three-pack of 10-foot micro-USB cables is a good cost-effective option.

Fix: Ps4 Controller Not Connecting

Connect ps4 controller to pc via usb

DualShock is developed by Sony for the PlayStation franchise and has made its way to the top in very short time. It provides feedback while playing games is current unanimously the best controller out there amongst all the consoles.

Despite being engineered specifically for PS4s, DualShock also faces some instances where it is unable to pair with the console. This error arises in a number of different cases you may not be able to connect it with your PS4 after using it with another one or you might not be able to connect it the very first time when you use it. Despite what the case, we have written down a number of different workarounds for you to try. Take a look.

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Hard Reset Your Ps4 Controller

If removing and re-pairing the controller didn’t work, you can next try the full reset procedure for the DualShock 4. You’ll need a small pointed object, like a bent paper clip or a SIM card ejection tool, to do this. This won’t reset anything on your PS4 or affect your controller aside from having to pair it again, so it’s a non-intrusive troubleshooting step.

Fully turn off your PS4, then flip your controller over. You’ll see a small hole next to the screw by the L2 button . Use your pointed tool to press and hold the button inside this hole for roughly five seconds.

Once you’ve done this, connect your controller to your PS4 again via USB cable and see if it pairs successfully.

Ps4 Controller Not Working How To Fix The Most Common Issues

If your PS4 controller isn’t responding or keeps disconnecting, here are troubleshooting steps to fix PS4 controller problems.

Most of the time, your DualShock 4 controller probably works fine. But when your PlayStation 4 controller isn’t responding or disconnects randomly, it’s frustrating.

Let’s look at fixes for when your PS4 controller is not working, so you can get back to playing.

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Update Controller Drivers On Windows

If you usually play on Windows, you can download or update the Controller driver through the Microsoft store. You will have to download the Microsoft.Net Framework and then install the DS4 Windows as well.

As soon as you do this, the required updates for the controller drivers will also be installed. You can update it either automatically or manually.

Dualshock 4 Hardware Fix Options

PS4 Controller Won’t Connect & Flashing White Light (Best Tutorial)

Like most hardware, DualShock 4 controllers have a one-year warranty. If you bought your PS4 controller within the last year and it’s still not working after all the above tips, you should visit PlayStation’s Fix & Replace page to put in a request for repair on your controller.

If your PS4 controller isn’t working in a game, one of its buttons could be stuck and is thus overriding the others. Some people have fixed this by smacking the controller against their leg or a table. While this might free up anything stuck inside your controller, take care not to hit it too hard and cause further issues.

Otherwise, you can attempt hardware fixes on your own by opening your controller. If you’ve gotten this far and still can’t fix the problem, chances are that something inside your controller is jammed or disconnected. But depending on the specific issue, this may be difficult or impossible. We recommend speaking to a local repair technician if you don’t feel comfortable doing this yourself.

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Check The Ps4 Hard Drive

If the PS4 hard drive isnt properly connected, then it can prevent controllers from connecting along with various other problems.

This most often happens after changing the hard drive or buying the console with an upgraded hard drive.

Turn off the PS4 and remove the power cable.

Remove the hard drive cover. This is to the side of the PS4 and usually snaps right off.

The hard drive will now be exposed.

Make sure you dont expose it to dust or other particles if possible.

You will see screws holding the hard drive in place.

Check to see if the screws are loose. If so, then tighten them up with a screwdriver.

You dont want to make them too tight. Just make sure they are tight enough to keep the hard drive in place.

Place the cover back on, turn the PS4 on and see if this fixes the problem.

Fixing A Ps4 Controller That Won’t Connect Or Charge

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably experienced an issue from which many PS4 owners have suffered: one moment your DualShock 4 controller is working fine, the next moment it appears completely dead. No lights will turn on, USB charging doesn’t work, resetting the controller doesn’t work. It seems that it has completely died, and no matter how many troubleshooting guides you follow, nothing fixes it. Fortunately, there’s a solution.

I’m aware of this issue because it has affected me…three times. The first time was less than three months after I bought the console the controller that came with it completely died, and after a day of troubleshooting failed to fix it, I bought a new controller . Then three months later, that second controller spontaneously died.

PlayStation 4 Review

Finally, a couple months after that you guessed it the third controller worked, then I pushed the PS button to turn it on and it didn’t work. Nothing happened. It appeared entirely dead. I tried using the reset button, tried different variations of resetting, plugging in, and turning on the PlayStation. But nothing worked. I had three expensive, seemingly dead controllers.

Here’s the thing, though: while attempting to connect to a pair of Bluetooth headphones, I noticed that a “PlayStation Controller” was listed in the BT drop-down menu on my Mac. That meant that while the controller appeared dead, there was some charge left and it was still broadcasting for a connection.

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Connecting Additional Ps4 Controllers Wirelessly

Once you have at least one controller connected to the PS4, you can add more wirelessly:

  • With your connected controller, locate the Settings option in the row of icons above the PS4 home menu, represented by an icon that looks like a briefcase.
  • Navigate to Settings > Devices > Bluetooth Devices. You should see a list of devices presently connected to your console.
  • On the PS4 controller, you wish to connect wirelessly, hold down the PS button and the button simultaneously for 5 seconds.
  • When the new controller appears in the list of Bluetooth device, select it with the other controller. The new controller will then be successfully connected to your PS4.
  • What To Do When Your Ps4 Controller Doesn’t Connect

    How To Turn On Ps4 Controller Without Console
  • First, try plugging your DualShock 4 into the PS4 using your USB cable.
  • Press and hold the PlayStation button on the center of your controller. This will prompt the controller to resync.
  • If your DualShock still isn’t connecting to your PS4, try these steps instead.

  • Turn off your PlayStation 4.
  • Connect your DualShock 4 controller to a USB cable that is connected to your PS4.
  • Press and hold the PlayStation button on the center of your controller. This will prompt the controller to resync at startup.
  • If neither of those options works, you’ll need to reset your controller entirely.

  • Look on the rear of the controller for a tiny hole located next to the L2 button.
  • Get a pin, paperclip, or some other type of thin poking device to jam in there.
  • Push the button on the inside for a couple of seconds and then release.
  • Connect your DualShock 4 controller to a USB cable that is connected to your PlayStation 4.
  • Press and hold the PlayStation button on the center of your controller. This will prompt another attempt to resync.
  • Sometimes, during the PS4 controller troubleshooting process, it just fails to sync with the console. It’s worth noting that the PS4 uses a standard Bluetooth connection, so if you use your controller with multiple devices such as your PC, smartphone, or tablet you’ll want to make sure it’s not connected to anything else while you’re trying to connect it to your PS4.

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    What To Do If Your Ps4 Controller Trackpad Is Not Working

  • Turn off your controller and back on again.
  • Make a 50/50 measured solution of isopropyl rubbing alcohol and water.
  • Use a microfiber cloth to slightly dampen with the solution.
  • Use the microfiber cloth to clean your trackpad.
  • Wait for the controller to be COMPLETELY dry before attempting to turn it back on. Do not use the can of compressed air to speed this process up. You’re just going to end up pushing the water back into the controller.

    Beyond that, a broken trackpad is cause for repair or replacement. However, it won’t do you any good to try and replace it because the part is not readily available. Also, you would potentially compromise your controller’s USB port since the trackpad is connected by the same ribbon that powers it.

    Nothing Worked What Do I Do Now

    If none of the above worked or you are uncomfortable performing some of these troubleshooting steps, then perhaps it’s time to give Sony a call. Ask them about your warranty, see what’s covered, and what you can do to get repairs or replacements.

    Since the controller gets the most mechanical wear out of all your components no amount of tender love can stand up to the long-term effects of regular use. At the end of the day, if none of these tips are working, you’ll need to replace your DualShock controller entirely. Don’t worry. We’ve found the cheapest place to buy a DualShock and the coolest options that are out there! Check it out below!

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    What Is This Ps4 Issue

    Even though the reasons might vary, it seems that the most likely cause of this error is an error within the driver for the Bluetooth PS4 controller.

    These solutions will also help you if you have one of the following issues:

    • Wireless controller driver error
    • PS4 controller not connecting to PC
    • PS4 controller wont connect to PC
    • Bluetooth PC not detecting PS4 controller

    In this article, we will explore some of the best methods to deal with this issue, and get back to playing your favorite games on Windows 10 using a PS4 controller. Read on to find out more.

    Troubleshooting A Ps4 Controller That Wont Sync Or Connect

    PS4 Controller Won’t Connect – How to Fix

    Below are the potential solutions that you can try if your PS4 controller wont connect to the console.

  • Charge the controller.

    When troubleshooting a wireless PS4 controller, make sure that you charge to 100% first. This will make sure that youre not dealing with a possible PS4 controller wont-turn-on or weak battery issue.

  • Connect the controller and console with USB cable.

    If youre having trouble connecting a controller wirelessly, try using a USB cable instead to resync it. Heres how:-Get a known good working USB cable.-Connect the controller to your PS4 with the USB cable.Press and hold the PlayStation button in the middle of the controller. This will clear the old connection setting and resync this controller to the console again.

  • Re-sync controller at startup.

    If the previous step hasnt helped, you can try to check if re-syncing at startup will do the trick. Heres what you need to do:Shut down your PlayStation 4.Connect your controller to the console using a USB cable.Press and hold the PlayStation or PS button on the center of your controller. This will prompt the controller to re-sync at startup.

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    Go For Wired Connection

    In case the Bluetooth device in the PS4 controller is defective, or the PS4 controllers battery is failing, you can simply connect the controller to PS4 wirily. That will help you figure out where the problem really is. If the controller connects flawlessly to the PS4 without any hassle, it means either the Bluetooth device or the battery must be repaired/replaced.

    Possible Reasons Why Your Ps4 Controller Wont Charge

    If your PS4 controller is not charging, therere various potential causes you can consider.

    In essence, youre dealing with either physical or software problems. Heres a quick look at the issues:

    • PS4 Issues: Random bugs in your console may prevent you from charging the controller. You may fix this by power cycling the console, resetting the controller, and updating the console.
    • Damaged USB Port: If you find your USB port is not working, simply try another one.
    • Cable Issues: The micro USB cable could be worn out or broken. Similarly, the cable may be bad, as wires do deteriorate over time. Also, some third-party cables are not made for charging.
    • Hardware Issues: Lastly, either the battery or the charging port may malfunction. Luckily, replacing either part is easy.

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    How To Fix 5 Common Ps4 Controller Issues

    PS4 gamers know all too well how a bad controller can ruin their day, but you don’t have to put your gaming on hold or go out and buy one of the best PS4 controllers when yours is on the fritz. Here are some common issues you may run into with your DualShock controller, as well as suggestions on how you can fix them.

    Products used in this guide

    • SecurOMax HDMI cable with braided cord – 15ft
    • 6-Pack of MagicFiber microfiber cleaning cloths
    • 3-Pack of Office Depot compressed air cans
    • MG Chemicals 99.9% isopropyl alcohol electronics cleaner
    • MPF Products DualShock 4 battery replacement kit
    • MABIS stainless steel tweezers

    Everything You Need To Repair Or Replace

    How Not To Interact With Your Web App With A PS4 Controller

    Here are all the products we used in this guide to repair a DualShock controller. If the repairs didn’t work for you and your DualShock is out of warranty, here are the best buying options for replacements.

    SecurOMax HDMI braided cord cable – 15 feet

    If you need a new HDMI cable, you definitely want to use the braided cords for durability. This HDMI cable is 15 feet long to give you more than enough length to set up your console however you want to.

    6-Pack of MagicFiber microfiber cleaning cloths

    When you think about microfiber cloths, you usually assume they’re only good for glasses, screens, or computers. But you can also use them with your PlayStation 4 as well.

    3-Pack of Office Depot compressed air cans

    One of the things that all tech gurus should have available is a can of compressed air. It’s not only handy for your PS4 but can be used for your keyboard, laptop, and other gear.

    MG Chemicals 99.9% isopropyl alcohol electronics cleaner

    This spray bottle of 99% isopropyl alcohol is perfect for disinfecting and cleaning your gear. It removes water and humidity from sensitive components like circuit boards and connectors, leaving them dry.

    MPF Products DualShock 4 battery replacement kit

    This kit comes with a battery replacement and tools to help you take apart your DualShock for repairs. Thick plastic tools tend to make the job a little flimsy, which is why I prefer to use thin tweezers instead. If you prefer that route as well, check out the best tweezer option below!

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