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How Much Is Playstation Vue Per Month

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How Do You Access Playstation Vue

TV without Cable – Sony Playstation VUE Review $39/month

What is PlayStation Vue on Android TV and how to get it? Sign up for a PlayStation Vue subscription using one of the following devices. Using a computer or mobile device at www.psvue.com/plans. Download the application from the app store on your Android TV device. Sign in using your account on PlayStation Network.

What Is Playstation Vue And How Does It Work

PlayStation Vue is an online video service from Sony that replaces cable or satellite TV. In exchange for a monthly subscription, you get a big bundle of live TV channels, such as ESPN and CNN, along with DVR-like features and on-demand programming, all available on a variety of Internet-connected devices.

Sonys Playstation Vue Service Wont Kill Cable But It Could Be A Welcome Alternative

Lets be honest: The odds of Sonys upcoming PlayStation Vue TV service gaining traction are slim unless the price is unbeatable, and rumors suggest thats not going to happen.

Instead, PlayStation Vue will be a lot like the cable service youre dying to get rid of. Its a giant bundle of channels, many of which you probably dont want, sold at a high price. Only in this case, Sony doesnt even have all the basics, like ABC, ESPN and HBO. The service will be limited to Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 consoles when it launches early next year, and Sony is only planning rollouts in New York, San Francisco, Chicago and Los Angeles for now.

As someone who cut the cable cord years ago, this doesnt particularly interest me, except for this one part of Sonys press release:

  • What you see is what you pay fair and competitive price that is transparent with no hidden fees or charges.
  • No contracts maximum flexibility as PlayStationVue will be offered on a month-to-month basis without any penalty or customer service hassles for cancellation.
  • No equipment or installation charges with broadband internet service and a PlayStation®4 system or PlayStation®3 system, theres no need to install or rent any additional equipment.

This isnt so crazy for folks whove gotten used to living without a traditional pay TV service. But all it takes is a run-in with your local cable company to realize how much friendlier Sonys approach is.

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What Playstation Vue Offers

First off, youll definitely want to try before you buy and Sony offers a free seven-day trial of PlayStation Vue which offers four different packages. Plans start at $29.99/month for the basic package which offers 45+ channels in HD. Or you can pick the ultimate package for $64.99/month for 90 channels in HD including premium channels HBO and ShowTime. There are also standalone channels you can add for an additional per month cost. If youre on a budget, consider the basic package which includes over 45 channels including the staples like ESPN, Fox Sports, CNN, USA, TBS and more. Its also worth mentioning that you can record shows to watch 28 days later in your cloud DVR. You can get a look at each package and what it offers

If youre on a budget, consider the basic package which includes over 45 channels including the staples like ESPN, Fox Sports, CNN, USA, TBS and more. Its also worth mentioning that you can record shows to watch 28 days later in your cloud DVR. You can get a look at each package and what it offers here.

PlayStation Vue offers four different plans you can choose from.

Ps Vue Channels: The Add

PlayStation Vue Price: How Much Does PS Vue Cost?

On top of its already generous channel offerings, PS Vue has some add-on options to help round out your package. Sports fans will want to consider adding Fox Soccer Plus for $15 per month or NFL RedZone as part of the $10 per-month Sports pack. Movie lovers can pick up HBO or Cinemax for $15 a month apiece, or add less expensive options like Showtime or Epix Hits for $11 and $4 per month, respectively. Each movie channel features a live linear feed and on-demand content with your subscription.

The Español Pack adds eight channels: Cine Sony Television, CNN en Español, Discovery en Español, Discovery Familia, Fox Deportes, Fox Life, Nat Geo Mundo, and NBC Universo, for $5. Meanwhile, niche services like the gamer-focused Machinima or Markers Polaris TV can be added for $2 and $3 a month apiece, respectively.

Its worth noting again that at the Ultra level subscribers get both HBO and Showtime for just $15 total, instead of $15 apiece. If youre already subscribing at the Elite level and want HBO or Showtime, just upgrade to Ultra and get both for the same cost.


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Does Playstation Vue Offer Dolby Digital 51 Surround Sound

PlayStation Vue does not include Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound as part of the service.

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Heres The Full Ps Vue Channel List

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How Much Is Cbs All Access

One of the first examples of a major network branching out into the streaming-exclusive world, CBS All Access has tried to lure in new viewers with programming like a new “The Twilight Zone” series and “Star Trek Discovery.”

To get CBS CBS All Access, the cost is $5.99 a month for a package with limited commercials and $9.99 a month for a package with no commercials . The commercial-free package also allows you to download videos for offline viewing.

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Playstation Vue – How Much Will I Pay? – How Much is This Going to Cost Me? – Review

“Sony’s PlayStation Vue video streaming service is a formidable cable-replacement service that offers solid DVR features, good performance, and apps on a variety of platforms,” we concluded.

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Playstation Vue: How Much Is It

PlayStation Vue offers three subscription tiers in the original 7 launch cities: Access for $39.99 a month, Core for $44.99 a month, and Elite for $54.99 a month. If you’re unsure about PlayStation Vue, you can also always try it at no cost via the 7-day trial.

Nationwide however it is offering new “slim” packages that cut the live network programming from the big four.

The slim packages include Access Slim for $29.99 a month, Core Slim for $34.99 a month, and Elite Slim for $44.99 per month.

Directv Now Vs Playstation Vue Vs Sling Tv: Which One Is Best For You

With the launch of DirecTV Now there are three competing services that deliver multiple channels of live TV over the Internet, without contracts, cable boxes or satellite dishes. So how do they stack up?

David Katzmaier

Editorial Director — TVs and streaming

David has reviewed TVs, streaming services, streaming devices and home entertainment gear at CNET since 2002. He is an ISF certified, NIST trained calibrator and developed CNET’s TV test procedure himself. Previously David wrote reviews and features for Sound & Vision magazine and eTown.com. He is known to two people on Twitter as “The Cormac McCarthy of consumer electronics.”

Three: That’s the magic number.

With the launch of DirecTV Now Wednesday, there are now three services that allow you to stop paying your cable or satellite provider for TV service, yet still watch numerous channels of live television at home and on mobile devices like iPhones.

None of the three is “a la carte” TV, that still-distant dream that allows you to pick and choose individual channels. Instead they offer packages of certain channels for set fees, starting at $20 for Sling TV, $30 for PlayStation Vue and $35 for DirecTV Now. For all three you’ll need a robust internet connection — provided, in many cases, by the very company that delivers your cable TV service.

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Playstation Vue: How Can You Watch It

Since launch, you’ve needed a PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 3 console in order to watch PlayStation Vue on your television. However, on 12 November 2015, Sony announced that its streaming TV service is also now available on both the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV stick, with support coming “soon” for Google’s Chromecast. You can even watch it using an iPhone or iPad.

On 21 June 2016, Sony announced that PlayStation Vue has arrived for Roku devices. Additionally, the PlayStation Vue mobile app will come to Android smartphones and tablets by end of June.

What Is Ps Vue

PlayStation Vue prices are going up $5 per month ...

Debuting with a limited launch in 2015, PS Vue is an internet TV service that lets users stream their favorite TV channels live without a cable box. Combining live TV, on-demand video, and cloud-based DVR, PS Vue aims to replicate the best parts of your basic cable experience without all the bloat and hassle. With plans starting at $44.99 a month and add-ons for premium channels, Vue might just be the right service for you.

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How We Evaluated Playstation Vue

To evaluate PlayStation Vue, we relied on the same methodology we used in our review of live TV streaming services. First, we scored every service on the quality of channels it offered. To do that, we used TiVos 2017 Q4 Trends Report, which asked its 3,000 respondents, Which channels would you be interested in including in your TV package? We then assigned a score to each channel based on how many respondents wanted it included, and added up the number of those channels in each services packages.

From there, we looked at all the little extras that can make or break your experience with a service over time. Is it easy to find something to watch? How much DVR storage do you get? Can you watch on more than one device at a time?

PlayStation Vue acquitted itself well in every metric we used. It might not be the best option for most people we think thats Hulu + Live TV but it has by far the best channel selection for sports fans, and it wasnt particularly close. Playstation Vue also has unlimited cloud DVR, broad device compatibility, and allows up to five simultaneous streams.

Our First Impressions:

  • Easy-to-navigate interface

Does Playstation Vue Include Dvr

Competitor Sling TV charges an extra $5 per month for DVR, but that feature comes included with PlayStation Vue.

When you add your favorite shows to My Shows , upcoming airings of episodes for that show will be saved for up to 28 days. You can save unlimited episodes on up to 500 programs a very high capacity.

DVR content can be watched in and out of your home network, and you can fast forward through commercials.

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What Killed Playstation Vue

Sony has been tight-lipped about the exact reasons PS Vue had to die. I contacted the company through the PR firm that represents PS Vue and got radio silence in response. This is probably due to the fact that the Vue division is likely mopping up and turning off lights at this point, but still, Sony wasn’t all that eager to talk about the issue, even when it first announced Vue’s discontinuation.

Since Sony didn’t share hard data about Vue’s revenue or subscribers, all we have to work with are secondary sources. But based on my own observations from a half-decade of covering streaming media, here are the most likely culprits.

There’s no denying that Sony made a few mistakes along the way with PlayStation Vue, and I believe that addressing them sooner might have saved the service. But I also believe that PS Vue was downright visionary, as far as cable replacements go, and the responsibility for this one ultimately lies with consumers.

If viewers had done a little more research and been a little more patient with PS Vue, it could have been a much bigger service, and that would have given it more resources, allowing it to solve its problems faster. But, like a lot of great innovations in tech, the market just wasn’t ready for what it had to offer.

If Sony ever throws its hat in the live-streaming ring again, I hope that people give it a fair chance and see what it has to offer. And if not, at least we’ll always have Crackle.

The Best Playstation Vue Prices And Packages

PlayStation Vue “Review after 3 Months” – A Must See!

ByMackenzie Frazierlast updated 6 February 20

Update: Starting on January 30, 2020, PlayStation Vue will no longer be available. If you’re interested in other cable alternatives you can learn more about Sling TV, YouTube TV and Hulu.

PlayStation Vue is a relatively new streaming service from Sony that allows you to stream live TV, movies, and sports without having a cable subscription. The streaming service has been slowly gaining popularity, so we’ve put together a list of the best PlayStation Vue prices and packages that are currently being offered.

We’ve also answered some common questions about PlayStation Vue, so you know exactly what you’re getting with this streaming service from Sony, and you can also read our in-depth review on the PlayStation Vue.

We’ll be updating this page regularly with any new deals so you’ll always be up-to-date with the latest pricing and offers.

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A Worthy Cable Replacement Service

Sonys PlayStation Vue video streaming service is a formidable cable-replacement service that offers solid DVR features, good performance, and apps on a variety of platforms. We also like that its higher-tier plans are reasonably priced and its many add-on subscription options. However, the base plan offers fewer channels than top competitors and it lacks parental control features. The dedicated On Demand menu should also be added to the web and mobile apps. Our recommendation goes to Editors Choice YouTube TV, due to its superior interfaces, DVR capabilities, and channel lineup. If you dont care about live channels and are looking to watch on-demand content, Netflix is our Editors Choice pick. For a versatile combination of live channels and on-demand shows, Editors Choice Hulu is another top choice.

Sling Tv Vs Playstation Vue: Which Live Streaming Service Is Best

In the battle between live stream subscription services, Sling TV vs PlayStation Vue, you only really need one. Once youve cut the cord, a live stream service will allow you to still enjoy a smaller cable package at a smaller price. You only need to decide which service is the right one for you. If thats what youre attempting to do, youre in the right place.

The choice in the Sling TV vs Vue debate is going to depend on a number of factors. Things like cost and channel options are going to be most important, but how and where you can stream, personalization, and other factors will also come into play. So, lets look at some of the most important factors in choosing one of these streaming services.

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How Much Does It Cost And Whats Included

Pricing for PlayStation Vue depends on the availability of live local broadcasts, which in turn depends on where you live. In markets that include live feeds from most or all major networksthat is, ABC, CBS, NBC, and Foxservice starts at $40 per month. Everywhere else, Sony offers Slim packages starting at $30 per month, with ABC, NBC, and Fox offering on-demand video.

In both cases, the base Access package includes about 55 TV channels. An extra $5 per month gets you the Core package, which adds regional sports and a few other channels, while an extra $15 per month gets you the Elite bundle, which adds even more regional sports and special-interest channels. You can also pay $35 above the base price for an Ultra plan, which includes everything in the Elite bundle plus HBO and Showtime. Additional premium channels are available as add-ons or standalone subscriptions.

A chart with the entire PlayStation Vue channel list appears at the bottom of the page.

Looking for a similar guide to Sling TV? Youll find ours right here!

Probably Not Worth The Money If You Dont Watch Sports


PlayStation Vue has a solid all-around lineup of channels, including the big four local networks, Discovery, and FX. But if youre not a major sports junkie, theres probably a better streaming package out there for you. Big names like History, A& E, Comedy Central, Lifetime, The CW, Nick, MTV, and VH1 arent available in any of PlayStation Vues packages.

There are a lot less holes in Hulu + Live TV . It has every one of the top 10 channels consumers said they want in an à la carte TV package, according to TiVos Q4 2017 Video Trends Report. However, it doesnt have any of the NFL, MLB, NBA, or NHLs league channels, so youll miss some nationally televised matchups, including about seven primetime NFL games per year.

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