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How Much Storage Will The Ps5 Have

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Ball Grid Array Form Factors

My PS5 has ZERO storage space left…

In the early 2000s, a few companies introduced SSDs in Ball Grid Array form factors, such as M-Systems’ DiskOnChip and Silicon Storage Technology‘s NANDrive , and Memoright‘s M1000 for use in embedded systems. The main benefits of BGA SSDs are their low power consumption, small chip package size to fit into compact subsystems, and that they can be soldered directly onto a system motherboard to reduce adverse effects from vibration and shock.

Such embedded drives often adhere to the eMMC and eUFS standards.

Find Out How Much Memory Youll Have To Work With On Ps5

The PS5 is a few short/long/endless months away. That means its time to start thinking about the specifics, were beyond just wondering which console youre going to get, we need to worry about the important stuff.

For starters, does your sofa match the cool flair of the PS5, if not, get a new sofa.

You cant half-heartedly approach these kinds of things, and you need to be ready. Thats why you really need to know more about memory.

So, just how much storage will the PS5 have anyway, and can you upgrade it?

How Much Space Will Ps5 Games Take

While the capacity of the PS5 is known, the big unanswered question is just how much space PS5 games will take up. At the moment, there are no PS5 games that have a confirmed install size, but players should expect them to be pretty sizable. The average install size of PS4 games is roughly 40GB, but certain titles have blown past that, like the 73.7 GB of Final Fantasy 7 Remake or the staggering 175GB of Modern Warfare. If PS5 games exceed that, players will run out of storage space quite quickly.

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As a lowball estimate, assume each PS5 game averages the 40GB that the PS4 does. Taking that into account that’s roughly 20 PS5 games that can be installed on the system before needing to clear up space. That’s the absolute most player should expect, but it’ll likely be much smaller than that. PS5 games will be using new technology, and by nature they’ll probably be larger than the previous generation. Because of that, players are probably looking at roughly 10 titles with the starting SSD.

PS5 launches Holiday 2020.

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Try Starting Ps5 In Safe Mode Again

Sometimes, all it can take is attempting to restart the PlayStation 5 in Safe Mode to cure the problem. As seen previously, the steps to do this are as follows:

  • Turn off your PS5 console by pressing the power button. This is the largest of the two buttons on the front of the console. The power indicator will blink for a second or two before turning off completely.
  • With the system completely off, press and hold the power button again. Release it after you hear the PS5 make a second beep. The first beep will sound when you first press the power button. The second will occur and roughly seven seconds later.
  • Connect the controller with the USB cable and press the PS button on the controller.
  • Your PS5 has now started in Safe Mode.
  • Ps5 Trophies How Do They Work

    How Much Usable Storage Space Does The PS5 Have?

    Trophies on PlayStation 5 work pretty much as they do on PlayStation 4 you unlock them for completing certain milestones during gameplay. However, the addition of the new Activities feature now means that you can progress against specific trophies and know just how much you need to do unlock the trophy you have your eye on.

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    Why Does The Ps5 Have So Little Storage

    Nearly a year on from release, and it seems like the PS5 teething problems are starting to go away. There are more games out, more consoles available, and users are waiting for a PS5 SSD storage update. Until then, they have to make do with the 825 GB of hard drive storage currently installed in the console. As games are getting larger in size, space is running out faster so why does the PS5 have so little storage?

    Ps5 M2 Ssd Requirements

    The following list of requirements come directly from Sony

    Interface: PCIe Gen4 x4 M.2 NVMe SSD

    Capacity: 250GB 4TB

    Cooling structure: Using an M.2 SSD with your PS5 console requires effective heat dissipation with a cooling structure, such as a heatsink. You can attach one to your M.2 SSD yourself, either in a single-sided format, or double-sided format. There are also M.2 SSDs that have cooling structures built in.

    Sequential read speed: 5,500MB/s or faster is recommended

    Module width: 22mm width

    Form Factor: M.2 type 2230, 2242, 2260, 2280 and 22110.

    These numbers can be found on retail listings for M.2 SSD devices. The first two digits refer to the width, the remaining digits to the length.

    Socket type: Socket 3

    Total size including cooling structure:

    In millimeters: smaller than 110mm x 25mm x 11.25mm .

    In inches: smaller than 4.33in x 0.984 in x 0.442in .

    See below for full requirements.


    The following M.2 SSD lengths are compatible with PS5 consoles:

    30mm, 42mm, 60mm, 80mm, 110mm .


    A 22mm-wide M.2 SSD module is required.

    The total structure cannot exceed 25mm .


    The total height of the M.2 SSD and its cooling structure whether built-in or separate must be less than 11.25mm .

    The height must also be in the right place, in relation to the M.2 SSDs circuit board:

    • The size below the board must be less than 2.45mm .
    • The total size above the board must be less than 8mm .

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    The Best External Hard Drive For Ps5

    Choose the best external hard drive for PS5 for all budgets and tastes.

    Included in this guide:

    FireCuda Gaming SSD

    Thinking about buying the best external hard drive for PS5? Below you’ll find all the best options – but there’s more to consider. Because although until recently an external drive was the only way to expand your PS5’s storage capacity, now there’s another way: install a new internal SSD yourself.

    The PS5’s built-in SSD is super-fast but not very big it’s 825GB, and operating system and accompanying files take up a quarter of that, leaving you with just 667GB that you’ll quickly fill up if you’re buying the biggest and best AAA games.

    An external hard drive or SSD can take up the slack, but there’s a big catch: you can use it to store PS5 games but you can’t play them directly from it . Now, though, Sony has released a system patch that means you can open it up and make use of its SSD expansion bay to properly increase its storage.

    So, if you want to get one of the best SSDs for PS5, we’ve got you covered. But if you’re still set on the best external hard drives, scroll further down and you’ll find all our recommendations, or have a look at the building Black Friday external hard drive deals.

    Not got a PS5 yet? We’ve put together all the information you’ll need on the best PS5 deals. And if you’re looking for cheap hard drives, SSD or other useful tech, keep an eye on our Black Friday 2021 roundup to find the latest bargains.

    Best Ps5 Kids Games Ranked


    The PS5 is for everybody, young and old. But if youre specifically on the lookout for PS5 games that are suitable for kids, our best PS5 kids games article has all your favorites such as Crash Bandicoot and Fortnite, in addition to a range of new games for you to consider like Astros Playroom and Overcooked: All You Can Eat too!

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    Ps5 Apps How To Access Google Classroom On Ps5

    Since the PS5 web browser is actually hidden in the system and not advertised as a feature by Sony, it requires a few extra steps to :

  • First off, head to the PS5 Settings and select Users and Accounts.
  • Pick Link With Other Services
  • Select Twitter to take you to the hidden web browser.
  • Log in and you will then gain access to the PS5 web browser.
  • Follow the remaining steps detailed above for PS4 users to access Google Classroom.
  • How To Increase Storage Space For Ps5

    Though PS5 comes with an SSD storage expansion slot, it is disabled at present. Sony has claimed that it will activate the SSD bay in the future when the new update is released. But the specific date is unknown.


    Even though, Sony has admitted that PS5 storage expansions and upgrades are possible with off-the-shelf solutions.

    Here are three PS5 expandable storage options for you. Through these methods, you can obtain more space and install more games. By viewing the table below, you can learn the features of different PS5 drives.

    Can you play PS5 games from it Can you play PS4 games from it Can you play PS5/PS4 games from it Can you store PS5 games
    PS5 Internal NVMe

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    Nine: A Renewed Focus On Security And Privacy

    One of the largest hot-button topics right now is the issue of privacy and security. The PlayStation Network has been hacked and taken down more than a few times. Sony will have to show a new and more stable type of security to win back the trust of the consumers.

    Right now there are many different ideas in play, but one that has been getting a lot of interest, and funding, is a sort of verification to go online that involves you showing a digital passport. Once youre online you can do as you like, but this extra step would add another layer of verification. This concept is being developed by DARPA as part of their National Cyber Range Security Programme.

    The other option would be a form of two-step verification that uses biometric security. The popularity of biometric security skyrocketed in 2015 from 6 million users to 770 million. Fingerprint authentication is the major player, and this could easily be implemented into the PS5 in order to verify your identity when you sign in.

    Through The Game Library

    PS5 usable SSD space: How much storage does the console have?

    1. Open your PS5’s Game Library. You can find it as the right-most option in the list of apps on your home page.

    2. Scroll over any game you want to move and press the Options button on your controller.

    3. In the menu that appears, select Move to USB Extended Storage.

    Quick tip: If you’re instead trying to move games from the hard drive back onto the console, you’ll click Move to Console Storage if it’s a PS4 game or Copy if it’s a PS5 game.

    4. A new menu will appear with a list of all your games, separated into two tabs: Move PS4 Content and Move PS5 Games. Go through these tabs and select all the games you want to move, and then select Move in the bottom-right corner.

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    Ps5 Storage Upgrade What You Need To Know

    At the moment its not possible to expand your PS5s storage. An PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD can be installed in the expansion slot under the cover, but your PS5 cant read it until that particular feature is activated by Sony. We also dont know which SSDs will be compatible, though its now clear that theyre not going to be cheap.

    Your extra SSD is going to have to be, at the very least, as good as the SSD built into the console itself. That means itll have to have a PCIe 4.0 interface and at least 5.5GB/s transfer speeds. Thats not a small ask, and the speed in particular is down to the physical demands of the games themselves. Thats why you cant just plug in an external hard drive and play PS5 games off them though you can transfer games via external storage.

    But unlike the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S external SSD upgrade, the PS5’s SSD upgrades are expected to be off-the-shelf PCIe 4.0 SSDs any company can make, providing they are also PS5 certified. Those are far from prolific, but wed hope that the price will eventually go down as the SSD tech gets more widely adopted, especially in the best gaming PCs.

    But that actually relies on Sony telling people which SSDs are compatible with the PS5, and updating PS5 consoles so they can read additional storage.

    How Much Extra Storage Do You Need

    The first big thing to check in on is how much extra space you really think you need. If, like us, you find yourself having to delete games too often because a monster like Call of Duty: Warzone is taking up too much of your real estate, that might mean you can work out how much added room would be useful.

    Most SSDs can be found in variations from 250GB up to 1TB, so be sure to pick up the right amount for your needs. Be warned, though – bigger drives obviously cost more!

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    Ps5 Storage Expansion: The Best Ssd For Ps5 In 2021

    Expand your storage capacity with the best SSD for PS5

    What is the best SSD for PS5 and more importantly which ones are compatible?

    If you dont know the difference between a hard drive and a solid-state drive, expanding your PS5 storage can seem like a daunting prospect. Fortunately, were on hand to help you find the best SSDs that meet Sonys exact requirements, which means theyll work perfectly with your PS5 or PS5 Digital Edition console.

    The PS5 only comes with 667GB of usable internal storage, and if youre the kind of gamer who likes to keep a decent selection of games installed or snag every PS Plus release, it can be painful to delete games knowing that you may need to reinstall them at a later date. The ability to add more internal storage to the PS5 is doubly important due to the fact you cant play PS5 games from any external drives, either.

    The option to expand your PS5 internal storage using the SSD bay was made available to all users on September 15, 2021, as Sony rolled out a new system update. However, its important to note that we havent been able to go hands-on with every SSD in this list. However, what you will find is a selection of drives that meet the exact specifications outlined by Sony and an explainer on PS5 storage in general.

    We’ll update this article in the future with more recommendations and hands-on reviews so you can buy the best SSD for your PS5 with confidence.

    Reasons to avoid
    Reasons to avoid

    Exclusive Covid Increases Sony Ps5 Productivity

    PS5 Game Storage: How much space is available and players will be able to expand with ease!

    According to our insider sources, who will remain unnamed, Covid has allegedly been a plus for the PS5 productivity. Employees are now more focused and with less distractions often found in the work environment. You might think the opposite but you would be wrong. When Covid struck Sony did what all major companies did, they shut down their US offices to ensure the safety of their workers. Limiting office visits to only critical staff. There were additional steps that needed to be taken, but it was not a major challenge according to our source. Their staff rose to the challenge and were successful.

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    Ps5 Storage: How Much Do You Get

    The PS5 is equipped with an 825GB NVMe SSD, which provides super-fast load times and promises to have a transformative impact on how next-gen games will perform in the future. As this is the drive that comes installed in the PS5, its often referred to as the internal drive and cannot be removed by the user .

    The PS5 only has 667.2GB of usable memory to play with a large chunk of storage is reserved for system files and the PlayStations operating system and with the majority ofnew PS5 games weighing in at 50GB, space will be at a premium.

    Six: A Traditional Controller Or Something Different

    The PlayStations dualshock controller has evolved into an almost perfect device with the new Dualsense Controller. The new controller comes with some nice improvements including:

    The DualSense will improve on the previous controller with additional precision as well. It would also be beneficial for Sony to release a new version of the PlayStation Move controllers for PSVR 2.

    Adding thumbsticks to them is a start, but Im more interested in the rumors and patents surrounding glove controllers. This could be a huge step forward for immersion in VR.

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    Should You Get An Internal Drive Instead

    You can also add more space for your PS5 directly by installing an internal SSD, although the limits on what type of drive will fit and work are more restrictive. This is well worth looking into, especially if you want to store primarily PS5 games, since you’ll be able to play them directly from the bigger drive inside your console.

    How Much Do You Think Youll Use Your Console And What Is Your Internet Situation

    PS5 SSD storage expansion wonât be available at launch

    Perhaps the biggest obstacle for the PS5 Digital edition is the fact that it does limit your options. If you live in an area with slow or spotty internet, then the digital version could make getting games take much longer than expected.

    Likewise, if you play a lot of games, you may find the digital version cumbersome to use unless you buy additional storage space. However, good storage space may be cheaper in the long run than upgrading to the standard edition.

    Ultimately, it will be up to you to consider what works best for you and to make your own decisions.

    PS5 Global launch schedule:

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