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How To Change Your Username On Ps4

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How To Change Your Psn Id Final Thoughts

How to Change PS4 Username

Embarrassed to go online and battle the best players in the world because of your silly name? Come on, you picked it in a time when you thought its actually funny. However, Sony has given you a chance at redemption by allowing you to change your PSN ID. If you ever thought that your name wasnt fit, now its time to change it. Make sure you check the list of games I provided above so that you wont run into problems.

How To Change Your Name In Ps4 Here Is Everything You Need To Know About Changing The Name On Ps4 Find Out Details About Ps4 Name Change Issues And More

Sony Interactive Entertainment’s PlayStation 4 is amongst the most successful ventures of gaming console company until now. The PS4 keeps gaining more and more popularity with each passing day and many people joining the gaming community of PlayStation. However, a new user who has never held a PS4 control ever in their hand will find it difficult to operate the gadget. But you should not worry because it is no rocket science to operate the console and you will get hold of it in just a matter of a few days. Nevertheless, you would have to continue to learn more and more about it. Many players especially new ones who have just bought the PS4 game console find it difficult to understand how to change your name in PS4. If you are wondering about the same, do not worry, here is all you need to know.

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Q: What Kind Of Issues Could I Potentially Run Into

Below are some of the issues you may encounter. We expect major issues to occur only in a small number of games.

  • Your previous Online ID may remain visible to you and other players in some areas.
  • You may lose progress within games, including game saved data, leaderboard data, and progress towards Trophies.
  • Parts of your game and applications may not function properly both online and offline.
  • You may lose access to content that you may have acquired for your games including content like add-ons and virtual currency.

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Change Psn Id Using Web Browser

The web browser method is a bit different, yet the same results are guaranteed. Check it out:

  • First, open a browser whether on your mobile or PC.
  • Head over to PlayStations Official website and log in to your PSN Account.
  • After you sign in, select PSN Profile from the menu.
  • Now, click on the edit button next to your ID.
  • Change it and submit your new one.
  • Youre done.
  • Oh, by the way, if you hate the name you used or simply added a wrong one, you can revert back to your old ID by contacting Sonys customer service department. Remember, that can only be done as long as your name doesnt violate Sonys rules.

    How To Change Your Ps4 Gamertag

    I can

    This guide will go over the process of changing your PlayStation Network username, known officially as your online ID. Your online ID can be changed on the PlayStation console itself or via a web browser.

    Changing name on PS4 console

  • To change your username using a PS4 console, navigate over to the settings and select Account Management > Account Information > Profile.
  • The second option down the list is Online ID, where you can access the ID-change dialogue.
  • You may be asked to confirm your account password and then review the terms and risk statement. Certain games released prior to 2018 on PlayStation 3 and 4 may have compatibility issues in regard to some features, such as trophies, saved data, and online access. Sony has a published list of known games with compatibility issues on their support page.
  • Once you review the terms, you will now have access to the change-name dialogue. Your current username will appear on the top, as well as the date on which you started using that username. On the bottom, a prompt will confirm this first change is free, as well as the subsequent fee.
  • Enter your desired username into the text field and confirm that it is available and accepted by Sony.
  • Once ready, click on Confirm and your name change will be officially submitted.
  • Changing name on a web browser

    You can also change your name from a browser.

  • Navigate to the Sony account-login page.
  • Just as on the PS4, you will be asked to acknowledge the risks and terms of the name change.
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    How To Change Psn Username

    The good news is that the username changing process is the same, regardless of whether youre on PS4, PS5, or the PlayStation website.

    • First, head to your platforms settings tab, and head to the Online ID section
    • On PS5, youll choose Settings > Users and Accounts > Account > Profile > Online ID
    • On PS4, head to Settings > Account Management > Account Information > Profile > Online ID
    • If youre on the PlayStation website, head to Account Management > PSN Profile > Edit
  • Youll be prompted to type in a new ID, which will then be checked for suitability and availability
  • If the name is appropriate and free, youll be given the chance to confirm your choice
  • Once youve followed these steps, youll be able to confirm the name change. Its worth mentioning that this process isnt always free. The first time you change your PSN Username, Sony offer it free of charge. However, changing it after that will cost you a fee. Its not too pricey, at $9.99. Bear that in mind though. If you make a typo and confirm your first name change, youll have to pay to remedy that error.

    Aside from that, changing your PSN Username is a very straightforward and painless process. It takes only a few clicks on your consoles HUD, and gives you a second chance to get your display name just right.

    How To Change Your Psn Online Id On Ps4

    On PlayStation 4

    • Step 1: From your PS4 go to
    • Step 2: Select > > >
    • Step 3: Enter an Online ID of your choice or choose from one of the suggestions
    • Step 4: Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the change.

    Through a web browser

    • Step 1: Sign in to your PlayStation Network account and select PSN Profile in the menu
    • Step 2: Select the Edit button thats next to your Online ID
    • Step 3: Enter an Online ID of your choice or choose from one of the suggestions
    • Step 4: Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the change

    How much does it cost and how many times can I change it?

    The first time is free. After that, it will cost you $9.99, 9.99, £7.99. PlayStation Plus subscribers will be charged $4.99, 4.99, £3.99.

    Sony said there are no restrictions to the number of times you can change your online ID. If you have a child, Sony stated child accounts cannot change their online ID.

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    Switch Ps4 Username On Your Console

    Heres what you need to do if youre changing straight on your PlayStation:

  • On Your PS4, head over to Settings.
  • Now, select Account Management.
  • Choose Account Information and select Profile.
  • Then, your PlayStation will inform you to follow the on-screen prompts to complete the change.
  • Thats it, you have a new Online ID.
  • How To Change Your Psn Online Id On Ps5 Or Ps4

    PSN NAME CHANGES: How to Change Your PlayStation Network Username | PS4 | Guide
  • Start the PlayStation 5 or PS4 and head to Settings.
  • Go to Account Management > Account Information > Profile > Online ID.
  • There you can enter any new name you fancy and check whether it is available. If not, you can choose from one of the available suggestions instead.
  • Follow any on-screen messages to finish.
  • Voila, you have a new PSN Online ID.
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    Additional Tips For A Ps4 User

    You might not know this, but you can also change your PS4s region. When you do so, youll unlock all the potential your Store is capable of. For example, if you change your region to the US, youll be able to download applications like Hulu, HBO, and so many more. On the other hand, the apps you get are based on the region you pick. So, pick a region based on what you actually need.

    One more thing, although youre able to download such apps, that doesnt mean they can operate in your country. Streaming services like aforementioned are restricted to their own country. In order to watch them abroad, youll need to use a VPN or change the DNS settings on your PlayStation 4 using a Smart DNS service.

    With a VPN, you can alter your online location and appear to be accessing the channel from within its region. Just connect to a server in that territory and youre there. However, you wont be able to install a VPN on your PlayStation since their not compatible. Therefore, youll have to resort to setting a VPN on your router instead. That way you can enjoy your PS experience to the max.

    If you need help figuring out which VPN to use, heres a list of the top VPNs for PlayStation 4.

    How To Change Your Playstation Sign

    Change or recover your sign-in ID on PlayStationNetwork .

    What is a sign-in ID email address?

    Each account has a unique sign-in ID, which corresponds to a valid email address used to sign in to PSN. Email is the primary mode of communication between PlayStation and players, and will be used to:

    • verify your account
    • ensure your details are protected
    • keep you up to date on important account information.

    It is recommended that you use an up-to-date and accessible email address.

    How to change your sign-in ID

    You’re signed out from all devices when you change your sign-in ID . When you change your email address you will receive an email to your old email address showing your new sign-in ID .

    Web browser: change sign-in ID

  • Sign in to Account Management on a web browser.
  • Select Security from the sidebar.
  • Click Edit next to Sign-In ID .
  • Enter your new email address and click Save.
  • You may need to re-enter your password for security reasons.
  • You will receive an email to your new email address asking you to verify your new sign-in ID. Click the Verify Now button in this email. You will also receive an email to your old email address detailing the change.
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    How To Change Your Username For Fortnite On An Iphone

    Changing usernames on a mobile is not platform dependent as the change occurs in the Epic Games Accounts page and not on the app. To change your username on an iPhone, follow the instructions given above. They are one and the same. The only difference is that you are using Safari instead of another web browser.

    The Cost Of Changing Your Psn Name

    How To Change Your Online Id On Ps4 If Your A Child

    Sony allows you to change your password for free once, allowing you to correct an old username easily as long as you’re certain what you want to change it to. Any further changes beyond that point, though, and you’ll have to pay for the privilege. Subsequent instances will cost cost $10 per change for standard PlayStation Network members, or $5 per change if you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber.

    But there are some costs to changing your PSN ID that go beyond the standard dollars and cents calculations. Sony warns that some PS4 games could experience issues after you’ve changed your ID. PlayStation put together a list of PS4 games that could be impacted by a name change, including problems like losing your Trophies or even loss of paid currency. PS3, Vita, and PS/TV games and apps don’t support the name change as well. Sony also warns that there may be other games that experience issues that didn’t arise during its testing, so it’s a slight gamble either way.

    With those caveats in mind, here’s how you go about changing your PSN ID.

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    How To Change Your Psn Id On Ps4

    PlayStation Network IDs had been set in stone since Sonys online service launched in 2006, alongside the PlayStation 3.

    Although the option to change PSN ID’s have long been a request from users, Sony has withheld on addressing the issue until now.

    After several months of testing, Sony has finally rolled out the feature, but warned is does carry some risks.

    Your first change of name will be free, but you’ll have to pay for any future changes other than just reverting back to your old name.

    How To Change Your Username On Fortnite

    Because of its enormous popularity, many people try Fortnite just to see what all the fuss is about. They make an account, put in a silly username, then start playing without expecting too much from the game. If they want to continue playing, however, they often regret the name that they originally chose. Others just want to change a username that they now consider boring.

    In this article, we will show you how to change your username on Fortnite for all platforms.

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    How To Change The Ps4 Username On The Psn

    It is possible that since you created your account on the PlayStationNetwork you have taken a certain fondness to the username that you used to use, but if instead you regret every time you connect and check your user ID , today we are going to tell you how You can change it for the one you have been wanting to have for a long time.


    Changing Your Ps4 Name More Than Once Comes At A Price

    How To Change PSN Username On PS4! (2020)

    The first name-change is free, but after that its £7.99 for non-PS Plus subscribers, or £3.99 for PS Plus subscriptions. You can revert it back to your previous name if desired, but it will require a trip to PS Support, which can be found here.

    As mentioned before, you may encounter issues to games released before April 2018, such as Metal Gear Solid 4, Motorstorm, or even Lair, but this may be a small price to pay to change your cringe-inducing name.

    Its telling that this caveat is concrete, as the PS Store comes from a time where cloud services and trophies were a distant memory for Sony, but with online gaming being so huge thanks to Fortnite and other games, players want to be able to manage their online account much more effectively during these times now.

    But at least take solace in the fact that your account will be ready for the PlayStation 5 later this year, and that no one you meet in the future will call you by ChickHun66 anymore.

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    How To Change Your Playstation Username On Ps4 Ps5 And The Web

    Bored of your PlayStation username? You don’t need to be. Let’s explore how you can change your username in a few quick steps.

    Its common for gamers to want to change their username. Whether its a username from when you first owned a game console, or one youre simply bored with, its easy to change your PlayStation Network username or account name.

    Here’s how you can change your PSN name on PS4, PS5, and the web. Let’s dive in.

    How To Change Your Psn Name On Ps4 And Ps5

    You can finally ditch that embarrassing name you thought was so cool in 2007.

    Not long ago, your chosen PSN username was locked in and unchangeable. That was bad news for anyone who chose a name that was embarrassing or too complicated to remember or otherwise just unwieldy. Fortunately, Sony has shifted that policy now, allowing you to change your username as many times as you wish–if you’re willing to pay. Here is everything you need to know about changing your PSN ID.

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    Top Tips For Ps4 Users And Psn Subscribers

    Okay so maybe you have had enough of changing your PSN ID.

    Did you know that you could easily change your PS4 region as well?

    And you could do it as many times as you like without paying anything extra.

    Remember, changing your PS4 region can unblock all the things that PlayStation Store has to offer to any user irrespective of the users real location.

    To take an example, with a good VPN service you can change your PS4 region and unlock application such as HBO, Hulu, and many others.

    Moreover, those apps which change their workings based on the users location can also be made to work based on the region that you, the user, picks.

    With a VPN in place, you can change your location to unlock the stuff that you need rather than the stuff PlayStation decides that you need.

    The other thing a VPN service is very good at is unlocking stream content.

    You already know that almost all good streaming services change the content that they offer to users based on where the user is located.

    You can get rid of that problem by using a VPN service.

    Now, in order to watch streaming content from abroad, you can either use a VPN service or you can change your PlayStation 4 DNS settings by making use of a Smart DNS service.

    But keep in mind that a VPN service is without a shadow of a doubt is the better choice since it can not only alter your location but also protect your data.

    In other words, VPN services are not compatible with PlayStation consoles yet.

    However, there is a solution.

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