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How To Cool Down Ps4

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Cleaning And Maintenance Make The Difference

4 Tips to cool down your PlayStation | PlayStation 4 cooling

As we have already mentioned, dust is one of the biggest enemies of the PS4 and its internal components. In general, the enemy comes from any device with the technology. The reason? Dust build-up inside and in vents directly affects overheating from our consoles.

Therefore, our priority is not only to find a place where dust does not accumulate, but also keep our PS4 as clean as possible giving it a periodic review.

The ideal is to clean the PS4 at least once a month, and ventilation outlets They must be our priority during the process. In addition, these outputs should always be impeccable.

  • To clean the housings and the exterior of the console, you can use a chamois or a microfiber cloth.
  • Additionally, for more sensitive areas such as ventilation outlets, console ports or less accessible areas, you can use a compressed air container. Three cans cost around 10 euros.

Then we leave you a video tutorial on how you can clean the Slim model.

As well there are filters and protective covers which, in essence, we recommend if a lot of dust is generated where you live . This is another option.

At this point, it should be borne in mind that there are several PS4 models and each has its own unique design and ventilation system. And, logically, your own filters and dust covers.

In the case of, for example, PS4 Pro, you can skip the compressed air to the fan simply by removing the cover.

Is It Better To Put Ps4 In Rest Mode

There is no definite answer as to whether or not it is better to put PS4 in rest mode. Some people believe that this will help reduce the amount of data that is stored on the console, while others find that it can cause problems with game play. Ultimately, it is up to the individual player to decide whether or not they want to do this.

Playstation 4 Cooling System

Gaming Consoles like the PS4 are specifically designed by keeping in mind that they dont overheat. As gamers like to go for long gaming sessions, heat dispersion and proper ventilation are one of the first few things that the manufacturers keep in mind. The cooling process can be seen as the PS4 case is specially designed to dissipate the heat and the exhaust fans are designed to spread air properly to all its components.

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More About This Story

Every product in this list has been tested in real-life situations, just as you would use it in your day-to-day life.

Where cooling stands are concerned, our judgements focus on a few areas. The most important of these is the cooling power they can bring to the table, although that also goes hand-in-hand with what amount of noise they generate while they do so.

Pricing is key, to ensure that you’re getting a fair deal, and we’re also invested in whether the stands look okay – you don’t want an ugly addition to your TV cabinet, in an ideal world.

We arent interested in pointless number crunching or extraneous details – we just want to provide an easy to understand review that gives you an idea of what it’s going to be like to use. And dont for a second think that the products aren’t tested fully because the reviews are concise.

Weve been covering tech since 2003, and, in many cases, have not only reviewed the product in question, but the previous generations, too – right back to the first model on the market. There is also plenty of models we’ve considered that didn’t make the cut in each of our buyer’s guides.

Place The Ps4 In The Right Place And The Right Way

9 Best Cooling Fans for PS4 [Update 2020]

The PS4 instruction manuals give us the first basic tips. In fact, some models even warn us that the system is overheating through a reddish blink on the power indicator. The protocol to follow, according to Sony, is as follows.Turn off the system and do not use it for a while. When the system cools down, move it to a well-ventilated location and then resume use.It is in that last sentence that we are given one of the basic keys: we must choose a place where the PS4 is well ventilated. If possible, in an open space and in which the console has a wide margin at the rear . Generally speaking, twice as spacious as its own volume.

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Use Your Ps4 On A Flat Surface When Possible

Seriously, PS4 placement is everything. When it comes to where, your best bet is to set your PS4 on a hard, flat surfaceand not on a softer surface.

Floors, even hardwood, arent ideal locations for PS4 placementmostly due to the excess of dust particles floating around where you put your feet. Using your PS4 on a desk or table is ideal, particularly one thats set up in a nice, cool room. Sure, using your PS4 wherever you want is one of the biggest perks of owning one, but if youre gaming or doing some CPU intensive tasks, then youre going to need all the help you can get.

Ps4 Overheating Pro Tips To Cool Your Console

Simon Sayers / July 3, 2019

Have you been a victim of the PS4 overheating problem? Youre not the only one. Our PS4 got too hot, we had a couple of warnings pop up on screen, and it shut itself down. After this, weve taken extra cautionary steps to ensure that our PS4 stays as cool as possible.

Now we can enjoy stress-free gaming, and its a lot quieter without the PS4 fans working overtime. So, we want to give you some tips on how to keep your PS4 cool, and hopefully you wont suffer the same problem.

Though weve heard far less issues of PS4 Pros getting too hot, with the temperature rising through intense gaming sessions, it is happening too. So, these tips to help cool your console apply no matter which PS4 version you own.

Weve already given your some tips on how to make your PS4 quieter, but today were going to tell you the very best ways to keep it cool.

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Turn Off Your Ps4 When You Don’t Use It But Neve Unplug It

If your console is overheated do not unplug it on the spot or force it to shutdown as the fans should continue to cool down. Proceed with a normal shutdown.On the other hand, if a game suddenly forces too much ventilation on the console, you may want to close it and spend some time on the PS4 interface until the system heat is reduced.

Digital Is Better If Given The Option

PS4 overheating | Tips and tricks to cool down your ps4

The disc reader is also a source of noise and heat. Especially during the installation process. Now, as a general rule, once our game is installed, the use of the reader is quite punctual.Overheating the console is never a good thing, so try to perform the installations when your PS4 is in the best conditions and at the right time or bet directly on the digital format.

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Play In Cool Surroundings

Knowing that your console already heats up on its own, playing in hot surroundings wont do it any favors. So, whenever possible, use your PS4 in temperatures lower than 73°F , because anything higher than 82°F will cause it to retain heat and get noisy as a result.

If controlling the temperature of your surroundings is off the table, consider investing in a cooling stand. Something like the OIVO Regular would be a great choice, especially if youre looking for an all-in-one vertical stand that can charge your controllers and cool down your console. It comes with a multifunctional design, so you can use it with all the PS4 consoles .

But while all that is great, what youll really appreciate is that it can reduce console noise by up to 50 decibels.

Fix : Update Ps4 System And Ps4 Games

As the old Windows system will affect the computer performance, the outdated PS4 system and games also slow down the PS4 and increase the risk of the console overworking itself and overheating.

How to update PS4 system and PS4 games? Follow the steps below.

Step 1: Update PS4 system.

  • Click Settings on the main screen of your PS4.
  • In the Settings menu, select the System Software Update option.
  • Select Check for Updates. Then select Install Updates if there is an update. If there is not an update, the console will notify you.

Step 2: Update PS4 games.

  • Select the game in question on the screen of the console.
  • Press the Options button on the controller.
  • Select Check for Update on the Options menu.
  • Select Install Update if there is any update available. If there is not an update, it will notify you.

After finishing update the PS4 console and the PS4 games, check whether your PS4 still keeps overheating.

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Why Is My Ps4 Pro Fan So Loud

The most common cause of noise in many consumer electronics is due to a spinning fan, and thats no less true when talking about the PS4 Pro. If the console is too close to a wall or door, the heat can blow back onto itself and make the console hotter, which causes the fans to spin up more.17-Jun-2020

Can A Ps4 Break From Overheating

Multi Vertical Cooling Stand For Playstation 4 Ps4/ Ps4 Slim/ Ps4 Pro ...

Typically the system will shut itself down and display the Overheat color on the systems light bar to prevent damage if the internal temperatures gets too high. As long as you leave enough space behind the system so the hot air can freely leave and not get trapped around the system you should be fine.

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How Do You Turn A Ps5 Off

How to Turn Your PS5 OffPress the PlayStation button on your controller to open the quick menu, which appears at the bottom of the screen.Scroll over to the Power icon, which is at the far right of the menu.Press X with that icon highlighted to open the power menu.Choose Turn Off PS5 to shut the console down.21-Dec-2020

Do You Need A Cooling Fan For Your Ps4

Theres a lot of misunderstanding concerning PS4 cooling fans out there, so lets clear that up. To begin, we must admit that the Sony executives are experts in their field. For decades, theyve been producing cutting-edge electronics, and the PS4 is a terrific system. The PS4 would not have sold over 115 million copies if it regularly overheated and produced difficulties.

There might be many other reasons your system is overheating. If you are operating your PS4 at a warmer temperature then that can account for the overheating issue. During the summer season if your AC is not working then that can be an issue of overheating.

Allow your fans to do the real work. In the same vein, its critical to maintain your console clean. If your vents are clogged with dust, it doesnt matter how effective your fan is. The first thing you should do if youre having temperature issues is to ensure the system is tidy.

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Buying A Wall Rack For Your Playstation 4

A wall rack is a useful investment toward running your console at lower temperatures. It allows for increased airflow as it is in an open space. This provides access to a constant stream of fresh air as opposed to an enclosed space where it has to draw in hot air to cool itself. It also keeps the console away from other heat sources and lowers the amount of dust your console will suck in.

What If None Of The Above Steps Work

HOW TO COOL YOUR PS4 DOWN! Fix Ventilator Sound!

If your PS4 continues to roar after trying out all the above hacks, the problem might be related to a mechanical failure. For this kind of issue, you need to get an expert to look at your PS4.

Alternatively, you can contact Sonys PlayStation support chances are theyll help you troubleshoot your noise problem. If they cant, theyll repair the faulty part or initiate the warranty process.

Its worth noting that a noisy PS4 doesnt always mean a grave problem with your console. A console can be loud and still work just fine.

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Keep Room Temperature Maintain

Check your rooms temperature. As previously stated, you should avoid playing your PlayStation 4 if the ambient air temperature in your game room exceeds 80 degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature is higher than that and you cannot lower it, move the console to a more relaxed environment or consider utilizing a PS4 cooling stand.

How To Prevent Future Noise In Your Ps4

If you successfully made your PS4 quieter using the steps above, youll want to ensure that the problem doesnt reoccur in the future.

To help you with that, here are some tips:

  • Make a habit of cleaning your PS4 at least once a week.
  • Move your PS4 to a well-ventilated area.
  • When setting up your PS4 in your entertainment center, dont push the rear end or the sides of your console against a wall or any other surface.
  • Avoid keeping your PS4 horizontal when in use. Instead, try positioning it vertically. Some users have reported that this helps with overheatingand as a result, noise.

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Is It Normal For A Ps4 To Get Hot

Ever worried about how hot your PS4 is? Is it normal for a console to heat up that much? I too wondered the same, so I decided to figure it out once and for all.

It is normal for a PS4 to get hot, all electronics become hot after hours of usage. Sony has designed the PS4to make sure it can handle the heat, with fans to regulate the temperature, the sides of the console drawing in air, and the back expelling the heat.

Stick around if youd like to find out how to know when if youre making any of the mistakes causing your PS4 to overheat.

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Youll also learn whether leaving your console on overnight can cause it to overheat, and finally, Ill show you some ways you can cool down your PS4. Read on to find out.

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How Do You Know If Your Ps4 Is Overheating

Stranger Things

If your PS4 overheats, it will beep 3 times, and display a red light on the power button, show a heating error on the screen, and then shut itself off.

When this happens to your PS4, then thats a definite sign that it is overheating. If the PS4 is hot but continues to work fine and doesnt display these signs, then it is not overheating.

Sick of your PS4 internet speed is slow? Check out how to get the fastest internet for your PS4 in my post here.

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What Are Ps4 Overheating Signs

Your PlayStation is an electronic gadget like any other and will overheat under certain circumstances. Sometimes its a long and heavy gaming session, while at others, it might be a lack of cooling causing the problem.

PS4 overheating is not something that goes unnoticed. Here are the telltale PS4 overheating symptoms that you need to look out for:

  • You get a message on the screen saying, The PS4 is too hot. Turn off the PS4 and wait until the temperature goes down, after which your console automatically shuts down.
  • You hear the PS4 cooling fans hissing get louder as they work harder to ventilate the console with fresh cool air.
  • You notice stuttering and lagging in the games as the PS4 adjusts its clock speed to prevent hardware damage.
  • You can feel the PS4 heating up much higher than the room temperature.

How Much Cooling Do You Need

If your PS4 is relatively new, you might feel that it only needs a little helping hand on the cooling front. If, however, you’re still enduring with a PS4 from launch, you might be wondering how many hours it’s got left. Either way, how much assistance these stands offer varies, so be sure to check how many fans they offer and how big they are – that’ll mostly determine how much cooling they bring.

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How To Know If Your Ps4 Is Overheating

  • There are several ways to tell if your PlayStation 4 is overheating.
  • One way is to check the temperature on the console itself. If the temperature is above 40 degrees Celsius, then the PlayStation 4 is likely overheating.
  • Another way to tell if your PlayStation 4 is overheating is to check its battery level.
  • If the battery level is below 30%, then the PlayStation 4 may not be able to keep up with its power requirements.
  • Improve Ventilation For Ps:

    3 Reasons Your PS4 is Overheating (and 3 Quick Fix Tips!)

    You need to give your PS4 room to breathe. Because if youve kept it in a tight space, next to another electrical appliance or wall, youre blocking its airflow. The PS4 comes with built-in cooling systems to keep the components from overheating. And it can only do that if it has ample cool air circulating.

    So, if youve kept your console in a tight place, try bringing it out and putting it in the open. If you see the PS4 temperature improving slowly, you need to find a different place for your console. Put it on top of a spacious T.V shelf. Doing so ensures that the PS4 fan does not suck in the same hot air that is pushed out.

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