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How To Get Themes On Ps4

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Can You Set Your Own Ps4 Theme Music

How to Install Permanent Themes on a 5.05 Jailbroken PS4

While it is possible to listen to music while youre playing games on your PS4, it isnt currently possible to alter the music that comes with a dynamic theme. You can only do this by changing the theme itself or by jailbreaking your console as we discussed above. However, you should find that there are a wide range of themes and options available for you based on the games you like, so head into the PS4 store and take a look you might be surprised!

As you can see, its pretty easy to change your PS4 theme. We really do wish that there were more options available for creating your own custom aesthetic on PS4, but considering how many great themes there are on the PS4 store, this isnt a huge dealbreaker for us. Thats a good thing, too, because as we move further away from the PS4s lifespan, Sony is unlikely to introduce anything like that via any kind of PS4 update. What theme would you create if you could make your own dynamic themes?

Best Free Themes For Ps4

Josh Broadwell

Alongside its vast software library, the PlayStation 4 offers a huge variety of themes for you to choose from. But say you don’t really want to shell out for a new theme after buying some of the games from that library. Never fear! We’ve put together a list of the 14 best free PS4 themes to help you out of just such a dilemma. They do a fair job of representing that variety too, from platformers and

They do a fair job of representing the variety the platform has to offer, from platformers and exploration games to RPGs, sports, and otherworldly combat. You’re sure to find something you like over the next several slides, so read on to discover your next favorite backdrop for your favorite console.

How To Change Your Ps4 Theme

If you want your PS4 home screen to look different or more exciting, then you can change your theme. Here’s what to do.

PS4 themes can add an exciting new element to your PS4’s home screen and UI. Whether static or dynamic, coming with music, or featuring unique icons, themes help you personalize your console that much more.

Here’s how you can change your PS4’s theme as well as add new themes to your collection.

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How To Change Theme On Ps5

The PS5s Home Screen is dynamic. That means its appearance will change depending on the application you have selected. Youll see this when you hover on a game. The background will change and sometimes the music does, too. But can you completely and permanently change the way it looks?

This is how to change theme on PS5. Unfortunately, you cant yet. The PS5 doesnt include the ability to change themes like the PS3 and PS4 did. But its important to remember that those consoles didnt have that feature for some time, either. While changing the theme is nice, its hardly essential. And its likely a feature thats on Sonys list for a future PS5 update.

Despite being unable to change theme on PS5, you can customise the Home Screen experience to a degree. This includes customising the Control Center, switching off background music and sound effects, and disabling pop-up notifications. Over time, its safe to assume Sony will expand on the Home Screens customisability. But right now, its fairly limited. Of course, well be sure to update you once we know about themes for PS5. And hopefully youll be enjoying a unique Home Screen experience sooner than later.

Would you like to see themes added to PS5? Let us know in the comment section below and dont forget to check out our other gaming articles


Can I Still Get Persona 5 Royal Themes

[PS4] Free Theme

Persona 5 Royal themes are still available to purchase as of October 3rd. However, they may not be available in all regions. Make sure to check the games store availability before purchasing!

If you have already purchased a Persona 5 Royal theme, you will be able to download it and use it in the game. Keep in mind that not all regions will have the game released at this time, so make sure to check with your local retailer.

If you are unable to purchase a Persona 5 Royal theme or if you would like to request a replacement for an existing theme, please email . We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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Change The Theme In Playstation 4

This is how to change the theme in PS4. If PS5 also has the option to change the theme, it will also change.

  • Go to navigate to the Settings menu from the consoles main menu.
  • You to select Themes in the Settings menu.
  • You choose which of the themes you want to apply
  • You also set the Theme to a Color.
  • You can also select Custom to set a wallpaper image.

How To Change Ps4 Theme

I downloaded it, but I cant change the theme on PS4

Come on, to install the themes on Playstation 4 you must do the following:

  • Go to PS4 Settings
  • This will open the gallery of themes you downloaded to be able to install.
  • Text Shadow

    This option that you end up seeing when setting up the theme, changes the contours of the menu texts. This can improve readability for some people. I usually leave it in the default, but the black outline option looks good too.

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    How To Turn Ps4 Screenshots Into Wallpaper

    Theres alternative methods too. You can use screenshots from in-game and turn them into backgrounds.

    Take a screenshot of your PS4 game by using the PS4 Share button.

    Go to Settings > Themes > Custom Themes on your PS4.

    Your screenshot will be saved in the Capture Gallery, so simply choose the screenshot your want to set as your theme.

    Can You Create Your Own Ps4 Dynamic Theme

    How do I Create my own Custom Theme? on PS4 in 2020 | PlayStation

    Unfortunately, if you dont want to jailbreak your PS4, you cant currently create your own PS4 dynamic theme. Youre limited to the ones that are currently in the store. It is possible to jailbreak your console, but we wouldnt recommend doing so, as it can be hard to revert if you dont absolutely know what youre doing, you could also do serious damage to your consoles storage, so its best not to venture into the world of jailbreaking unless youre an expert. If you do jailbreak your console, though, then there are ways to create your own dynamic theme, so it isnt completely impossible.

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    How Do I Add New Ps4 Themes

    You can add new PS4 themes if you purchase specific editions of games or through your PS4’s PlayStation Store, where you’ll find an assortment of free and premium themes.

    Games you’ve purchased which come with specific themes should appear in your download queue, or you can go on the game’s page in the PlayStation Store and download the theme from there.

    To find the Themes section of the PlayStation Store on your PS4, select Add-ons, and go to Themes. There, you can peruse the PS Store’s many free and premium themes and theme packs.

    Star Wars Battlefront: Leia Organa

    Download this theme on the PlayStation Store

    And one more Star Wars theme. We know it doesn’t look like the “real” Leia Organa, but there’s still quite a bit to love about this zooming dynamic theme. It forgoes the flashiness of the Jakku theme in favor of a toned-down approach that lets Leia’s determination shine through. Plus, it hearkens back to one of the most memorable moments in the original Star Wars films, with the Imperial siege on Hoth.

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    PS4hacks on TikTok

    9.6K Likes, 229 Comments. TikTok video from PS4hacks . PS4 hack | Go to settings | Go to theme | …. Rich Minion.



    230 Likes, 13 Comments. TikTok video from Kianlinus : “Besvara @im_borred445”. How to get the 4K santa dancing theme on ps4 | Go to the Playstation store and search for SLYDE | Scroll down to themes and there it is. originalljud.


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    TikTok video from MohPlay Inc Ghana : “Try the FREE PS4 theme and thank me later ..#mohplay #mohtutorials #mohplayinc #becausewelovegames”. This is the best and Free animated PS4 theme in the PS Store | NB: Make sure your console is connected to the Internet | Go to Setting then scroll to Themes | …. original sound.


    25.8K Likes, 851 Comments. TikTok video from Liam : “Just incase people dont know how to get it. Well here you go #Foryou #ps4 #strangerthings”. How to get the stranger things background on your PlayStation | Go to settings then themes | Click select theme. Then go to PlayStation store | …. Running Up That Hill .


    A Complete Guide To Free Ps4 Custom Themes And Wallpapers

    Our Topographic Fire theme on a PS4 controller! #ps4controller # ...

    Simon Sayers / July 6, 2017

    Providing your console is running PS4 update 4,50 or a later version you can now host PS4 custom themes and transform your dashboard with any image you like, choosing from a huge range of PS4 wallpapers.

    Finding the best wallpapers for PS4 can be tough task, but you can enjoy hundreds of free PS4 themes relating to all your favorite games and movies in our wallpaper hub.

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    Faq: How To Change The Background On A Ps4

    We love the PS4 UI, but lets face it: the visuals can be a little drab. While the menus are slick, smooth, and easy to navigate, the fact is that the theming of the PS4 could use a little work. How are you supposed to take pride as a gamer when your PS4 doesnt reflect your unique personality when it comes to the hobby? Well, happily, there is a way to change the PS4 background, and its much, much simpler than you might think. Heres how to change the background on a PS4.

    How To Change Your Background And Theme On Ps4

    How do I put a wallpaper on my PS4 from my phone?

    There are a few ways to do this. One way is to use a wallpaper app on your phone. Another way is to use a software program that can help you create and print custom wallpaper.

    Where can I download PS4 Themes for free?

    There are a few websites that offer free PS4 themes. One example is, which offers a variety of themes, including some that are compatible with the PlayStation 4 Pro. Another website,, offers a wider range of themes, but they are often more expensive than at ThemesPilot.

    How do you get custom wallpapers on PS4?

    There is no specific way to get custom wallpapers on PS4, but you can use various online resources or download them from third-party websites. You can also create your own wallpaper using a photo editor.

    How do you get new Themes on PS4?

    First, go to the Settings menu on your PS4 and select the Theme option. From here, you can browse through all of the available themes and select one that you want to use. Once youve selected a theme, youll need to activate it by going to the System Settings menu and selecting the Theme option. From here, youll need to input your password in order to complete the activation process.

    How can I download free Themes?

    There are a few ways to get free themes. One way is to find a theme forum and post in the theme forum asking for help finding a theme. Another way is to look for free themes on or

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    How Do You Get The True Ending In Persona 5 Royal

    Persona 5 Royal is the true ending of Persona 5, but it is not an easy task. Here are 4 steps that will help you get the persona royal theme ps.

    1. Make sure you have completed all of the main quests in Persona 5.2. Make sure you have collected all of the Confidants and maxed out their social links.3. Make sure you have obtained all of the Personas and Weapons in Persona 5.4. Be prepared to spend some time on save files!

    How To Change The Theme Ps5

    (EP 17) Making Custom PS4 Themes & Installing Permanent PS4 Themes (9.00 or Lower)

    Unfortunately, just as the PS4 had options to change the theme, the PS5 doesnt have the option to customize or change the theme, and theres no way you can change the PS4 theme. Five can change the theme. PS5 installs its own dynamic and unique theme with the system automatically changing its color. When you go to PlayStation 5s settings, you wont find any option to change the theme.

    The theme of the screen changes when you use a game. In different games, you will see different THEME. For example, if you play Call of Duty then you will see a different background and If you run the Spider-Man game, theres a difference.

    But maybe in the upcoming update, there will be an option to change the PS5 theme like it was in PS4 so you need to know how to change the PS4 theme to your liking. You will be able to change the theme of PS5.

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    How To Add Custom Wallpapers To Ps4

    Find your favorite image

    You can use any photo or downloaded image as wallpaper. For best results, it should be 1920×1080 resolution for PS4, and 3860×2160 for PS4 Pro.

    Copy it to a USB stick

    Create a folder called IMAGES within the main directory of your USB stick and add as many images as you like. When youre done, insert the USB stick into your PS4.

    Create your wallpaper

    Go to the Themes tab under the PS4 settings menu, choose Select theme, Custom and your USB storage device, then Select image. If youre happy with your wallpaper, select Apply, and youre done!

    How Do You Change Your Ps4 Theme

    Themes are just one of many ways to keep your PS4 fresh and organized. You can change your PS4 theme in a few easy steps.

    Head to your PS4’s settings, scroll down, and select Themes. Then go to Select Theme. From here, you can choose which theme to set your PS4’s home screen as, with the option to preview it before you confirm.

    While some themes are static, others are dynamic, meaning that part of the theme continuously moves when you apply it. Also, you might not get the full picture if you only preview a themethe preview might show one image when there’s more, and it won’t sample any music a theme might come with. Be sure to try a theme in action to see all it offers.

    To delete a theme, select it, tap Options, then select Delete.

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    Update Them About Your Situation

    You have to tell customer care support that you play the Persona 5 Royal and hear that you get an email consisting of a code for accomplishing the themes and avatars with each trophy.

    But, it has been more than 14 days, and I still havent received any email containing any code for themes and avatars. Ask them to help you in that case.

    Resident Evil : Biohazard Theme

    Fortnite Theme Skin Sticker Decal For Sony PlayStation 4 ... in 2021 ...

    The Resident Evil 7: Biohazard theme is one that will appeal to horror lovers everywhere. Its simple yet striking, everything you want from a good home screen decoration.

    Download it here.

    Phew! Thats the end of our free themes list, but which theme do you use for your home screen? Let us know in the comments section below.

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    Where Can I Buy Persona 5 Themes Ps4

    If youre looking for a Persona 5 theme for your PlayStation 4, there are a few places that you can buy them. Some of the popular vendors include Amazon and eBay.

    Before you purchase a Persona 5 theme, be sure to read the reviews to find out if other players have had success with the theme. Sometimes people experience issues with themes that were not mentioned in the reviews.

    Some of the best Persona 5 themes are available on Amazon. The Amazon website offers a variety of different themes, including some that are exclusive to their website.

    Themes for Persona 5 can also be found on eBay. eBay has a wider range of themes than Amazon, and they often offer exclusive deals on certain themes.

    How To Set A Prebuilt Theme

    There are two methods of changing the theme on your PS4. You can install a prebuilt theme by selecting it from your theme library or downloading it from the PlayStation Store, but you can also create a totally custom background by using one of the screenshots you’ve taken of your gaming sessions.

    Here’s a quick and easy guide on how to use one of the prebuilt themes either already in your theme library or after you download from the store.

  • From your home screen, move up and over to select Settings.
  • Scroll down and press the X button on your controller to select Themes. Press X again to see your current available themes.
  • Press X to select a theme or you can scroll down to the bottom to find more in the store.
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