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How To Install A New Hard Drive On Ps4

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Your New Hard Drive Is Better Protected

How to install NEW PS4 Hard Drive (500GB to 2 TB) Upgrade Tutorial 2019!

Unlike an external hard drive, your PS4âs internal hard drive is better protected because itâs located inside your PS4.

This sounds obvious, but as long as your PS4which youâve likely kept in a safe placeis in a danger-free zone, so is its internal hard drive.

An external hard drive, however, can undergo damage even if your PS4 is safe. For starters, you could drop it or something on it, spill water on it, or damage the wires. Not to mention, if you disconnect your PS4âs external hard drive incorrectly, you risk corrupting your game data.

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How Difficult Is It To Upgrade My Ps4’s Hard Drive

Whatever drive you choose, the upgrade process is very easy and doesn’t require any technical knowledge. Depending on your internet speed, the file download and drive switch combined shouldn’t take you more than 15-20 minutes.

If you follow these steps, none of your save data or digital games will be lost and your upgrade should ensure that you have plenty of space to store your favorite games and media.

Which Is The Best Hard Drive For A Ps4

The WD Blue Mobile Hard Drive is one of the most powerful 2TB SATA hard drives on the market. It is an excellent option to replace your internal PS4 hard drive. You can even use this drive to create an external hard drive for PS4. This reader is a proven Western Digital product that won’t let you down on most features.

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Format Your Usb Drive And External Hard Drive

Note: you only need to format your external drive if you want to backup all your game data.

Format your USB drive and external hard drive in FAT32. On Mac, you can do that by hitting the erase button inside the Disk Utility app. Windows users need to right-click the drive in the My Computer window and select format.

Moving Games Between Storage Locations

How to upgrade install PS4 Internal Hard Drive 2 TB Transfer Game Saves ...

To move a game between your storage drives, go to Settings > Storage and select the device that contains the game you want to relocate. Choose Applications from the data types.

Now press Options on your controller and select Move to Extended Storage . Check all the games you want to move, then hit Move and confirm.

You can have add-ons for a game installed on your external drive, even if the main game is on your system storage.

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How To Format The Hdd As Ps4 Extended Storage

  • Go to Settings > Devices > USB Storage Devices.
  • Select the USB storage device to format and choose Format as Extended Storage.
  • When you want to disconnect an extended storage device while your PS4 system is on, use one of the following methods to ensure the safe removal of the device.Reminder: If you disconnect the extended storage device without using the steps below, when you reconnect the storage device it may cause corruption or loss of data.

  • Select Sound/Devices > Stop Using Extended Storage on the quick menu.
  • Select the extended storage device to disconnect in Settings > Devices > USB Storage Devices, and then select Stop Using This Extended Storage.
  • How To Set Up An External Hard Drive On Your Ps4

    Once you’ve got your PS4 external hard drive in hand, it’s easy to get it configured. Your PS4 must have system software version 4.50 or newer to use an external drive. Unless you haven’t updated in forever , you should be fine.

    First, connect your external drive to the PS4 using its USB cable. Sony states that you must plug it in directly to the system, so avoid using any USB hubs. Once connected, you’ll need to format it .

    To format your external disk for the PS4, turn on your system and go to Settings > Devices > USB Storage Devices. Select your device and choose Format as Extended Storage. Hit the Options button on your controller to show this option if it doesn’t appear automatically.

    Once the process completes, you’ve successfully added external storage to your PS4. The system lets you keep games, apps, downloadable content , and game updates on the external drive.

    However, save data, themes, and captured screenshots/video clips will always save to the internal drive. The system will use your new storage automatically, but you can make a few changes per your preferences too.

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    Procedure 1 Back Up Game Files Saved On Ps4 Hard Drive

    If you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you have the option to back up your saved data to online storage for your account on PlayStation Network. You can save up to 100GB of game save data and up to 1000 saved data items. If you want to back up your entire PS4 with an external device, follow the steps below:

    It is of vital importance to sync your Trophies since they’re not included in the backup data.

    Go to “Trophies”, press the “Options” button, and select “Sync Trophies With PSN”. Then, follow the steps to back up PS4 data before starting to replace the hard drive with a bigger one.

    Step 1. Go to your PS4 Home screen, and insert the external storage device into one of the PS4 USB ports.

    Step 2. Go to “Settings > System > Back Up and Restore > Back Up. Confirm the data you are going to back up.

    If you choose not to back up Applications, you’ll need to download or reinstall them when you eventually restore the data on the system with the backup you’re creating.
    You are advised to back up Saved Data to avoid losing any game progress during the hard drive replacement.

    A progress bar will show the current status of the backup. You can cancel this at any time.

    Step 3. Customize the name of the backup. When done, highlight “Back Up” and press the “X” button.

    Step 4. Remove the external storage device from the PS4 system.

    Best Budget Ssd For Ps4

    How to install new PS4 Hard drive and software

    Crucial BX500

    Crucials drives dont quite have the performance levels of Samsungs drives, but in the PS4 that is less important thanks to their older storage connectivity systems. Drives like the Crucial BX500 still deliver a good performance boost over the PS4s internal drives, and theyre just as reliable as Samsungs products.

    The BX500 is a little cheaper, too. Its possible to get a 480GB drive for $49 if youd like to give your PS4 a speed boost without any extra space handy if you often play the same selection of games. Its 1TB and 2TB models come in at $100 and $199 respectively.

    • 1x microUSB cable

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    What’s The Warranty On A New Ps4 Pro

    Therefore, choosing a new modern hard drive, especially an SSD, will greatly protect your console from these errors. Your new PS4 Pro hard drive comes with a 3-5 year limited warranty. It simply means that you are entitled to compensation/replacement if that device fails.

    How to fix hdmi port on ps4What are the problems with the PS4? Problems with PS4 include disk errors, disconnecting PS4 without notice, and problems connecting to PSN to play with friends or download games. Sometimes PS4 connectivity issues are caused by hacker groups that shut down the PSN network during the holidays, and other times you need to take action to fix your home network. How do you repair a PlayStation 4?To fix the PS4 that constantly t

    Ps4 Extended Storage Error Codes

    Use a USB External Storage Device that fulfills the following requirements:

    • 250 GB minimum, 8 TB maximum capacity

    Use a USB External Storage Device that fulfils the following requirements:

    • USB 3.0 or later
    • If your HDD is definitely USB 3.0, connecting it too slowly might cause this error message. Connect the USB External Storage Device quickly and firmly, but carefully.
  • Reconnect the HDD and repair file system following instructions.
  • Format the HDD again.
  • If the error persists, you may need to use a different HDD.
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    How Much Does A Ps4 Internal Hard Drive Cost

    So on PS4 it can last for years without bugs/errors. However, the biggest problem with SSDs is their high price. The Crucial BX500, while a budget SSD, is still priced higher compared to other options. The 2TB model costs around $200 at the time of writing, and the second unit on this list costs $80.

    Xbox 360 slim hard driveWhat kind of hard drive does the Xbox 360 use? The Xbox 360 uses standard SATA hard drives , which are housed in special housings. These devices have a special connector for easy connection to the Xbox 360, and the drives themselves have special firmware . What is the best hard drive for Xbox 360?1. 500GB Xbox 360 Multimedia Hard Drive for Xbox E and S. This is the highest cap

    Procedure 2 Remove The Old Ps4 Internal Hard Drive

    Replace Your PS4 500GB Hard Drive With Your 1TB Seagate Backup Drive

    Step 1. Power off PS4 and unplug the AC power cord, and then disconnect the other cables from the system.

    Step 2. Place both of your hands on top of the hard drive cover and slide it to the left. Lift the right side first when lifting and removing the cover.

    Step 3. Remove the screw and pull the internal hard drive toward the front of the system to remove it

    Step 4. Remove the four screws with a Phillips screwdriver from the sides of the hard drive case.

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    Ps4 Hard Drive Upgrade Minitool Partition Wizard

    In the above part, we have introduced the first method to upgrade PS4 hard drive without data loss. And now, we will introduce the second method to upgrade your PS4 hard drive.

    Fortunately, to upgrade PS4 hard drive, there is another program of MiniTool that can help you. It is MiniTool Partition Wizard that can also help you to upgrade PS4 hard drive without data loss.

    MiniTool Partition Wizard is a piece of professional partition manager which can be used to optimize partitions and disks without data loss with its various powerful features, such as repairing hard drive or partition, fixing MBR, converting MBR to GPT, cloning hard drive and so on.

    Therefore, in order to upgrade PS4 hard drive without data loss, MiniTool Partition Wizard is competent.

    Just get MiniTool Partition Wizard Free edition immediately and we will show you how to upgrade hard drive PS4 with step-by-step guide with screenshots.

    Step 1: Connect the PS4 hard drives to your computer

  • Remove the hard drive from the PS4 manually and connect it to your computer.
  • Connect the new larger hard drive to your computer.
  • Step 2: Install and Launch MiniTool Partition Wizard

  • Install MiniTool Partition Wizard to your computer.
  • Launch it to enter its main interface.
  • Step 3: Start to upgrade PS4 hard drive

  • Select the original PS4 hard drive.
  • Choose Copy from the context menu or choose Copy Disk Wizard from the left pane to continue.
  • Step 4: Choose a target disk

  • Click Next to continue.
  • Click Yes to continue.
  • Choose The Location For Installed Games

    If you like, you can choose where PS4 games install to by default. You can’t change this while games are downloading, so it’s smart to set this up as soon as you’ve connected your drive.

    Visit Settings > Storage and hit the Options button on your controller to show a new menu. Select Application Install Location here, and set it to Extended Storage. This will configure your external drive as the default save location.

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    Ps4 Slim Hdd Replacement Installation Info Needed

    I am replacing my ps4 slim 1tb internal hdd with a seagate barracuda 2.5 1 tb internal hdd and I would like to know if I could initialize my ps4 once I install my hard drive and if it would automatically install ps4 system software or if I need to use a usb to install os

    To perform this setup, you will need a USB flash drive and an external USB Hard Drive/SDD with enough space to back up your PS4.

    Firstly, back up the PS4 by going to Settings> System> Back Up and Restore> Back up PS4. When prompted, plug the external USB Hard Drive/SDD into one of the console’s USB ports. At some point, the backup will complete. Press OK to restart the console. Once the console is fully restarted, turn the console off and unplug the external USB Hard Drive/SSD.

    Replace the current Hard Drive in the console with your new Hard Drive/SSD. Reassemble the console.

    Connect the USB flash drive labeled PS4 system files to the computer. If the USB drive is not formatted as FAT32 or ExFat, format it now. After formatting, create a folder named PS4 on your USB flash drive. Inside the PS4 folder, create a folder called UPDATE.

    Go here and scroll to How to reinstall the PS4 system software”. Right-click the PS4 console reinstallation file button and choose Save As”. Change the file name to PS4UPDATE.PUP”. Save the file in the UPDATE folder on the USB drive. Eject the USB drive from the computer.

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    Install The Ps4 Software Update

    Installing a New Hard Drive into a PS4
  • Connect a PS4 controller to the console via the USB cable and press the PS button.

  • Now, you will be asked to insert a device containing the PlayStation Software Update into the console’s other USB port.

  • Plug in your USB drive from earlier, and then select OK and Yes on the next screen.

  • After the update finishes installing, the system will restart again.

  • You’ll now follow the same steps you had to take when you originally purchased your PS4 such as setting the date and language preferences.

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    How To Perform Ps4 Hard Drive Format

    In order to format PS4 hard drive, this post will show you an easy way. The Format feature of MiniTool Partition Wizard can achieve that with ease.

    In the following part, we will show you how to format with the step-by-step guide. So just download MiniTool Partition Wizard immediately and install it on your computer.

    Step 1: Preparatory work of PS4 hard drive format

  • Connect the PS4 hard drive to your computer.
  • Install MiniTool Partition Wizard and launch it.
  • Step 2: Start to format PS4 hard drive

  • Enter the main interface of MiniTool Partition Wizard.
  • Select the partition of the PS4 hard drive and right-click it.
  • Choose Format from the context menu to continue.
  • Step 3: Start to format PS4 hard drive

  • In the popup window, you are required to set some partition parameters, such as partition label, file system and cluster size.
  • Click OK to continue.
  • Click Apply to confirm the changes.
  • When you have finished all steps, the PS4 hard drive process is finished. And you can reuse it to save other files and data. However, if you want to further erase data to protect your privacy, you need to wipe the disk since data can be recovered after formatting through professional data recovery software. Thus, you can use the Wipe Disk feature of MiniTool Partition Wizard to protect your privacy.

    When the PS4 hard drive format is finished, the hard drive can be reused.

    How To Upgrade Your Ps4 Hard Drive To 4tb Or More

    – When the PlayStation 4 was first released, 500GB of storage seemed ample. It soon turned out not to be, however, with game file sizes expanding at a fair rate of knots.

    Games, like , can easily top 100GB. That doesn’t leave too much space on your default drive for many other games.

    Even if you have the enhanced version of the PS4 or the PS4 Pro, each with 1TB drives, they will struggle.

    Luckily, there are two options for increasing the storage space on your PS4 or PS4 Pro. One is blindingly simple, the other slightly more complicated. They both work very effectively though and aren’t too costly.


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    Seven: Download The Ps4 Software

    Now you have a PS4 with a completely blank memory. The console’s OS is stored on the hard drive you just removed, and the drive inside your console is completely blank.

    You need to download the software in standalone form, using another computer. You’ll find it over at the PlayStation website, and it takes up around a gigabyte at present.

    Youll need a USB drive or external hard drive or SSD with enough space to hold the download, and it must be formatted using the FAT32 file system and installed into the correct folder full instructions are available on the PlayStation website. Press and hold the PS4s power button for seven seconds or until you hear two beeps to boot the PS4 into safe mode.

    You can then connect your controller with a USB cable and select option seven to reinstall your system software. Then, once thats done, you can restore your backup file and your PS4 should be back to normal, albeit with a newer, better hard disk or SSD.

    How Do You Replace A Hard Drive On A Ps4 Headset

    How to upgrade or replace your PS4 hard drive

    Pull the hard drive toward the front of the system to remove it. Remove the four screws that secure the hard drive to the chassis. Place the new hard drive in the housing and tighten the four screws. Place the container in the PlayStation 4 slot and replace the screw.

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