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How To Make Ps4 Quieter

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How to Make Your PS4 Quieter – EASY PS4 Cleaning & More! (PS4/PS4 Pro/PS4 Slim)

The PlayStation 3 doesn’t have a reputation for being a noisy console, according to Engadget.com, but this doesn’t mean your PS3 will run smoothly or quietly all of the time. Certain problems on a PS3 can cause a noisy or malfunctioning fan that may ruin your game play or movie-watching experience. Since the fan is most often to blame, proper maintenance and a few quick fixes can help return your unit back to the whisper-quiet operation you enjoyed when you first bought your PS3.

What If The Noise Doesn’t Improve

If the fans continue to roar after cleaning and moving your PS4, or if the disc drive is spinning outside of the scenarios discussed above, it may be a mechanical failure that requires further attention. We’d advise contacting Sony’s PlayStation division in that situation.

Sony can help you troubleshoot your PS4 Pro’s issues, and if they can’t, then they can initiate a warranty or repair process to help get you situated. It’s worth noting that a loud PS4 Pro doesn’t necessarily mean anything is gravely wrong with the console. It could very well work just fine. But if you want peace of mind or just can’t stand the noise, call Sony. You can get started with that right here.

Use A Can Of Compress Air

Have you ever cleaned any small machine part in your life? If you havent done anything yet then I suggest you dont do it the above way.

Because cleaning any small mechanical part that can break easily is a very difficult thing. If anything goes wrong with it then it will cost you more.

This work needs more focus and a hands-free experience. But if you cant do that then you can also use a can of compressed air and spray.

That will easily blow up all the dirt and dust from inside. You need to touch anything inside your PS4.

All you need to do is shake the can and focus on the part that wants to clean.

Then it will automatically clean it and make your PS4 quieter so that you can easily play your favorite game.

Wait, if you are thinking of using a vacuum cleaner then you shouldnt do that. Because it will damage it and you will not retain it anymore.

Best Solution

  • You can use a spray gun for this work.
  • Make sure to do that in an easy way otherwise small parts get broken.
  • You may see your pet hair then carefully remove it.

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Second Level: Resolve Ps4 System Issues

When the PS4 database is corrupted due to several reasons, this will cause pressure on the CPU and get it to overheat. The same applies when you improperly install a game or its update and it starts to malfunction. This will cause a huge load on the CPU that will increase its temperature, and accordingly the cooling fan will run faster causing a loud noise.

Rebuilding the PS4 database will mostly resolve this problem. But if that doesnt work either, you may want to FULL initialize PS4 and reinstall the PS4 system software from scratch. That way you will make sure that what causes the loud noise in PS4 isnt related to the system itself.

Why Is My Ps4 Fan So Loud

How to make PS4 Quieter! Doesn

In most cases, the fan is the biggest culprit in a noisy PS4. Dust is everywhere around us, and regardless of how hard you try to get rid of, its impossible to clean it.

Dust is in the air, on our clothes, on our furniture and every home appliance. Thats the reason we invest in vacuum cleaners to get rid of dust now and then.

The same case applies to your gaming consoles, whether PS3 or PS4 slim or pro. Dust accumulation doesnt happen overnight, but with time, dust covers both inner and outer parts of your PS4.

PlayStation gadgets are equipped with fans to cool them down and prevent overheating. When dust penetrates to the inner parts of your PS4, it may accumulate on the fan.

Accumulation of dust on the fan means that the fan wont be efficient enough to cool your system.

In response, the fan is forced to spin more frequently than normal to get temperatures back to normal. The more the fan spins, the louder your machine gets.

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How To Fix Earphones When One Side Is Quieter Simple

We all face this issue where the headset is being quiet, or sometimes one earbud is quieter than the other, especially when it is a wireless headphone or earphone. So in this article, I will describe the possible reasons why one earbud is louder than the other and how to fix earphones on one side is quieter

How To Make A Ps4 Quieter In 5 Steps

Depending on whats causing the noise, there are several ways to make a PS4 quieter. Some solutions involve opening up your console, while others can be performed without taking anything apart.

The rest of this article will identify the causes of noise in PS4, explain the measures you can take to make PS4 quieter in great detail, and provide tips for preventing the recurrence of loudness in PS4.

As an affiliate, I may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page.

Lets take a look at these steps:

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How To Fix A Ps4 Loud Fan In Simple And Diy Hacks

Just like we saw in the previous article on how to make a ceiling fan quiet, dust buildup is a major cause of noise.

How can it be prevented?

Regular cleaning and maintenance can go a long way to preventing dust buildup, which eventually results in loud fans and game lags.

Below is a simple step by step guide:

Prevent The Dust From Coming Inside The Console


If your PS4 unit is new or youve just cleaned it thoroughly, I suggest preventing new dust accumulation from forming. You can do that by covering your PS4 with a dust cover.

There is an excellent dustproof and waterproof cover designed specifically for Playstation 4. Its really affordable and looks neat. You can check out how it looks, the price and customer reviews on Amazon.

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How To Keep Your Ps4 Safe From Dust

As I said, dust is everywhere around us, and even though theres no way to make it vanish, still there are some cool tips on how to keep things around us dust-safe.

Once you clean your console thoroughly, try to prevent the new dust from coming in.

Yeah, I said that you shouldnt cover it, but this is for the sake of protection. So, do not cover it with random stuff, but use a special dustproof and waterproof cover.

Less dust means less noise.

You can try another good method of silencing the console. Every machine resonates different sounds, but the noise can be notably reduced if the machine is placed on an anti-vibration pad.

There are some rubber pads that positively changed gaming experience worldwide. The purpose of these pads is to enable more air coming inside the PS4 making the fan cool better. This has multiple good sides.

Not only does it reduce the noise but improves the performance of the console.

Some players have come up with various substitutes for pads, such as bottle caps, Lego bricks and similar. These solutions look funny and creative but certainly do not fix the issue on longer terms.

If placed on a thing like that, PS4 can slip easily, while the pads are non-slip. So, the investment isn’t an expensive one, so do not play with silly alternatives, go for the real thing!

Ps4 Overheating Check Out Ways To Cool Your Console

1. Make sure your PS4 has room to breathe

Your PS4 needs the air around it to flow. If youve got your system cooped up in a small area, perhaps under your TV stand or too close to a wall, then its not getting the airflow it needs. Your console needs good ventilation, so keeping it in an enclosed cabinet doesnt help either.

Though the PS4 comes with built in fans and in-take vents, but if theres air able to come into those vents you risk your PS4 overheating. Try and leave as much space as you can around the sides, front and back of your PS4 so it can get the air it needs.

2. Clean your PS4

Youd be surprised how much dust can gather in the vents of your PS4. This muck gathers up over time and can be a cause of overheating. With your PS4 turned off and unplugged, remove the side cover of your PS4 and use one of the small hoover extensions to carefully suck up any dust that you see on the metal casing.

Then hoover around all the ventilation openings around the perimeter of your PS4, including USB ports. While youve got the hoover out, vacuum clean the area around your PS4!

Its also worth purchasing a can of compressed air which you can spray on the fan and heatsink when youve removed the cover which keeps it nice and clean.

Its definitely worth cleaning your PS4 regularly at least once a month.

3. Invest in a PS4 fan

The dual cooling fans blow out a steady flow of air to prevent your PS4 from overheating. Plus it comes in handy for charging up your controllers too!

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What Else Can Cause The Ps4 Pro To Get Loud

One less common cause of loudness in the PS4 Pro is the disc drive. This is typically only an issue during your initial game install, as the PS4 is designed to install all game data to your hard drive so as to limit the wear and tear on the disc drive. As such, you’ll most likely only hear noise from it when you’re in the process of installing a game.

There are times when the PS4 Pro’s disc drive will spin up after installation, namely when you first insert the disc and boot your game up. This is because the PS4 needs to read the disc to verify that the game you’re trying to play is actually inserted in the console. This should subside within a few minutes.

How To Disassemble Ps4

PS4 Gaming Setup: Noise Reduction

So, youve tried these fast solutions, but the console still sounds as if its about to take off. Some people give up at this point, but youve had enough. Its time to learn how to open up a PS4.

Quite annoying, isnt it? If the quick-fixes dont work, its time to roll up the sleeves and open your console.

Just to note, if your console is less than a year old and requires some service, you can send it for a warranty service.

Once you open the console, it voids the warranty, so you do things at your own risk. If the PS4 is less than a year old, be very careful. If its older than that, well, youve got nothing to lose, so give it a try.

The first step is to find the screws and open it. The screws are on the back of the PS4, covered by the warranty sticker. The sticker has to be removed.

What you need is a T8 or T9 screwdriver to unscrew the lower screws. There are three of them, and you unscrew them counterclockwise.

Carefully remove the bottom half of your console.

Youll see that there are some vents on the removed part. The next thing is to remove all the dust thats clogging the vents from the inside.

Its nothing complicated at all if you have the patience and the tools needed. Now that you have your console disassembled, get down to cleaning it.

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How To Clean The Ps4 Without Opening It

There is also a more unorthodox way to clean the PS4, without opening it at all. You can check out that video as well. Basically, the dust is sucked out through the vents with a vacuum cleaner.

However, I dont recommend this clean method, because its risky. It could dismantle some parts on the inside of the console. Then youd really have to open it to see whats happening or send it back to have it fixed. But if youre worried more about the warranty sticker, it might work for your better than the common 9-step method explained above.

Now that youve cleaned up the PS4 from the inside, the fan will be as quiet as it can be. Any extra noise coming from the console will be due to other problems, so lets address those.

Final Thoughts On Ps4 Loud Fan

The main culprit in a noisy PS4 is the dusty fan. As dust clogs your console, it gets louder and louder interfering with your gaming experience.

Now that you have an understanding of how this happens, its time to get to serious business and fix your noisy PS4 fan.

You may be surprised that the problem will be fixed in the first few steps, especially when the console hasnt been exposed to dust for long.

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Fix : Open Your Ps4 Console To Clean Out

NOTICE:;Once you open your PS4 console, you will;lose its warranty. So if your PS4 is new or used within 1 year, you can send it to Sony for warranty service about the issue.

We know that a dusty PS4 fan would make it loud, and if a can of compressed of air doesnt work, its time to open your PS4 console to do a deep clean.;

  • Use;a T8 or T9 torx security bit screw driving;to remove the screws. The screw driving may look like the image above. If you dont have one, just go to Amazon to easily buy a new one.
  • Remove the four screws on the back of your PS4 console.

    You should then see its fan, then remove the dust covering on the fan. Just clean out as much of the dust as you can.

  • When you finish cleaning the fan, please put all the things back;together.
  • After all is done, turn on your PS4 and try to play games. Your PS4 should become much more quiet, even the same with when its new.
  • Hopefully this helps. Feel free to comment below with your own experiences and share this with your friends if theyre also big fans of PS4.

    What Does The Inside Of Your Ps4 Look Like Anyway

    How To Clean Your PS4 Slim (Make Your PS4 Slim Quieter) ONE STEP!

    While I dont recommend you take apart your PS4, you may be curious about what it looks like inside the console. Thats natural curiosity, so lets satiate it, shall we?

    Beyond its protective shell, your console is a series of chips, boards, and wires. Nothing remarkable there. The hard drive is housed on the top left of most PS4s . Then theres the centrifugal fan, which Ill get back to in the next section. As I mentioned in the intro, this is your culprit if your PS4 is running noisily.

    Theres also the power supply, which runs on alternating current at 120/240 volts. Beneath the power supply are several capacitors. Youll find a DVD/Blu-ray drive, an optical drive board, and the motherboard itself, too.

    If you want to see all these pieces as theyre being disassembled, theres a really cool breakdown here. Just to repeat it, I do not advise you to unscrew and take apart your PlayStation to get to the bottom of whats causing the noise. There are several reasons not to do this.

    First, if you have any kind of warranty or protection plan on your console, youll immediately void it. If you look through your PlayStation 4 owners manual, theres even a section specifically prohibiting you from disassembling the console.

    Second, unless youre very experienced, you probably wont be able to put the PS4 back together again and have it in working shape. Lastly, and most importantly, you put yourself at risk of electric shocks and laser radiation. Its just not worth it.

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    How To Make Ps4 Quieter Without Taking It Apart

    If the fan is the only thing making your PS4 machine noisy, consider yourself a lucky person.

    This is because fixing a loud PS4 fan is as simple as Thanos snapping his fingers.

    A simple fix for getting rid of the dust in your Ps4 fan is using a hairdryer or using a vacuum cleaner.

    Ive previously dusted my laptop fan and was amazed by the results- you could try it too with your PlayStation console.

    While its not something I would recommend, its suitable for anyone looking for a quick fix. However, if this hack doesnt reduce the PS4 noise, its time to try other hacks that involves taking your PS4 apart.

    How I Managed To Get My Ps4 Pro To Shut Up So I Could Finally Hear What I Was Playing

    Im a proud owner of a launch-day PS4 Pro, its brought me nothing but joy over the years as it enhanced games I loved and games I would come to love post-release. However, just like thousands of others out there, its had its fair share of troubles over the last few years namely in regards to the heat it generates and the subsequent noise the fan makes whilst trying to cool the system down. Well, I took a gamble and I bought a few products to fix the issue and to my surprise, my PS4 Pro actually runs quieter than my base PS4!

    I dont have any fancy tools which have tested the noise levels before and after, so all I have are my descriptions and opinions of the results. But, lets just say that before I applied the methods below, I was sat around two meters from my TV and playing almost any intense game would result in having to wear headphones to actually hear the game, it also made playing at night a pain due to the noise. Now, I played DOOM Eternal in 4k mode and an unreleased game in its native 4k mode for over five hours straight yesterday and when I muted the TV after a few hours, I could barely hear the fan its a night and day transformation.

    The items youll need

    The first thing to mention is that your warranty will be voided by doing this, although I imagine most of you have a launch-day console like me, so the warranty died a long time ago. It also requires a bit of patience as it can take upwards of an hour if youve not done it before.;

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