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How To Restore Ps4 To Factory Settings

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How To Factory Reset A Ps4 From Safe Mode

Reset PS4 to Factory Settings

If you’re unable to get to your PlayStation’s dashboard or are having software or system errors with your machine, you can also try factory resetting your PS4 from Safe Mode. It’s simple:

  • Turn your system completely off and unplug any cables. Don’t set it to Rest Mode.
  • Push the power button on your PS4 and hold it down until you hear two beepsâit should take about 8 seconds). You’ll see a black screen when the system boots up in Safe Mode.
  • Look at the options on the screen. You can either choose Restore Default Settings, Initialize PS4, or Initialize PS4 to factory reset your console. The latter option will erase the operating system and require you to reinstall the system’s software later.
  • Asurion Experts recommend selecting Initialize PS4 > Full if you’re not having software issues with your PlayStation. This will leave your operating system intact but clear your hard drive completely and reset your device to its factory settings.

    Factory Reset In Safe Mode

    If, for any reason, you cant perform the factory reset the regular way, you can try doing it in safe mode. To wipe your PS4 through safe mode, follow these steps.

  • Press down and hold the power button on the console. Wait until you hear 2 beeps. You will hear the first one after you press the power button and the second one right before the console starts booting up in safe mode.
  • Once the console boots up, you will see the list of available options. Scroll down to the Restore Default Settings if you want to reset everything back to factory settings, but keep your user data. If you opt for Initialize PS4, you will wipe the user data and restore the console to the factory settings. If you choose the Initialize PS4 option, you will need to reinstall the consoles OS.
  • How To Reinstall System Software For Playstation 4 After Resetting

    If you opted for the option Initialize PS4 from the previous section, this means you have chosen for a fuller sort of wipe. That includes removing all the software from your console. Now, you need to reinstall the software back to the PS4, and this can be done through another device. Here is how to do that:

  • Youll need a PC for reinstalling the system software. Go to the official website of Sony PlayStation 4 and download the latest system software from there.
  • Now, youll need an external device such as a USB drive with 1.1GB free space. Grab that.
  • Make a folder inside that USB named UPDATE . Now, save the previously downloaded system software file in this folder. Make sure that the file is saved as PS4UPDATE.PUP.
  • Now, boot your PS4 console in safe mode as described above by holding the power button on the console until you hear two beeps.
  • Now choose the Initialize PS4 option and follow the on-screen directions. This will remove all the data and system software from the console if it is not done already. Then, it will prompt you to connect the USB drive with the updated firmware to reinstall the system software. When it is completed, your console will be back to factory settings.
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    Ps4 Factory Reset What Should I Do First

    As you might have expected, backing up your console is your first priority before you attempt to restore your PS4 to factory settings. Go to the Settings Menu, then head to System > Backup and Restore > Backup PS4, and transfer everything to a USB drive.

    PS4 Safe Mode

    Once you have backed up everything, youll then need to boot up your PS4 in safe mode. First, power off the console by holding down the power button for a few seconds.

    Once it beeps and the power light turns red, you can turn the console on again by keeping the power button held down until you hear another beep. Once this is done, wait seven seconds, and youll get another beep informing you to release the power button.

    Your console should now be in safe mode, but you will need to connect your DualShock 4 via USB as Bluetooth wont function in safe mode.

    What Is A Ps4 Factory Reset

    How to Reset PS4 to Factory

    Factory reset, sometimes called a master reset or hard reset, is a way to restore the system software of your PS4 to its factory or original state. In order to perform a factory reset, you can either go to the consoles System settings menu or boot your PS4 in Safe Mode.

    Factory reset entails deleting all user added data so it is, in a way, works similarly to reformatting a hard drive when in a PC environment. This means that all information that are not part of the original system software stored in your PS4 hard drive will be deleted.

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    How To Factory Reset A Ps4 Console To Wipe Your Data And Restore It To Its Default Settings

    • You can factory reset a PS4 from your consoles dashboard or via safe mode.
    • Before performing a factory reset, make sure to back up your PS4 data.
    • Youll also need to deactivate your PlayStation Network account before resetting.
    • Visit Insiders Tech Reference library for more stories.

    If youre selling, trading, or even giving away your PlayStation 4, you should perform a factory reset to erase all your personal information. If youre having issues with your console , a factory reset may help to resolve them.

    Since a factory reset will erase all your personal information from your PS4 and restore it to factory settings, its important to back up your PS4 data beforehand.

    Heres how to deactivate your PS4 as your primary unit an essential step before resetting and how to factory reset a PS4.

    Factory Reset A Ps4 When Its Not Bootable

    If you have a boot issue and your PS4 wont turn on, you can still reset your console to the factory settings.

    This basically uses the safe mode option that you can boot your console into when it wont boot in normal mode. Theres an option in safe mode that lets you reset your PS4 to the factory defaults.

    To use this method, follow the steps below:

  • Turn your PS4 off completely if its turned on .
  • Once you have turned your PS4 off, boot it into safe mode. To do this, press and hold down the Power button for about eight seconds.
  • Let go of the Power button after the second beep sound.
  • Connect your controller to your PS4 using the USB cable. The wireless mode doesnt work in safe mode, so you need to use USB.
  • Select the Initialize PS4 option using your controller.
  • Choose Full to initialize your console completely.
  • Your console is now reset. It no longer has any of your data or settings stored on it.

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    How To Hard Reset A Ps4 That Won’t Boot Up

    If you can’t access the settings because your PS4 won’t boot up, you’ll have to reset your console in safe mode and reinstall the system software.

    You’ll need a computer with internet access and a USB flash drive with at least 500 MB of free space.

  • Insert a flash drive into the computer and make a new folder on it called PS4.

  • Within that folder, make another called UPDATE.

  • If Youre Not Getting Program Troubles Decide To Initialize Ps4

    How to Reset the PS4 to Factory Default Settings

    That will restore your critical generate and software settings to the manufacturing unit default, but it will depart the running method application intact. It is identical to the possibility earlier mentioned , and you will be capable of selecting concerning Fast and Entire initializations. If which is all you have to have, you are moved out.

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    Ps4 Factory Reset Guide: How To Wipe A Ps4

    Simon Sayers / January 28, 2021

    How to factory reset PS4, How to wipe a PS4 The PlayStation 4 is a sturdy and reliable piece of hardware certainly, but like any games console its prone to various technical issues, and sometimes it pays to carry out a PS4 factory reset. This is something multiple users have recently been doing after their consoles were infected by malicious PSN messages. This is how to factory reset your PS4.

    Choose Full On The Initialize Screen

    The big wipe is the one youre looking for. Note that itll take a long time probably a couple of hours or more.

    Once youve initialized the wipe, the PS4 will give you a progress bar showing how long itll take, but expect it to take even longer as the console goes through multiple steps. When it is finished, youll be able to set up your PS4 the same way you did the first time you turned it on. If youre looking to sell it, youll be handing it over completely fresh and with no data attached.

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    How To Factory Reset Ps: 2 Best Ways To Reset Your Console Game – If you have a plan to sell your PS4, or if a software glitch is preventing your console from booting up, the best thing to do is doing a factory reset. Before we start to talk about how to factory reset PS4, you should know that a factory reset totally wipes the console’s hard drive and can even erase its system software. It’s a final option when a software glitch brings your PlayStation 4 to an abrupt stop, especially when booting up or when you need to ensure the console no longer has your data on it.You have to back up any data you need to keep, for example, pictures and video, to an external device or to the cloud. Just like backing up data using the cloud, you must have a PlayStation Plus account.There are different choices for restoring your PS4’s default settings. Follow these steps of how to factory reset PS4 to restore your default setting of PS4 easily. Here we go!

    How To Factory Reset Your Playstation 4 In Safe Mode

    ***How to reset PS4 (PlayStation 4) to Factory Default ...

    Sometimes, you might face some trouble with the system software or some other kind of error when going to the settings menu or initializing your PS4. In such a case, you can also factory reset the PlayStation 4 console in safe mode.

    To factory reset your PS4, follow the steps given below:

  • Firstly, turn off your PS4 console completely. Make sure you are not putting it into rest mode you need power completely out off for your console
  • Now, to boot your console in safe mode press the power button on the console till you hear the two beeps. Do not power your console with the controller, hold the power button on the console for about 8 seconds. Youll see your PS4 booting in the safe mode as the background will go black. Image Credits: PlayStation Support Youtube
  • Now, choose the reset option. There are multiple options in Safe mode, such as Restore Default Settings that will restore your PS4s settings to default without erasing any data. You can also opt for Initialize PS4 this will wipe off your hard drive as well as restore the default setting. And, there is another option Initialize PS4 , this means erasing the PS4s operating system and will require you to reinstall it.
  • If you are not having any major software issues, it is recommended to go for simple Initialize PS4, this will erase all the data but keep your operating system intact. It is the same option as we discussed in the section above, which will take you to two options Quick or Full. Choose accordingly .
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    How To Reinstall System Software On Ps4

    Reinstalling system software is a harder reset than a full initialization and will completely erase all software off the console. You will need to have another device handy to reinstall system software after this reset. If youre having software problems with the operating system, youll need to pick Initialize PS4 , but theres another step in the process to do first.

    Reinstall The Ps4 System Software

    One way to reset your PS4 is to install the system firmware on it. In most cases, you dont need to do this as the methods above should fully reset your console.

    However, if you have certain issues that wont go away despite resetting the console, you can try installing the latest firmware version, and that should, hopefully, fix your issues and reset the console.

    This requires that you have a computer and a USB flash drive. Your flash drive should have at least 2GB of space in order to store the PS4 firmware file.

    Then, you need to follow these steps:

  • Open a browser on your computer and head over to the PS4 firmware site.
  • Download the firmware file from the reinstallation section. This will be the full version of the software for your PlayStation 4.
  • Grab a USB flash drive and format it in FAT32 .
  • Create a folder named PS4 on your flash drive.
  • Create another folder inside the PS4 folder and name it UPDATE.
  • Move the PS4 firmware you downloaded over to this UPDATE folder.
  • Make sure the downloaded file uses PS4UPDATE.PUP as its name. If not, change the name to this one.
  • Connect your flash drive to your PS4 console.
  • Boot your PS4 into safe mode by pressing and holding down the Power button until it beeps twice.
  • Select Initialize PS4 .
  • Choose Update from USB Storage Device followed by OK.
  • Wait for your console to reinstall the system software.
  • When its done, your PS4 should be back to the factory settings with the stock firmware.

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    What Will The Ps5 Controllers Look Like

    Design. At first glance, PS5 controller looks like little more than a slightly futuristic redesign of the DualShock 4. Abandoning the PS4s all-black grungey aesthetic in favor of a slick white body accented by matte black analog sticks, the DualSense is a surprisingly attractive controller in the flesh.

    When You Need To Start At Zero Sometimes Youve Just Got To Hard Reset Your Ps4

    PS4 Pro: How to Restore /Factory Reset Back to Original Default Settings

    Sometimes things go horribly wrong. Its at those times, your moments of need, that its good to have somewhere to turn.

    Its not enough to just have people around you, they need to know how to do things, what do you need to do when all hope is lost and your PS4 just wont cooperate?

    You need to know you can turn to ask someone and say hey, I need to know how to hard reset my PS4, can you help?

    Well, good news, thats exactly where we come in. If your PS4 is feeling a little sluggish or just not listening to you, like an unruly child, you may have to perform a factory reset on it.

    For the record, you dont do that to an unruly child, you just have to tell them off or maybe give them a hug.

    A factory reset means youll have to reinstall your software, redownload any saves, and mess around with other settings to get it back to how you like it.

    A hard reset will blow out the cobwebs, restore the factory settings, and get your PS4 back to its old self .

    This is how you do it:

  • Go to PlayStation Network/Account Management > Activate as Your Primary PS4.
  • Choose Deactivate and then manually restart the console.
  • After you sign in again, navigate to Settings.
  • Choose Initialization, and then pick Initialize PS4.
  • When youre ready, select Full, and then confirm with Initialize and then Yes.Plan in a few hours for this to happen.
  • Once finished, follow the on-screen instructions.
  • One thats done youll need to download your games again and set up your account too.

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    Factory Reset Your Ps4

    When you want to sell your old PS4, youd better restore the device to its factory settings because the system may contain some of your important information like the credit card information. Besides, if the system of your PS4 is malfunctioning, you can also choose to factory reset the device to remove the whole system and then perform a system reinstallation.

    Maintain Down The Electricity Button

    You require to bodily drive the electricity button on the console, somewhat than starting it with a controller. Could you keep it for about 8 seconds? It will beep after you formerly touch the key, and then all over again in the approach of booting up into Harmless Method. It will be identified, and youll acknowledge it by its black skills.

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    Discover The Initialization Choice In Settings

    Here, you’ll discover the two choices you’re searching for: Restore Default Settings and Initialize PS4. The first choice will clear your saved settings data and return the PS4 to its factory settings, but it won’t wipe your hard drive.The second choice is the large one that will free your hard drive from data, including downloaded games, saved game data, and whatever else you’ve added to the console since getting it. This will reestablish your PS4 to the perfect state of how it came out of the container.

    How To Do A Ps4 Factory Reset

    How to Factory Reset a PS4

    The PS4, released way back in 2013, has proven to be a solid gaming console. Despite its excellent reputation though, the PS4 is never a perfect system and in fact, lots of users encounter issues with it every day. If you are experiencing a problem with your own console and the usual set of basic troubleshooting steps dont help, you may need to do a PS4 factory reset.

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