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How To Use Obs With Ps4

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How To Use A Capture Card For Ps4

How to Use PS4 with StreamLabs OBS for FREE (Mac & Windows)(NO CAPTURE CARD)

Requires PS4, computer, capture card, OBS program, 2 HDMI cables, TV/monitor, and a USB cable.

  • just like youd do for the Xbox.
  • Connect the PS4s HDMI output to the capture cards HDMI input with your first HDMI cable. Then, with your second HDMI cable, connect the capture cards HDMI output to the TV or monitor youll use to play the game. Same shtick as the Xbox!
  • Connect the capture card to your computer with a USB cable, then turn the PS4 on and open your OBS program.
  • Disable the HDCP setting on your PS4. This setting prevents gameplay from being recorded by external capture devices, so you need to turn it off to get your stream going. If you leave it on, your capture card cant read and convert your gaming to your computer. The HDCP setting is super easy to find on the PS4, though its just under Settings, then System.
  • then select Video Capture Device. Name the device something memorable like with the Xbox, then select that from the following dropdown menu.
  • Hook up your audio. This isnt automatic like the Xbox, so you need to click the Audio Mixer in your OBS program, next to the Sources box. Click the little cog icon next to the Mixer, and select the dropdown menu next to your Capture Card. Click Monitor Only to mute the output when it streams, or select Monitor & Output if you fancy having your viewers hear everything going on in the game. These options depend on what kind of content you stream, and what type of relationship you have with your viewers.
  • Create A Twitch Account

    Twitch released a new user-interface update in 2019. But the signup should take less than a minute

  • Go to> click Sign Up
  • Fill out the sign up form
  • Twitch will ask you for two-factor authentication. Check the email you use to sign up for a 6-digit code, then paste it back to the pop-up in Twitch.
  • Youre all set to get started!

    Take It To The Next Level With Multistreaming

    If you are a pro-gamer or pro-streamer and want to reach a larger audience, multistreaming is your key.

    Castr can help you multistream from OBS to Twitch and any other platforms such as Facebook Gaming, Facebook Live, YouTube Events, DLive, Mobcrush, and more. This can be done in three simple steps:

  • Connect OBS to Castr via a stream key
  • In Castr dashboard, add as many publish platforms as you like to stream to
  • Connect Castr to your publish platforms and youre set to multistream.
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    Can I Stream A Ps4 To A Pc With An Hdmi Cord

    Unfortunately, theres no way to stream from a PS4 to a PC using an HDMI cable. Many modern laptops have an HDMI port, but this port is an HDMI Out port. It doesnt accept HDMI inputs at all.

    This scenario means that even if you connect your PS4 to your laptop with an HDMI cord, you wont be able to broadcast your games. If you want to stream to your PC, youre better off using PS4 Remote Play or a capture card.

    Make Use Of Obs Recording Software

    How To Capture Ps4 Gameplay With Obs

    OBS allows using laptop as monitor for PS4 too. With this program, you dont need a video capture card. Here is the tutorial on how to connect a PS4 to laptop via the OBS recording software.


    Step 1: Download and install the OBS recorder to your computer from here.

    Step 2: Open OBS and select the window capture option.

    Step 3: Customize recordings as per the available settings.

    Step 4: After that, go to your PS4s screen and choose OK.

    Can I use my laptop as a monitor for my PS4? If you are still bothered by this question, read this post to find the answer now!

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    How To Stream On Twitch With Obs

    Setting up a basic streaming session on Twitch should take less than 5 minutes but OBS interface and configuration numbers could get you lost. You may look at your computers capacity to define the right specs for your streams. Heres a reference on choosing the right resolutions, bitrates and framerates.

    You can also learn more at Twitchs Broadcasting Guidelines.

    It usually takes several trials and errors to get the smoothest streams possible. We recommend that you experiment with different setting combinations before going live.

    Why Should I Use A Video Capture Card

    People used to grumble about software impacting the overall performance of your stream, but nowadays, its sophisticated enough to make no real impact. However, if you want to stream from a dedicated gaming console like PS4 or Xbox One, youll need a physical capture card.

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    How To Use A Capture Card For Xbox One

    Requires Xbox One, computer, capture card, OBS program, 2 HDMI cables, TV/monitor, and a USB cable.

  • Youll be prompted to do this when you set up your capture card, and wont have to leave all this stuff running once youre streaming. Your computer will do the work for you!
  • Connect the Xboxs HDMI output to the capture cards HDMI input with your first HDMI cable. Then, with your second HDMI cable, connect the capture cards HDMI output to the TV or monitor youll use to play the game.
  • Connect the capture card to your computer with a USB cable, then turn the Xbox on and open your OBS program.
  • then select Video Capture Device. Name the device something memorable then select that from the following dropdown menu. The Xbox automatically handles the audio, so youre now hooked up and ready to stream or record your game!
  • What Is A Video Capture Card And How Does It Work

    How to Stream/Record PS4 With OBS! NO CAPTURE CARD! (Overlays, webcam and more)

    A video capture device, which is often just called a video capture card, is a piece of hardware thats essential for any game streamer. Its job is simple: to convert in-game footage of you pwning n00bs into digital data that your computer recognizes.

    The video capture card does what it says on the tin. It capturesthe on-screen action and encodes it for playback on your stream, or a high-quality video file for you to meddle with and post later. Its the broker between your gaming console and video player, allowing you to broadcast gaming on platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and Discord.

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    How To Stream To Twitch From Xbox And Playstation

    You dont need a whole gargantuan gaming PC to be able to stream games on Twitch. In case of a limited budget, you can still stream from your own game console. Heres how you can stream games to Twitch from Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

    To stream from Xbox One:

  • Go to your profile > Apps> select TwitchNote, if you dont have Twitch installed yet, go to the App Store to download
  • A Twitch window will open. Make sure youre already signed in.
  • From the top, click Broadcast
  • A pop-up screen will appear. Give your Twitch stream a name.
  • If you have a camera setup, you can connect in the Camera Position section.
  • Under Broadcast Bar Position, choose where your broadcast will show up on your screen.
  • Adjust the volume of your Microphone, Party Chat and Game.
  • Choose your bitrate and stream resolution. Twitch has the option to automatically determine your bitrate. For stream resolution, the best option is 1080p but if you have average internet speed, 720p still works.
  • Click Start Streaming
  • To stream from PlayStation 4 :

  • In PlayStation, start the game youd like to broadcast
  • Press the button on your controller
  • Back on your screen, in the Share menu, click Broadcast Gameplay
  • Choose Twitch as the service you want to broadcast on
  • Your PS4 will connect to TwitchNote: Make sure youve already signed in. If you havent, this is the next step. There are two ways to sign in to Twitch from PlayStation:
  • Once your PS4 is connected to Twitch > click OK. You will see the Settings screen.
  • How To Record Ps4 With Obs

    OBS is free-source software and it is completely free to use. Hence, you do not have to invest any money for OBS PS4 recording. Moreover, OBS Studio is available for Windows, Mac as well as Linux. Therefore, there is not going to be any compatibility issue. It is true that the user interface is slightly complicated and it takes time to get used to. That is why we will illustrate the steps to record PS4 games with OBS 60FPS for high-quality and smooth video.

    Step 1: Download and install OBS Studio on your computer fromâobsproject.comâ as per your operating system.

    Step 2: Download and install PS4 Remote Play application from ââ as per your operating system.

    PS4 Remote Play is responsible for connecting your PS4 to your computer so that you can control any game with PS4.

    Step 3: Connect your PS4 to your computer and launch PS4 Remote Play. Sign in with your PS4 account and go to Settings and make sure that the resolution is set high to better recording quality.

    Step 4: Launch the game you want to play and make sure that PS4 is working with the game.

    Step 5: Launch OBS Studio now. From Sources tab located at the bottom, click on â+â icon. Select Display Capture so that you can record your screen while playing the video game with PS4 on your computer.

    Step 6: You can go to Settings under Controls tab and go to Video tab to ensure all the configuration parameters are perfectly set.

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    How To Stream Your Ps4 Gameplay Without A Capture Card

  • Start with downloading Remote Play client for Windows or MAC and install it:

  • 2. Select a path fror installation and proceed:

    3. Let the system check for the updates:

    4. Connect your DUALSHOCK 4 controller over USB to your PC, then click Start:

    5. Familiarize yourself with Sony data collection policies and continue:

    6. Log in to your PSN account you have set up on your PlayStation 4:

    7. If both PC and PlayStation 4 are connected to the Internet, you will have to wait for a minute for them to sync:

    8. You will see your PlayStation screen in a window on your PC.

    9. This window can be used as a source in any encoder, OBS for instance:

    10. Name the source to make it clear what it is, and confirm it’s addition:

    11. Select the proper window for the window capture source – it’s called RemotePlay.exe:

    12. You now have your PlayStation 4 screen inside your encoder, and you can start streaming:

    Note: If you have a wireless connection between ps4 and pc you may have bad video quality. For the best experience connect both devices with Ethernet cables.

    Stream Ps4 With No Capture Card Using Obs & Remote Play

    How To Capture Ps4 Gameplay With Obs

    How do I use OBS on PS4 without capture card?

    There is no need to use a capture card with OBS on PS4. You can stream live video directly to your PS4 using the PS4s built-in streaming software, PS Vue.

    Can I stream on PC without a capture card?

    Yes, you can stream on PC without a capture card by using an online streaming service like Netflix or Hulu.

    How do I stream my PS4 to my PC?

    There are a few ways to stream your PS4 to your PC. One way is to use the PlayStation App on your computer. Another way is to use a game controller and an HDMI cable.

    Can you stream directly from PS4?

    Yes, you can stream PS4 games directly from your PS4. This includes games that are available as digital downloads, such as Call of Duty: WWII and Batman Arkham Knight.

    Can I use OBS with PS4?

    Yes, you can use OBS with PS4. However, there are some limitations. First, you will need a PS4 camera and a capture card. Second, you will need to enable OBS streaming on your PS4. Finally, you will need to set up your PS4 to stream to OBS. For more information, see the following guide:

    How do I connect my PS4 to my laptop with HDMI without capture card?

    There are a few ways to do this. One way is to use an HDMI capture card and connect your PS4 to the card. Another way is to use an ethernet cable and connect your PS4 to your computer.

    Do you need a capture card to stream with 2 pcs?

    No, you can stream with just one device.

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    How To Stream To Twitch Straight From Ps4

    This is the barebone and straight integration from PS4 to Twitch. Originally you couldnt set up any cool alerts if you would stream this way to Twitch. But! These days you can extend your Twitch stream with Twitch Extensions that bring alerts available for consoles also.

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    NerdOrDie – Best Layouts & Alerts

    Get nerdy! NerdOrDie is one of the oldest and coolest overlay and alert creators in the streaming world.

    Stream Using Capture Card With Obs

    To stream using a capture card on PlayStation4, you need to use Open Broadcaster Software and the following tools:

    2 HDMI cables

    Micro USB to USB Cable

    A monitor with HDMI connections

    A streaming PC/Laptop

    Open Broadcaster Software

    A capture card

    The capture card acts as a middleman between your PS4 and your PC. Therefore, connect it to all the input and output devices properly.

    Connect your PS4 to the capture cards In HDMI port and connect your display to the capture cards out HDMI port.

    Next, connect the capture card to your streaming PC using the micro USB to USB cable.

    After completing the connection setup, download and install the software that came with your capture card.

    Next, disable HDCP setting under the System menu. The System menu can be accessed from the Settings menu on your PS4. Only then your PS4 will allow you to record your gameplay from an external capture device.

    It is time to launch the OBS. On the OBS Settings menu, select the Streamoption and then click Start Streaming.

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    How To Stream Gameplay From A Ps4

    You dont need fancy hardware to stream PlayStation 4 gameplay to loyal viewers. Sonys PS4 allows you to stream to a PC, and you can do this even without a capture card. While capture cards allow for better quality, they can be expensive. Remote Play is also an option, but it also has its issues.

    Whether youre an aspiring streamer or a Twitch veteran, you should be familiar with a few methods for streaming PS4 gameplay. You can always switch from one to another when your preferred method fails and ensure that your viewers always have something to watch.

    How To Stream Ps4 Gameplay With An Elgato Capture Card

    How To Stream PS4 With OBS – PS5 TOO – NO CAPTURE CARD NEEDED!

    If you have an Elgato capture card, you can connect it to your PC for higher-quality streaming. Elgatos capture cards are the industrys standard, and many successful streamers use them to stream their games or capture gameplay for videos.

    The PS4 has an HDMI out port, making it possible for anyone with a capture card to stream their gameplay.

    To stream with an Elgato capture card, youll need:

    • Elgato capture card
  • Before connecting the capture card, you must download and install Elgato Game Capture HD.
  • Connect your PS4 to the HDMI In capture card port.
  • Connect the Elgato capture card to the TV or monitor through the HDMI Out port.
  • Use a USB cable to connect the Elgato capture card to your PC.
  • Launch OBS Studio on your PC.
  • Set the source for the PS4 gameplay.
  • Once it appears in OBSs encoder, you can start streaming the games to Twitch or any other streaming platform you wish.
  • The above steps should also work with other capture cards, although they may not require you to download and install any accompanying software. It depends on the card.

    As long as a capture card connects the PS4 screen and your PC, streaming PS4 gameplay is possible. High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection can prevent you from recording protected content, like movies and shows from Netflix and Hulu. Consequently, you may not stream some sections because HDCP becomes enabled with this method.

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    I Wanna Stream From My Ps4 Through My Pc And Obswill A Capture Card Help Me

    Welcome to the forum. Using an adequate capture card will capture your ps4 video signal into obs, passing it thru to the monitor, too.But remember that the final outcome/result wont be any better than streaming games directly from your ‘decent pc’.If your internet connection constraints your streaming experience at all, it will just be the same with the ps4 over obs.Using a capture card is just changing the video source into an obs scene , anything else remains the same.


    The video capturing process by an capture card is a local process between your local ps4, your local monitor cabling and your local obs pc. It hasn’t anything to do with your internet connection.I don’t know about ps4 streaming directly, but it can be said in general terms, that with obs you are most flexible to have all the needed settings under your own control, as if you know the resolution, the downscaling , the target bitrate and so on.So if your internet connection constraints you to stream by lower than 720p , the exactly same will be effective for streaming content from your capture card. The whole compositing and mixing engine of obs sits in between your ps4 and the encoder . So its totally segregated.Personally i think that your internet connection and its constraints are your main issue. Think about.

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