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How Do I Reset My Ps4

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How To Back Up Your Ps4 Data

How to factory reset your ps4
  • Select the Trophies icon, then press Options > Sync Trophies with the PlayStation Network. This will save your game trophies . Repeat this step for every game you want to keep trophies from.
  • Connect a FAT32- or exFAT-formatted external storage device, like a hard drive or USB flash drive .
  • Go to Settings > System > Back Up and Restore.
  • Select Back Up, then choose which data you want to save. Not backing up your files will mean starting your games from scratch.
  • A progress bar will appear on the screen until your backup is complete. You can name the backup when it’s finished.
  • Select Back Up, then press Enter.
  • Remove your external device from the PS4.
  • How To Wipe Your Ps4

    First, scroll to the Settings menu from the system’s dashboard. From there, open the Initialization tab and select Initialize PS4. Finally, select Full when prompted and the system will begin deleting all your data, reverting it to its original factory settings. Keep in mind that the initialization process can take upwards of an hour or more depending on how much data you have stored on it, but once it’s done, it’ll be ready to be traded in.

    Reinstall The Ps4 System Software

    One way to reset your PS4 is to install the system firmware on it. In most cases, you dont need to do this as the methods above should fully reset your console.

    However, if you have certain issues that wont go away despite resetting the console, you can try installing the latest firmware version, and that should, hopefully, fix your issues and reset the console.

    This requires that you have a computer and a USB flash drive. Your flash drive should have at least 2GB of space in order to store the PS4 firmware file.

    Then, you need to follow these steps:

  • Open a browser on your computer and head over to the PS4 firmware site.
  • Download the firmware file from the reinstallation section. This will be the full version of the software for your PlayStation 4.
  • Grab a USB flash drive and format it in FAT32 .
  • Create a folder named PS4 on your flash drive.
  • Create another folder inside the PS4 folder and name it UPDATE.
  • Move the PS4 firmware you downloaded over to this UPDATE folder.
  • Make sure the downloaded file uses PS4UPDATE.PUP as its name. If not, change the name to this one.
  • Connect your flash drive to your PS4 console.
  • Boot your PS4 into safe mode by pressing and holding down the Power button until it beeps twice.
  • Select Initialize PS4 .
  • Choose Update from USB Storage Device followed by OK.
  • Wait for your console to reinstall the system software.
  • When its done, your PS4 should be back to the factory settings with the stock firmware.

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    Deactivate Your Account On Your Ps4

    The first thing to do is to deactivate your account on your console. Doing this removes the ability to play your downloaded games on this console, and this also helps avoid sign-in issues at other places where you use your account.

    Heres how you do this:

  • Open the Settings menu on your PS4.
  • Select Account Management on the resulting screen.
  • Find Activate as Your Primary PS4 and select it.
  • Select Deactivate followed by Yes to deactivate your account on this console. The Activate button is grayed-out because your account is already active on this PS4.
  • How To Reset Ps4 Controller Soft Reset

    How do I reset my password for accessing my wallet/card info on PS4 ...

    In this section, we will show you how to soft reset the PS4 controller. A soft reset generally refers to turning a device or a computer off and then on again, which can flush out memory and correct many issues. In order to perform a PS4 controller reset, you need to reset the connection between the controller and the console. But to do this, you need to prepare a working PS4 controller. If not, you need to navigate to the hard reset part.

    Now, we will show you how to soft reset a PS4 controller.

    1. Login in your working PS4 controller and navigate to the Settings.

    2. Then choose Device from the drop-down menu.

    3. Next, select Bluetooth Devices.

    4. Then you can see that all your PS4 controllers are listed here. Choose the abnormal one.

    5. Then press Options button on your controller, at the front to the touchpad.

    6. In the pop-up window, choose Forget device.

    7. After that, you have forgotten the malfunctioning PS4 controller. Then you can choose to turn off PS4.

    8. Use a USB cable to connect the inactive PS4 controller to your PC.

    9. Then turn on it and wait for it to boot up.

    10. Then log in it.

    Once all steps are finished, you have reset the PS4 controller and some system issues may be resolved.

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    How To Reset A Ps4 Controller

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    By resetting your PlayStation 4 controller, you can fix nearly all pairing as well as any other issues you may be experiencing with it. Its easy to hard reset your DualShock 4 wireless controller, and well show you how to do that.

    Note: When you factory reset your PS4 controller, know that you dont lose your games, saved game data, or any other files on your console. Its just the controller that gets reset.

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    Now You Can Factory Reset Your Ps4

    Although PlayStation 4 issues are rare, if you ever come across one, resetting your PS4 should help fix the issue in most cases. You might want to do this when youre giving away your console as well.

    If youre resetting the PS4 so you can upgrade to the PS5, make sure you know if this latest console from Sony fits your needs. There are things you should consider when making the switch to ensure youre happy with your purchase.

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    How To Factory Reset Ps4 Without Controller Using Bluetooth Equipment

    Using Bluetooth equipment is only possible if you have access to your PS4 settings.

    In case you have trouble factory resetting your PS4 from the mobile application, it can be really helpful as you have no other way to navigate through the PS4 menu.

    Prepare your Bluetooth mouse or keyboard and navigate in the PS4 Settings > Devices > Bluetooth Devices , and then wait for the system to scan.

    Once the scan is complete the PS4 will recognize your Bluetooth devices and then you will be able to connect them.

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    Ps4 Pro: 2 Ways To Do A Factory Reset Back To Default Settings Hard & Soft Reset

    How to RESET (WIPE) your PS4 Pro before Selling it

    How do I completely factory reset my PS4?

    To completely factory reset your PS4, press and hold the power button on the console for 10 seconds until it turns off. Then, wait for the blue LED to turn off before pressing and holding the power button again to turn it back on.

    Does resetting PS4 delete everything?

    No, resetting your PS4 does not delete everything. All of your saved data, games, apps, etc. are still there.

    What does a PS4 hard reset do?

    A PS4 hard reset restores the system to its factory settings. This can include deleting all user data, restoring the system to its original factory configuration, and reinstalling the operating system.

    How do I reset my PS4 to factory settings without password?

    To reset your PS4 to factory settings without a password, follow these steps:Select Settings from the main menu.Under System, select Factory Settings.Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the reset.

    How do I factory reset my PS4 without a controller?

    To factory reset your PS4, press and hold the power button on the console for 10 seconds.

    How do I go to factory settings?

    To go to factory settings on your iPhone, open the Settings app and select General. Scroll down to Reset and select it. Tap on Reset All Settings to complete the process.

    Does initializing PS4 delete PSN account?What should I do to my PS4 before selling it?How long does it take to factory reset PS4?Is there a reset button on a PS4 console?Why is my PS4 light white?

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    How To Factory Reset Ps4 Without Controller

    There are a few ways that can help you Factory Reset your PS4 without your controller. These various methods include connecting to an external keyboard, connecting to an external mouse, using a PS4 application, or using a Bluetooth device. These are some effective ways to factory reset without a controller.

    How To Factory Reset PS4 without Controller
    Method 1: Connect an External Keyboard
    Method 2: Connect an External Mouse
    Method 3: Use PS4 Application
    Method 4: Use Bluetooth Device

    Connect An External Keyboard

    If you have an old keyboard or a spare one in your house, it can easily be useful in this situation. The only thing that you should be careful about is that the keyboard input cable has a USB type A connector. Here the wireless keyboard can also be helpful if it is a common model which sony supports. If the external keyboard is not the option for you then you can surely move forward.

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    How To Factory Reset Ps4

    Since factory reset will erase all files on the PS4 hard drive, youd better back up your PS4 data in advance.

    Before performing a factory reset for your PS4, you need to boot the console and sign in your PS4 account. Then, you can follow these steps to restore your PS4 to factory settings:

    1. Go to Settings > PlayStation Network/Account Management > Activate as Your Primary PS4.

    2. Select Deactivate.

    3. Reboot the device console manually.

    4. Sign in your account.

    5. Go to Settings > Initialization.

    6. Select Initialize PS4.

    8. Select Initialize.

    9. Select Yes.

    You will see a process bar. Please wait patiently until the whole process ends. After that, you need to follow the on-screen guide to complete the work.

    How To Factory Reset A Ps4 Without Controller If In Safe Mode

    How Do I Factory Reset My Ps4 Controller

    Unfortunately, this is not possible and if you have booted the PS4 in Safe Mode and there is no Dualshock 4 controller available, this is a dead-end.

    You cannot navigate through the Safe Mode Menu without a controller so you will have to find your way out.

    To exit the Safe Mode, simply Press and Hold the PS4 Power Button until you hear two beep sounds.

    The machine will restart and shortly after boot the user interface, where you will be able to initialize the system without a controller.

    If the PS4 continues to boot in Safe Mode even after you have held the button until the two beep sound, disconnect it from the power supply and wait for at least 3 minutes.

    Then plug it back in and press the Power Button once.

    Bottom Line

    In this post, we went through how to reset a PS4 without controller inquiry that many of you have.

    Dont forget that you can always get a cheap replica of a Dualshock 4 that might not be suitable for games, but it is guaranteed to get basic operations done without an issue.

    We hope our methods were able to help you factory reset your PS4 and jump right into the action and if you are experiencing other technical difficulties you may find the solution in our blog.

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    How To Do A Ps4 Factory Reset

    The PS4, released way back in 2013, has proven to be a solid gaming console. Despite its excellent reputation though, the PS4 is never a perfect system and in fact, lots of users encounter issues with it every day. If you are experiencing a problem with your own console and the usual set of basic troubleshooting steps dont help, you may need to do a PS4 factory reset.

    What Happens When The Ps4 Controller Fails

    When the PS4 controller begins to malfunction or about to fail, youll get troubles dealing with the PS4 system. A clear sign of PS4 controller defect is when PS4 suddenly freezes/halts during the gameplay. Sometimes it wont freeze, but the PS4 will go very slow, or just behaves eccentrically.

    In some cases none of these symptoms will appear, but the PS4 system wont respond to the controllers prompts. You can easily feel that the PS4 controller is not working at all, no matter how many times you press its buttons.

    On the other hand, the corrupted PS4 database can also hinder the system from responding to the controllers prompts. In this case, the PS4 controller is healthy and functioning perfectly, but the PS4 system cant properly render the signals coming from the controller due to the corruption in the database.

    Lastly, a failing PS4 hard drive can cause the system to not function properly, and thus not responding to the controllers signals. In this case, if youre a savvy/technician, youll have a technical sense and can quickly figure out where the problem is.

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    Hard Reset Sony Playstation 4

    How to factory resetSONY PlayStation 4? How to wipe all data in SONY PlayStation 4? How to in SONY PlayStation 4? How to restore defaults in SONY PlayStation 4?

    The following tutorial shows all method of master reset SONY PlayStation 4. Check out how to accomplish hard reset by hardware keys and settings. As a result your SONY PlayStation 4 will be as new and your core will run faster.

    How To Hard Reset A Ps4 That Won’t Boot Up

    How To Reset PS4 (PlayStation 4) Console To Factory Default Settings

    If you can’t access the settings because your PS4 won’t boot up, you’ll have to reset your console in safe mode and reinstall the system software.

    You’ll need a computer with internet access and a USB flash drive with at least 500 MB of free space.

  • Insert a flash drive into the computer and make a new folder on it called PS4.

  • Within that folder, make another called UPDATE.

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    How To Restart A Ps4

    Sometimes, a simple restart is all you need to fix an issue with your PlayStation 4. Unlike a factory reset, a reboot will not erase all of your stored data, but it’s still a good idea to make sure your saved data is backed up first.

    To reboot your PS4:

  • Press and hold the PS button on your controller, then select Power.
  • You can choose to Turn Off PS4 or Restart PS4, but don’t select Enter Rest Mode. This option does not fully turn off the device.
  • After restarting your PlayStation, try playing a game. If your system continues to crash or freeze, it may be best to move forward with a reset to factory settings.

    Recover Stolen Psn Account

    The most popular case is that of Samsungs Find My Mobile service. We are facing a powerful suite that allows us to control the Samsung remotely and among many other options unlock the device while we have configured the official Samsung account. In the end it is advisable that whenever we have a cell phone of a brand we try to be registered in their services so that their products can be useful when we need them.

    Another manufacturer with a similar product is Sony and the former PCCompanion, now MyXperia. Either from Windows or Mac we can install a program on our computer to unlock the device that we had previously notified the brand that it was ours.

    In fact, in almost all mobile manufacturers we have at our disposal an official support website and we can find the option to ask them to unlock the device. Although in these cases the brand may ask for specific data or even the invoice to do so.


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    Playstation Network Ps4 Account

    If everything has been done properly, according to the instructions it is already possible to access the PSN profile, but with the new data, which have been entered and logically there is the condition to log in, again for all devices that are available.

    Sony offers an Internet site where it is possible to change the PlayStation Network password by following certain instructions, all from an available computer, the instructions required for this process are relatively popular and well known in the computer environment. Through this strategy, it is possible to start up the computer and perform activities among which is the practice of many games of various kinds.

    The procedures that make it possible to complete this task for the benefit of users are actually quite simple and can be carried out conveniently from the PlayStation4 itself, also through PCs, as well as smartphones and logically from tablets.

    How To Hard Reset Ps4

    How to Factory Reset Your PlayStation 4

    If your PS4 is unbootable, you will not access Settings. In a situation like this, you can go to Safe Mode to reset your console and then reinstall the system on the device.

    Before performing a PS4 hard reset, you need to prepare a computer with internet access and a USB flash drive with at least 500MB free space.

    Then, you can follow these steps to hard reset your PS4:

  • Connect the USB flash drive to your computer and then create a new folder named as PS4.
  • Create another new folder: Update.
  • Go to the official PS4 system update site to download the latest PS4 software to the Update folder.
  • Make sure your PS4 is turned off completely. Then, hold the Power button of the console for several seconds until it beeps a second time. You will enter the Safe mode.
  • Select Initialize PS4 from the list.
  • If there are no software issues on the console, you need to Initialize PS4 > Full. If no, you need to select Initialize PS4 .
  • When the process ends, you need to connect the USB flash drive to your PS4 and the console will automatically detect the system file on the drive and install it.
  • When the installation process ends, your PS4 will reboot. This time, your PS4 can boot normally again.
  • Now, you should know how to reset PS4 in different situations. We hope they can effectively solve your issue.

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