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What Were The First Playstation Games

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Celebrating The Power Of The Original Playstation Console

PS1 to PS5 – The Evolution of PlayStation

Its been 27years since the launch of the original PlayStation, and while games have evolved by leaps and bounds in the two and a half decades since, its impossible to deny the lasting impact Sonys flat grey box had on the industry and pop culture at large.

From bandicoots to battle-hardened super-soldiers, the PlayStation is single-handedly responsible for some of the most iconic characters and franchises of all time, and while there are so so many to love, we wanted to look back at the very best the console had to offer. These are the greatest PS1 games of all time.

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Check out the video above for the top 10, and click through the gallery below or scroll down for the full list!

Sony Playstation Fast Facts

  • The console originally launched with a controller that featured no analog sticks or vibration, but Sony launched a Dual Analog and then DualShock controller in 1997. This wouldnt be the last time a PlayStation console underwent a controller change during its time on the market.
  • Sony also released a special developer-focused console dubbed the Net Yaroze PlayStation, allowing users to develop their own games. These are among the most sought-after PlayStation consoles these days for collectors.
  • Some PlayStation models suffered from a defect that would eventually affect the laser, leading to games failing to load and other technical issues. The solution? Turn your PlayStation console upside down.
  • It was possible to remove some games from the disc drive and keep playing them, as the whole game was loaded into the consoles 2MB of RAM.
  • Sony later launched a Pocket Station accessory, similar to Segas VMUs for the Dreamcast. This was essentially a memory card with a screen, allowing you to play simple games on it.

Nba Jam Tournament Edition

NBA Jam is one of the best sports games ever created. It’s better than even the best 2K has to offer and can even stand toe-to-toe with NBA Street games. Maybe you won’t hold it in such high esteem if you like realistic sports games, but if you’re like us and love some crazy video game antics in your games then NBA Jam is right up your alley.

You can break backboards, set the hoop on fire with your 3-point shots and if you’re insane enough you can even jump as high as the jumbotron and slam one down. It’s a fun game even if you aren’t the biggest basketball fan and that’s saying a lot.

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All Playstation Console Models & Generations Ever Released

With the original PlayStation released in 1994, it’s no wonder how Sony has become the king of console gaming . We are looking through the specifications and unique features of each generation & model.

Sonys PlayStation brand was introduced on December 3, 1994, and since then, four major PlayStation consoles have been released, all of which have received slim versions, and refreshed designs. The latest console, PlayStation 4, broke a sales record of selling over 100 million units this year, keeping the number one position in the gaming industry.

From the original PlayStations 3D polygon graphics to PlayStation 4s 4K resolution, the brand has made a fantastic journey with some of the best titles ever released, changing the way gaming used to be. In this list, we are going through each generation and model, taking a close look at their specs, and what made each one unique!

CPU: RISC MIPS R3000A 33 MHzGPU: R800A 33 MHzMemory: 2 MB EDO DRAMStorage: Memory Cards of 1 MBOptical Drive: CD-ROMVideo Output: S-Video, SCART Resolution: 256×224, 640×480 Audio: 16-bit, 24 Channel ADPCM, Stereo

Release Date: December 3, 1994Code Name: PSXStatus: Discontinued, March 23, 2006Release Price: $299Units Sold: 102.49 millionBest-selling Game: Gran Turismo, 10.85 million

As of March 2006, PlayStation sold 102.49 million units worldwide. Games for the PlayStation continued to sell until 23 of March 2006, were Sony ended the production of both PlayStation consoles and games.

History Of Playstation 2

Original PlayStation re

The PlayStation 2 was announced in 1999 and released in Japan on March 4, 2000, in North America on October 26, 2000. The PS2 went on to sell over 155 million units over its lifespan making Sony a dominant force in the game industry, beating not only Nintendos N64 and Gamecube, but also SEGAs Saturn and Dreamcast consoles. Despite, Microsoft entering the competition with the release of the more powerful Xbox, Sony held onto market dominance.

The PS2 drove the new DVD format to the masses and revolutionized gaming for a new generation. It was by far the cheapest DVD player on the market when the PS2 launched. Not only was it the next-generation game console, but you could also watch movies in crisp 480p on your CRTV with 3 to 5 channel Dolby sound.

While the PS2 had online support, it was severely limited when compared to Xbox Onlines service. You had to buy a PlayStation 2 Network Adaptor and use dial-up or broadband internet to connect to your game which ran on on third-party servers. Eventually, Sony released the PS2 Slim in 2004, which included networking ports on the console. Games like Burnout 3: Takedown, Call of Duty 3, Resident Evil Outbreak, Socom 2 U.S. Navy Seals, and Twisted Metal: Black Online were popular using the online capabilities of the time.

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Playstation 5 Fast Facts

  • Look closely at the PS5s gamepad rear grips and youll see that its covered in a textured pattern of triangles, squares, Xs, and circles. This is obviously a nod to the iconic PlayStation face button symbols.
  • Thankfully, the PS5 is backward compatible with the vast majority of PS4 games. But theres no PS3 support here.
  • Despite limited supplies due to the ongoing industry-wide chip shortage, the PS5 shipped more consoles during its first two quarters on the market than the PS4 did during its first two quarters.
  • Sony announced an all-you-can-eat subscription gaming service for the platform in March 2022. The service is divided into three tiers, with the first being the existing PlayStation Plus service and the other two dubbed PlayStation Plus Extra and PlayStation Plus Premium.

Thats it for our look at the history of PlayStation consoles! How many PlayStation machines do you own? Let us know in the comments below. And give us your pick for your favorite PlayStation console via the poll.

Gokujou Parodius Deluxe Pack

Gokujou is a side-scrolling shooter with absurd characters and a tongue-in-cheek satirical bite to it. Some of the characters include a playboy bunny riding a rocket, an octopus wearing a hat, a starship, and a stern angel pigweird.

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This game is another arcade port that was made to launch with the PS1. It contains loads of references to other popular games of the time and is itself a parody of the Gradius game series. Definitely one for any arcade fans out there.

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The 25 Best Ps1 Games Of All Time

Let’s wind back the years to look back on the very best PS1 games from Sony’s ground-breaking games console

The best PS1 games had a transformative impact on the video game industry. When Sony entered the market in 1994, few could have predicted that the PlayStation would change gaming forever. Looking back at it today, it’s incredible how diverse and varied the PS1’s library of games really is. It has some of the greatest action, adventure, horror, racing, role-playing, and stealth games of all-time formative experiences that shaped their respective genres and inspired countless generations of game developers.

That’s why picking a list of the 25 best PS1 games is no easy task, let alone ranking them! But for as massive as that library is, there are some games that stand above the rest. There’s truly something for everybody here, and it’s easier than ever to play many of these classics thanks to the new PS Plus Premium games list which is bringing PS1 titles to PS5 and PS4 via the reworked subscription service.

So, let’s get into it: here is our selection of the 25 best PS1 games of all-time.

For more definitive rankings of Sony PlayStation games throughout the years:

Developer: KonamiReleased: 1998

Playstation : Sonys Greatest Console

This PS1 Secret Feature remained hidden for 26 years… Until now

How do you follow up on the wildly successful PlayStation? Well, you release the $299 PlayStation 2, which managed to eclipse the original console in nearly every way. Released in 2000, Sony embraced the multimedia experience by offering support for DVDs. This was a big deal because the PS2 actually became one of the cheaper DVD players on the market at the time.

There was more to the PS2 than DVDs though, as the console also played host to some impressive internals. The so-called Emotion Engine CPU and Graphics Synthesizer GPU required plenty of finesse on the parts of developers as they were powerful but tricky to program.

It wasnt the most powerful console of the era though, as the Microsoft Xbox and Nintendo GameCube often enjoyed better-looking graphics. But studios that put in the time and effort were able to deliver gorgeous games like Gran Turismo 4, Metal Gear Solid 2, Shadow of the Colossus, and the God of War titles. In fact, we got our first taste of HD games during this era, albeit at 1080i like Gran Turismo 4 and Tourist Trophy.

The PS2 dominated its generation by a huge margin, while also offering a ton of games.

Another major feather in the PS2s cap was backward compatibility with PS1 games, which meant you didnt have to abandon your entire collection of older PlayStation games.

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Crash Bandicoot : Cortex Strikes Back

Naughty Dog’s mascot platformer trilogy became synonymous with the original PlayStation immediately after its first release, but its the second of the three games that has remained in our hearts and minds all these years later. Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back is a great middle-ground between the original’s platforming and Warped’s expansive arsenal, techniques, and secrets. As Crash climbs his way up a series of chambers full of challenging platforming levels, Naughty Dog’s gauntlet of jumping, spinning, and “woah”-ing offers some of the franchise’s best levels, offering players a true challenge but in a way that always felt achievable.

Crash Bandicoot : Warped

While we’ve ranked Crash Bandicoot 2 higher, it’s undeniable just how important the entire Crash trilogy was to the PlayStation legacy and that largely comes down to just how damn fun and challenging Naughty Dog made those first three games. While Warped’s base levels may not be as rewardingly challenging as Cortex Strikes Back’s, it still offers plenty of extremely fun platforming levels, mixed in with a host of vehicle/riding challenges. Perhaps the most robust Crash of the original three games, Warped uses its time-hopping set dressing to offer a wide variety of levels, enemies, and tricky create locations, but makes them all feel part of a fun, cohesive whole.

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Soul Reaver: Legacy Of Kain

Perhaps more accurately titled Legacy of Kain 2, Soul Reaver is an incredible second chapter in what might be one of the most underrated game franchises ever. Gothic and macabre, the Legacy of Kain sequel is more like a grimdark Ocarina of Time than its top-down, action RPG predecessor, Blood Omen. Shifting between the world of the living and spectral plain to solve puzzles and traverse the twisting corridors of Nosgoth would prove deeply influential beyond the PS1 era, as well. The characters and story, penned and directed by Uncharteds Amy Hennig, are miles above most Playstation games of the era and, despite a rushed and anti-climactic ending, Soul Reaver stands on its own and deifies Kain in a fantastic re-introduction to the series.

A Quick Guide To The Sony Playstation 1 Video Game Console

Rival Schools Sony Playstation 1 (PS1) Game  Retro Gamer Heaven

The PlayStation 1 is Sonys original video game console that launched an iconic brand. Featuring hit games like Gran Turismo, Final Fantasy VII, Resident Evil, and Metal Gear Solid, the original PlayStation was one of the first major consoles to begin pushing full 3D graphics in 1994. It was eventually discontinued in 2006, but you can find pre-owned PlayStations for sale on eBay.

Reasons to buy a used PlayStation 1 console

What are the main types of PlayStation 1 models?

Sony released two distinct types of PS1 consoles:

  • Original PlayStation hardware: The original PlayStation hardware can be identified by the larger and boxier design. The earlier version of this console came with a non-analog controller. Starting around 1997, Sony introduced the DualShock controller, which incorporated two analog stick and rumble technology. The original hardware has two controller ports for local multiplayer. If you want to expand the number of players, then you will need the four-player multitap peripheral.
  • PS One: The PS One is a smaller, lighter version of the original PlayStation hardware. First released in the summer of 2000, the console is fully compatible with the entire library of PlayStation 1 games, but peripheral compatibility is not guaranteed. The PS One comes with a DualShock standard out of the box. Like its predecessor, the PS One also has two controller ports.

Do you need a separate memory card with the PlayStation 1?

Region-locking system

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Playstation Vita: Power > Games

Sony followed up on the PSP with the PlayStation Vita in 2012, and it makes a strong argument for being one of the most technologically impressive handheld consoles of all time. Featuring a gorgeous OLED screen, dual analog sticks, and a slick design, the Vita definitely made a favorable first impression.

The big selling point with the new handheld was a rear trackpad, allowing you to control various elements of a game by touching the back of your machine. For example, the platformer Tearaway allowed you to manipulate the environment, while Borderlands 2 mapped the melee attack to this touchpad.

Sony also implemented some beastly internals derived from smartphones and tablets, featuring a quad-core Cortex-A9 CPU and a PowerVR SGX543MP4+ GPU. In fact, this is essentially the same GPU as the iPad 3, albeit with a couple of tweaks. Other notable features included a gyroscope, front and rear cameras, and optional 3G connectivity.

More gaming coverage:Emulators for Android Can your phone handle these consoles?

The PlayStation Vita originally shipped with no meaningful internal storage, forcing users to buy memory cards to store digital downloads and saves. Unfortunately, Sony opted for expensive proprietary storage media, starting at $20 for a 4GB memory card all the way to $100 for a 32GB card. Even a measly 16GB card retailed for $60 at launch. No wonder third-party adapters surfaced which allowed you to use SD cards.

History Of Playstation 3

The PlayStation 3 launched on November 11, 2006 in Japan and November 17, 2006 in North America. It was by far the most expensive console by Sony, releasing with a $499 price tag for the 20GB model and $599 for the 60GB model due to the new Blu-ray format. The system was highly criticized early on for its high price tag, Sixaxis controller and poorly developed multi-platform games.

The unique Cell architecture was a large hurdle for developers in the beginning, but over time they were able to unlock the full potential of the console. Despite its hardships early on, the PS3 would eventually become one of the highest selling consoles of the seventh generation, selling 87.4 million units.

The PS3 was Sonys first real attempt at online capabilities too. Even though the PS2 technically had online support through a Network Adaptor, the release of the PS3 took things a step further with things like the PlayStation Store, PlayStation Home, and eventual PlayStation Plus subscription service.

PlayStation Home was fun while it lasted, allowing players to meet in virtual spaces using their own custom avatar. It was launched as an open beta in December of 2008, and eventually closed down in March of 2013. Each user was given a personal studio that users could furnish with free, paid, or won items. Users could explore Homes virtual spaces, from The Hub to various districts like Action District, Sportswalk, Pier Park, and Shopping Centre.

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List Of Playstation Games

This is a list of games for the SonyPlayStationvideo game system, organized alphabetically by name. There are often different names for the same game in different regions.

The final licensed PlayStation game released in Japan was Black/Matrix 00 on May 13, 2004 counting re-releases, the final licensed game released in Japan was Strider Hiry on October 24, 2006. The final licensed game released in North America was FIFA Football 2005 on October 12, 2004, and the final licensed game released in Europe was Moorhuhn X on July 20, 2005. Additionally, homebrew games were created using the Sony PlayStation Net Yaroze.

Ten Years Ago Today The First Playstation Trophy Was Unlocked

10 Best PS2 Games That Are Always IGNORED

Bling. Its an iconic sound that accompanies practically every contemporary PlayStation game, and its now been ten years since Super Stardust HD introduced us to it. All the way back on 2nd July, 2008, updates were released for the PlayStation 3 and Housemarques arcade hit which incorporated an all-new brand-wide metagame: Trophies.

Thats right, today marks the ten year anniversary of Sonys achievement system, which was not-so casually copied from the Xbox 360. The premise was simple: each game would include a set of increasingly challenging trinkets to collect, with retail releases boasting a highly desirable Platinum gong. Trophies were optional to begin with, but starting in 2009 they became mandatory.

For some, the dopamine drip associated with collecting Trophies has become a way of life we spoke to one of the worlds biggest hunters a few years ago, RoughDawg4, who currently has a cabinet stuffed with over 1,500 of the aforementioned end-game pots. There are hundreds of thousands of Trophies to collect at this stage, spanning the PS3 and PS Vita through to the PS4.

While not everyone sees the purpose of the Trophy system, weve always looked upon it as a kind of snapshot of our gaming career. And while its true that the virtual trinkets hold little to no material value, they can provide an incentive to replay games and try things that you may not have done without the extra nudge.

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