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How Much Is Playstation Plus For Ps4

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Playstation Plus: Everything You Need To Know

How to See When Your Playstation Plus Membership Expires on PS4 (Exact Date & Time!)

PlayStation Plus is almost a necessary subscription service for any PlayStation console if you want to play games online with your friends. There are tons of other perks that make it worth it, but for most people, the primary reason they get a PlayStation Plus subscription is the ability to play online with others.

But even if youre not into playing online, PlayStation Plus might still be worth it. In this in-depth article, well go over all the benefits to help you decide whether or not you should purchase it.

Playstation Servers Experience Issues For Ps4 And Ps5 Users

It was later revealed that the problem was not exclusive to Elden Ring, as other titles were also experiencing issues. However, it was clear that the issue was exclusive to PlayStation consoles.

Here’s a detailed look into all the errors and fixes players experienced throughout the latest PlayStation fiasco.

Best Ps Plus Deals For December 2021

Youll need an active PS Plus subscription if you want to enjoy PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 games to the fullest and take part in some online multiplayer fun! PlayStation Plus members will also be able to take advantage of exclusive deals on the PlayStation Store. Lastly, you can get the best of PlayStation deals: free games to download every month that youll be able to keep playing as long as you keep your PS Plus subscription active. The free games alone make PlayStation Plus worth the cost of admission, but why pay full price? Below, weve got the latest PS Plus sales and prices available right now, so you can save money if you want to play online, while also enjoying free games on the cheap.

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Today’s Best 3 Month Playstation Plus Deals

So you’re wary of a full subscription and just want to try Sony’s online service for a few months? That’s cool. Just grab a 3-month PS Plus subscription and you can decide whether or not to top-up later. Don’t forget that if you go for a 3-month and decide that you want the full 12-month sub straight away, you can buy one and it’ll automatically add to your 3 months.

If you’re after more PS5 accessories, you’ll find all the best PS5 gaming headsets listed right here. Or, if you’re still trying to get your hands on a PS5 restock, we’d recommend checking out the best PS4 accessories to tide you over until your new console arrives.

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What Other Benefits Come With Playstation Plus

How much is PS4 online? PlayStation Plus vs PlayStation ...

Besides free games and online multiplayer, PS Plus memberships come with a load of perks. If you like to pick up games when theyre on sale, the subscription nets you some nice additional discounts, typically around 10% beyond the general sale price. As a member, you may also be invited to try out demos and betas for games that are in development.

For those looking to expand their PlayStation repertoire, the service also offers free one-day express shipping on future purchases of consoles, VR headsets, accessories and more.

Since the PS5 is able to play PS4 games, many gamers want the ability to access a single save file across multiple consoles. In service of this long-awaited feature, the PS Plus membership grants you access to 100GB of cloud storage. You can save your game data online and pick up at the same spot on whatever console youre closest to.

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Your PS+ subscription unlocks one of Sonys latest gaming innovations, Share Play. This feature gives you and your friends a new way to collaborate on your favorite games. They can either spectate, team up with you or even take control of your game. The most exciting part of Share Play is your friends dont need to own the game to be able to enjoy it with you online.

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The Cheapest Playstation Plus Deals

CDKeys Update: We generally find that CDKeys is one of the cheapest prices to buy a 12-month PlayStation Plus membership, but technical gremlins sometimes mean the deals don’t show up in our comparison chart below. Feel free to check the following CDKeys links though, just to make sure you’re getting the best PS Plus deal. Prices are usually hovering around £38-£42 in the UK and $50-$58 in the US.

Always check that the PS Plus membership you are purchasing will work in your region.

What Is Ps Plus

PlayStation Plus is a monthly subscription service that enables online, multiplayer play for PS4 and PS5 games.

It is required to play the vast majority of games online – only some free-to-play titles are exempt.

It started many years ago, with the service launching for PlayStation 3 initially. It was also available for PS Vita users, but both consoles have since been discontinued and PS Plus is no longer active on either.

As well as online play, it includes discounts, access to early trials of games, and a few other benefits. You can read about them below.

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How Does It Work

All you have to do is purchase a PS Plus subscription, and youre good to go. You can purchase a PS Plus membership directly through the PlayStation Store, or you can enter a voucher code if you purchase a subscription card from Target, Walmart, Amazon, etc.

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To activate the subscription, you just need to enter the code into the official Sony PlayStation website or on the PlayStation Store on your console. Both are quick and easy.

Once your membership is activated, youll have access to the free monthly games available and can download them immediately. Youll also have access to exclusive discounts and all other benefits right away.

Ps Plus Offers Sony Direct Ps5 Free Shipping

PlayStation Plus Monthly Games – PS4 and PS5 – September 2021

Heres another big benefit few people realize: Sony Direct, the official store of the PlayStation brand, offers free fast shipping on the PS5 consoles, accessories and games when youre a PlayStation Plus subscriber.

If youre lucky enough to snag a Sony Direct PS5 restock invite email, then youll get your console in one or two days instead of having to wait for slowing shipping that can take up to a week. So paying $40 with this PlayStation Plus discount code may help you get your PS5 Disc or PS5 Digital Edition console a bit faster from Sony Direct.

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What Is A Playstation Plus

While PlayStation Network is a free service to be enjoyed by users of any Sony device, PlayStation Plus is a paid upgrade of the same service that offers premium features, unlocking the full potential of the gaming platform. To enjoy the exclusive benefits of the PlayStation platform, you have to subscribe to the service by purchasing and activating your PS Plus membership. As of 2021, there are 46.3 million active PlayStation Plus subscribers and the number continues to grow due to the practicality and versatility of the premium features that come with the subscription.

What Is Ea Play

Previously known as EA Access, this is also a subscription service available for PlayStation consoles that focuses on the very best and most explicit EAs titles for you to conquer. EA Play grants you:

  • Access to Electronic Arts’ back catalogue of games
  • Timed trials for EA games
  • Early access for new games
  • 10% off the purchase of new or future games.

Keep in mind that these subscription services are region-locked, meaning that you have to buy the ones strictly for your region or you wont be able to use them. Whenever you find a great PS Plus sale, remember to always check the region of the product!

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Is Playstation Plus A Good Value

While its still a little frustrating that console owners have to pay money for access to online games, PlayStation Plus is nonetheless a pretty reasonable package. We tend to see more frequent sales for PS+ and the discounts also tend to be deeper for Sonys service.

If you dont mind giving up your games when your subscription lapses, PS+ also offers a ton of good free titles on a monthly basis. In 2021 alone, weve already seen Sony give away Control: Ultimate Edition, GreedFall and Shadow of the Tomb Raider, among others.

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While this is way more exciting than the 2021 Games with Gold lineup , Sony doesnt offer any older games, which is disappointing when compared to Xbox Live Gold. Whereas you almost always get PS4/PS5 games on PS+, Microsoft is still giving out two free Xbox One games AND two free Xbox original/360 games every month, and you can actually keep most of the older games when your subscription ends.

PlayStation Plus is definitely a good value for online gamers. Its also a great option for people who like to only play games a single time. So long as youre willing to wait a couple months, you can easily keep up with all the biggest releases, and any games that arent offered for free are still cheaper thanks to a bonus PS+ discount thats regularly applied.

What To Know Before Buying Your Subscription To Playstation Plus

How much is a PlayStation 4 selling for in China?

What’s included with a PlayStation Plus 1-Year Subscription?

This product includes a 1-Year subscription to the PlayStation Plus network.

Is there a region lock for this PlayStation Plus 1-Year Subscription?

Yes this product is only available for PSN accounts in the US.

How will I receive my instant download key for my PlayStation Plus 1-Year Subscription?

After payment has been approved, your key will be included in the order confirmation email. You can access your key by following a link in the email. Next, you can redeem your key on its corresponding platform.

How will I activate my key for PlayStation Plus on PS4/PS3/PS Vita?

PS4/PS3 Console:

  • Log into your PSN account and head to the PlayStation Store
  • Select Options, and then Redeem Codes from the menu
  • Enter the code you received in the confirmation email from
  • You can find additional support for your PSN account here:

    PlayStation Plus Subscription details

    • A PlayStation Plussubscription brings you ultra-fast online multiplayer gaming.
    • With a PlayStation Plus subscription, you’ll get free games for you to download every month, including some of the hottest titles.
    • Secure cloud storage – free up hard drive space, and take your games on the go with PlayStation Plus.
    • PlayStation Plus members get access to exclusive deals and discounts every month.

    Want to get a free PlayStation Plus Subscription?

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    Is There A Playstation Plus Free Trial

    Yes, theres a 14-day PlayStation Plus free trial for brand new PlayStation accounts in the United States and other countries, so it wont work for your existing account if youre already subscribed. If you dont see this option on the PS Plus menu on your PlayStation 5 or PlayStation 4 console, you may have already signed up.

    If you do see this option, you can pay through a credit card or PayPal, according to Sony. However, know that youll auto-renew with PlayStation Plus at full price and you may get charged more money than if you were to have used the above PS Plus discount code.

    Today’s Best 12 Month Playstation Plus Deals

    The most cost-efficient PlayStation Plus deals are usually found on 12-month subscriptions. These memberships are cheaper than buying several 3-month codes, and you don’t have to worry about it running out for a whole year. Retailers discount 12-month codes more often, so you can get the biggest savings on the normal prices too.

    Once you’ve bought a 12-month PlayStation Plus subscription all you need to do is get the code – either on the card you receive, or the email from the retailer – and enter it in the ‘Redeem Codes’ section found via the menu in the PlayStation Store on your console or on the website. Once you’ve added the 12 digit code, the PlayStation Plus membership will be automatically applied to your account.

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    Does Ps Plus Work With Psvr And Psvr 2

    Yes, PS Plus works with PSVR, and while PSVR 2 pre-order date news hasnt come our way just yet, itll likely work the same as any PS5 game using PlayStation Plus: enable online multiplayer and offer PlayStation Plus free games in virtual reality monthly. We have seen a few PSVR games offered for free through PS Plus over the last 12 months, but nothing in 2022.

    My theory is that Sony is holding any more free PSVR games from PS Plus even though it has a nice back catalog and waiting for the PSVR 2 launch date. A lot of PSVR sleeper hits were on PS4, and theyll be attractive once again when the PSVR 2 release date comes about and Sony wants to push a higher-priced enhanced PS Plus membership.

    What Is The Difference Between Playstation Plus And Playstation Now

    Playstation Plus Worth It? List of Free Games – PS3 / Vita / PS4

    You have to add any available games to your library before they expire. Then, the games are yours for as long as you pay for your PS Plus subscription. On the other hand, PS Now comes with a lot more games that you can play as long as you have a subscription and as long as theyre still available in the service.

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    Do I Have To Install Free Playstation Plus Games

    No. You arent required to install the games onto your PS4 or PS5 to ensure they stay with you. Claiming them for your library is all thats required to keep those games.

    Then you can routinely play them as you see fit. As noted above if you ever cancel your subscription to PlayStation Plus, you lose access to the games that were offered for free as part of the subscription. But, once you start it back up again access to those games is immediately restored.

    So, they stay with you forever. Which is especially important for those with a PS5 given the consoles lower amount of available storage space on the SSD. Eventually that will change when the PS5 supports expandable storage. But that wont be coming till a future update. Thats why its a good thing that all you need to do is claim your free PS Plus games. As you may not have the room to install them.

    How To Download Ps Plus Games

    There are two ways to download PS Plus games via your console.

    The first is via the PS Plus section on your PlayStation 4. You open this section by selecting the PS Plus icon in the top left hand corner of the PlayStation Home screen.

    Here you’ll be able to view and download the latest PS Plus games. This is also where find any previous PS Plus game you’ve redeemed, even if you’ve uninstalled them from your console.

    The second way is through the PlayStation Network Store.

    You open the PlayStation Network Store by selecting its icon from the main PlayStation menu.

    Once the store loads, scroll down the menu on the left-hand side until you find ‘PS Plus.’ Here you’ll be able to find the games currently available through the PS Plus and download them if you wish.

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    Can I Use Ps4 And Ps5 With Same Account

    Sony released the PS5 console in November 2020 as a successor of the PS4, and many gamers moved quickly to buy it. Most gamers took good care of their PS4 consoles, and they can play games without any issues. If you have a PS4 console and plan to get a PS5, you might be wondering if you can use your PlayStation Network on both consoles.

    You can use your PS4 and PS5 with the same account to access the same digital game library. The games in the PlayStation Network account are yours, and you can access them from any PlayStation console you own. The PS5 console also has backward compatibility, and you can still play many PS4 games on your PS5. You can also run the two consoles at the same time without any issues. You have to choose which console would be your primary console.

    When you buy a new PS5 console and decide to give the PS4 console to young kids, you can still let them use it with your PlayStation Network Account. You can make the PS4 console the primary console and your PS5 the secondary console ensuring that you can change the parental control on your PS4 as you deem fit.

    You do not need to worry about PlayStation kicking them out when you try to use both consoles simultaneously. As long as you have a working internet connection, you can verify your account on PS5 and continue using the consoles at the same time.

    Warning: Elden Ring And Other Games Getting Could Not Verify Playstation Plus Subscription Errors After Update

    How Much Is A Playstation 4 Worth

    Elden Ring


    Something weird is going on with the latest PlayStation update which appears to be affecting PS4 and PS5 players trying to access online games. Many players are reporting that this newest update, which your console may try to install today, is telling players that they could not verify PlayStation Plus subscription for their accounts, meaning they cannot log into online-based games like Elden Ring, Call of Duty, Overwatch or others.

    PlayStation is aware of this issue and has posted on social media that theyre investigating. In the meantime, there appear to be two main options:

    1) Do not install the update. Its possible it already auto-installed, but some of the time you can choose whether or not a system update goes forward. So if you see that option, avoid installing it for now.

    2) Ive heard that some people have found success by logging out of their account and logging back in, or hard restarting their systems. This may rectify whatever issue is being triggered by this new update. I heard this as an early fix, but now it may not work as the problem appears to be escalating.

    If Sony has a more official statement or fix, I will post that, but for now, these two choices appear to be your best bet depending on if youve already experienced the error or not. I have seen this in the past, but it was usually something that resolved itself shortly, so I would not expect for this to be a long term problem for most players.

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