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Where To Buy A Ps5 Console

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New Ps5 Games: Upcoming Playstation 5 Game Release Dates

How to Buy a PS5 | Tips to Secure a PlayStation 5 Console at PS5 Restocks

Keep an eye out for these new PS5 titles coming soon

Looking for a list of all the new PS5 games coming out in 2021 and beyond? Then you’re in the right place. It’s been an exciting year for gaming as developers have pushed the power of the PS5, with Battlefield 2042, Returnal, Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart and more showcasing just what the new PlayStation console is capable of – but the best is yet to come.

It’s going to be a busy time ahead for PS5 owners, as an absolute litany of new releases are hitting the coveted console in the coming months, throughout 2022 and beyond. Early 2022 looks to be jam-packed with some huge upcoming PlayStation 5 releases, with Elden Ring, Dying Light 2 and Horizon Forbidden West all landing in that period – making it more and more tempting to track down Sony’s ever-elusive console.

Because there are quite a few top PS5 games coming out in the next year or so, it can be tricky to keep up of which game is released when especially considering the number of games that have been delayed over the past year.

To help you stay ahead of the new releases, we’ve selected the best games that are coming soon, along with their release dates. Read on to find out when you can expect to get your hands on the biggest new PS5 games. Make sure you check out our new Xbox Series X games list too.

Might John Lewis Have A Ps5 Restock This Month

10:20Alistair Charlton

John Lewis is another retailer with a poor track record for PS5 restocks. We saw a handful of restocks through the autumn of 2021, then one in early November, one in late-December, then nothing until John Lewiss most recent PS5 restock, on 9 March. This makes it really difficult to say when the next restock might land. Anything at all in April would be a welcome surprise.

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How Big Is The Ps5

12:30Alistair Charlton

Not as strange a question as you might think, because the PS5 is massive. Its often an easy joke to say how big the next generation of game consoles are, ever since the chunky original Xbox arrived, followed by the even bigger PS4.

But, while the Xbox series X is also rather large, its the PS5 that is least likely to fit under your television. The digital edition is slightly slimmer, due to not having a disc drive, but both consoles are equally tall when stood on end.

They are 390mm tall and 260mm deep, while the disc edition is 104mm thick and the digital edition is 92mm. Both consoles are intended to be stood upright, but also come with a plastic stand to help them rest on their side likely the only way most buyers will fit the console under their TV.

More Tips For Buying The Playstation 5

Upcoming Sony PS5 Gaming Console(Digital Edition)

Keep checking online with all of the popular authorized Sony sellers. For retail store chains, talk to a store manager to determine what time new inventory typically arrives at that store and is made available to customers. Once you know this, make a point to call or show up and be the first in line to grab the new inventory.

To avoid getting scammed, refrain from ordering a new PS5 from a random seller on, for example, unless you know that seller is reputable. And stay away from anyone on social media claiming to be able to get you a new PS5 immediately and hassle-free. If someone is offering you a fast track to a gaming console thats sold out everywhere elseand is offering it at its original retail priceits almost guaranteed to be a scam.

If youre going the local online marketplace route, such as Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp or Craigslist, confirm that what youre buying is authentic, sealed and comes with a receipt if the seller claims its new. Be sure to test the console to make sure its working in all other instances. And if you must meet up with a seller in person, do so at a well-lit and public meeting place with plenty of foot traffic. Youll find that many police stations happily offer their lobbies specifically for transactions like this, and thatll often be your safest option. Most criminals are not stupid enough to attempt to scam someone at a police station.

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Playstation 5 Price: Recent History

After much waiting, Sony announced the price and release date of the PS5 on 16th September 2020.

The company set the price of the PS5 Digital Edition at £360 , and the PS5 disc edition at £450 . That came as a pleasant surprise to those who’d expected the PS5 to be priced higher than the rival Xbox Series X. Prices remain rock solid with demand continuing to outstrip supply in 2022.

But how does the PS5’s price compare to that of its predecessors?

The original PlayStation and PS2 launched at £299 in 1994 and 2000 respectively. The PS3 was quite the step up in 2006, with the entry-level 20GB model starting at £425 although that was more or less in line with inflation with regard to the original PlayStation, and there were also the significant hardware upgrades to factor in, not least of all being the Blu-ray optical drive.

Nonetheless, the PS3 was initially criticised partly for its seemingly high price. The 60GB model’s $599 price tag took particularly heavy flack. By the arrival of the PS3 Slim in 2009, though, all seemed to have been forgiven.

The bigger public surprise was saved for the 2013 PS4 launch, however, when the PlayStation price dropped down to £350 and heralded the arrival of one of the best-selling games consoles of all time.

Ps5 Price: Compared To The Ps4

When the PS4 released in 2013, PlayStation held the price announcement until the Xbox One had taken the leap first. Once the Xbox One was set at $499 / £429 with a Kinect included in every package, Sony only had to cut the PlayStation Camera from its PS4 bundles to swoop in with a $100 cheaper price tag.

It’s for this competitive reason that Sony was likely holding off on its PS5 price reveal, waiting for Xbox to make the first move again or simply making sure Microsoft doesn’t return the favor in 2020.

So how does the PS5 price compare to that of its predecessors? The PS4 launched for $399 / £350 / AU$599, while the PS3 launched for an astonishing $599 / £425. It was always unlikely we’d see prices reach that high in the US again, though Sony is definitely pitching above the cost of the previous-gen console.

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The Next Ps5 Restock: What You Need To Know To Finally Score A Playstation 5

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The Sony PlayStation 5 console — and the Xbox Series X, for that matter — are still hard to find, and you can thank the pandemic-induced global chip shortage and increased demand for the PS5 and other electronics for that.

Luckily, PS5 restocks and Xbox Series X restocks seem to be much more common place. Or, at least, they will be in March.

GameStop will restock its PS5 inventory online and in stores on March 11. Both Best Buy and Walmart, on the other hand, had them in February, and now rumors point to imminent restocks at Best Buy and Target. Meanwhile, Amazon’s PS5 page reveals that more units are coming on or before March 31. It’s possible that Amazon may not give advance notice on that PS5 drop, so you’ll want to check stock there frequently throughout the month — you might get really lucky.

Read Our Review Of The Nintendo Switch Oled

Gaming Console Tips: PS5, XBOX Series X & S Restock And Buying

If handheld gaming is more your thing then check out our review of the Nintendo Switch OLED. The console features an OLED display for the first time, which is larger than before and produces punchier colours and deeper blacks. Theres also a redesigned kickstand and double the internal storage of its predecessor.

Our reviewer said of the £309.99 console: The larger display is fantastic and playing games in handheld mode is an absolute joy. The kickstand feels so solid and makes us never want to look at that little toggle on the back of the original Switch ever again…this is absolutely the best version of the console yet.

We review the new Nintendo Switch OLED, looking at its bigger display and seeing how it compares to the original console and the lite model

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The Cheapest Playstation Plus Deals

CDKeys Update: We generally find that CDKeys is one of the cheapest prices to buy a 12-month PlayStation Plus membership, but technical gremlins sometimes mean the deals don’t show up in our comparison chart below. Feel free to check the following CDKeys links though, just to make sure you’re getting the best PS Plus deal. Prices are usually hovering around £38-£42 in the UK and $50-$58 in the US.

Always check that the PS Plus membership you are purchasing will work in your region.

Psn Server Outages Takes Down Fifa Gta And More

The PlayStation Network is having some issues this afternoon, preventing PS3, PS Vita, PS4 and PS5 gamers from playing a whole host of titles, from Fifa to Grand Theft Auto. According to PSNs own status page, some services are experiencing issues. These include gaming and social, PlayStation Now and the PlayStation Store.

For the gaming and social problems which are preventing PlayStation owners from playing games that require an internet connection the stats page says: You might have difficulty launching games, apps or network features. Were working to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

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Where To Buy Ps5 Accessories

Getting hold of PS5 accessories is a whole lot easier than getting hold of a PS5 console right now. But many of the most popular accessories still flash in and out of stock during busy trading periods such as Black Friday. In other words, you might want to grab stock while it’s available, rather than wait until you secure your console.

PlayStation 5 Console Covers £45 Available to order from Sony Direct from 21st January, and on general sale on 18th February, these official PS5 covers add a dash of colour to your console.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart’ Review

Some PS5 consoles have serious problems  what you need to ...

Tuesday 22 March 2022 16:00Sarah Young

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart was one of our favourite games of 2021 and won a spot in our round-up of the best PS5 games.

Rift Apart has charm to burn, in its character design, lively combat mechanics, and explorable levels that feel large without seeming maze-like, busy without being cluttered, our writer said in their review. This is one of the best looks yet at what the new console generation has to offer. Its big, its bright, and its almost impossible not to love.

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Ps5 Price: How Much Does The Ps5 Cost

The PS5 price comes in at $499 – the same cost as the Xbox Series X price. That shouldn’t come as a surprise to many, seeing as it’s difficult to imagine the PS5 price exceeding $500 when it’s up against the affordable spread put out by Microsoft.

However, the cheaper PS5 Digital Edition price is $399.99 / £359.99 / AU$599.95, which does flag some concerns considering the Xbox Series S’s $299 price tag. However, Sony has always been quick to point to its prioritization of value over price, so if you’re looking for those heavy-hitting PS5 exclusives it might be worth shelling out for the more expensive console. Plus, the PS5 Digital Edition runs the same specs as the fully-fledged console, further cementing its position in the market as a high value for money option.

That means bargain hunters can still experience everything the PS5 has to offer while foregoing the opportunity to play physical PS4 and PS5 games or save cash by buying in the second-hand market. It’s an excellent proposition that will certainly capture those going for sheer value for money at launch.

Should You Buy Ps5 Today

With stock looking low and delivery dates being pushed back, it’s worth wondering if you need to buy PS5 today. In general, we would say that the earlier you can get your hands on Sony’s next-generation console the better. We don’t know what stock is going to look like for the next few months so the sooner your delivery date the better.

However, if you’re after bundle deals and can hold off, you might want to think about buying PS5 when stock settles down further into the new year.

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Where To Buy Ps: All The Retailers To Check For The Sony Console

ByJames Pickardlast updated 26 December 21

Want to buy PS5? Here are all of the retailers you should check for the best chance of finding a console

If you’re still wondering where to buy a PS5 you’re not alone. Those looking to make the most of the next generation are still hunting for those all-important PS5 consoles, but knowing where to focus your search can make all the difference. We’re here to bring you all the latest info on this page with regular updates throughout the week.

Latest: It’s still not over yet. PS5 consoles are actually still available today at Game in the UK. Of course, delivery is not expected until 2022, but this is a great chance to secure a console before the end of the year. We’re listening out for any more PS5 restocks in the US over Christmas, but it seems unlikely at this stage. As soon as any new announcements are made we’ll update this page.

We’ve seen more regular drops at certain retailers, like Best Buy and Walmart in the US, and Very and Game in the UK, but you’ll find all the retailers that have offered the chance to buy PS5 recently just below.

If you’re getting desperate to buy PS5, it can be tempting to head over to a reseller site. However, even though stock can be snapped up quickly it’s not impossible to get your hands on the next-gen console. We’d recommend staying well clear of these price hiked sites and instead sticking with retailers you know and trust.

Is Ace Studio Due A Restock This Month

How to actually buy a PS5 (How and where to get a playstation 5 console)

10:00Alistair Charlton

Ace Studio hasnt had that many PS5 restocks over the months, with just one or two per month since last summer. We saw two restocks in December, then none at all in January and the most recent on 10 February. Wed love to see a PS5 restock at Ace Studio before the end of March, but its hard to say for now if thatll actually happen.

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Gran Turismo 7 Ps5 Review

Tuesday 22 March 2022 13:30Alex Lee

Curious about those Gran Turismo 7 bundles? Its been five years since we last saw a Gran Turismo game and its been even longer than that for those who were disappointed by Gran Turismo Sports arrival on the PlayStation 4.

Weve reviewed the game for those interested in the bundle and our reviewer called it an experience that lasts much longer and feels more rewarding than any arcade racer. Mastering a track with a newly tuned car feels good and well earned, they added.

Playstation 5 Games Price

When NBA games publisher 2K announced the $70 price for its sports sim NBA 2K21, it effectively confirmed a PS5 games price hike.

The sum helped raise the standard by $10 from $60 which seems uncomfortable in the face of what many consider a fairly expensive games console full stop.

To be fair to both Sony and Microsoft, games pricing has remained the same since the launch of the original Xbox 360 and PS3 in 2005. Between game production values having gone through the roof and 15 years’ worth of inflation, it could have been a lot worse for the consumer.

Plus, we’re already seeing retailers offering huge discounts on some of the best PS5 games. Amazon, for example, slashed the prices of hit titles such as Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla by up to 50% in the recent cyber sales. If you’re on the hunt for cheap games, check out this week’s best PS5 deals.

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