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How To Clean Your Ps4 Fan

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Remove The Cords Screws And Bottom Half Of The Ps4 Console

How To EASILY Clean Your PS4 Pro Fan And REDUCE The Noise!

You can do this by unplugging the PS4 from its power source, as well as other cables and connections, such that theyâre not in the way. Now, locate the four screws holding the back of the console. Most times, at least two of these screws will be covered with warranty stickers. Peel off these stickers carefully. Then take out all the screws with a T8 or T9 screwdriver and carefully remove the bottom half of the console.

How To Fix A Ps4 Loud Fan In Simple And Diy Hacks

Just like we saw in the previous article on how to make a ceiling fan quiet, dust buildup is a major cause of noise.

How can it be prevented?

Regular cleaning and maintenance can go a long way to preventing dust buildup, which eventually results in loud fans and game lags.

Below is a simple step by step guide:

Is Your Ps4 Still Loud After Cleaning

1. Try Cleaning the Heatsink

Usually, when we clean the console, it reduces the dust and doesnt remove it completely.

Fret not though!

We missed a crucial partthe heatsink. That is where a lot of dust is accumulated. So if you have cleaned your PS4 and it continues to make a loud fan noise, make sure you properly clean the heatsink.

Another option would be to use an SSD. Solid-state drives deliver faster load times for games, applications, and movies. Because of the technology they use, SSDs are lighter and better able to withstand movement and dropping. In addition, solid-state drives to use less energy, allowing computers to run cooler.

You could also use SSDs instead of HDDs as SSDs dont have any moving parts, so they make no noise. It would reduce the noise coming out of your PS4 significantly.

2. Apply Thermal Paste

Using a thermal paste should be your absolute last resort. It will yield impressive results but can get a little risky. It will reduce the noise almost completely and prevents the CPU from heating. Many users have guaranteed that thermal paste replacement always helps. It not only reduces the noise, but the device also starts working better.

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Can You Clean Ps4 Fan

There is a risk of exposure to laser radiation as well as to electrical shoc


The first and most important thing to understand is attempting to clean your PS4 fan yourself comes with several risks.

Sony PlayStations are very complex pieces of kit and meddling with the interior can easily break the console.

Users should pay close attention to whether their Sony PlayStation 4 is still under warranty.

Developer Sony explicitly states unequivocally disassembling a PS4 will void its warranty.

However, should your PS4’s warranty has expired and it is no longer performing adequately, you may feel there is little to lose.

Taking Apart Your Ps4 And Cleaning It

How To Clean PS4 PRO For £1

If the external cleaning options are not working and youre still hearing a strange noise from your PS4 then its better to take apart the top lid and clean the vents.

The first thing you will have to do is take out the top lid where you can easily access the fan vents.

Use canned air directly into the fan and the side vents and hopefully this will work and you dont have to take apart the whole thing.

However, If youre still having issues with your fan then its better to take apart the whole thing.

Opening up PS4 is not very complicated and everyone can easily disassemble their PS4 if they have the right tools.

Once, youve taken apart the whole thing, make sure to get all the dust-out and this will make pretty much fix your loud fan problem.

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How To Disassemble Clean And Reassemble A Ps4 Slim

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Sometimes video-game consoles can collect a lot of dust, leading to loud noise from the fan, and a lot of heat generated from the heat sink. This makes it crucial to often dismantle and clean the inside of your console in order to maintain its condition. Given that this can be a tedious and complex process,the following steps will demonstrate how to complete this process specifically for a PS4 Slim.

Clean Your Ps4 Slim & Ps4 Pro

The newer PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro models do not need you to remove screws or use any tools for cleaning the internals. All you need to do is remove their plastic cowlings with a little force and you will have the interior exposed and ready for cleaning.

  • Place your PS4 on a clean, big surface as before.
  • Grab the bottom front of the PS4s top plastic cowling and pull it up and towards yourself.
  • Gently apply some force, flexing the cowling a little, releasing it from the tabs holding it in place.
  • As before, use compressed air to blow the dust off, use cotton swabs for the nastier areas and replace the cowling when youre done.
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    How To Make Ps4 Quieter In 5 Steps

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    A noisy PS4 isnt just annoying and distracting it can also be a sign of a deeper problem with your console. So, when your PS4 starts sounding like a plane about to take off, youll want to address the problem immediately because gaming comfort isnt the only thing at stake your console is, too!

    Possible Consequences Of A Dirty Ps4

    How To Clean Your Fan On The PS4 Pro (How To Fix The Loud Fan Noise On A Playstation 4 PRO)

    Dust, grime, and dirt on the cover of your PS4 wont affect it. However, as time goes by, they will be sucked up into your system that will eventually build up and covers the circuitry. This will be the reason for your PS4 to make a loud noise, become hotter, and overheat later on. These reasons can also lead your system to malfunction, shut down, and not work at all.

    One of the main reasons why your PS4 overheat is dust build-up. In order to prevent this, regular cleaning of your PS4 is a must. Here are the steps on how you can achieve a dust-free PS4.

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    Cleaning The Outside First

    To start the cleaning process, begin with the peripherals we just removed. Grab your can of compressed air and hold the trigger to release a burst of air onto an area with a lot of dust buildup.

    Now, follow these simple steps to completely clean the outside of the PS4.

  • Unplug all of your cords from the console so that you can access all the nooks and crannies. Set your PS4 on a clean, hard surface.
  • Take a can of compressed air and aim a short burst of air throughout the middle indent around the console. Repeat this step on both front-facing USB ports and the other ports on the backside. Use your compressed air to shoot a continuous burst across the top of your PS4 to clear it of any build-up.
  • Use a soft microfiber cloth to wipe the shiny side of your console. Be sure to do this towards the left side so that dust does not get in the light sensor. Repeat this step on the matte side of the console, but wipe towards the right this time. Fold your microfiber cloth in half so that a clean side faces out and gently wipe it around the center indent of the PS4.
  • Dust the area where your console will be sitting before returning the PS4 to its home. Wipe off any fingerprints you may have left, and now your console is clean and dust-free.
  • How To Clean The Dust From A Noisy Ps: A Step

    Learn how to open your PS4, remove the cover, and clean the PS4’s fan and other components to keep it running well.

    If you’ve had a PlayStation 4 for a while, chances are that it runs a lot louder than it did when you bought it. Like most devices, dust tends to build up over time inside the system.

    To keep your PS4 running at its best, it’s wise to clean your system every once in a while. To quiet it down and remove all that nasty dust buildup, follow our guide to cleaning your PlayStation 4. We’ll take you through everything you need to know, including what screwdriver you need to open the PS4 and how to clean the PS4’s fan.

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    Reassembling The Ps4 Slim

  • 1Place the metal plate used to cover the fan and heatsink back into its proper spot. Screw back in the screws.
  • This will be the most tedious part of the process, as it can be difficult to screw back in the screws due to their size.
  • 2Firmly push down on the battery pack so it is fully locked back in place. Proceed to screw in the screws.
  • 3Put the reflective metal plate on top of the battery pack in its original spot. Once again, screw back in the screws.
  • 4Slide and snap the top cover back into place.Advertisement
  • How To Fix Ps4 Overheating In 2022

    PS4 Slim Fan Cleaning

    Is your PS4 Overheating? and do you want to know how to fix PS4 Overheating? This article will help you to get a fix for PS4 Overheating with some tested methods which will save your money.

    Whenever you buy any system may it be a computer system, laptop, gaming consoles, mobiles, or any electrical equipment, with time it starts heating up. There isnt a specific reason behind this but multiple reasons that can lead to the heating of your devices. The heating issue in the device can be because of external factors like you are playing or working on your device or system in a hot environment or there might be some internal factors like the system has gone old.

    Recommended How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To PS5

    There is dust in the system or the system is not dissipating heat properly, etc, which can result in overheating or some serious damage to your system or you. Initially, all this heating issue was related to computers and laptops and with time, it has shifted to mobile and gaming consoles like PlayStation. Here we are going to talk about overheating in PlayStation 4 and how can we prevent it from happening.

  • 5 Frequently Asked Questions
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    Tips On Preventing Future Playstation 4 Noise Recurrences

    Unless theres a very significant buildup of dust, then the cleaning method outlined above should have done the trick. Now that your PlayStation 4 is running as quietly as the day you bought it, how do you keep it that way? Make sure you follow these tips.

  • Get into the habit of dusting your PS4 at least weekly. You can skate by with every two weeks, but no more than that. If you see dust on the outside of the console, then you can be reasonably assured that its on the inside as well.
  • Make sure you keep your PS4 somewhere with adequate ventilation. If the console is already in a tight, enclosed environment, its more likely to get hotter faster. That means the centrifugal fan is working way too hard from the get-go, increasing the chances of it being noisy.
  • When you set up your PlayStation in an entertainment center, dont push the sides or the back against a wall or another surface. Dont cover your console with anything either. There are air vents at the sides and back of the console that aide the fan in keeping the PS4 from overheating. Blocking the vents means the fan is the only defense against the console getting too hot and shutting down. You will certainly hear the fan in such a scenario.
  • Do you keep your PS4 horizontal? Try standing it up for a while. When its positioned vertically, theres less risk of it overheating. Since the console doesnt get so hot, the fan can work at a normal rate, making less if any noise.
  • How To Clean Playstation 4 Fans What You Need To Clean Playstation 4 Fans

    To get started, youll need the following basic things:

    • Standard Phillips Screwdriver: To open a few screws inside the PS4 that require this special screwdriver.
    • TR9 Torx Security Bit Screwdriver: The PS4 works best with the T9 safety screwdriver with a small center hole to open it.
    • Knife or sharp object: To remove the stickers covering the rear screws.
    • Blower or Compressed Air Box: To blow out fan dust.
    • Cotton balls: to help clean some dust from fans. You can also use a cotton swab for this.
    • Flashlight: To better check the hardware and internal points.
    • Hard Hair Cleaning Brush: To clean the dust accumulated in the blade gaps.

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    Clean Your Ps4 Controllers

    Its a good practice to regularly clean your controllers as well. After all, theyre constantly in contact with your hands and tend to build up dust and grime over time. Follow the simple steps below to clean your PS4 controllers:

  • Remove any cables attached to your controller
  • Use compressed air to blow off the dust around the buttons, analog sticks, and ports.
  • Wipe the controller with a microfiber cloth
  • If theres still some grime left, use a microfiber cloth dipped in a 50:50 solution of water and isopropyl alcohol to remove the deposits. Avoid the ports.
  • Make sure the controller is clean and dry before plugging it back in.
  • Optional Deep Cleaning Ps4

    How to CLEAN PS4 and FIX PS4 LOUD FAN! (EASY METHOD)(2021)
    • T8 Torx Security screwdriver
    • Phillips #1 screwdriver

    If you feel comfortable removing a few T8 torx screws, you can safely remove the power supply unit toward the back of the console. This will void your warranty, but will give you access to the backside of the heat sink and allow you to further clean it, and more of the insides.

    Once the power supply has been removed, simply brush the excess dirt off the heat sink, then shoot it with some compressed air which will blow any loose dirt out toward the fan. Fore more on this process including safely removing the power supply unit GamesPlusInternet on YouTube has a great video detailing the entire process. WARNING: Graphic footage of an extremely filthy PS4 below.

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    How To Clean A Ps4 Console

  • If you have the basic technical knowledge, you can do this easily. Make sure your warranty periods are finished.Before you start cleaning your PS4, make sure the console is turned off. Disconnect all cords and cables from ps4.*If you see an orange light, then its in Rest Mode.
  • Now, Blow the dust off the unit with compressed air and wipe down the exterior with a dry microfiber cloth.
  • You will see three stickers along with the top.If your warranty periods are gone, Peel off the stickers on the back and then remove all screws using your T9 screwdriver. Take care not to strip them, and set them aside in a safe place.
  • After removing the all screws, slide off the case, then blow dust out of the exposed interior using short bursts.
  • Now holding the power supply in place and gently lift it out and set it aside, making sure not to disconnect the power supply cable.
  • Stop the fan by sliding the cotton swab down between its blades, then aim your compressed air such that it will blow dust up through and away from the fan, using short bursts to do it.
  • After that replace the power unit, screws, the case, and its screws.
  • Make sure all screws and components are attached. Now its ready to use. You can play your favorite games without noise.
  • Remove The Power Supply

    You’re nearly there! Now you just need to remove the power supply unit so you can gain access to the heat sink and perform the most thorough cleaning. There are five screws holding the PSU in place. Three of them use the same TR9 security screws as the back cover, and the other two are standard Phillips head screws.

    With the PSU on the side closest to you and the fan in the upper-right corner, the two Phillips head screws are at the edge of the system, to the far left and far right of the PSU. Use your TR9 screwdriver to remove the other three screws.

    Note that if you’re using the slightly revamped model of the original PS4, you’ll see one screw in a different location here. The TR9 screw in the upper-left of the below photo will be a few inches above the TR9 screw at the bottom instead.

    The Phillips screws are longer than the others and are a bit tougher to remove, so you may need to slide your knife or another thin object under the clips to pull them up. Take care to not bend the clips when doing this.

    Now you can remove the PSU. There’s a cable connecting it to the motherboard underneath, which you don’t need to remove and don’t want to accidentally unplug. Carefully grab the PSU by both sides and lift it up evenly. It may take a bit of wiggling to come free.

    Once you’ve got it lifted up, gently “flip” it over the left side so it rests carefully, while staying plugged in.

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    Have Peace Of Mind While Cleaning Your Ps4

    As you use and store your PS4 over the years, you cant avoid dust and dirt to get trapped into it. You might be worried when you hear a loud sound coming from your console. The loud sound can be caused by dust buildup inside your console.

    We just provided you some of the ways to clean your console properly However, there are crucial steps that you need to do in order to clean your PS4 properly. You just have to make research on the specifics of your console and follow the given steps to a T. Also, you need to prepare the materials needed to do the cleaning.

    Cleaning a PS4 is very easy. You just have to be watchful, have the presence of mind, and be patient in completing this task.

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