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How To Customize Ps4 Controller

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Why Were The Most Trusted Console Modders

How to Customize PS4 Controller & Change PS4 Controller Shell DIY

The modding company you contact for your custom ps4 controllers will determine the result you will get at the end of the day. Most of the modding companies are not able to handle controller customization of the needs pro console eSport gamers. That is the reason we are the best in the customizing industry.

How Much Does It Cost To Make A Custom Controller

I am not able to comment on the mods yet, but as a bf 1 player in the top 3-5% in all statistics, I am eager to see how much better it can be. I cannot wait to get back to my original controller, which is usually used by the only people who beat me. Ladies and men are included. Dont try to get in my way.

Can You Paint A Controller Without Taking It Apart

You can use a paint + primer combo if your base coat will be white, and that will save you some time. 2 coats should be sufficient. If you didnt use a paint+primer for a base coat, wait at least 48 hours, then apply your base coat. Aim for at least 4 light coats, or at least until you get the color you want.

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How To Change The Appearance Of The Dualshock 4 Controller

Do you want to change the color of the buttons and triggers or the housing of your controller?

The first thing we recommend to do is to buy the necessary kit to manipulate the controller. You can find more or less complete models .

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Remove the knob screws.
  • by division very carefully.
  • Remove the lock and the battery to separate the parts completely.
  • Carefully remove the R2 trigger.
  • Remove the screws from the black plastic piece that prevents the battery from touching the motherboard.
  • Remove the touchpad by pulling the orange ribbon.
  • Remove the motherboard carefully.

Once this is done, you can access the back of the buttons and make the changes.

Depending on the part you want to change, you will have to perform one procedure or another. That is why we recommend looking for specific information about each of them on the web.

Another option to personalize your DualShock 4 is to use stickers for the light bar. , you can find some for all tastes.Images: Unsplash

Can I Get Banned In Games For Using Custom Controllers

Check out my custom painted Avatar PS4 Controller ...

A gamer may be banned if he or she uses cheat codes or use third-party software to make modifications to the game. But you dont have to worry about getting banned for using a custom controller. This is because it is not illegal to mod a controller. In simple terms, customizing a PS4 controller means adding a chip to help the user performs better. It does not change the content that comes with the controller.

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Huge Range Of Gamepads

Check through our platform to find several PS4 custom controllers that will make your gaming entertaining and smooth. You will become unbeatable when you fight against your opponent with the customized controller offered on our online platform.

We are offering a range of PS4 custom controllers for sale. So, to increase your chances of making the right choice, you should take your time to explore the options provided to select the best. The entire custom controllers offered on our platform are handpicked with the best interest of gamers considered.

In that regard, you have an opportunity to benefit more from customized gaming controllers when you make your choice on our reliable platform today.

How To Set Up And Customize The Steam Controller

Michael Crider

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Valves self-branded Steam Controller might just be the most exciting thing to emerge in video game inputs in a decadebut that doesnt mean its intuitive to set up. Just as the double-touchpad design takes some getting used to, its software needs some serious tweaking by the end user.

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The Domin8or Button Customization

When you want to take your gaming to another height, a hardware upgrade may the best thing to do. There are various features to upgrade to make your PS4 controller work better and faster. Excess time consumption can make it difficult for you to be effective in playing the game.

To reduce the overall time consumption, you have to upgrade your controller hardware with the addition of Domin8or on the left and right buttons. With these features on your controller button, you can save time in the game with the ability to change your game within a nanosecond.

To ensure adequate function, we have provided modification for the front and backside of the controller. The button is modified to make your thumbs remain on the thumbsticks. We at Zeus Controllers are ready to improve gaming speed with our modified button.

Button remapping is another way we provide an effective upgrade to the controller. With the buttons remapping function, you can customize your PS4 controller to enjoy many games base on your desire. Zeus Controllers will give you button remapping and reprogramming safely and easily.

Compatible With All Playstation 4 Games

How To Customize A PS4 Controller | eXtreamRate PS4

MegaMods offers a wide range of custom PS4 controllers. All these gamepads feature the latest chip which offers a ton of features, modification and customization capabilities to it irrespective of the platform.

Whether you are looking for to buy a custom or modded PS4 controller, they both allow you to build your controller based solely on your inputs. Besides the chip which comes with all the controllers of any platform, you can select custom colors for all the buttons that come with the controller, remap as well as custom design the paddles, reprogram the buttons. Also, there is the ability to add an LED indicator while creating a custom controller.

The custom controllers which can be bought from us are compatible with a wide variety of games on the PlayStation 4 platform. However, they are best suited for playing First Person Shooter video games. Hence, if you are looking to improve and enhance your gameplay skills while playing your favorite First person shooter game on your PlayStation 4, custom controllers should be considered.

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What Makes Our Controllers Stand Out

Our custom ps4 controllers are designed for the satisfaction of everyone. You will always be assured satisfaction as you make use of our customized controllers at any given time. Immediately you allow Zeus Controllers to control of the controller building of your desire.

We promise you gaming fun and guaranteed satisfaction always. Some other things you stand to gain as you go for controller customization service include better performance and aim.

Customize & Build A Ps4 Controller

When you use the word custom that means something that can be customized by you according to your preferences and requirements. Similarly, custom PS4 controllers are customizable gamepads that can also be designed according to your preferences. The whole outlook of the controller and even the placements of buttons can be designed according to your choice.

This is a new development in the gaming world as now gamers can get their customized controllers and they dont have to rely on setting their hands-on stock gaming controllers. Build a PS4 controllers now to design and customize a it at a reasonable price.

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Can I Choose What Mods My Controllers Will Have

Yes, you can choose the mods you want to add to your controller. Every gamer has his or her way of playing. For example, some may perform better with the extended triggers, while it might not be very convenient for others. A wide range of options is available with us when it comes to customizing your controller. You can choose to add only those functions which youre comfortable with.

The following mod packs are available:

  • Rapid fire
  • Custom buttons

Custom Painted Playstation 4 Controller

Gold Thunder Ps4 Custom UN

Ever wanted a cool unique and customized Playstation 4 Controller? It’s easy with just a few different cans of spray paint!

Materials Needed:

Fine grit sand paper

blue painters tape

Spray paint

Clear spray paint

1. Remove 4 screws from back of controller

2. Pull out ribbon connecting the light bar to the main board

3. Remove screw under battery

4. Pull out ribbon connecting touch-pad with the main board

5. Remove all buttons

6. Remove plastic pieces making up the light bar

7. Remove two screws holding in USB port board.

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How To Connect Ps4 Controller To Ps4

Although the PS4 has formed a reliable reputation but, issues can appear since your console remains to age into last-gen status. In fact, new difficulties are being found every day.

PS4 or PS4 Pro buyers, connecting your PS4 DualShock controllers should not be a problem, but we are here to remove any ambiguity. We will run down all the frequent PS4 controller problems, so you can focus on deciding what games to play.

This article will explain how to connect ps4 controller to ps4, identified as the DualShock 4, to the console wirelessly through Bluetooth.

Note: You can only connect controllers explicitly made for the PS4 you cannot connect a PS3 or PS2 controller with a PS4 console. You can, however, use a PS4 controller with the PS3.

Before you begin, you will require certain things:

  • A PlayStation 4 Slim/Pro/Standard
  • The controller you want to connect
  • The included USB cable .

Playstation 4 Custom Controller

Every gamer wants to have the best experience possible, AimControllers knows this as we are gamers as well. At AimControllers we have worked tirelessly to perfect all the nuances and details that come with customizing your own PS4 controller. The end result? We have managed to build the most innovative solutions into our controllers which you can use to custom build your own custom PS4 controllers with our easy-to-use configurator. Here are some options that you can choose from:

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Defeat Your Enemies Faster With The Custom Controllers

You need a perfect tool to do a perfect job, and that is the same when it comes to engaging in video gaming on the internet. Most times, when you try to compete against other experienced players, you failed due to the functionalities bot in your PS4 controllers.

You might have wondered why you have not been able to defeat your opponents and come up victorious in gaming. That is why we have decided to introduce the best controller modification that will meet your needs. When you fight with the custom controller, you will enjoy improved speed and maneuverability.

Your opponent will wonder who they are not able to target you rightly in their shooting when you begin to fight them with the custom PlayStation 4 controllers offered for sale by our trusted team of experts. One thing about our gaming controllers is that they are most suitable for league games where you want to showcase your fighting ability.

You will begin to keep pace ahead of your enemies as you shoot and run faster than ever through the help of the custom controllers provided. We offer the best ergonomically crafted paddle system, hairpin triggers, thumbsticks, and many other paddles that can be programmed to make you unstoppable in the game.

The Best Custom Controllers For Playstation 4

How to custom paint your ps4 controller

Almost every other day we get to listen about improvements and advancements in gaming gadgets. A good player always chooses his controllers carefully, as these can either make or break your gaming strategy. However, due to the availability of so many brands and models of controllers available in the market, its not easy to make the right choice.

To choose the right controllers for your PS4, you are required to have proper knowledge regarding what is available in the market. custom controllers are one thing that can improve your gaming experience to a great extent. Lets see what custom controllers are how these can help improve your gameplay.

You might want to head straight to ConsoleBoost if you are eager to get your hands on these controllers. Console boost makes sure to provide customers with the most effective modifications with the quality you wont be able to find anywhere else. Not only will you be provided with great quality but you can expect these custom controllers to be very durable as well. These are bound to improve your overall gameplay and enhance your gaming experience.

Keep in mind that we may receive commissions when you click our links and make purchases. However, this does not impact our reviews and comparisons. We try our best to keep things fair and balanced, in order to help you make the best choice for you.

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The Handiest Ps4 Controller App That Helps You Use Ps4 Controller On Pc

Since the latest version, our gamepad mapper supports DualShock 3 and 4, and its a huge step for reWASD. So, if youre looking for a way to customize and use PS4 controller on PC you came to the right place! Also, reWASD 5.3 permits to remap Gyro on DualShock 4, so don’t hesitate to learn more about remapping gyroscope.

There are lots of cases where you use DualShock 4 on PC and it works like a charm, but sooner or later every gamer faces the situation where he needs to customize the controller, for different reasons:

  • The installed game doesnt recognize the controller, thus you need a PS4 controller app
  • The game you want to play doesnt support controller at all, and you need remapping to use PS4 controller on PC
  • You dont really enjoy playing the game because of the unchangeable native layout. Thats where the PS4 controller app is irreplaceable
  • You want to add some actions to Gyro, but this is not possible without the help of a third-party add

And as you know, there are many apps to remap PS4 controller. Theyre all different and theres no app that could solve all-above problems. Every gamer dreams to have all those cool features in one place, and thats where reWASD comes in hand! This app will help any gamer to:

  • easily use PS4 controller on PC
  • use PS3 controller on PC
  • customize the hardware settings of your controller
  • completely remap and use PS3 gamepad or use PS4 controller on PC
  • assign any mappings to the gyro on PS4 controller

Whats The Difference Between Normal And Custom Controllers

The significant difference between a normal controller and a custom controller is that the latter usually have a unique design, looks, and it has extra added features that the standard or normal controllers do not have. For example, these controllers have extra buttons like rapid-fire/rapid reloads, or extended triggers to give you an upper hand.

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Do Ps5 Controllers Work On Ps4

The simple answer is that the PS5 controller is not compatible with the PS4. However, there is a workaround for fans adamant about using their DualSense with the PlayStation 4 anyway. Once the connection is established, the PS4 can be controlled remotely using a DualSense controller plugged into the PC via USB.

Connect Your Wireless Controllers To Ps4 Without A Usb Cable

The start of my custom PS4 Controller

If you want to add second or more wireless controllers to your PS4 console, but you do not have the USB cable, you still can connect them without the USB cable. Here is how to do it:

Step 1: On your PS4 dashboard, go to Settings, then, Devices then, Bluetooth Devices, through a media remote for your PS4 or a connected PS4 controller.

Step 2: On your PS4 controller, the one you want to connect, press down the SHARE button and the PS button for around 5 seconds.

Step 3: Your PS4 controller should then show up on the Bluetooth Devices screen. Choose it.

Step 4: Your PS4 controller should then be connected to your console now. Enjoy your games.

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Why Buy From Us

While searching for the best places to get your custom PS4 controller, you might come across a list of sites. However, the best source of high-quality PS4 controller is MegaMods. We achieve this by offering these mod gears and packs at affordable prices and in different varieties suitable for both the beginner and the expert game player. Factors that make us stand out include:

Choose Your Controller Parts And Colors:

  • Shell:
  • Choosing a shell color will help you determine the color of the exterior body of your PS4 controller. ConsoleBoost provides classic, solid colors. But if you want to add some flare to your controllers, there are patterned and elite shell colors for that added premium feel. There are also matte and gloss options for the shell of your PS4 controller. ConsoleBoost offers additional shell color options such as chrome, special and splash grip.

  • Rear shell:
  • Yes, of course, ConsoleBoost offers an option for you to customize the back of your shell too. Unless you are satisfied in having the whole shell with a solid, uniform color or pattern, you can also opt for the rear shell option. The same options that are available for the shell color are also available for the rear shell option. You can get creative and play mix and match with colors and patterns, and who knows, you might get yourself a controller that feels like Van Gogh had painted it himself!

  • Touchpad:
  • Despite the exterior shell and the rear shell, you can also possibly change the color of the touchpad. As mentioned before, the limits to customization are endless, so unless you want to retain the original color, which is usually dull, you can find the option to change the color of your touchpad as well. There are nine solid available colors for you where you would be able to choose for your touchpad.

  • Analogs:
  • Buttons:
  • D-pad:
  • L1, L2, R1, R2:
  • PS Button:
  • Interchangeable Analog system:
  • Spring Stop Triggers:
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