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How To Get 120hz On Ps5

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What Is 120hz Gaming

How to enable 120FPS on PlayStation 5 (can PS5 do 120hz over HDMI 2.0?)

Faster frame rates have always been the holy grail for game developers, with certain types of games – shooters, racers, etc – benefitting greatly from the smoothest action possible. More frames per second on screen equates to much smoother presentation and a more responsive gameplay experience.

PC gamers are already au fait with extreme frame rates, with many games having unlocked fps so they can run as well as the hardware allows, but consoles have traditionally attempted to hit 60fps maximum. And, before this generation arrived, most were happy to sit at 30fps. How things have changed.

The latest-gen consoles don’t only offer 60fps as standard on most games, they have the extra graphical grunt to go a step further – up to 120fps. This effectively means that, for every frame you see on a standard Xbox One or PS4 game, you will see at least four on the PS5 or Xbox Series X/S. That results in action, such as a bullet fired from a gun or rival car coming across your bonnet, being shown more accurately and can be reacted to faster.

There are caveats. For starters, even with their graphical prowess, games running at 120fps on next-gen often have to drop resolution . Alterntaively, they adopt dynamic resolutions, with the pixel count rising and sinking depending on the scene.

Ps5 How To Change Refresh Rate

Being a PS5 player, you would want to experience the best graphical settings to enjoy to the fullest. ThePS5 refresh rate is one of the factors affecting graphics. How exactly do you change the refresh rate of the PS5 console?

  • Turn the PS5 On
  • Select Saved Data and Game/App Settings
  • Go To Game Presets
  • Select Performace Mode or Resolution Mode
  • Pick Up Performance Mode, and Youll Be Able to Setup Refresh Rate After Opening the Game.
  • Since the refresh rate depends on the game itself, you would need to change each games refresh rate manually by going to its settings and changing the default entries.

    There is no universal way of selecting a default refresh rate on the PS5 console for all of the games.

    Occupied with all the next-gen features, PS5 is able to level-up your gaming experience. And you need the best possible graphics to have a good time with your next-generation console.

    I will discuss how you can enable 120 FPS on PS5 and if the PS5 can run on 144Hz or 120Hz. Read on to find out.

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    What Tv Or Monitor Do I Need For 120hz Gaming

    There are plenty of gaming monitors that sport a 120Hz refresh or more. However, there are far fewer TVs – expecially at 4K.

    Indeed, only the most recent TVs are capable of 120Hz refresh rates at anything above 1080p. You even have to watch out when it comes to 2021 TVs, as not all support such high frame rates.

    LG has partnered with Xbox and therefore has 120Hz on its flagship OLED TVs, Samsung offers the same on some of its QLED range-toppers, while Sony has ensured some of its sets are “PlayStation 5” ready, for obvious reasons. But, not all manufacturers are on board yet.

    There are two important factors in this. A TV needs a fast, responsive panel to refresh that quickly and, thus, they have only recently started to trickle onto the market. Plus, to be able to read the signal from either the PS5 or Xbox Series X/S, you need at least HDMI 2.0 connectivity . Whereas, HDMI 2.1 is mandatory for 4K at 120fps. As we’ve said above, the consoles won’t be pushing 120fps at maximum resolutions that often – not initially anyway.

    The best bet is to look at the spec sheet of any TV you are thinking of buying and, while you’re at it, check if the set also has support for variable refresh rates and a low latency mode – they’ll also be handy for next-gen gaming .

    Here are a few TVs to check out – they are confirmed to support 120Hz refresh rates:

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    Set Your Tv To Game Mode

    Almost all TVs have a special Game mode setting that reduces the time a TV takes to produce its images. This can make as much as 100ms of difference, which could be a lifetime, literally, in gaming terms. Your TV might automatically switch into Game mode when the PS5 is detected, but if response times matter with the game youre playing, you should check that it has.

    Note that Game mode settings can reduce some aspects of picture quality with some TVs. So if youre playing a less reaction-based title, such as an RPG, you may prefer the overall picture quality with Game mode turned off.

    Q: Is It Better To Play Ps5 On Tv Or Monitor

    How to have 120 HZ FPS on PS5

    Theres a strong argument for playing console games on a PC monitor. Older televisions traditionally have significantly more input lag than monitors, making them less ideal for contemporary gaming. However, as the LG OLED TV on our list demonstrates, that isnt a hard and fast rule. For most people, the choice between a TV and a monitor comes down to size, price and setting. If you want to play games on your couch in the living room, go for a TV. If you prefer sitting at a desk with your face right in front of the screen, a monitor is just as viable.

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    How Do I Enable 120 Fps On Ps5

    Heres how you can enable 120 FPS on PS5 games:

  • Turn the PS5 On
  • Go to its Settings
  • Check the FPS in the Game Settings
  • 4K gaming is evolved a lot recently, and PS5 brings even more excitement and advancement to it by offering 120 FPS on a 4K resolution, everything in this article is based on Sonys 4K Resolution Guide.

    Make sure that you have changed the game presets settings from resolution mode to performance mode before changing the FPS of the game.

    If your system is running on resolution mode, you wont be able to change the frames per second.

    What Resolution And Frame Rates Can Hdmi 21 Support

    HDMI 2.1 supports up to 10K resolution and 120FPS, although not necessarily at the same time. On PS5, you might see games run at 4K/120FPS, but odds are the higher the frame rate, the lower the resolution will be.

    The PS5 should be able to support up to 8K resolution and 120FPS. Sony confirmed that 8K resolution was possible, but as of now we only have an old interview from PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan that mentions the ability to run at 120FPS.

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    How To Enable 120hz On Ps: Will My Tv Support It

    HDMI 2.1 first started appearing in televisions in 2019, but its still relatively rare, tending to be in high-end sets. Even then, its often not supported on every HDMI port, so make sure youre plugged into the right one.

    Obviously the most sensible way to check is to look up your TVs model number online, or dig out the paper manual that came with it. But the PS5 will tell you whether it thinks the TV attached to it supports 120Hz in a pinch. Just go to the “Video Output Information” option at the top of the “Screen and Video” section of the Settings menu, as seen below.

    Crucially, this will only give you the PS5s opinion, which could be mistaken. It will show the wrong information if your HDMI cable isnt compatible or if youre using an HDMI 2.1-ready TV, but the wrong HDMI slot.

    How To Enable 120hz Output On Ps5

    HOW TO GET 120hz ON PS5! 60fps TO 120fps FIX!

    If you want your screen refresh rate as high as possible, check these settings on your console.

    The PS5 is a powerful gaming machine, capable of beautiful graphics and home to some outstanding new PlayStation exclusives like Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and Demon’s Souls. It’s also capable of a 120Hz output, which helps your games look smooth and feel great.

    As long as your TV is capable, it’s easy to boost your refresh rate to 120Hz, but how do you do that? Let’s break it down.

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    What Else Do I Need To Remember

    You should also ensure that your HDMI cables are high bandwidth enough to carry a 1080p/4K 120Hz signal.

    Any cable listed as HDMI 2.1 will be fine. And, of course, the cables that come with your new next-gen console.

    And finally, if you do run your source equipment through an AV receiver, that has to be 120Hz-capable too. Denon, Marantz and Yamaha each range AVRs that are 120Hz-enabled.

    The Best Consumer Screen Available

    If you want an OLED screen, the LG C1 is the way to go. LG

    Why it made the cut: If cost is not a concern, LGs OLED TVs are the gold standard for incredible image quality with no compromise in responsiveness.


    Incredible blacks and color range
    Wide viewing angles

    Where all of the above monitors use the current standard LCD technology, which requires a backlight, the next generation of screens are starting to shift over to OLED, which requires no backlight because every pixel is self-lit and independent. OLED screens allow for rich, perfect blacks and nearly infinite contrast, as well as much slimmer form factors without the need for a backlight.

    It turns out that the best OLED screen to pair with the PS5 is a TV, not a monitor. LGs C1 OLED, the best PS5 TV, offers these benefits, along with all the top specs you need to get the most out of the PS5: 120Hz, 4K, HDMI 2.1, and extremely low input lag. Obviously, the C1 is much bigger and more expensive than the average PC monitor, but its screen quality is top sharp to ignore.

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    Use An Hdmi Converter Or Displayport Adapter

    Some gamers solved this problem with the help of the HD Fury Dr HDMI converter. However, if youre looking for a cheaper method, you can use two DisplayPort Adapters. Well tell you exactly how to use them.

    So, you need two DisplayPort adapters. You can use the EVanlak Hdmi EDID Emulator Passthrough device and the BENFEI HDMI to DisplayPort adapter. Alternatively, you can use other DisplayPort adapters that support 120Hz. Double-check that information before you get the adapters as many dont support 120 Hz.

    If youre using a monitor with a HDMI 2.0 port

  • First, check your monitors to make sure you can get 60HZ.
  • Then, on your PS5 console, go to Settings System HDMI.
  • Disable HDCP. After you turn off HDCP, certain media apps will stop working. But you can enable HDCP back on when youre not using 120Hz.
  • Navigate to Screen and Video. Set the Resolution to 1080p.
  • Go to Saved Data and Game/App Settings, and under Game Presets turn on Performance Mode.
  • Now, its time to connect the HDMI emulator into either your monitor or PS5 console. Take the HDMI cable that came with your PS5 and plug it into the emulator. The other end of the cable needs to be plugged into the monitor or your PS5 console.
  • Check if your resolution is still at 1080p. Launch your games.
  • If youre using a monitor which can only achieve 60Hz+ via DisplayPort

  • Navigate to your consoles Settings. Select System and then HDMI.
  • Toggle off the Enable HDCP option.
  • Then plug the HDMI Emulator into your PS5 console.
  • How To Enable 120fps On Ps5

    How to have 120 HZ FPS on PS5

    There are a few simple steps to enabling 120fps on your PS5:

    • Firstly, youll want to check that your monitor or TV is 120Hz and supports 120fps. There are loads of new HDMI 2.1 monitors coming soon that support 120fps in 4k too, if youre interested.
    • Next, go to the PS5 settings, found in the top right corner.
    • From there, select Screen, then Video, and select Video Output.
    • At the bottom of the list, you will see the option Enable 120Hz Output. Make sure this is enabled.

    This will make sure your PS5 is running in 120fps if you have a 120Hz monitor or TV. However, some games will also require you to change the in-game settings to get 120fps.

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    Rocket League Is Getting Boosted To 120hz On Ps5

    Ratchet and Clank will also make their way into the game

    Rocket League will be able to run at 120hz on PS5 starting on August 18, while Ratchet & Clank will also be added to the game on the same day.

    Announced on the PlayStation Blog, the game will be getting a video quality setting within the video settings menu that will let players pick between either a quality or performance mode.

    The quality mode will feature 4K resolution at 60 FPS with HDR, which requires a HDR10 compatible display and HDMI 2.0 cable. Naturally, a 4K display is also required, with the game running at supersampled 1080p if that lower resolution display is used.

    In performance mode the game will run at 2688×1512 resolution, which is actually 70 per cent of 4K, at 120 FPS with HDR. The user interface will also run at 4K, but again, a compatible display is required, with an Ultra High Speed HDMI 2.1 cable needed this time as well.

    The blog post also announced that the iconic PlayStation platforming duo Ratchet & Clank will be coming to the PS4 and PS5 versions of Rocket League on August 18. The bundle of themed items will be free, and it includes balloon toppers, a decal, and the negatorn collider boost.

    Jeremy Dunham, the product and content strategy director at developer Psyonix said: Were big fans of Ratchet & Clank here at Psyonix and its one of PlayStations most iconic franchises.

    How To Enable 120hz On Ps5

    Want to know how to enable 120Hz on PS5? Of course you do!

    The HDMI 2.1 standard introduced a whole host of new features, but for gamers the most interesting is the ability to display 4K content at 120Hz. Both the PS5 and Xbox Series consoles support this, and if your TV does too then youre in for a treat.

    The hertz rating of a TV refers to how many times the screen can refresh in a second, meaning that a games frame rate is also capped to this: even if the console can put out a higher fps, the TV cant refresh fast enough to show it.

    That means that while most TVs can only display 60fps gameplay, the best TVs support 120fps, provided they have the right hardware connected.

    The PS5 is one such piece of hardware, and the HDMI cable included in the box supports HDMI 2.1. So assuming you have a compatible TV, youre good to go on the small but growing selection of PS5 games that support 120fps.

    Heres how to enable 120Hz on PS5.

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    Play Compatible Ps5 Games At 120fps

    If your PS5 is connected to a TV with a HDMI 2.1 port, you can play compatible PS5 games at 4K resolution at 120fps. Before you can do so, though, youll need know how to enable 120Hz mode on PS5.

    While not every PS5 game supports 120fps, those that do include , Dirt 5 and Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition, and the list of compatible games continues to grow.

    But why is 120fps so important? Well, running games at 120fps not only makes games look incredibly smooth in motion, but it also makes games feel more responsive thanks to the lower input latency a higher framerate offers. In competitive games where every second counts, it can make all the difference.

    If youre wondering how to enable 120Hz on PS5, then, this guide will help. Weve also rounded up all the PS5 games with 120fps support, which is continually updated.

    Remember, not many TVs currently include HDMI 2.1 ports, so if you want to get the most out of the PS5s display capabilities, youll need an 120Hz capable TV that supports the new HDMI specification. Some TVs also added support via a firmware update, so its important to make sure your TV is up to date.

    Why Cant I Get 120hz On Ps5

    PS5: How to Get 120Hz on EVERY MONITOR Tutorial! (Enable 120Hz Guide)

    Your TV or monitor may not support 120Hz or your HDMI cable is not HDMI 2.1, or the game itself does not support 120Hz.

    Anything less than the 120 FPS isnt tolerable for gaming geeks I know that, but unfortunately, there are some restrictions that might come in your way to do that.

    Since most TVs arent capable of running on 120 Hz or 4K resolution, you should check yours if it supports 120 FPS of your PS5 console.

    To play PS5 games on 120 FPS, youll need a 120 Hz monitor. If you dont have a monitor with this capability, youll have to settle down to a lower frame rate. Even with low FPS, you will still love what PS5 can produce out of that quality.

    Another thing to take care of is the HDMI cable connecting the monitor and the PS5 console. To get the maximum potential of the graphics, you will need an HDMI 2.1 cable.

    Need an HDMI 2.1 cable for juicy 120Hz gameplay? Grab the Zeskit 8K ultra-speed HDMI 2.0 cable from Amazon here.

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