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How To Get More Space On Ps4

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Free Up Space On The Ps5


The Media Gallery in PS5 is initially established to record a video each time you win the game. Hence, you are recommended to free up space from here. You can delete these videos or directly turn off this feature with the given steps.

Step 1: Launch the PS5 console and click the gear icon to open Settings.

Step 2: In the Settings menu, click Captures and Broadcasts.

Step 3: Click Trophies > Save Trophy Videos to turn off the feature.

Another way to free up PS5 space is to plug in a regular external HDD or SSD. Then move any PS4 games on the external drive. By doing so, you can obtain more space to install games needing the PS5 NVMe SSD.

Best Ps4 External Hard Drives For 2021

ByRob Dwiarpublished 23 November 21

Picking up the best PS4 external hard drive for your setup will boost your storage and bag you some extra breathing room

Getting the best PS4 external hard drive into your setup is not an outdated concept just because the PS5 is here and in homes across the globe. Arguably, it’s more important than ever.

Even though some people have been lucky enough to pick up a PS5 and many more folks are chasing every potential PS5 stock drop right now, the PS4 is still a very relevant console, and, importantly, the game library is the biggest it has ever been and is still getting added to with new releases. Even though the PS5 can’t be called ‘next-gen’ anymore, we still remain in a semi-hybrid, cross-generational status that means folks have more reason than ever to lean on a PS4 external hard drive in order to carry the weight of the games.

Samsung T5 | 500GB | Blue | $110 $92.50 at AmazonOne of the best PS4 external hard drives, from one of the best makers and names in storage and drives . If you’ve been after an external hard drive deal recently, this price on the T5 is an easy one to recommend.

And remember, sales season is nearly here. The Black Friday PS5 SSD deals, and the wider Black Friday external hard drive deals, and Black Friday SSD offerings are going to be the perfect time to save cash on a new accessory and storage solution.

Change The Application Install Location

After the external hard drive is formatted to exFAT or FAT, you need to change the application install location. Heres a full guide for you.


Step 1. In the Home screen of PS4, navigate to Settings > Devices.

Step 2. Press the OPTIONS button, and then select Application Install Location> Extended Storage.

Step 3. Wait for some time. Applications will be installed in the Extended Storage.

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From External Hard Drives To Clearing Out Your Game Collection Here’s How To Manage Your Ps4 Hard Drive

ByDominic Preston, Deputy Editor| 03 Aug 2018

Depending on which model you buy, both the PS4 and PS4 Pro come with either 500GB or 1TB of built-in storage. That might seem like a lot at first, but once you factor in the operating system, game installs and downloadable content, it fills up quickly – and thats not even considering save files, screenshots, and videos.

The good news is, there are plenty of ways to manage and expand the storage on your PlayStation 4, whichever model you have, so theres no reason to ever miss out on a great PS4 game because you dont have the hard drive space for it. Heres how to manage your PS4 hard drive and expand your storage.

How To Add More Storage To Your Playstation 4

How to get more disk space on my PS4?

Here’s how to get a bigger hard drive in your PS4, plus a few tips we learned along the way.

Storage space is at a premium with game consoles. Even if you’re more inclined to pick up hard copies than download full games, patches, DLC and installs can fill up the standard hard drive on your PlayStation very quickly.

On the bright side, it’s very easy to add more storage to your console. You can either replace your current hard drive with a new one or, since software update 4.50, simply connect an external one.

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What Can You Do To Prevent Your Ps4 From Saying You Have No Free Space

The answer, unfortunately, is to ensure you have as much hard drive storage as you can. If you have a PS4 with the standard 500GB hard drive, you’ll probably find it fills up pretty quickly. In order to download and install new games, you will probably have to delete some older titles. Remove the game data for some games you don’t play anymore to keep your hard drive as clutter free as possible.

Of course, you can also expand PS4’s storage space. You can install bigger hard drives and even SSDs into your PS4, or you can simply plug a USB external hard drive into one of your PS4’s USB slots. Pretty large external hard drives can be bought nowadays fairly cheaply, and having more space than you need will ensure you don’t get this annoying issue with your PS4 anymore.

We hope this guide has been helpful for you. Have you been having trouble with your PS4’s hard drive space? Make some room in the comments below.

Is There Storage On The Life Boat In Stranded Deep

There is also a small amount of storage on the Life Boat. You can use this to carry some extra items between islands.

To access the storage, look around the edge of the Life Boat. You will find a storage container that you can interact with to store items. There are three slots in total on the Life Boat, so it is best to fill these with items that you can stack, such as fibrous leaves or sticks.

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Best Budget Ssd For Ps4

Crucial BX500

Crucials drives dont quite have the performance levels of Samsungs drives, but in the PS4 that is less important thanks to their older storage connectivity systems. Drives like the Crucial BX500 still deliver a good performance boost over the PS4s internal drives, and theyre just as reliable as Samsungs products.

The BX500 is a little cheaper, too. Its possible to get a 480GB drive for $49 if youd like to give your PS4 a speed boost without any extra space handy if you often play the same selection of games. Its 1TB and 2TB models come in at $100 and $199 respectively.

  • 1x microUSB cable

Delete Game Data And File


The method 1 will not delete the saved game data and setting in case you want to reinstall the game one day. And those files are usually paid little attention to and taking up much PS space. This is the reason why some users find their PS has a few games but it says there is no space. Then you can follow steps to see how to delete those game data.

â Note: If you want to reinstall those deleted games one day, you can also back up these files beforehand.

Step 1. In the main interface, navigate to âSettingsâ > âApplication Saved Data Managementâ > âSaved Data in System Storageâ.

Step 2. When the Saved Data in System Storage windows opened, choose âDeleteâ.

Step 3. Click âOKâ to confirm the deleting operation.

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Install The Homebrew Store Onto Your Jailbroken Ps4

The PS4 just got busted wide open, so let’s fill it with goodies!

Now that you have Jailbroken your PS4, youll want to begin getting things onto it. This is actually a really easy process, but youll want to have an external hard drive free. Some files will be too big for a regular USB stick and having a larger, more reliable space to get things onto is always going to be the better option. Just dont throw away the jailbreaking USB stick you made, because otherwise, you cant actually do this in the future.

Youll want to go to this LINK and then plop it onto your hard drive to install. This is the package file to install the application.

Now head into your settings and via the GoldHEN menu, choose Package Installer. This should then detect the package file for the Homebrew store to install. Let it do its thing and then back all the way out to the selection menu and head into your new icon, the Homebrew store.

When you head into it for the first time, itll need to update some things here and there, but this shouldnt take too long. Any errors that occur, just assume the server its pulling from is down and wait it out. It should be fixed sooner than later.

From here, you have full access to the storefront, including installing emulators, Retroarch and even apps that you cant really get hold of now that your PS4 is permanently offline while jailbroken. Its pretty easy to navigate, so you shouldnt find it too hard, but you can now do what you want!

How To Free Up Space On Your Playstation 4

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Sonys PlayStation 4 includes a 500GB hard drive, but games are getting bigger and biggerGrand Theft Auto V alone requires 50GB of space on the hard drive, even if you have the disc. Heres how to free up spaceand upgrade your PS4s storage capacity so you can fit more games.

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Can You Game Share On Ps4

In order to play games with friends or increase the number of available games, a lot of players are searching for how to game share on PS4. Fortunately, you can share PS4 digital video games with different consoles. By donging so, you can play more digital games with less money.

For physical PS4 game sharing, you can exchange the physical game disc with your friends. But with digital video games, you dont have a way to do so. Then you may ask how to share games on PS4. Here you can use the Share Play feature, also called gamesharing, provided by Sony.

If You Want To Delete Everything On The External Hard Drive At Once


1. Once again, open the Settings app, select Storage, and then USB Extended Storage.

2. Click the three dots next to the Safely Remove from PS5 option.

3. Select Format as exFAT.

This will erase everything on the drive, and return it to factory default settings. This means that if you want to use it with your PS5 again, you’ll have to set it up from scratch.

This is also the method you’ll use if you want to totally unpair the external hard drive from your PS5 and use it with another device.

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Improve Your Ps4 Network Performance

We’ve mostly focused on graphical performance and PS4 speed here. But if it seems like playing online games on your PlayStation 4 isn’t working as it should, you may need to fix network issues on your PS4.

Running through those fixes will help if you’re getting disconnected from online games or don’t experience stable gameplay online.

Physically Clean Your Playstation 4

If you’ve had your PS4 for some time, chances are that dust and other grime has built up inside. This can deteriorate performance if left uncheckedwith more heat trapped in the system from the debris, the system fans have to work harder, decreasing overall efficiency.

Follow our guide to cleaning your dirty PS4 to remove dust from its internals. Hopefully, this will help your system work at a cooler temperature and thus run games a bit more smoothly.

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How To Upgrade Your Ps4 Hard Drive

It used to be when you bought a console, upgrading your storage was something that was easier said than done. When you initially pick up a PlayStation 4, 500GB or a 1TB of space seems like a lot. In reality, that might only hold 15 or 20 games, and when it comes to games that require multiple updates, that number shrinks even more. Luckily, all you need is a USB 3.0 external hard drive, and you can access up hundreds of gigabytes more storage space for your console.

Why Does Your Ps4 Claim To Not Have Enough Free System Storage Space

Top 3 Ways On How To Get More Storage Space On Your PS4!

If you’re trying to download a game, or even just an update for a game you already have installed, your PS4 might tell you there’s not enough free space in system storage. It’s possible your hard drive is simply too full, and you legitimately have used up all possible room. However, sometimes that isn’t the case.

Sometimes, your PS4 will refuse to complete a download, even when it looks like you should have plenty of space left on your hard drive. Why is it doing this? Well, it all ties into that lengthy copying process your PS4 goes through whenever you install a game or update. Let’s use an example to explain what’s happening.

Say you’ve just bought Red Dead Redemption 2, a game that takes up a minimum of 105GB according to PlayStation Store. Let’s also say you know that your hard drive happens to have 150GB of space free, meaning you should be able to install the game with no issues. You try to set it to download, only for your PS4 to tell you there’s not enough space.

The problem is that, whenever your PS4 downloads a game, it’s also downloading all the updates to ensure you’re getting the most recent version. This can seriously inflate the game’s file size beyond what’s advertised on PlayStation Store pages. Downloading a game plus any patches will require more space than it might first appear. However, that’s not all.

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How To Get More Inventory Space In Stranded Deep

To make more inventory space that you can carry with you, you must make the Tool Belt. This allows you to quick swap between various items and tools.

Equipping an item to your Tool Belt takes it out of your backpack, freeing up a slot. To craft a Tool Belt, you need to get one lashing and one piece of cloth.

External Ps4 Drives For All Your Games

Now you know how to purchase, connect, and use an external drive for your PS4. With more storage, you can keep your favorite PS4 titles installed without having to delete anything for a long time.

And since you can store PS4 games on an external drive to play on PS5 too, you’ll be ready to transfer everything to your PS5 when you get the new console.

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How To Free Up Space On The Ps4

The best way to free up space on the PlayStation 4 is to use a native functionality of the console to understand what are the elements that take up the most memory, so as to identify those that can be deleted, such as old titles that are no longer used or gameplay videos by now. unnecessary acquired through the button of the controller.

In short, understanding what are the elements that can be canceled without consequences is the first step to take. To do this, starting from the PS4 main menu, move to the top toolbar and press the X button of the pad above the Settings icon .

At this point, press on the Storage memory option and select the System storage memory box . You will then be shown on the screen all the types of data on the PlayStation hard disk, from apps to themes , and the amount of free space available.

Press, therefore, on the Applications panel and take a look at the games and apps installed . Next to each element there is the occupied space . At this point, choose a content that you no longer use and press the Options button on the controller. Then choose the Delete option , check the boxes of the contents you want to delete and press the X button of the pad first above the Delete button and then above the OK button .

You are probably thinking that saves dont weigh much and therefore you cant save much space this way, but there are actually games that can save data for hundreds of MB , so this feature might come in handy.

Rebuild The Ps4 System Database

How to Free Up Space on Your PlayStation 4

If you’re wondering why your PS4 is so slow, especially while in the menus, this option is for you. You might not know that the PS4 has a utility in its Safe Mode interface called Rebuild Database. This process isn’t as intensive as defragmenting your hard drive. Instead, it tells your system where relevant data is for your games and services, making for more efficient access.

While this probably won’t improve your game performance, it reduces the home screen delays that are common with extended use of the PS4. Doing this will also cause your PS4 to check for updates for games you haven’t played in a while, upon rebooting once the process completes.

To rebuild your PS4 system database, shut down your PS4 fully by holding the PS Button on your controller and selecting Power > Turn Off PS4 from the Quick Menu. Once the lights on your PS4 go out, press and hold the physical Power button on the front of your console for several seconds. After you hear a second beep, your PS4 will boot into Safe Mode.

Connect your controller to your system with a USB cable, then hit the PS Button on your controller so you can use it. Select Rebuild Database, confirm the operation, then wait for it to complete.

This usually doesn’t take too long . Once it’s done, your system will reboot. The process doesn’t delete any data, though it will make your system forget what games you’ve played most recently. Recent titles won’t appear first on your home screen until you launch them again.

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