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How To Make Wifi Faster On Ps4

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How To Improve The Download Speed On Your Ps4


When it comes to picking a side in the console wars, Ive always backed Sony. But I cant help but admit that slow downloads speeds have plagued the PlayStation console for as long as I remember.

Games got a lot bigger in the last couple of years. Its now common practice for triple-A games to take over 40 GB of space. This isnt much of a problem if you play your games from physical disks. But if you buy your games digitally, make yourself comfortable and just wait. Regardless of your Internet Service Provider, chances are itll take forever to download the new game that you recently bought from PSN. Luckily, there are ways to improve the download speed of your PS4. Some of the solutions will temporarily boost the download speed, while others offer a permanent improvement.

Without further ado, below you have a collection of methods that helped a lot of users to improve the download speeds on their PS4. Keep in mind that not every fix will work for you. I suggest you go through each method in order until you find a fix that actually helps.

How To Change Your Dns Settings Advanced Method

All you need is a computer that is running on the same connection as your PS4 preferably with a wired connection that is running Internet Explorer/Google Chrome

This method will give you the best DNS settings for every device from an Xbox One or a computer

  • Turn on your PC and navigate to this website which is Googles DNS Benchmark tool
  • Download and extract the namebench program which matches your operating system for Mac it will be the one at the top, for Windows the one directly below it namebench-1.3.1-Windows.exe
  • Remember for best results have your laptop/computer directly connected to the router via an ethernet cable as this helps eliminate any external factors that could interfere with your DNS settings to get the best results possible.
  • Make sure you tick the two options near the nameserver and have the health check performance as fast I recommend having the number f queries as 250 which will take longer but give you much stabler results
  • Now this will take between 20-30 minutes so start playing your PS4 or do whatever in the meantime
  • An internet explorer tab will open up giving you various forms of data avg of Ping, the difference between mini & max-min and much more
  • Ideally, you want to find the most stable ping that has the smallest difference between max and min, choose that one for your primary DNS & the second-best for your secondary
  • Navigate back to DNS settings and input the primary and secondary DNS settings you found in the explorer tab
  • Why Should You Change The Dns Settings On Ps4 And Ps5

    The better the DNS system is, the faster the translation happens. You get the DNS from your internet service provider, which might be perfectly fine. Sometimes, though, these numbers are not the best to work with particular servers, like PlayStation or Xbox servers.

    The alternative is using public DNS numbers you can find from companies like Google or Cloudflare. These are solutions these companies offer for free to improve worldwide connections.

    As a result, you can get an overall faster internet. Moreover, it will make your internet service more constant and less prone to interruptions. That makes tasks like updating the console or updating games easier.

    If you choose the best one for your device, youll get a faster multiplayer experience. For example, public DNS addresses from Cloudflare and Google are notably good for both Xbox and PlayStation consoles. They have a general purpose media use.

    Game servers have certain filters preventing players with slow or unreliable connections from entering. Alternative DNS can bypass these filters, even if your connection doesnt typically allow you to play online.

    Additionally, you may want to change the DNS for advanced network configurations, such as port forwarding the PlayStation to change the NAT settings.

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    Ps4 Settings For A Wi

    If you use Wi-Fi , then this is how to set the DNS settings with a Wi-Fi set-up.

    Go to Settings and move down the menu to select Network.

    Then select the second option Set Up Internet Connection.

    Select the option Use Wi-Fi.

    Next, rather than clicking on the default Easy option, select Custom.

    After your PS4 has scanned local Wi-Fi networks, select your Wi-Fi network from the list.

    Assuming that your router is set up to assign IP addresses automatically, select Automatic.

    You have the option of setting your own IP address using the Manual option.

    For DHCP Host Name, select Do Not Specify.

    Then, importantly, select Manual for DNS Settings.

    Next, you enter your chosen Primary DNS and Secondary DNS settings.

    If you want to use Googles Public DNS settings, enter and .

    For MTU Settings, select Automatic.

    For Proxy Server, select Do Not Use.

    Thats it. Your Internet settings are updated and you are ready to go!

    Add A Static Ip Address To Your Ps4/ps5

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    On a similar note, you can add a Static IP address. Let me explain: every time a device logs into the Wi-Fi, the router will assign a dynamic IP address to it. Every device on the network has a different address to avoid conflicts.

    A static address is a set number it doesnt change. As a result, the connection stability is better. So, you can add one via the PS4s network menu.

    The static IP should be similar to the dynamic IP. The only thing that changes is the last digit, as you can add +50 or +100, or anything in-between.

    So, you need to check the IP address first by checking the Connection Status:

  • Go to Settings> Network
  • Select View Connection Status
  • Wrote down the IP Address, Subnet Mask, and Default Gateway information. Youre going to use it later.
  • Also, take note of your NAT Type. If its NAT Type 3, you may need to change it via the routers admin page. Otherwise, online multiplayer wont work properly on your console.

    Next up, you can add a static IP address like so:

  • If youre using Wi-Fi, select your network and type the password
  • On IP Settings, select Manual
  • On IP Address, place the first number, but change the last digit. For example, if the address was, you can now add
  • Next, add the same Subnet Mask as before
  • Now add the same Default Gateway as before
  • Add a public DNS as we showed you before. You can use for Primary and for Secondary
  • Select Next to validate the process
  • Select automatic MTU settings
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    How To Set Up 5ghz On The Ps4

    Making sure your console offers a higher bandwidth band is only half the battle you also need to make sure that your router supports it as well.

    I personally own the Netgear Nighthawk router which offers simultaneous dual-band WiFi, meaning that it can output 2.4GHz and 5GHz at the same time.

    Youll want to make a quick Google search with something like + 5GHz in order to verify this for yourself.

    If it supports it, your router will most likely output 5GHz from the get go whether or not its dual band .

    The only thing you will need to do after this pre-setup phase is go into the networking settings of your PS4 and select the 5GHz band SSID .

    What is an SSID? In basic terms, its what you name your router. Think about all of the devices you have connected to your router. How was it displayed/broadcasted during setup?

    This is what youll be looking for, only youll need to make sure its the 5GHz variant.

    For me, the Nighthawk router displays the band as Netgear-5G. You should see something along the lines of -5G but if not, reference your routers setup guide to see how it displays the band.

    Simply press X when hovering over the correct SSID, enter your encryption key credentials, and test the connection.

    Provided you havent accidentally entered the wrong password, youll be off to the races with 5GHz on your PS4.

    How To Improve Your Ps5 Download Speed

    Feeling the need for speed? This guide will help you get faster PSN downloads

    Getting yourself twisted up over your PS4 and PS5 download speeds? Youre not the only one: nothing can kill a games night like waiting for an update to finish, and the most exciting thing about triple-A games definitely isnt waiting for them to install.

    Luckily, weve got a whole host of little tips and hacks you can use to improve your PS5 download speeds and consistency. Some of these are at a console level, some of them at a router level, and some of them are altogether a little more drastic.

    So, if youre sat there idly looking at a progress bar while all your mates are asking where theyre dropping in Call of Duty: Warzone, why dont you read on, and learn how you can avoid being that friend.

    Heres how to improve your PS5 download speed:

    • Use a wired connection
    • Tinker with Googles DNS settings
    • Get a better internet connection

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    Ways To Boost The Performance Of Your Ps4

    Wondering how to make your PS4 faster and improve its performance? Take these steps to experience the best PS4 performance possible.

    If you have a PS4 or even a PS4 Pro, you might wonder how to get better performance out of your system. And while you can’t upgrade your PS4 like you can a gaming PC, there are some ways to make sure your PS4 runs at its best.

    Let’s look at your options for how to make your PS4 run faster and what to expect from them.

    Pay For A Better Internet Connection For Your Ps4

    ð§ How to Boost PS4 Internet speed – Faster downloads, Lower Ping and Fix LAG!

    You might have been paying for the same old internet connection for years. While standard broadband is decent and more than good enough for basic web browsing, if you’re trying to download huge files via your PS4, that speed is going to be very slow.

    Fibre Broadband is the best way to get affordable, fast internet and download speeds. Check if your current provider offers this service and it’s available in your area. If you’re out of the minimum contract period you may find moving to a new provider offers you better value for money.

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    Upgrade To An Ssd Or Faster Hdd

    The PS4’s stock 5400RPM hard drive isn’t particularly fast, so it takes a while to load games. As a result, you might consider upgrading your internal PS4 drive to a 7200RPM disk, hybrid drive, or even an SSD.

    While this will result in some loading time benefits, it won’t make a world of difference otherwise. Games will load more quickly, but it won’t improve graphical performance or other aspects of gameplay.

    This is especially true for the original PS4 and PS4 Slim. Both of these use a SATA II connection for their hard disk, which is not capable of throughputs as high as the newer SATA III connection on the PS4 Pro. So while you’ll see some benefits of using an SSD on older PS4 models, it won’t be night and day.

    SSDs are also expensive, so in most cases, you’re better off putting the money towards a larger hard drive to hold more games. You might also prefer saving up money and upgrading to a PlayStation 5, which has an SSD built into the system.

    Update Drivers And Firmware

    Hardware manufacturers release updates to improve device performance. Updates typically include security fixes, code optimizations, improved device compatibility, and increased stability. You should always keep your firmware and drivers current to prevent issues that can slam the brakes on your internet connection. Be sure to do the following:

    • Update your computers drivers and operating system, especially the graphics drivers
    • Update your consoles operating system
    • Update the firmware for all controllers and peripherals
    • Update your routers firmware

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    Switching To 5 Ghz Network Can Easily Cope With Multiple Connected Devices

    One advantage of switching to a 5 GHz network is its increased range. Devices that can only connect on 2.4 GHz arent able to communicate as easily with other devices that can use the 5 GHz network. A dual band router, on the other hand, can work with both networks. This makes it easier to cover larger areas and penetrate thick walls. However, dual band routers do have a few disadvantages.

    Switching to a 5 GHz network is a great way to improve your internet speed and reduce network congestion. With increased throughput, your data can easily travel over longer distances. It also reduces traffic congestion and increases reliability. Many modern routers support the 5 GHz frequency.

    How To Enter The Dns Server Settings In The Ps4

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    Heres how to enter the best DNS server settings on your PS4. Well demonstrate by entering Googles Public DNS settings , which generally provide good performance and are secure . Our guide below allows you to determine if there are even better settings for your location, which you can enter in the same way.

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    Getting The Best Ps4 Performance Possible

    Keep in mind that the PS4 launched in 2013 , so it’s getting up there in age. Over time, as games become more demanding, aging hardware will have trouble keeping up.

    While there’s not much you can do to physically upgrade your PS4, keeping these tips in mind will keep your PS4 running as well as it can. Organizing your system logically can also help you get to what you’re looking for more quickly.

    Power Cycle Network Devices

    You can power cycle your router and modem to improve their performance. Since very small differences in latency can make a big impact on the amount of lag you experience, its worth restarting your equipment.

    To power cycle, press the Power button or unplug your modem or wireless gateway. After that, wait 30 seconds and then plug it back in. Do the same with a standalone router when your modem comes back online.

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    The Bottom Line: Keep Your Latency Low

    You dont need a lot of download speed to play games online. If anything, you need a decent upload speed to livestream your gameplay on Twitch or YouTube.

    Your biggest concern is latency. You can have the fastest internet plan on the planet, but a high latency feels like youre running through mud and makes the game unplayable online. No one wants to sit at the bottom of the scoresheet because mouse clicks and button presses become unresponsive.

    We list the best internet providers for gaming based on latency to help you decide whats best for your online gameplay needs. But you should also consider all your other non-gaming devices and online activities before you select a plan, like downloads, streaming services, at-home office work, schoolwork, and so on.

    That said, we recommend one of the best gaming routerspaired with a great internet providerto balance that load and keep your online gameplay lag-free.

    What Is A Good Connection Speed For Ps4

    PS4 Faster Internet In 5 Minutes Or Less

    Ping is the most important statistic the less ping you have the better for internet speeds, 50ms ping is very good, less than 100 is good to average and 150 is when problems with games will start arising and more than 150 you could experience lag and have issues with games.

    For internet connection 10Mbps download, speed is good enough as even if another person in your home is using Netflix or streaming your gaming shouldnt be affected.

    Even in countries such as Bangladesh with terrible Wi-fi low Mbps speeds are still perfectly serviceable, Ping is the most important factor and 2MBps is more than enough for online gaming

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    Why Is A Ps4 Wired Connection Better Than Wifi

    The PlayStation is a gaming console and games require fast internet and a reliable connection.

    Even when youre watching movies, you need good internet to stream uninterrupted.

    This is why the wired connection is better since the WiFi is dependent on several other services.

    The WiFi can be interrupted, impacted by interference, and is dependent on your router.

    As long as with the wired connection, your machine will have internet as long as internet bills are paid.

    Heres how to install the wired connection on your PS4:

  • Get an Ethernet cable.
  • Connect it to the back Ethernet input on your PS4.
  • Plug the other end of the cable into one of the blue slots on your router.
  • On your PS4, go to Settings > Network > Wired > Setup.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to set up the wired connection of your PS4.
  • Tip: If your router is not close enough to the PS4, you can buy an extended Ethernet cable .

    Quick Recap How To Improve PS4 WiFi?

    The short answer is to reposition your PS4 in an open area for the WiFi signal strength to increase. The long answer is to inspect your network and make everything possible to boost the WiFi speed and PS4 connectivity.

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    Last Thoughts:

    Now that you know how to improve PS4 WiFi connection, youre ready to get the most out of your network.

    You should keep in mind that when no change was made by applying the step tutorial above, the problem could be related to your internet base speed.

    How To Get Fast Internet For Your Playstation 4

    Wired Ethernet For Faster Connection

    Wired internet will get you the most reliable connection for online gaming. Although Wi-fi connection has come along way in recent years, the waves Wi-fi uses are reduced by many factors.

    • Obstructions in your home such as walls, doors and floors
    • Distance between your router and your PS4
    • Inferences from other devices using the same wi-fi connection, such as your smartphone or another console

    These factors will reduce the packets or cause the packets to be delayed which is called latency, which will reduce both your download speed and internet speed.

    Whereas with an ethernet cable the internet travels via a physical cable meaning everything mentioned above will not affect your internet connection, giving you far smoother gaming experience. Check out this post here for more information.

    If you want a handy tutorial on how to set up internet for your PlayStation 4 both wired and via wi-fi check out this tutorial down below

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