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How To Record Gameplay Ps4

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Ways To Record Ps4 Gameplay Video On Windows

How To Record PS4 Gameplay (No Capture Card)

Option 1. Game bar

What is Game bar: For Windows 10 users, you can record PS4 gameplay with PC Windows 10 by using Xbox One app. In addition, you can use Xbox to broadcast your game with mixer as well.

How to Record PS4 Gameplay through Windows Settings:

Step 1Open Xbox One app on your Windows 10 computer.

Step 2Head to Settings and choose Game DVR.

Step 3Manage video encoding and other settings.

Step 4Click Record to start recording on PS4.

Step 5Stop recording the PS4 gameplay and find it by File Explorer\Videos\Captures.

Option 2. FoneLab Screen Recorder

What is FoneLab screen recorder: You can record gameplay, tutorials, calls and other live videos by using FoneLab with no quality loss. It is also supported to record system sound and microphone voice at the same time. Well, you can record PS4 gameplay in 1080p here.

How to Record PS4 Gameplay with Facecam and Voice:

Step 1Launch the PS4 recording software on your Windows 7/8/8.1/10/Vista/XP.

Step 2Choose the Game Recorder option.

Step 3Set the custom screen area and manage the input audio source.

Step 4Click REC to record video on PS4.

Step 5After the gameplay recording, choose Save followed by Next to export the recording file.

Option 3. How to screen record ps4 with Powerpoint

Powerpoint has a built-in feature to record screen on computer with simple operations. You can learn how to use it to make powerpoint into a video as below.

Step 1Open PPT software on computer and then click Insert > Screen Recording.

End The Recording Process

When done, click the Stop button at the right-side part of the recording toolbar. A playback video appears where you can preview the recorded PS4 game. You can click the Save button to keep the video on your computer. After recording, you can go to its output folder and upload the PS4 game video to YouTube.

Way 1 Record Ps4 Gameplay With Its Built

Pros: Auto-record, no third-party tool neededCons: 1 hour capture duration at most, only support 30fps

To help the gaming console users record and save their remarkable fight highlights for sharing, Sony has equipped auto-record feature with its PS4 and Pro version.

They two will keep a .mp4 record of the last 15-minute gameplay by default in the cache and if you dont save it by double pressing the Share button, the machine will go on another 15-min and erase the previous segment continuously. Does PS4 only record gameplay no longer than 15 minutes? Not exactly. You can alter the Length of Video Clip from 30 Seconds to 60 Minutes. Although the maximum length is just 1 hour and it may also be shortened due to your limited storage space.

As of dimensions, PS4 is able to record and PS4 Pro , no higher resolution or frame rate available to match the real 1080p or 4K performance.

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How To Record Clips On Ps4

William StantonRead more April 15, 2021

Since its inception, gaming had a social aspect to it. Video games are much more fun when you are playing together with your friends, and when you can show off your skills. Unlike computers, the PlayStation 4 has a built-in record feature.

There is no need to use third-party software you can record clips on your PS4 in-game. Some people might find the process complicated, especially if they are new to the platform. This guide will give you step-by-step instructions and advice on how to record clips on the PS4 properly.

You will soon be able to share clips with your friends and save them for later viewing.

How To Record Gameplay With The Ps4

How to Record PS4 Gameplay WITHOUT A CAPTURE CARD! *RECORD ...

One of the greatest features introduced by the PlayStation 4 is the ability to record gameplay footage and take screenshots without needing to purchase a video capture device. The PS4 has everything you need to record gameplay built right into it!

There are a few limitations to the system, but generally speaking, the features for recording gameplay footage with the PlayStation 4 is absolutely fantastic and incredibly useful for anyone looking to get started on YouTube or Twitch. Maybe you just want to make some game guides. This guide will explain everything you need to know to get started.

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Does Ps4 Automatically Record Gameplay On Xbox One

The Xbox will start recording your gaming session. The internal memory of Xbox One can record up to 10 minutes of playing time. If you have an external storage device, you can record up to 1 hour of playback. All you need is a short clip, press the X button after pressing the Xbox button. This will automatically save the last 30 seconds of playback.

How To Autosave Recorded Gameplay On Ps4

Your PlayStation 4 automatically records the last 15 minutes of gameplay and saves it in your device’s video cache.

1. Press the button on your PS4 controller. Only press the button once. Pressing it twice will start a new recording and wipe the cache.

2. Select Save Video Clip or hit the Square button on your controller.

Quick tip: In the menu under Sharing and Broadcast Settings, you can change the length of the recording your PS4 saves by changing Length of Video Clip. The options include: 30 seconds, 1 minute, 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, and 60 minutes.

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Let The World See How You Landed That Headshot

If you want to record PS4 Gameplay and are confused about where to begin, then this is the article that is going to help you record your first-ever gameplay on PS4. Well be deep-diving into the step-by-step procedure of recording your gameplay. Through recording your gameplay, youll be able to show your gaming skills to your friends and followers and, youll be helping new gamers in completing or unlocking new levels in games. So, without wasting time, lets directly jump to the procedure.

Faqs Of How To Record Vr Gameplay

How To RECORD PS4 Gameplay in FULL HD – (Best PS4 Settings – Very EASY)

Question 1. What do you need to play VR games?

A VR headset device is required for the VR gameplay. What’s more, you need a computer or smart phone to support your VR headset.

Question 2. Can I use VR headset as a monitor?

You can render some virtual displays and play games on VR headset. But you can’t use it as a display without headtracking. Even you can use VR headset as a monitor, you may not want to use it due to the low resolution.

Question 3. Does Quest 2 have built-in mic?

Yes, both Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 devices are equipped with a set of built-in microphones and speakers. They include a microphone array on the bottom side near your mouth.

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What Is Good Bitrate For Obs

AVC Level : The best low-bandwidth bit rate should be between 400 and 1200 kbps. Ideally, you should aim for a recording of 1000 kbps or less. Above are the recommended streaming settings for Twitch. To get the best settings for OBS streaming, play around with the numbers until you find the settings that work for you.

How To Record Gameplay On Ps4/pro

Summary: In this article, you will find 4 ways on how to record gameplay on any PS4 machine, so that you can get a high quality game capture file to upload to YouTube, or shoot the full show with no time limit.

PS5 release is fast approaching in the late 2020, and you still didnt know how to record gameplay on your PS4 console?You may say: I know! I know the console itself can take the in-game moments, but the maximum length is just 15? 60 minutes? I need a longer capture.Maybe also, you found the PS4-recorded masterpieces are not excellent as you expected, with frame drops or buffering problem.To make all the things related to PS4 game recording clear and help you work out a crisp game capture at will, this post will list 4 ways out there on how to record games on PS4, each of which are given with its pros and cons. Just select the one that suits you most.

Content Overview:

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How To Record Steam Vr Gameplay Using Vrcapture: Steps To Follow

1. Set Up VRCapture

Visit the Steam shop and download and install this application on your computer. It should not take too long for this file to be downloaded to your computer.

2. Take Screenshots of Your Virtual Reality Play Sessions

Before you start playing the game, you must first launch the software. When you first start playing the game, select the recording option to begin recording gameplay.

3. Stop Recording

To stop recording after you have finished playing the game, select the Stop recording option from the menu or hit the Ctrl + F12 shortcut key. With one click, the gadget will put an end to what is currently being recorded.

4. Change Default Location

If you wish to change the location where the game recordings are stored, you can select the settings option and specify a new location.

As long as you play virtual reality games on a widely used platform, the instructions in the guide above will show you how to record VR gameplay. An excellent option if you want to record games without going through any effort is EaseUS RecExperts. Other VR recorders, such as the PlayStation 4 and Steam, can also be used to record VR content.

Looking Back At Youtubes Gaming Look Back

How To Record PS4 Gameplay

You can look at it yourself here, but if you want to save time, heres a snapshot of the numbers that you will find the most eye-catching

  • 2020 was the biggest year for YouTube gaming channels after crossing 100 billion watch hours.
  • 40 million+ active gaming channels on YouTube.
  • 80,000 gaming creators crossed 1,00,000 subscribers in 2020.
  • Minecraft is the most-watched game with 201 billion views.
  • More than $1.5 million was raised for charity by different gaming content creators.
  • 2020 was a happening year for gaming content creators. With the surge, its expected to grow even bigger from here. If you want to be a part of this growing journey, then this blog is for you.

In this blog, we will be telling you how you can record your own PS4 gameplay videos and make them more personal with webcam and audio recording.

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How To Record Ps4 Gameplay More Than 60 Minutes

The built-in capture feature on PS4 is the easiest route to record PS4 gameplay by far. However, it has some limitations that may be prohibitive to some, such as it takes much internal storage on PS4 it records only gameplay clips and cannot capture the things outside the game it put a facecam overlay on the game clip, etc.

So your best bet is to record PS4 gameplay with a PC, because you are allowed to use a feature-rich screen recording software to capture gameplay clips when you steam the PS4 to a PC. For me, VideoProc Converter is a reliable PS4 screen recorder that lets you capture internal game sound, overlay a facecam/webcam, use green-screen effects and many more.

How To Record A Clip On Ps4

Recording clips is not that difficult. You need to launch your game, and when you start playing, you will be able to start recording. Follow these steps to record a clip while in game:

  • Press the Share button two times, and it will record a video clip that is the length of time selected in the previous section. You should see the symbol pictured below as confirmation that the recording has started.
  • If youd like to stop recording the clip before the selected time, simply double tap the Share button again. You should get a message saying Video Clip Saved.
  • Once you finish recording your clip, it will be saved in the Capture Gallery folder by default. You can access the Capture Gallery through Settings.
  • In the settings menu, scroll down and select System Storage Management.
  • Within System Storage Management, select Capture Gallery.
  • Your capture gallery will be organzied by game each game will have its own folder of clips.

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    Good Game Well Played

    Now you know all about recording, trimming, and sharing your game play clips on PS4. You can make some nice frag movies, funny clips, game play commentary, and video tutorials. The options are endless as long as you are creative enough.

    Do you record clips on PS4 for your own viewing pleasure or do you share them? Let us know in the comments below and leave a link to one of your own game play videos.

    Way 1 How To Record On Ps4 With Built

    How to Record PS4 Gameplay and Upload to YouTube

    The easiest way on how to record gameplay on PS4 is by using its default recording tool. However, there are certain limitations that you should be aware of. The default PS4 recording time is 15 minutes, and you can adjust the duration up to 60 minutes only. This means you cannot record a gameplay beyond 60 minutes. If you are good with the limitations, you can follow the simple steps on how to record PS4 gameplay for YouTube and Twitch below.

    Step 1: Turn on your PS4 and press Share button. Go to Sharing and Broadcasts option.

    Step 2: Under Sharing and Broadcasts, go to Length of Video Clip option. Here you are set the recording duration up to 60 minutes.

    Step 3: If you want to record your gameplay with your voice, go to Audio Sharing Settings option. Turn on “Include Mic in Video Clip” option.

    Step 4: Start your game and whenever you feel like you need to start recording, press the Share button two times on PS4. The recording will start automatically in the background and as soon as the set duration limit is reached, the recording will stop. However, you can also stop the recording by pressing on Share button twice again.

    Step 5: You can go to the main menu and under Capture Gallery, you will find the recorded video.

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    How Do You Stop Recording Gameplay

    Might seem like a simple thing, but this is a good question and one that is often asked by people who are new to the system. To stop the recording, all you need to do is double-tap the share button again. You will see an icon appear on the screen to let you know that it is no longer recording the footage.

    How To Record Ps4 Gameplay On A Mac

    To record PS4 game video on Mac: 1 Launch QuickTime Player. 2 Choose New Screenshot from the File drop-down menu. 3 Use the down arrow next to Record to select a microphone. 4 Click Burn to record your PS4 game without buying anything. 5 Select Stop in the top left corner to stop PS4 video recording.

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    Faqs Of Recording Gameplay On Ps4

    How to share PS4 gameplay recording to YouTube?

    After recording gameplay with PS4, you can share it to YouTube or Facebook too. There will be Upload Video Clip and Share Play options in the popping-up page. Just choose one to record gameplay on PS4 and upload to YouTube or Facebook.

    How to record previous gameplay on PS4?

    PS4 record and save the latest 15 minutes of gameplay footage automatically. If you want to record past gameplay on PS4, just press the Square button. You can find the saved PS4 game footage in Capture Gallery. Or you can share gameplay video on PS4 to social media platforms as well.

    Is PS4 always recording?

    Yes. PS4 will keep recording the latest 15 minutes of your gameplay by default. But it does not mean that you can always get all your gameplay footages. You need to press Share to save it to USB drive or elsewhere manually.

    Can I record on PS4 with my voice?

    Yes. To record gameplay on PS4 with voice, you need to use a headset or microphone on a PlayStation Camera. Then head to Audio Sharing Settings in Sharing and Broadcasts to specify details.

    Thats all to record gameplay on PS4 in 2 different ways. PS4 itself allows users to get the latest 15 minutes of recording. Even though you havent started recording, you can still save or share a gameplay recording. But if you want to record PS4 gameplay for hours with more functions, Blu-ray Master Screen Recorder can also be your good choice.

    More Reading

    Way 2 Record Ps4 Gameplay On Computer With Screen Recording Software

    how to record gameplay video on ps4

    Pros: More flexible recording settings with no time/fps limitCons: Need a USB cable and PS4 Remote Play download on PC

    When your computer finds PS4 and switch to its display, you can start the game with a desktop screen recorder recording in the background. Here OSB Studio is recommended if you are a proficient software user. If you are a newbie, please turn to an easy tool like RecMaster.

    RecMaster gives the simplest solution to any screen capture, PS4 game recording included. Once you install and open it, just choose Game Mode or Full Screen and then define the format , quality and frame rate as you prefer.

    As a feature-packed recorder, RecMaster also enables you to take picture-in-picture gameplay tutorial or walkthrough by showing your facecam in the corner, grab system or/and microphone sound, add your style watermark, set and enable a timed recording, and edit & share to YouTube. If you are going to run PS4 on multiple monitors, RecMaster can also capture them simultaneously.

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