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Should I Buy An Xbox Or Playstation

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Should I Get An Xbox One Or Playstation 4

“Which Console Should I Buy?” – Xbox ONE or Playstation 4 | Discussion

At this point, the argument between whether PlayStation or Xbox is better is two decades old. Here, at the end of this console generation, we can look back and judge what the PS4 and Xbox Ones strengths and weaknesses are, but to a certain degree, it comes down to personal preference.

  • Until Dawn
  • Yakuza series

Xbox, on the other hand, has had a lackluster exclusive lineup this generation. Halo only received one title for the Xbox One, and besides Gears of War and Forza, there arent many unique titles for Microsofts console to get excited for.

What About The Games

Right, the most important question you probably have. Well, out of the gate, youre not going to see many exclusives for either console. Microsofts biggest launch title Halo: Infinite has been delayed until next year due to COVID-19-related slowdowns, a major letdown for the company.

Sony, meanwhile, has Spider-Man: Miles Morales and its Demon Souls remake, but nothing thats truly a new must-have masterpiece. Both consoles, however, enjoy some high-flying new third-party titles in Assassins Creed Valhalla and WatchDogs: Legion.

Both consoles also offer backwards compatibility, with Microsoft promising games as far back as the original Xbox will work with the Series X and Series S. PlayStation says PlayStation 4 games will work with the PS5.

Microsofts ace in the hole, though, is its GamePass subscription service, which allows you to play more than 100 titles on your Xbox at any time you want for $9.99 per month. Its a ridiculously good deal, and one I cant recommend enough if youre an Xbox gamer. Jump up to GamePass Ultimate, and you get access to those same games and Microsofts cloud gaming service, which lets you play your titles on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Sony has its own service called PlayStation Plus, which gets you two PlayStation 4 games a month. And with the PlayStation 5, Sony is adding the PlayStation Plus Collection, a group of 20 of the best PlayStation 4 games that get improved load times and more stable frame rates.

Playstation 5 Versus Xbox Series X: Which New Console Should You Buy

Theyre finally here. After years of rumors and anticipation, Microsoft and Sony have officially launched their latest next-generation consoles. The new systems, dubbed the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 , promise a number of similar improvements over their predecessors including ray tracing technology for more impressive graphics and super-fast solid-state storage drives to cut down on load times.

All of that means youre likely asking yourself, Whats the difference between the two and which should choose? And thats where I come in. So lets break down the big differences and similarities between the two systems to give you a better idea of which is right for you.

The biggest differences come down to price, the PS5s impressive new DualSense controller, and, understandably, the kinds of exclusive games you can expect from the two systems. And that last one will likely be the most important distinction that determines which console you choose.

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Xbox Series X Vs Ps: Price Comparison

The Xbox Series X price and PS5 price are identical.

Microsoft’s disc-based Xbox Series X console retails for $499 / £449 / AU$749, while the standard PS5 is also $499 / £449 / AU$749. It makes choosing between an Xbox Series X pre-order or a PS5 pre-order bundles a tough choice.

One of the reasons the PS4 proved the more popular console during the last generation was the fact that it launched at a more attractive price point of $399.99 / £349.99. That was a relative steal compared to the $499 / £429 Xbox One, which at launch had to factor in the cost of its ill-fated Kinect motion tracker. The Kinect was initially hailed as one of the key differentiators between the consoles, but proved unpopular with both developers and gamers, leading to Microsoft slowly phasing it out in an effort to drive the price of the overall package down with later console revisions.

Neither has made that mistake with their new consoles making the top-tier versions identically matched. It’s the digital-only versions then where the real differences become visible.

The digital-only Xbox Series S lands at $299 / £249 / AU$499 while the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition comes in at $399.99 / £359.99 / AU$599.95.

But it’s not a like-for-like comparison. Microsoft’s digital console is weaker than the others it focuses on 1440p resolution instead of 4K, and targets 60/120 fps. With the PS5 Digital Edition, however, it’s exactly the same spec as the standard edition just minus that physical disc tray.

Which Console Should You Get

What Should i buy a Laptop, PlayStation or Xbox to Play Games?

Ah, the most important question of all. Like the divide between Android and iPhone users, Xbox and PlayStation users are loyal to their favorite console brand. If youre that type of person, you already know what youre going to get.

For everyone else, it comes down to the future titles these systems have to offer. With crossplay, in which players on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, and PC can all play together, becoming more common, third-party games shouldnt be an issue. In that case, it comes down to the exclusives. And with Microsoft getting ZeniMax, it has seriously bolstered the Xboxs games library.

But Sony pumps out some of the best first-party titles in the industry, so you can never count them out.

Im a fan of both, and so would get both. But if thats not for you, take a close look at what the consoles have lined up for future releases, and base your judgement on that. And dont forget, have fun!

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Xbox One Vs Ps: Entertainment

For sheer options, Xbox One is the superior entertainment machine. The system has the unique ability to transmit your cable box’s TV signal, allowing you to quickly switch between playing a game and watching a show. The Xbox One S, Xbox One X and PS4 Pro can all stream 4K content, but only Microsoft’s consoles can play 4K Blu-rays. However, the new Xbox One S All-Digital Edition has no disc drive at all, and is limited to 4K streaming.

Unlike PS4, Xbox One supports Dolby Atmos, allowing folks with compatible home theater products to enjoy immersive spatial sound, and will soon support Dolby Vision for improved HDR quality.

The Xbox One is also the only console that features Kodi, a highly popular media server app that lets you access any movies, TV shows, images or songs you have stored on any of your devices around the house.

Other than that, both PS4 and Xbox One cover most entertainment essentials, from major apps like Netflix and Hulu to more niche stuff like WWE Network and Crunchyroll. PS4 and Xbox One both offer Spotify, which lets you rock out to tunes in the background of whatever you’re playing. Xbox One features a few other notable music services such as SoundCloud, Pandora and Deezer.

Winner: Xbox One. The Xbox One offers a 4K Blu-ray option, better media apps and Dolby Atmos support.

Ps4 Vs Xbox One: The Price

The original Xbox One has been discontinued since 2017, but that hasn’t stopped the Xbox One S from being pretty cheap all the same. Of course, the same can be said for the PS4. It isn’t exactly difficult to find good, well-priced bundles of the two consoles that won’t leave you breaking your bank account in the process.

For example, a PS4 Pro 1TB console bundle that comes with Red Dead Redemption 2, can be yours at only $399. Considering you can buy that console for the same price, with zero games involved, that’s a pretty fine deal as far as we’re concerned.

Of course, if you just want the PS4 slim without the need for the added features of the PS4 Pro, then the PS4 Slim bundle with is also a catch for $320.

But the Xbox One X has more than a fair amount of great deals at a good price too. An Xbox One X 1TB console with Fallout 76 included, all for the price of $399? A bargain!

And if you’d rather play some sports than participate in the world of Fallout, the Xbox One X with NBA 2K19 for the same price is only a click away.

That said, there is a huge difference of price between the Xbox One S and the PS4 Slim, the more regular consoles of the bunch. While you’re able to get a deal for $320 for the PS4 Slim 1TB, you’re able to get a complete starter bundle of the Xbox One S for $250 coming with over 3 months of Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Passes. That’s a $70 difference!

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Final Thoughts And Pre

You can’t really go wrong with either console. PlayStation has what could be fairly described as more immediately exciting platform exclusives, especially with a Miles Morales-focused expansion of Spider-Man launching alongside the PS5.

But Xbox Game Pass is arguably the best subscription deal in gaming right now. The streaming factor means you don’t even necessarily need the latest Xbox right away, since any new Xbox-only game is available through Game Pass, which you can play basically anywhere so long as you have a reliable internet connection . No xCloud on iOS, though.

So it’s not a case of one option being better than the other. More that each console’s respective strengths cater to different tastes. Xbox has some popular exclusives in franchises like Halo and Gears, but Game Pass, with its day one games and sizable library of modern hits, is the real selling point. PlayStation’s Game Pass competitor isn’t quite as exciting, but many of the console’s best games can only be played there.

Whichever way you’re leaning, there’s not a pressing need to have any of these new consoles on day one. Most of the big games launching in fall 2020 support current generation hardware as well, and even the $299 Xbox Series S is a pricey buy during these fraught and uncertain times.

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How To Choose A Refurbished Video Game Console

Which One Should I Buy Playstation 4 or Xbox One?

A large part of what makes somebody choose one console over another depends on what console their friends are using. No matter how inclined you may be to get a refurbished PS4, if your best friend owns an Xbox, chances are that youll also get one because youll want to play with them. Same rules apply vice-versa, obviously. This may not be what you expected to hear, but this is how the video game community works.

But thats not how it works for everyone, some people choose a console depending on what exclusive titles the platform has. Halo, Gears of War, and Forza are titles exclusive to the Xbox platform that have been around since the first generation of the console .

PS4 has its own exclusive titles such as Bloodborne, God of War, Days Gone, and Persona 5, and depending if youre already invested into any of these storylines, the refurbished PS4 may be a more appealing choice to you.

But to be perfectly honest, most people dont buy consoles to play these exclusive titles. Most people play games that are available across multiple platforms. If youre buying a console for your kids, find out what games theyre into, and make sure theyre available for the console that youre thinking about buying.

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Ps4 Vs Xbox One: The Specs

While you may not really care about the specs of your consoles, there are some big differences between the Xbox One and the PS4 that you’ll need to know about. For example, unlike the PS4, the Xbox One does not support upgrading the internal memory inside the console the external hard drive however is fair game. This might be a deal breaker to some, but not quite for others.

Again, to make things much more simpler to process, we’ve created a table for you to see the differences between all four consoles for yourself.

PS4 Slim
11.8×9.5×2.4 inches

What Will It Cost Me

The PlayStation 5 will cost $499.99 or $399.99 for the all-digital edition. PlayStation Plus is required for online play, and will now provide access to a collection of games for $9.99 per month, or $59.99 per year. Sony hasnt yet announced any monthly payment plans that compete with Xbox All Access.

Like Xbox titles, some PlayStation 5 games will also cost $70 this generation. However, you can always save money by shopping around or purchasing secondhand copies if you buy the console with a physical disc drive.

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Bungie Says Marty Odonnell Owes Them Nearly $100000 After Destiny Contempt Finding

So what differentiates these two systems the most? The games, of course. And you can make a compelling argument for both Xbox and PlayStation when it comes to games, though Id argue that historically Sony has done a better job. Thats all changing with the advent of Xbox Game Pass.

Microsoft is making a strong push for more exclusive content on the Xbox platform, and 2021 is the first year thats really being tested, with seven upcoming Xbox Game Pass day one titles.

. These games are:

  • Flight Simulator July 27th
  • Back 4 Blood October 12th
  • Age Of Empires 4 October 28th
  • Forza Horizon 5 November 9th
  • Halo: Infinite TBD

Watch the video at the top of this post for more information and footage of each of these titles. As I note in the video, the fact that you can also play these on PC means that for PC gamers, at least, this might conversely be an argument to buy a PS5 instead, since PS5 exclusives like Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart are only on PlayStation 5 and not on PC. Either way, though, Xbox Game Pass is a great deal and makes Microsofts new consoles that much more valuable.

Thanks for reading and watching!

Xbox One Vs Ps: Bottom Line

Should I buy a PlayStation 4 or an Xbox One? It depends ...

With all the above said and done, Sonys PS4 is our overall favorite console. But only just. It pips Microsofts console to the post, thanks to its larger range of killer exclusive games, from the likes of God of War, The Last of Us 2, Uncharted 4 and Bloodborne. It also has a huge range of third-party games, a pleasingly intuative user interface, and a controller that is more innovative than the Xbox Wireless Controller, even if its perhaps not quite as good in everyday gaming use.

But we cant push the Xbox One aside completely, as thanks to exclusives like Halo, Gears 5, and Forza Horizon 4, Microsofts gaming machine is still an excellent console, though wed recommend getting the Xbox One X if youre going to an Xbox One machine. Its also worth remembering that the Xbox One S and One X can both play 4K Blu-rays, unlike the PS4. And Xbox Game Pass offers a huge library of games to play for some $10 a month arguably the Xbox One wins on sheer value for money.

With the Xbox Series X and PS5 now here, pitting the Xbox One vs the PS5 might seem a little moot. But its worth remembering that both consoles offer backwards compatibility, so any games you get for them now will be playable on their newer counterparts. So in effect, you’ll be building your game library ready for a generational upgrade.

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Ps4 Specs: Features And Upgrades To The Console:

  • CONSOLE Processor and Graphics: 1.6 GHz 64-Bit x86 Processor, with 8 Jaguar cores. AMD Radeon GPU card with 1152 cores and 1.84 TFLOPS Peak Shader throughput
  • RAM and Storage: 8 GB RAM, GDDR5 Memory processor 500 GB Hard Drive
  • Optical Drive: Standard Blu-ray / DVD Drive
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Optical Out, USB 3.0, 4K HDMI In Bluetooth 2.1 enabled
  • Controllers: PS4 Dual Shock 4 controllers have a new design, compared to the PS3 Dual Shock controllers. The PS4 controllers feature a center track pad and Move motion control.
  • Exterior Dimensions and Weight: 12 x 2 x 10.8

Should You Buy The Ps5 Or Xbox Series X Take This Quiz To Find Out

Home » Quiz » Should You Buy the PS5 or Xbox Series X? Take This Quiz To Find Out

Were slowly but surely edging closer and closer to the release of the PS5 and Xbox Series X. Pre-orders for both systems have now been and gone live, and sold-out at ridiculous rates. While more consoles will be made available over the next few months as we approach release, if you want to get one as close to release date as possible, you need to get one sooner rather than later. But what if youre still on the fence, wondering whether you should buy the PS5 or Xbox Series X?

Well, good news! Weve compiled a quick and easy quiz asking some of the big questions you need to consider when buying a next-gen console. These are large financial investments, and picking the wrong one could set you back from your true next-gen gaming paradise for a good while. All you have to do is answer the questions honestly, and let the quiz work its magic.

If you had fun with this one, be sure to check out our Quiz section for even more trivia and personality quizzes. You can even check out our console release dates trivia quiz, to see just how well those momentous dates have been etched into your memory. Or, if youve already decided on going for an Xbox, you may be wondering whether to buy an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S, so check our quiz for that, too!

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