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What Is The Best Gaming Headset For Ps4

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Best PS4 Headset 2021 – How to Find a Wired & best Wireless Gaming Headset?

Headsets like the Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 and the LucidSound LS31 can easily be used with both PS4 and Xbox One gaming systems. Most SONY headsets will also easily connect to both the Xbox One and the PS4. Pro PS4 players can commonly be found using headsets like the SteelSeries Arctis Pro High Fidelity Headset, which can easily be used with a PC as well. Whether youre in the market for a headset that will work with two systems, or you like the idea of it functioning with multiples, there are headsets on the market thatll meet your needs.

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Best Value Gaming Headset: Fnatic React

As well as being a longstanding esports team, Fnatic also produces a solid line of branded gaming peripherals – including excellent mechanical keyboards. Now, a truly top-tier headset designed expressly for competitive gaming has joined the mix with the £60/$70 Fnatic React.

Fnatic used the design of the popular HyperX Cloud line of gaming headsets as a starting point when designing the React, with a durable metal frame and comfortable plush earcups. Building from a proven design makes sense for Fnatic, as a smaller player within the space, especially when this particular configuration is so well-loved by players. However, I did notice some creaking as I twisted the headset gently, something I’ve not experienced with any HyperX headset.

While the design is very familiar, the audio quality is slightly more novel. Fnatic opted to emphasise highs and mids while flattening lows, providing a bright sound signature with plenty of clarity that makes it easier to hear that single errant footstep that can give you an edge in competitive games like CS:GO or PUBG. The good seal produced by the plush earcups also ensure great passive noise isolation, making these an ideal choice for playing competitive or immersive games where you don’t want to be disturbed by the world around you. Finally, the mic quality is surprisingly good, and it’s removable if you prefer to use a USB or XLR mic instead.

Our Pick Of The Best Gaming Headsets No Matter What Console Platform You’re Playing On

If youve been lucky enough to get your hands on a PS5, Xbox Series X or Series S, youre going to want one of the best gaming headsets for a fully optimised next-gen experience.

The three consoles were released in November last year and, unsurprisingly, launching new hardware in the middle of a global pandemic has proved a logistical nightmare for both Sony and Microsoft. A shortage of the AMD chips powering the consoles has meant there simply arent enough units being produced to quell consumers insatiable appetite for next-gen gaming.

With demand massively exceeding supply, its nigh-on impossible to find the consoles in-stock online and when retailers do have devices available, they sell out almost instantly. Demand has spiked for the best gaming headsets, too, though most are still available if you do a bit of searching around.

For those that have managed to get hold of a PS5 or Xbox Series X, the new consoles offer unprecedented power and deliver 4K resolution gaming, rapid load times, Ray Tracing and most relevant to this article, 3D audio.

Below, youll find mini reviews of each headset along with their key specifications to help you choose one that is most suitable for your needs. Before we jump into the list of entries, theres a comprehensive buying guide breaking down all the things you should consider before splashing out on one of the best gaming headsets.

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Corsair Void Pro Rgb Wireless

A stylish gaming headset that delivers all the trimmings


Corsair may be known more for its prolific PC peripheral ranges, but that hasn’t stopped it from making waves in the world of gaming audio as well. Its latest model, the Void Pro RGB Wireless, might have a weighty asking price, but it’s packed with all the features youd want from a premium set of headphones.

The 7.1 audio really brings your game audio and chat to life, with deep bass and clear treble, while its wireless signal holds true, however long your session might be.

That eye-catching design also includes RGB lighting, which can be synchronized with other Corsair products for your very own desk-based light show.

The Trust GXT 488 Forze offers brilliant value for money.

Reasonably priced, comfortable to wear, and officially approved by Sony, the Trust GXT 488 Forze headset is an excellent choice for PS4 gaming it brings with it just about everything you could want from such a device, and it definitely earns its place on our list of the best gaming headsets you can buy in 2021.

The audio from the 50mm active speaker units inside the cups is top-notch, whether you’re listening for enemies sneaking up behind you or just taking in the ambient noise in whatever virtual world you happen to be in. As the volume cranks up, the fidelity remains crisp and clear.

Get the Eksa E900 wrapped around your head and you won’t be disappointed by the audio performance.

Best Cheap Gaming Headset: Roccat Elo X Stereo

Afterglow AG 6 Wired Stereo Gaming Headset for PS4 Black ...

Roccat’s entry-level Elo X Stereo headset is far better than its price point suggests. It connects to Xboxes, PlayStations, Switch, mobile and PC with a simple 3.5mm wired connection and features a decent detachable microphone. We found the headset was lightweight and stayed comfortable for hours on end, thanks to its memory foam earcups – and it even lived up to its ‘Glasses Relief’ branding with no added discomfort for spectacle wearers. You can’t expect amazing audio quality from a headset at this price point, but the headset’s larger-than-average 50mm drivers still mean it sounds better than most built-in TV or monitor speakers and many entry-level headsets too. At £40/$40, that sounds like a winner.

The same comfortable design is also available with the Elo 7.1 Surround, a USB gaming headset, and the Elo X Air, a wireless headset. Both of the latter work via USB, restricting their use to PC, PS4, PS5 and Switch, but allowing for RGB lighting and 7.1 surround sound. They’re a good choice at their price points if you can use the extra features, although the cheapest Stereo option remains our top pick.

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The Bose Quietcomfort 35 Ii Gaming Headset Has The Best Sound Quality

If the Bose QuietComfort 35 II Gaming Headset proves anything, its that thinking inside the box sometimes works. The design of Boses first gaming headset is modeled after the companys former flagship headphone, the QuietComfort 35 II. This gaming variant features virtually the same internals as the original, and includes some gamer-focused features.

Which Best Ps4 Headset Is For You

If youre looking for the best of the best, and dont mind paying for it, then check out the Astro A50 this headset has a lot of great wireless features and top-notch audio quality. Otherwise, the Turtle Beach Stealth 600 remains an excellent pair of headphones and is easily the best PS4 headset under $100. If you prefer heavier, more feature-rich headphones with some extra compatibility, then take a look at the SteelSeries, HyperX and PlayStation Premium models.

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Best Premium Wireless Headset: Audeze Penrose

The £300/$300Audeze Penrose and Audeze Penrose X are the best premium wireless headsets we’ve tested yet. The headset uses planar magnetic drivers rather than the traditional dynamic drivers, allowing for excellent sound quality at the expense of bulk. The Penrose is defined by excellent clarity and separation, making it easy to pick out details even in chaotic soundscapes, with a slightly warm sound overall. Combined with a good low latency audio connection via a 2.4GHz wireless dongle and a good microphone, and you get one of the best-sounding headsets for PS5 or Xbox Series X. The headset also offers Bluetooth and 3.5mm connectivity, allowing use with a wide range of other devices – including simultaneous wireless and Bluetooth playback, ie you can listen to music on your phone while playing PS5.

Note: the vanilla Penrose is meant for use with PlayStation and the Penrose X for Xbox, but the Penrose X also works with PS5 and is therefore ideal if you own both consoles.

I found the Penrose quite uncomfortable initially, but after a week of use its high clamping force eased up, and it now ranks among the most comfortable options I’ve tried despite its weight. Audeze tells me that the headset uses a common earcup size, so it’s possible that replacement cushions from different materials could be sold down the line if there’s enough interest .

What To Look For In A Gaming Headset

Best Headsets For PS4 – Which Is The Best Headset For Playstation 4?

When you’re shopping for a gaming headset there are a few key specs you should look out for.

The first is the size of the drivers, which follows the rule of bigger is better. Drivers are the internal mechanism inside headsets and headphones that ultimately create the soundwaves you hear by vibrating back and forth in response to an electrical current.

The larger the driver, the more air they can move to not only to make louder sounds, but it also allows them to produce a wider, more nuanced range of frequencieswhich happens to take us to our next specification.

Frequency response is another important spec, and it’s the range of frequencies the headset can reproduce. On the low-end, most gaming headsets hit a minimum of 20Hz and a maximum of 20,000Hz. As you go from the bottom of the range to the top, sounds go from a low thud to a warm, steady hum and finally a piercing screech.

While on the hunt for a gaming headset, you’ll likely find more than a few promising 5.1 or 7.1 channel surround sound, which are both designed to give users a more immersive audio experience. 5.1 surround places speakers directly in front of you, front right, front left, back right, back left and adds a subwoofer to relay bass. 7.1 surround gives you the same setup as 5.1 surrounds, but it adds two more speakers to your immediate right and left.

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Best Switch Headset: Corsair Hs70 Bluetooth

The Corsair HS70 Bluetooth is the perfect headset for Nintendo’s… unorthodox approach to multiplayer gaming that restricts party chat to a smartphone app. With the HS70, you can be hooked up to the Switch via 3.5mm and your phone via Bluetooth simultaneously, allowing you to hear game audio and chat with your friends in comfort. You can use the HS70 with PC , PS5 and Xbox Series X/S , granting this headset excellent flexibility. The same simultaneous wired + Bluetooth connection also works if you want be on Discord while gaming on console perfect for cross-platform Warzone games.

We found the HS70 comfortable in our testing, despite toasty ears after each gaming session, with rationally-designed controls and convenient USB-C charging. Audio quality is a little better than the Arctis 1 Wireless we previously had as our top Switch pick, with a V-shaped frequency response that emphasises bass and treble at the expense of mids mic quality is also good, especially when used over a wired connection.

As an alternative, the Arctis 1 Wireless for Xbox offers full wireless connectivity for Switch, as well as Xbox Series X/S and PS5. That makes it a great option if you’re looking for a lighter headset and don’t need Bluetooth support for voice chat.

The Best Premium Wireless Headset: Astro Gaming A50

Why should you buy this? Its one of the most full-featured wireless headsets available for the PS4.

Whos it for? PlayStation gamers who want a powerful wireless headset .

Why we picked the Astro Gaming A50:

The latest iterations of Astros A50 sport offer all the same hallmarks of their last-gen brethren, and to be honest, we couldnt be happier with that. The phenomenal headset remains among the best choices on our list if you can justify the exorbitant price tag granting you 5.8GHz wireless technology and virtual 7.1 surround sound within a solid, over-the-ear design. The uni-directional mic helps isolate your voice from surrounding background noise, while a built-in feature allows you to engage the mute function by simply flipping the boom upward. The three distinct EQ modes, terrific sound reproduction, and cross-platform support grant it even more appeal.

This headset also nails all the feature points youd expect from high-quality gear, such as auto shutoff, a hassle-free wireless connection, and long battery life. But most importantly, the Astro Gaming A50 makes games more engrossing and entertaining, and its also compatible with PC and Mac. For the serious gamer seeking an incredible wireless experience, the A50 is a great choice provided youre willing and able to shell out the cash.

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Hyperx Cloud Ii Gaming Headset 71 Surround Sound Memory Foam Ear Pads Durable Aluminum Frame Detachable Microphone Works With Pc Ps4 Xbox One Red

Another great gaming headset that we have chosen. HyperX Cloud is one of the best brands of sound gadgets. They have produced some amazing products every time. Most of the international FPS gamers use their product. We have chosen HyperX Cloud II for you. HyperX Cloud II has many qualities that will make your gaming experience perfect. Its design is clean, magnifying sound durability, and many more at a very cheap price are enormous. You dont have to do anything you just feel HyperX Cloud II features.

HyperX Cloud II is a complete headset having futuristic specifications. It is built up with deep engineering. The design of HyperX Cloud II is very best. HyperX Cloud II is lightweight. They have used the leather form to give more comfort to the user.

HyperX Cloud II comprises HyperX Surround Sound 7.1. This feature can produce a perfect clean noise-free sound. HyperX Cloud II has 53mm drivers making sound like an amplifier. The smooth sound will amuse you every time you hear something.

HyperX Cloud II provides comfort in every case. The long-lasting battery delivers you nonstop gaming. HyperX Cloud II comprises a 2.4Ghz processor which makes everything swift. The Bluetooth range is of HyperX Cloud is very compatible. You can connect it from a distance to it still there will be no regulation in the sound. The high and low frequency of sound provides the best sound in both frequencies


Best Budget Wireless Gaming Headset

The Best Gaming Headsets For PS4, 2020

Compatibility: PC | Connectivity: 2.4GHz Wireless | Drivers: 50mm Neodymium | Surround sound modes: 7.1 | Battery life: 24 hours | Weight: 345g

If you’re on PC, you’re in luck. The Roccat Elo 7.1 Air is a solid wireless gaming headset that comes in under $100. That’s a rare enough feat, but it’s especially uncommon for not skimping on features and design elsewhere. It features a bigger profile on account of its use of a suspension headband to evenly spread its weight for long-term comfort and its larger earcups to accommodate 50mm speaker drivers.

The Roccat Elo 7.1 Air connects to your PC using a 2.4GHz wireless dongle for high-quality and latency-free audio. With Roccat’s Swam software, you’ll get support for 7.1 virtual surround sound. The headset also has a built-in dial to adjust your mic monitoring levels, so you can fine-tune how well you hear yourself in case you want to avoid shouting at your teammates. And, 24-hour battery life will keep you in the game longer before you need to recharge, which is thankfully facilitated by a USB-C port.

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Best Budget Gaming Headset: Razer Kraken X

Works with: PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC

The Razer Kraken X was the clear standout among the many budget gaming headsets we tested, thanks to excellent sound quality, a clear microphone and, most significantly, a comfortable design that we never got the urge to take off.

At just over half a pound and sporting a set of plush memory foam ear cups, the Kraken X felt snug and secure without weighing us down, and it was easy to forget we were even wearing it during hour-plus gaming sessions. This set it apart from budget rivals like the Logitech G432 and Turtle Beach Recon 70, which are similarly lightweight but have ear cups that felt much more stiff by comparison.

With a plastic design that we tested in all black, the Kraken X is about as low-frills as it gets in terms of aesthetics. Thats not necessarily a bad thing we found it to blend into our gaming setup well, and there are black-and-blue and mercury white options available for those who want a bit more pizzazz.

The Kraken Xs sound quality is the best we tested in this price range, serving up punchy, balanced audio for every game we threw at it. In Overwatch, the sound of gunfire had a satisfying kick to it, and we could easily hear where enemy footsteps were coming from.

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