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Why Is My Ps4 Not Reading Discs

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Fix Ps4 Not Taking Disc Problem

How to Fix PS4 Won’t Read the Game Disc

Despite the fact that the PlayStation 4 allows you to download and play video games digitally, most seasoned gamers wont abandon the old method of installing new video games. Today, discs are still used by many PS4 and PS3 gamers. However, discs wont last forever as they are often subject to wear and tear. And the next thing you know, your PS4s disc drive is not working.

Dont panic! Here are some proven hacks you can use to try to fix PS4 not taking disc.

How To Fix Ps4 Disc Read And Ejecting Problems

The PlayStation 4 disc read and eject issues are one of the common problems the users often experience. A major characteristic of this problem is when the PS4 ejects a disc by itself during gameplay or when a Blu-ray disc is inserted. Here are a few additional symptoms that may be exhibited by the PS4 in relation to the disc read and eject problem.

  • The system unexpectedly ejects the game disc or Blu-ray and refuses to accept any more disks
  • When playing a game, it shows No Disc Inserted or Unrecognized disc
  • The console shows a blank screen when a disc is inserted into the drive.
  • The PlayStation 4 cannot eject an inserted disc.

In this guide, there a few solutions, ranging from software fixes to hardware fixes, to help you fix your disc drive problems. You have to find which issue might be specific to you and then apply the method accordingly.

Fix #: Run The Ps5 On Safe Mode And Restart

If the regular reboot wont help, your next move is to restart your PS5 to Safe Mode. This is a special software environment that allows the console to run on bare functionalities. Heres what you need to do:

  • Shut down the PS5 normally by pressing the Power button.
  • After the system is fully shut down, press and hold the Power button for a few moments. Release the Power button after you hear the second beep one beep will sound when you first press, and another seven seconds later.
  • Connect the controller with the USB cable and press the PS button on the controller.
  • Once the PS5 has entered Safe Mode, there will be seven options for you. Choose Restart PS5.
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    Fix Ps5 Wont Read Discs By Getting Help From Sony

    If none of the solutions above has helped you so far, it means that the cause of the problem is likely something deeper within the system, probably a bad optical drive. In this situation, youre going to need the assistance from a professional.

    We suggest that you visit your local Sony Service Center. If thats not possible, contact Sony so youll be guided on how to send in the console for repair.

    Repair fee may apply depending on the warranty status of your PS5.

    How Do I Play A Disc Game On My Pc

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    There are a few ways to play gaming content on your PC. 1) you can use a device like the oculus rift or the HTC Vive in order to play games that are compatible for VR. 2) You can also purchase software that installs games from disc on your PC. 3) and you can also use software like PlayOn and watch people playing games online.

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    Solution : Contact Ps5 Support

    The last way you can sort out the issue is to Contact PS5 Support.

    The PS5 not reading disc can be specific to your console and PS5 Support can possibly fix this and if your PS5 is in warranty then it will be fixed easily.

    I hope the above solutions helped you fix your PS5 not reading disc.

    And if you got any questions just let us know in the comment section.

    Why Would My Playstation Stop Reading Discs

    One of the reasons would be if you have an old or worn-out PlayStation then you might be facing the difficulty of it reading the discs. This error occurs many times when you start the game, and the disc is automatically ejected.

    There are also many other disc problems such as disk ejecting itself, disc not reading properly or the game not even appearing when the disk is entered. The problem of the disc not reading on the PlayStation can be because of many reasons. Some of them might be small whereas some might require you to do some extensive work to fix it.

    If you have the PlayStation warranty, then it is best to get it checked completely by PlayStation to solve the issue. Using the warranty to solve it might save you from the trouble of fixing it yourself and possibly breaking the system. However, if you have passed the warranty date, you can try several tricks to make sure that your disc runs successfully.

    If it still does not work, you can take your console to the local game store to get it checked by a trained professional.

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    Why My Ps4 Cannot Read The Disc

    When it comes to troubleshooting this type of issue, you wont normally know the cause of the problem unless you perform some troubleshooting steps. There can be a number of factors that you need to consider when trying to fix a PS4 that wont read discs. In general, it can either be a hardware or software issue.

    Below are some of the known common causes why this issue happens.

    Playstation 4 Ate Your Disc Or Won’t Play Games Let’s Fix It

    How to FIX PS4 Unrecognized DISC that won’t start! (4 Steps and More!)
    • Shoreline Community College

    While the PlayStation 4 lets you download and play games digitally, there’s a good chance that a significant portion of your game and movie libraries are still on discs. When the PS4 disc drive malfunctions in any way, you may find that it won’t take new discs, won’t read discs, or will refuse to eject your discs. Here’s how to get your drive working again.

    These instructions pertain to all versions of the PS4 hardware, including the original PlayStation 4, the PS4 Slim, and the PS4 Pro.

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    How To Fix Xbox One Not Reading Disc Here Are Solutions

    You can enjoy an unmatched gaming experience from Xbox one. However, some vexing problems also come such as Xbox one not reading disc, Xbox one installation stopped, etc. If you are also struggling to resolve these problems, come to MiniTool. This post will offer you several methods to fix Xbox one not reading disc issue.

    Solution 2 Reposition Your Console

    The position of the console may also cause the Xbox one not reading disc error. Since the console was not designed to perform in a vertical position, you should position the console horizontally on a stable and flat surface to get a better disc drive performance.

    After repositioning the console, you can play your game again to see if the problem persists.

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    Dirty Scratched Or Bad Game Disc

    Before you start blaming your console or checking for software issues, the first thing that you need to consider is the game disc itself. Many people who encounter disc unreadable error on their PS4 or PS5 fail to check the condition of the disc, or to at least clean them properly.

    In order to avoid having disc reading issues, make sure that you clean the disc properly or to check it for scratches or cracks. The Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive on your PS5 cannot just magically clean the surface of the disc if its dirty or has lots of fingerprints on it.

    Fault In The Eject Button

    4k Ultra Hd Blu

    The eject button sensors are commonly at fault preventing you from ejecting a disk. But you can simply eject the disc manually using the manual eject screw. But you should get the button fixed by a professional later otherwise some issues spread to other hardware.

    Sometimes the problem also lies in the contaminated internal components. So the first step in fixing the PS4 not taking disc is to narrow down the cause behind it from the above list of reasons. Only then can you proceed to the actual part that is fixing the PS4 not accepting disc.

    These are the common reasons for problems related to the disc of PlayStation. If you have got an idea of the problems, you can try and fix them. Moving onto the next question.

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    How To Resolve The Ps4 Not Taking Ejecting Or Reading Disc Issue

    If your PS4 is facing disc handling problems and it wont eject, read, or take a movie or game disc, use these tried-and-tested hacks to get your console back up and running. Some hacks are specific to a particular problem only, such as the PS4 wont take a disc. If you find a step irrelevant to your current problem, you can move on to the next hack.

    Clean The Games Dvd Or Disc

    Once you discover there is nothing wrong with your PS4, check if you have a damaged or dirty disc. Inserting a contaminated or spoiled disc prevents your console from taking it. So, its best to thoroughly examine the disc for dirt, dust, and other things like food particles. Then, if required, you can clean the disc using a microfiber cloth and try inserting it again. It should resolve the issue for you, but if youre still experiencing the problem, move on to the next hack.

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    Ps4 Unrecognised Disc Error

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    Maybe you wanted to play that long-forgotten Battlefield 4, or maybe you just bought a recently launched game. However, just when you insert the disc and sit with your controller in your hands, fiddling with it with sheer excitement, your PS4 console says, Unrecognised Disc.

    As members of the gaming community, we understand how frustrating that could be, especially when the error is a recurring one. So, what do you do? In this post, well discuss the solutions to fix Unrecognised Disc error on PS4 and also understand why your PS4 console is unable to recognize the disc in the first place.

    Fix #: Reboot Your Console

    How To Fix PS4 that will not read a disc!

    Sometimes, it may take doing a simple thing to fix seemingly serious problems. One of these simple solutions that you can try is a system reboot. To do that, simply turn your PS5 off normally, then unplug it from the power source for 30 seconds.

    Afterwards, turn it back on and check if it reads your game disc.

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    Why Am I Getting An Unrecognized Disc Error On Ps4

    When you are facing errors in your ps4, you always want a quick fix. But you dont know the exact reason for this error, how can you solve the problem? Here we have discussed the must-have reasons for the ps4 Unrecognized Discs error.

    Lets go through the best possible reasons for the ps4 Unrecognized Disc issue

    How Can I Repair The Laser On My Ps4

    There are a few different things you may attempt to do in order to repair the laser on your PS4 system. The first step is to check that the laser has been thoroughly cleaned and is clear of any dirt. Cleaning it may be done either by using a dry towel to wipe it down or by using a vacuum cleaner. In the event that this does not solve the problem, you may try changing out the laser assembly.

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    Send It To Sony Or Upgrade

    As a last resort, this just might not be a problem you can fix. If that’s the case, Sony will need to step in and take it from there. It’s easy to put in a service request.

    Given how rare and expensive new PS4 consoles are now because they aren’t manufactured anymore, you may want to consider upgrading to a PS5. All but nine PS4 games run on the PS5 through backward compatibility, meaning if you get lucky with PS5 restocks, you can start enjoying the newest generation of consoles and the best PS5 games without worrying about your aging PS4.

    How To Manually Tighten The Eject Screw

    Playstation Repair

    Follow the steps below to tighten the eject screw on the PS4 manually. Make sure you unplug every wire attached to your PS4.

    1. Slide the HDD cover panel slightly to the left. 2. Find a slot within the two sets of vents on the outer edge. 3. Once spotted, insert and turn the screwdriver clockwise to tighten the screw as required.

    To know where to spot the screw, take help from this PlayStation support web page and follow the steps mentioned.

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    Check Your Console For Damage

    Remove the HDD or top panel of your console, and thoroughly check for any damage to the disc drive. If any objects make their way into the disc slot, there is a high chance that they are jamming the disc drive mechanism. Tape, stickers, and other things on a movie or game discs are also trapped inside the drive, making it difficult to function properly.

    So, its best to remove any objects stuck inside the drive using a tweezer or similar tool without affecting the fragile parts of your PS4.

    Try Manually Ejecting The Disc

    To eject a stuck disc from a PS4 console, you can try manually removing the disc by using the screw. Follow these steps to fix PS4 Not Taking Disc manually:

  • Shut down your PS4 and make sure all the cables are unplugged.
  • Now, remove the top panel or HDD cover if necessary.
  • Find the ejector screw.Image credit: Source: Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Insert a screwdriver and turn it clockwise to remove any disc currently in the drive.
  • Viola! Now, you can start fresh and enjoy your game or movie. Try holding your console so that the drive faces downward, as it may help the disc come free.

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    Troubleshooting Ps4 Performance Issues

    • Shoreline Community College

    There are three versions of the PlayStation 4, and they can all suffer from disc ejection problems for different reasons. The original PS4 is notorious for constantly ejecting discs due to issues with the eject button. At the same time, all three consoles can perform unwanted ejection due to disc, software, and physical hardware problems.

    When your PS4 keeps ejecting discs, it may simply eject them, beep, or provide an error message like this:

    Most of our troubleshooting steps pertain to all PS4 hardware, including the original PlayStation 4, the PS4 Slim, and the PS4 Pro. Instructions regarding capacitive switch problems only pertain to the original PlayStation 4.

    Reasons Why Your Ps5 Is Not Reading Discs

    PS4 Won’t Read Discs Fix (Makes Noise/Won’t Accept Discs)

    There can be a myriad of things that can result to your PS4 not reading a disc. For some, the main cause can be bad hardware while others may experience it because of a game disc issue or a software-related glitch. To know which one may be the reason for your own problem, youll need to do a number of troubleshooting steps.

    Before well show you the things to try, let us show you the common causes for this problem.

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    Easy Ways To Fix A Ps4 Not Reading Discs

    Is there anything that you can do if your PS4 is not reading your game discs? The answer to the question really depends on what is causing the problem. If the cause is software-related, youll most likely fix the issue on your level. However, if its due to a hardware malfunction like a failed optical drive, repair will be needed.

    This troubleshooting guide will show you the things that you must do in order to identify the cause of your problem.

    Restart And Update From Safe Mode

  • To begin this step, make sure your PlayStation 4 is completely powered off and not just in Rest Mode.
  • Once off, press and hold the power button for several seconds.
  • You’ll hear an initial beep and then another beep after 7 seconds. Release the button after the second beep.
  • Connect your DualShock 4 controller to the console using your USB charging cable.
  • From here, you’ll see a black screen with listed options to choose from. Either choose the first: Restart PS4, or the third: Update System Software.

    Your console should boot up like normal after this.

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    Update And Restart Your Xbox One

    Software errors can sometimes keep your discs from playing, so if you’re having issues, your console may need an update. It’s simple to do:

    Check status and storage

  • Go to the Xbox Status page online to see if any of the network’s services are down, then see how much space you have left on your system’s hard drive. Here’s how:
  • Press the Xbox button on your controller to open the guide, then select Profile & system.
  • Open Settings > System > Storage.
  • Install updates

    If you have enough storage on your hard drive, check for any available software updates and download them onto your Xbox. The process is simple:

  • Make sure your Xbox is connected to the internet.
  • Press the Xbox button on your controller to open the guide, then select Profile & system.
  • Open Settings > System > Updates to check for and make updates to your console.
  • Restart the system

    Once your Xbox is fully updated, try restarting it. Doing so can fix a variety of issues. Just press and hold the Xbox button on the console for 10 seconds and press it again to turn your Xbox back on. When it starts, make sure you’re signed in to the correct Xbox profile.

    Ps4 Unrecognized Disc Mechanical Vs Software Fixes

    Fallout 4 Game of the Year Edition (PS4) GOTY New and Sealed

    When a disc is unrecognized, two main things can cause the problem, mechanical and software.

    You have likely already tried to clean the disc but be sure to test the PS4 with a know good disc to see if it works.

    If a known good disc works, it is likely a software problem with the main fixes below.

    If there is a lot of noise inside the case when it is trying to read the disc, it can also be the rollers that are known to cause problems.When there is a mechanical problem, many users have had good success placing the unit on its side.

    The main thing is to verify if it is a software problem or mechanical problem as these are two very different fixes.

    3 Fixes for PS4 Unrecognized Disc Error

    • Boot Safe Mode and Install System Software Update
    • Doing a system update or reinstalling the system software is the main fix for a software problem.

      Often there is an update to install which will clear out the error and get the unit working again.

      To do a system update requires booting into safe mode.

      How To Boot the PS4 into Safe Mode and Update

    • Power Down the PS4 and Hold the Power Button for 10-12 seconds until 2 beeps are heard.

    Summary If you are getting an unrecognized disc error on your PlayStation 4, it can no doubt be very frustrating.

    The first thing to do is to see if it is mechanical or the software causing the issue.

    If you find it is the software, boot into safe mode and do an update of the system.

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