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How Much Will Ps5 Cost

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Playstation 5 Price Vs Xbox Series X Price

How Much Will The PS5 Cost?

So, how does the PS5 compare to the Xbox Series X on price? Better than many expected, as it happens.

The Xbox Series X and the full-fat PS5 are identically priced, at £449 .

Both consoles also have a disc drive-less, cheaper sibling: that’s the Xbox Series S and the PS5 Digital Edition. This is where things get really interesting, because the Xbox Series S costs only £250 , whereas the PS5 Digital Edition is £360 .

That’s a big step up, but it’s worth pointing out that the Xbox Series S is less powerful than the Series X but the PS5 Digital Edition is identical to the standard PS5 except for the lack of a disc drive. In other words, the PS5 Digital Edition appears to be more of a proper next-gen games console than the Xbox Series S.

How Can I Buy A Ps5 Console In Time For Christmas In The Uk

This is the big question and its one with no easy answers.

From today pre-orders are irrelevant as the console has officially launched everywhere but stock is still so limited that most retailers wont have any to sell.

Amazon and GAME have said they will get stock in today but its likely to sell out very quickly probably within an hour or less and so itll be a case of checking websites and as many different stores as possible and hoping you get lucky.

The only other real alternatives are ordering via BT, if youre a customer, as theyre taking orders from today, or paying over the odds on eBay.

Sellers on eBay have been charging thousands of pounds just for PlayStation 5 pre-orders and those prices arent likely to get any more sensible anytime soon.

How Much Will Ps5 Cost

There was a huge jump in cost between PS2 and PS3 due to the expensive architecture used in the latter. PS3 was not only a big leap from its predecessor, but Sony totally over-priced it in comparison to Xbox 360, yet still managed to lose money with the cost to produce each unit reported to be over $800.

However, the foundations were now laid down nicely for PS4, which is why we saw a price drop as it was less costly to produce than PS3. Still, it was reported that Sony lost around $60 for each PS4 console sold a figure that theyve easily recouped with sales of PS4 games and services such as PlayStation Plus over the years.

So, that takes us to PS5. One thing we can pretty certain of, and this is based on the launch of practically every console thats ever been released, is that the PS5 price will end in 99. So, that leaves us with the big figure that were all dying to know.

Ironically, Microsoft looks set to face the same questions regarding the price and manufacturing costs of its next-generation console the Xbox Series X, too. The reason for this is that, perhaps even more than the current-gen Xbox One and PS4 consoles, both PS5 and Xbox Series X are much more similar in terms of technical specification both use AMD manufactured CPUs, GPUs, a 4K Blu Ray drive and high speed SSD drives.

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The Ability To Stream Games From Home Computers Smartphones And Tablets

The PlayStation 5 is a gaming console and a device that you can use for entertainment, such as watching and listening to music, browsing the internet, and so much more.

What does this mean? You can do everything on your PS5 that you usually do on a computer or a tablet.

You can stream live games and movies directly to your TV through this console, making it an all-in-one device.

It also includes another feature of connecting to other players using the internet to play online games in real-time.

Can I Play Older Versions Of Fifa On Playstation 5

PS5 Price, How Much will the PS5 Cost?

The PS5 promises to offer backwards compatibility for PS4 games, meaning that you will be able to play older versions of FIFA on the new console.

PlayStation 3 and older games are not compatible with the new console, but any PS4 game purchased in the PlayStation Store can automatically be downloaded onto the PS5 through the same user account.

Similarly, if you purchase the standard PS5 rather than the Digital Edition, you can use PS4 discs in the drive and play them on the new console.

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Spare Dualsense Controller: $69/59

Sonys DualSense controller is a rather special peripheral given its advanced haptics that can when implemented well deliver a more tactile and immersive gaming experience. . But you only get one DualSense controller in the PS5s box. While the controller is easily recharged via USB-C, it only lasts some four to six hours.

So you might want to have a spare controller handy for when your main one runs out of electrical juice mid-gaming session. Or if you have friends around and want to play some split-screen multiplayer when the coronavirus pandemic subsides. To do that you need to fork out an extra $69/£59, which isnt an unreasonable price for a pretty advanced controller. But a second DualSense means the cost of owning a PS5 creeps up yet again.

Ps5 Stock: Latest Updates On Where To Buy The Playstation 5

All the latest on when the next big console drop is set to happen.


PS5 stock was pretty dry last week- and it looks like this week is set to be prety quiet. After many excellent opportunities to grab a console in August, it looks September will also provide a good chance to get a console. Standard and Digital consoles – as well as a variety of bundles – are all expected to be available again. Stick with this page for all the latest updates for each individual store. You can also find where the Xbox Series X is available to buy on our dedicated Xbox Series X/S stock page.

Remember, you can always find up-to-the-minute stock up updates on the .

Latest: PS5 restocks have been very slow this week. According to , we can expect a restock at Game between 14-16th September, and at Argos 14-17th September after 8am. Though as always it is not guaranteed to be this week. This follows availability at AO, ShopTo and Studio in this week. In the US, PS5 digital consoles were briefly in stock at Target. You can check the table below for all rumoured dates. Restocks at other stores will follow. Of course, these dates are subject to change.

Right now, you can check out some of the latest PS5 Prime Day offers on games, accessories and more.

PlayStation 5 Review: Power, Thermals, Storage, DualSense + HDMI 2.1 Analysis

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Where You Can Buy The Playstation 5 Right Now

Still yet to get your hands on the hottest console? Then find out where you an buy it below

  • 01:00, 13 SEP 2021

The PlayStation 5 is proving to be much more than a simple evolution.

Nine months after its November 12 debut, the PS5 is well on its way to being a major success story for Sony.

Despite supply issues, Sony’s latest console has sold more than 10 million times worldwide, making it the biggest console launch in US history.

In the UK, the console was made available to buy on November 19, 2020 and sold out instantly.

The PlayStation 5 comes in two forms – the PS5 console: £449.99 and the PS5 Digital Edition console: £359.99.

The only difference between the PS5 console and the PS5 Digital Edition console is the inclusion of an Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive in the PS5 console. The PS5 Digital Edition console does not feature a disc drive.

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However, stock and production issues have made it tough for fans to actually get their hands on either one, with some buyers last year finding their Amazon PlayStation 5 shipments arriving as cat food, or even a bag of grain instead.

And the restock issue is still continuing to this day.

Due to demand, a number of retailers are limiting how many they can actually sell to customers, and equally production is being limited to suppliers too, to cope with the surge.

Where to buy the PS5 in the UK



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Currys PC World

What Is Better Ps4 Or Ps5

How Much Will The PS5 Cost?

The Sony PlayStation 5 is finally here and although it may not be the worlds fastest console, its a significant upgrade over the PlayStation 4. With a whole new architecture, superior resolution support, and faster storage thanks to the SSD, the PS5 console is better than the PS4 in almost every way.

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Ps5 Costs $450 To Make: Here’s What You’ll Pay

Is it too expensive?

We now have an idea of an actual price range for the PS5. Bloomberg reports that the PS5 is costing Sony around $450 per unit. However, Bloomberg’s source claims that Sony is taking a “wait-and-see approach” to decide on the pricing of the console.

Bloomberg predicts that the price will have to be at least $470. However, we’re expecting the PS5 to be at least $499 if Sony wants to make some semblance of a profit. Then again, the PS4 sold for $399 at launch, but the cost to manufacture was actually $381, as estimated by IHS Markit.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Macquarie Capital analyst Damian Thong said, “Consumers will benchmark their expectations based on the PS4 Pro and PS4. If Sony prices above that, it would likely be to balance a need to offset higher materials cost, against risk to demand.”

Apparently, Sony’s biggest issue is obtaining a steady supply of DRAM and NAND flash memory, which is currently in high-demand for smartphone makers.

Most consoles cost the companies more money to make than they get to sell it for, and that’s because companies bank on making that money back with live subscriptions along with selling first-party and third-party games on their platform.

The thing is, people are going to come to PlayStation for its games, so even if it sells at a relatively high price, people will buy it. If anything, Microsoft needs to be the one that aims for an aggressive price point if it wants to go after Sony.

How Much Does Playstation Plus Cost

PS Plus can be paid for monthly, quarterly or annually.

Monthly membership costs £6.99 / $9.99. It is £19.99 / $24.99 for 3-months, or you can pay for 12-months upfront for £49.99 / $59.99. Naturally, the latter is the most cost effective plan and can sometimes come with hefty discounts .

You can sign up for PS Plus either through your console, the PlayStation Store online, or purchase a voucher from a number of retailers.


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The Playstation 5 Is Going On Sale For Black Friday At Walmart Check Out The Latest Online And In

PlayStation 5 has been a success for Sony as it has become the second fastest-selling PlayStation console. It was the fastest one for its first months of existence, but the chips shortage and the logistics problems that grew out of the Covid-19 pandemic have made it fall behind PS4 sales in the last 6 months, according to Bloomberg. The high demand and the limited production make PS5 a highly desired device for many users who need to check constantly for new stock. Luckily, there is an upcoming new opportunity to buy this console before the Holiday season: Black Friday 2021 on November 26.

On Black Friday 2020, PS5 was one of the most anticipated tech items since it was globally released just a couple of weeks before. One year later, with a wider catalog of next-gen gaming titles already launched, its interest remains high. Main US retail stores such as Walmart have already stated that they will have available online restock and deals on sale for the upcoming Black Friday 2021. Others like GameStop, Target and Best Buy haven’t announced it yet. However, knowing how prone users are to consume during this time of the year, they will probably have it in stock. There are two versions of the new Sony console, one of which is a model with a disc-reader worth $499. The other is a digital-only version valued at $399.

PS5 Black Friday restock at Walmart: dates, times, and price

How Much Do We Think Ps5 Will Cost

PS5 release date, price, specs, controller and news

As we mentioned earlier, predictions across the Trusted Reviews editorial team have varied wildly, and weve compiled all of our individual guesses below. Chances are, were all off the mark by some capacity.

  • Jade King £349/£449
  • Ryan Jones £449/£399
  • Max Parker £429/£479
  • David Ludlow £499/£419
  • Kob Monney £449/£369
  • Alastair Stevenson £499/£550

Gaming Editor Jade is the Gaming Editor at Trusted Reviews. She handles all things gaming whether it be news, reviews, events or silly features. Seen at outlets such as MTV UK, Kotaku and Trusted Reviews (obviously

Editorial independence

Editorial independence means being able to give an unbiased verdict about a product or company, with the avoidance of conflicts of interest. To ensure this is possible, every member of the editorial staff follows a clear code of conduct.

Professional conduct

We also expect our journalists to follow clear ethical standards in their work. Our staff members must strive for honesty and accuracy in everything they do. We follow the IPSO Editors code of practice to underpin these standards.

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Ps5 Prices To Drop In 2021 Suggests Past Console Pricing Data

The report comes from iPrice, an e-commerce aggregator operating in Southeast Asia. Based on the past starting prices of PlayStation consoles, and the price cuts they have received over time, this report predicts price cuts for the PS5 in 2021.

The PS5 launched at a price of $499, and $399 for the Digital Edition. The report uses the PS4 Pro pricing to be precise, being the last PlayStation to be released. It launched at a price of $399 as well. The report predicts the same price dips for the PS5 Digital Edition and extrapolates the dips to the normal PS5 pricing.

According to the data, we could see PS5 drop to USD 469 by May 2021, and a further drop to USD 432 by November 2021. The PS5 Digital Edition could drop to USD 379 by May, and USD 345 by November 2021.

While the extrapolation is on point, the report fails to consider a few factors. First of all, the PS5 launch happened under extraordinary circumstances. First off, Sony PS5 stocks are very limited, and the demands very high. It will take a while for the supply to regularize.

Additionally, we saw Sony taking a loss to ensure fast shipments, losing up to USD 170 per console sold. That loss is definitely going to work against any future price cuts.

Electronics drop in price as they age, but given PS5s drawn-out release, were not likely yo see a price drop as soon as we saw with the last generation.

Thoughts? Talk to us in the comments, down below!

How Much Is Too Much

Companies like Sony need to make money, but theres also a maximum amount that people are willing to spend on a game console. Its a careful balance, but if we turn to episode 82 of the Pachter Factor, which you can watch below, Michael Pachter explains that Sony and Microsoft dont make much money at all on console sales.

The real profits come from software sales. Sony takes a percentage of the sales for every game you buy on the PS4 or PS4 Pro. This consistent revenue stream is where they make money. For them, it makes more sense to lose a little on the console and reap the rewards of a larger player base.

This is also why iterative consoles like PS4 Pro and Xbox One X make sense from a business standpoint. As Pachter explains in the video , these consoles encourage people to trade in their old systems at stores like GameStop.

GameStop then sells them an upgraded console. After that, they turn around and sell your old used console to someone else. In this way, Microsoft just earned a new Xbox gamer who will purchase games for their Xbox One.

Given this, Sony doesnt need to charge a bunch for the PS5. They simply need to minimize their losses and maximize the number of people who own the console and purchase games for it. For this reason, it woudnt be smart to charge $599 or more for the PS5.

Why that number, you ask?

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Ps5 Price: Here’s How Much The Playstation 5 Could Cost

How much will the PS5 cost? We estimate along with the experts.

Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 5 marks a major leap forward for gaming. The upcoming console is sure to wow when it debuts, but we’re still wondering about quite a few pieces of major info.

Update: The PS5 will cost $499.99 USD, and $399.99 for the digital edition. Pre-orders have already begun!

The PlayStation 5 is gearing up for a holiday 2020 launch, and it’s bringing a killer arsenal of games and accessories with it. New games like Horizon Forbidden West and Resident Evil: Village look like exciting entries in their respective series, among dozens of other newly-announced titles. The PS5 console reveal itself got the gaming community talkin with futuristic chassis and striking design.

Despite the information we do know about the PS5, however, there’s still a lot that we don’t: What’s the exact date that the PlayStation 5 will officially launch? What will the next generation of PlayStation VR look like? Most importantly, how much will the PS5 cost?

PS5 Price: How much will the PlayStation 5 cost?

Currently, Sony has not officially announced a price for the PlayStation 5. While there was a special hardware reveal in which the console’s design was shown off for the first time, no detailed release information was offered.

When there is an official MSRP for the PlayStation 5 out in the open, we’ll be sure to update this page with all the details on how much both systems will cost.

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