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How To Check Ps4 Controller Battery

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How Do I Check The Charge Status Of My Dualshock4 Controller

How to Check PS4 Controller Battery life on PS4 Console (Save Battery Life)

Pair your DUALSHOCK®4 controller to the PlayStation®4 and check the on-screen battery indicator for charge status.

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Look At The Color Of The Light Bar On The Controller

The easiest way to tell if the controller for your PS4 is charging is to look at the light bar for the controller. When the controller is in rest mode, the light bar should blink orange slowly. Once it has finished charging, this light bar will turn off.

This is the easiest way to know if it is charging because you can just look at the light bar. You do need to let it charge completely to protect the battery. If you only charge it part of the way frequently, it will not last as long.

How To Check Ps5 Controller Battery On Pc

The DualSense controller will work on PC, and with a game client such as Steam. However you wont enjoy all the haptic feedback that you get on the PS5. Despite this, the DualSense remains a great choice for PC gaming, and the battery can, in theory at least, last even longer. To check the battery level on PC, heres what you need to do:

To make sure you are getting battery readings for your DualSense on your PC, one option is to use DS4Windows software. This application allows your controller to work effectively with Windows. In the app, you can check your battery level on the controller screen, under the battery heading.

Alternatively, you can simply connect the PS5 controller to your PC and Windows should automatically detect it. If you are on Steam, then there will normally be a battery indicator logo in the top right hand corner. However, if this icon is missing, then you can click on the gear icon to access controller settings in the Settings menu. In here, you will find your controller battery level displayed.

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How To Check The Controller Battery Level On A Ps5

Aaron DonaldRead more November 3, 2021

The PS5 controllers battery life can be from 12 to 15 hours, depending on use. Its easy to get carried away during an exciting game and forget all about the demands on your controller. But the last thing any gamer wants is for their controller to stop working due to a dead battery.

Fortunately, there are two easy ways you can check your PS5 controllers battery. In this article, well go through the process of checking the battery level of your PS5 controller. Well also answer some common questions about the battery life of a PS5 controller.

If You Want To Avoid Your Dualsense Dying Mid

How to check battery charge level on Dualshock 4 ...

The PS5 DualSense controller is among the most popular controllers for gaming, on PS5 and PC, but how do you check the battery level?

While the battery is expected to last for around 12 hours of gameplay, depending upon how much use of haptic feedback the game requires, its useful to know how much juice is left in your DualSense. No one wants a dead controller at an inopportune moment whilst playing. Being in the midst of a boss fight only to be told that their controller has died and needs charging can be hugely annoying.

So here is everything you need to know about checking your PS5 controller battery levels, whether you are playing on your PlayStation 5, or on a PC.

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Adjust Dualsense Wireless Controller And Audio Settings

You can adjust the output device, volume levels and voice chat balance via the control center:

  • Hold the PS button to display the control center, select Sound and choose a setting to adjust.

  • Press the button on your controller to mute and unmute your mic.

  • Press and hold the button on your controller to mute your mic and speakers. When the button blinks, your mic is muted, and sound output to all speakers turned off. Press the button again to return to the original state.

For general controller settings:

Go to the home screen and select Settings > Accessories > Controllers.

You can adjust your volume, vibration intensity, trigger effect intensity and the brightness of controller indicators from this menu.

How To Fix Ps4 Controller Wont Turn On

If your PS4 controller wont turn on or if it appears to have a very short battery life, its either a bad battery issue, or a hardware problem.

In some cases, a minor glitch like a firmware bug may prevent a controller from charging properly or to boot up. In any of these cases, you may be able to fix the problem by resetting the controller. This is easily done by pressing the reset button below the left trigger button.

A dead battery can also be a reason why your DualShock 4 controller wont connect or power on. Unfortunately, its not simple to replace a PS4 battery and theres no readily available spare parts that you can buy. Batteries like the one in your PlayStation4 controller eventually dies so the more you use the controller, the shorter its battery life becomes. If your controllers battery is totally dead, you can either replace it yourself, or get a new controller.

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How To Change The Battery Of A Ps4 Controller

Your controller suddenly turns off, does not stay on charge for long or the battery lasts only a short time? It happens very often that the PS4 controllers have a battery problem which can prevent a good gaming experience. We are going to show you how to identify the problem. battery on the PS4 controller and how to fix it.

How To Fix Ps4 Controller Not Charging

How to check battery life on Dualshock 4 Controller for PS4

We assume that by now you know how to tell if a PS4 controller is charging properly and you would know if there are any issues.

Dualshock 4 is one of the most reliable joysticks on the market with better performance than all of its competitors but after all, it is a piece of technology that could eventually fail.

It is not certain that the issue youre having is related to the controller, but here we have prepared several methods that will tighten the circle enough to identify where the issue is coming from.

We recommend applying our methods in numerical order for best efficiency when troubleshooting.

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How To Check The Ds4 Controllers Battery Life On Ps4

The PS4s Dual Shock 4 controller takes about 2 hours to charge completely and on an average it lasts for around 6 hours while gaming. This is much less than the previous generation Dual Shock 3 controller, which on an average could last for more than 20 hours on a single charge.

One thing that most new PS4 owners are having trouble to locate is the Dual Shock 4 controllers battery life indicators. Now if you need to check the battery life of your PS4s Dual Shock 4 controller, heres how you can view it.

Tools Needed For Controller Surgery

This is a fairly simple procedure that can be carried out with common tools found in a typical household. You absolutely need a Phillips head screwdriver with a #00 size tip. You can also use a #0 tip, but anything smaller or larger runs the risk of stripping the screw heads.

Investing in a good electronics screwdriver kit is a good idea. Such kits usually include plastic pry tools, which make it possible to take apart plastic components without destroying them. However, an old credit or Costco card also works just as well.

A pair of precision tweezers can make life easier, but you can also use your nails in a pinch. A magnetic tray or something to hold screws and small components prevents them from rolling away into oblivion.

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Ps4 Controller Battery Replacement Guide: Save Your Dualshock 4 From The Landfill

Dont discard your unresponsive DualShock 4 controller just yet. Here’s how to replace a dead battery and give the old device a new lease of life.

The PlayStation 5 might be here, but the PlayStation 4 still overshadows it with the quantity and quality of its video game library. Unfortunately, the DualShock 4 controllers sealed, non-replaceable battery is the weakest link in the aging console.

Most PS4 owners discard their controllers once the battery refuses to hold a charge. Although Sony expects you to fork out cash for a new one, its cheaper to replace the battery for a fraction of the cost.

Heres how you can do just that.

What Kind Of Battery Is In A Ps4

*EASIEST WAY* How To Replace PS4 Battery &  Take Apart ...

What type of battery does a DualShock 4 controller take? The DualShock 4 controller uses a 1000mAh internal battery, but you can replace it with more powerful batteries like 1300mAh or 2000mAh.

You also need to be careful which type of battery you buy because it may not connect correctly to your DualShock 4 depending on what model it is. Newer DualShock 4 models made in 2016 or later have different battery connectors than those made in 2015 or prior.

The LIP1922-S 2200mAh lithium polymer battery is a LIP1522 replacement.

Its compatible with the DUALSHOCK 4 PS4 Pro controller released by Sony in 2016 and after.

How to track ip address on ps4?

Is the DualShock 4 battery intended to be replaced?

No. Unlike Microsofts Xbox controllers, the DualShock 4 has an internal battery that you are not meant to replace. Instead, Sonys alternative to constantly swapping out batteries is to just charge up your controller on your console via a micro-USB cable.

This doesnt mean that it cant be replaced at all, though. So long as you buy the right battery and know what you are doing, you can take your controller apart and replace it. This will void the warranty so you cant send it back to Sony if you encounter any issues, but its the do-it-yourself option for those who want it.

What are lithium batteries made of?

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Can I Use My Playstation 4 Controller When Its Charging

Now that we know how long it takes to fully charge a PlayStation 4 controller, you might be wondering if you can continue to use your controller while its charging.

That way, you can continue to game uninterrupted while your controller is charging.

You can still use your PlayStation 4 controller when its connected to your PS4 and charging as it will still function. With that said, using your controller while its charging will increase the time it takes to fully charge. Additionally, over time the charging port on your controller could become damaged due to movement when using it.

With that in mind, I wouldnt recommend using your PlayStation 4 controller when its charging. Instead, take a break from gaming or invest in a second controller to swap out. This will get the most out of your PlayStation 4 controller and help it to last longer.

Compare And Verify Battery Terminals

Now would be a good time to triple-check whether you have the right replacement battery at hand by comparing the size of the connectors attached to the ends of both batteries.

The newer CUH-ZCT2 series of controllers only accept batteries terminated in the smaller 1.25 mm pitch JST PH connectors, whereas the batteries for the older CUH-ZCT1 series are terminated in 2.5 mm pitch JST XH connectors.

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These JST connectors arent interchangeable. Youre better off exchanging the battery for the correct model if you inadvertently purchased the wrong kind.

Unless, of course, you have access to a JST crimping tool and an appropriate connector kit. But thats a story for another guide.

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How Do You Know If Dualshock 4 Is Fully Charged

To check if your PS4 controller if fully charged, open the PS menu and youll see the battery icon. If the battery icon displays 3 bars, this means that the battery is fully charged. If only one or two bars are displayed, this means that your controller is still charging.

Another tell tale sign that your DualShock 4 controller is charged is the blue led. When the controller is charging, the led is yellow/orange. When its fully charged, the led is either blue or doesnt light up at all.

Will My Controller Stop Charging When My Playstation 4 Controller Is Fully Charged

How to Check PS4 & PS5 Controller Battery Life on PS5 Console (Easy Method!)

If you are any way familiar with using technology regularly, especially in the past, you might know about the dangers of overcharging batteries and how it can damage them over time.

This might cause you to wonder about the perils of charging your PlayStation 4 controller and if you could be doing it damage by leaving it to charge for too long.

Fortunately, this is less common in todays technology as in most cases, things like phone chargers are smart enough to stop charging a phone when the battery is full.

The same is true for charging PlayStation 4 controllers.

PlayStation 4 controllers will stop charging when the battery is full. You can tell the controller is fully charged when the light bar turns off. You can leave the charging cable plugged into your PS4 controller and it will not do any harm to your controller.

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How To Tell If Ps4 Controller Is Charging Badly

If you are not able to see an indication of charging, we will introduce the most common issues where the PS4 controller is not charging as intended.

Each of the causes below contains a quick tip or solution related to it so make sure to apply all of them before moving on to our troubleshooting steps.

How To See The Xbox / Ps4 Controller Battery From Your Ipad Or Iphone

Assuming your game controller is connected to an iOS or iPadOS device, its easy to check the battery percentage for that game controller:

  • Swipe to open the Today View widget screen on your iPad or iPhone:
    • On iPhone, swipe right from the Home screen until you see the widget view
    • On the iPad, on the Home screen, swipe right to display the Today View widgets
  • Search the Batteries widget in the list to see the current battery life of any connected power controller
  • This is the same place where you can also see all the battery information for your device, as well as the accessories and devices for the battery capacity of the connected Apple Pencil, AirPods, Apple Watch, AirPods Pro, Bluetooth keyboard, game controller, or other battery-powered Bluetooth device.

    If youve turned on the iPadS Continuous Today View widget display while the batteries widget is visible, youll see this information particularly quickly on the iPad Home screen. IPhone and iPod touch users still need to use the Today screen separately by swiping, as do all iPad users who dont pin Today View widgets to their devices home screen.

    Do you know another way to check the battery life of the connected game controller from your iPad or iPhone? Share it with us in the comments!

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    Check To Make Sure It Is In Rest Mode

    If you want the PS4 controller to charge when you are not playing the game, you need to make sure that it is in rest mode. You need to pair the device with the PS4 system when you get it, so start by connecting it to the system with a USB while the system is on.

    Now, make sure that the system is in rest mode or turned on. You will be able to check the charge level of the battery by pressing and holding the PS button. It will appear on the screen so that you will know the controller is charging. You can go into the settings, and select an option other than Off in Settings. You want to go to Power Saving Settings, and then Set Features Available in Rest Mode. Then, click on Supply Power to USB Ports. Now it will charge in rest mode.

    Having a wireless controller is great when you are playing on a PS4 system. It gives you flexibility, and you can connect up to four controllers. You have to pair each one, and they must be paired separately. However, once you pair them, you can charge them by connecting them to the PS4 system with a USB cord.

    The life of your battery will depend on how you use the controller and how you store it. Pay attention to the temperature in the room. If you take care of your controllers, the battery life will stay around eight hours of play.

    How Can You Tell When Ps5 Controller Is Fully Charged

    How To Change the Battery in a PS4 Controller

    When your DualSense controller is fully charged, youll see three bars on the battery icon status. And the battery icon will stop animating.

    If you want to check the charging status of your PS5 controller, press the PS button on the controller. While the DualSense controller is charging, there will be an animated battery icon visible on the screen. When the controller no longer needs charging, the battery icon will display three bars.

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