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How To Delete Trophies On Ps4

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How To Delete A User On Ps4

How to delete Trophies on PS4 or PS4 Pro

Step 1. Log into your user account. Then, navigate to Settings > Login Settings > User Management > Delete User.

Step 2. Under Delete User, there are a list of users. Just select the one you plan to delete.

Step 3. Confirm the deletion by clicking Delete. This step is only for deleting a primary account.

So Can You Delete Trophies From Showing On Your Playstation Profile

Short answer: Yes

If youve got trophies with zero completion status on your otherwise all-Platinum trophy section, its easy to go hide them, if time-consuming. Select from the function screen, then select a game, and hit the OPTIONS button to bring up a menu that has as an option. Thatll remove it from your trophy display. This only works for trophies with zero percentage completion though, so if theyre at any other percent youre stuck with them until you convert them into Plats.

You could also go into Privacy Settings and stop anyone from seeing your trophy selection, a small act of rebellion against the constant need to compare to others in our daily life. Do that, be happy. Or dont, and spend all your spare time and precious sleeping hours trying to Platinum all those fiendishly difficult games with hidden trophies. Your choice.

What do you think? Do you pay attention to your trophy count on PlayStation? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our or .

Editors Recommendations:

Ps4 System Software Version 900

Main features in the system software update:

  • You can now view trophies for PS5 games on PS4 consoles.
  • In Trophies, you can now view PS5 trophies in your trophy list.
  • You can also view PS5 trophies in the trophy list on the profile screen under the tab.
  • In Messages, weve updated the following:
  • If youre the owner of a group, you can now delete it. To delete a group, open the options menu, and then select . If you delete a group, it will be deleted for all members.
  • Now when you block someone, you can choose to also leave the group that only you and they are in at the same time. You wont leave groups that include other players.
  • Other updated features:

    • On an Android or iOS/iPadOS device, you can now use the PS Remote Play app to access your PS4 via mobile data.
    • Weve made the following improvements to parental controls:
    • Now when a child requests to use communication features for a game, their parent or guardian will receive a notification on the PS4 and PlayStation App
    • The child will also receive a notification when their parent or guardian accepts, denies, or stops allowing the child to use communication features for a game.
  • You can now select whether youd like to receive notifications on your PS4 or through email about new products and special offers. To do so, go to > > > .
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    Why Deleting A Game On Ps4 Does Not Lose Progress

    The PS4 stores game and saved data separately check this Reddit thread here on numerous PS4 users who have uninstalled games only to have reinstalled them digitally and kept their save progress. Ive done it myself and you will not have a problem.

    Its because the 500GB for the original PS4 isnt really enough for modern games, to find out why check my post here.

    Sony wants you to buy digital games so it makes no business sense that deleting your game progress would delete your saved data as you always have the option to reinstall and continue where you left off. Deleting saved data is hidden and heres how to do it

    How Do U Delete Accounts On Ps4

    Delete 0% PlayStation Trophies: PS4 How To

    Delete a PS4 User

  • Now, select Login Settings from the drop-down menu.
  • Select User Management, this is where youll be able to Create or Delete Users.
  • From here, youll want to choose Delete User. Youll now be given a list of Users. Select the one you wish to delete and then confirm your choice.
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    Can I Merge 2 Psn Accounts

    Those who currently have several different accounts can merge them all, or those that only have a PlayStation Network account can use that log-in to access the other services. Combining users multiple separate accounts into one single PlayStation account will go a long way towards strengthening their brands identity.

    Hide Activity Log With An Alternative Method

    You can also adjust your activity feed via your PlayStation 4 Privacy Settings. To access your Privacy Settings, navigate to the Settings option at the top right of your PS4 dashboard. A toolbox icon represents the Settings menu.

    Once inside the Settings menu, scroll until you find the option to access your Privacy Settings. Before you can customize these settings, you will have to re-enter your account password. So, be sure to have your account login information on hand.

    In the Privacy Settings menu, scroll down until you see the Hidden Games option. When you select it, it will take you back to your activity feed. From there, you can choose which games to hide from your activity feed.

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    Is There A Way To Reset Trophies On Ps4

    You cannot delete trophy data on PS4/ PS3/ PSVita . You can only delete a trophy list on PS4 if you have 0% trophies on that game, so none earned yet. You can however, hide gamelists you dont want others to see. The only way to get trophies for the same game again, is to play it on a new profile/account.

    Ps4s Latest System Update Adds New Trophy And Messaging Features

    How To Delete A Trophy List On Your PlayStation 4

    Version 9.00 also updates Remote Play and parental control features

    Tom Ivan

    Sony has released PlayStation 4 system software update 9.00, which introduces new trophy and messaging features.

    Players can now view trophies for PS5 games on PS4 consoles, while in messages, owners of a group can now delete it for all members.

    Android and iOS users can now use the PS Remote Play app to access PS4 via mobile data, and the consoles parental control features have also been updated .

    Sony launched PS5s second major system software update on Wednesday too, adding the ability to expand the consoles storage with an off-the-shelf M.2 SSD.

    PS5s September system update also introduces 3D audio support through TV speakers, and a much-requested option to remove the notification icon after taking a screenshot.

    From the PS5 home screen and game library, different platform versions of the same game that have been installed are now also listed separately, with icons indicating which is the PS4 one and which is the PS5 version.

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    Can You Hide Certain Games On Ps4

    So, your PS4 library is cluttered with tens or even hundreds of video game titles, many of which you arent interested in playing at the moment. If only there was a way to clean things up a little bit to make it easier to find the games you do want to play.

    Well, fortunately, your PS4 allows you to do exactly that. With just a few quick steps, you can hide any game you want in your PS4 library.

    How To Turn Off Trophy Videos On Ps5

    The easiest way to alter the trophy video settings is to visit your profiles trophy page. To do so, click on your profile from the PS5s main menu. You should see your profile image at the top right portion of the screen. After you click on it, a sub-menu will appear with a few options. Halfway down, youll see Trophies, so click that.

    This will then bring you to your trophies across PS5, PS4, PS3, and PS Vita games. From this menu, press the Options button on your DualSense.

    A menu will appear with the option. Select that.

    Once you do, youll be taken to another menu with a few more options. You can alter whether or not the PS5 saves trophy screenshots from here, as well as change the trophy video settings. If you select Save Trophy Videos, this will toggle a slider on and off.

    If you have trophy videos enabled, you can also alter the length of each video either 15 seconds or 30 seconds.

    The other way to turn off trophy videos is to visit the system Settings by clicking on the gear icon from the PS5 home screen. Then, scroll all the way down to Captures and Broadcasts.

    At this point, youll see a list of options, so select the last one on the bottom, Trophies. Youll then see a similar menu to the one mentioned above, featuring an option to disable Save Trophy videos by toggling a slider.

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    How To Delete Trophies On Ps5

    To delete trophies on your PlayStation 5, you need to go to the aforementioned Trophies menu. In this menu, you have to highlight the game which you want the trophy information to be deleted and then press the Options button on the DualSense. Select OK to confirm the deletion.

    Keep in mind that you can only delete the trophy information for games where you earn 0% of the trophies.

    How To Earn Trophies On Playstation Consoles


    Learn about trophy settings, how your trophy level is determined and how to sync your trophies on PlayStation®5 consoles and PlayStation®4 consoles

    What are trophies?

    You can earn trophies by accomplishing objectives such as clearing levels, finding collectables, or completing certain tasks. Collect rare trophies, increase your trophy level and outshine the competition.

    How to view your trophies

  • Select your profile picture from the home screen, and then select Trophies. A list of the trophies you have earned will appear.
  • Select a game from the list to view trophy information for that game.
  • Select a trophy for that game to see its details.
  • Select Trophies from the function screen.
  • Select a game to view details about the trophies you’ve earned for it.
  • Press the OPTIONS button to sort your trophies by earned date or grade, or to search online for details about your trophies.
  • Trophy grades

    The grades available, starting from most difficult are Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. The number and grades of trophies, and the conditions for earning them, vary from game to game.

    The rarity level depends on how many players have earned the same trophy. Trophies are categorised into four levels of rarity: Ultra rare, Very rare, Rare and Common.

    How to adjust trophy settings

    Trophies you earn are visible on your profile. Adjust who can see your games and your gaming history in Privacy Settings.

    How to compare trophies with your friends

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    Manually Factory Reset To Delete Ps4 Account

    Please make a backup of your important data before starting below operations.

    Step 1. Power off the PS4 console.

    Step 2. Power on the device. press down on the power button and hold until you hear the second beep.

    Step 3. Then, you will be in the Safe Mode of the system. Select 4. Restore Default Settings, 6. Initialise PS4, or 7. Initialise PS4 .

    Then, just follow the instructions to finish factory reset.


    Hacking Can I Delete The Firmware From Ps4

    And you can ask anybody here who might be willing to sell but as KiiWii says.. eBay, Facebook local sales, pawn shops, ask your neighbors around if they gave it up and still have 5.05 and many more. Just do your homework.

    Yes, it is possible. It is possible to create a special 5.05 FW which you can install from 7.50, but you need keys for that. Q: Why do you actually want a PS4 with FW 5.05? Does it have any advantage for you?FYI: In general, when one wants to move from a higher version of the official FW to a lower version of the official FW, it is called a “Downgrade”.

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    How To Delete Account On Ps4

    Step 1. Log into your parent account. In the home screen of the PS system, navigate to Settings > Parental Controls/Family Management > Family Management.

    Step 2. Under Family Members, select the username that you want to remove and then choose Delete User Profile.

    Step 3. Follow the guide to finish the process of deleting sub account.

    How To Delete Games On Your Ps4

    Delete 0% PlayStation Trophies: PS4 How To

    Lets cover how to completely remove a game off of your PS4. Sometimes hiding the content isnt enough, the game is still technically there taking up memory. If you want to free up some space and remove that game you no longer play do this:

  • Visit the PlayStation Library just as you did above.
  • Highlight the game you wish to delete by scrolling over to it
  • Use the pop-out menu on the right-hand side to highlight Delete and click it
  • Press OK to confirm
  • The Games will still be available for download in the future.

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    Find The Game You Want To Remove

    You’ll be presented with a list of games across all PlayStation platforms. It’s worth noting that you can only remove Trophy sets that are stuck at zero per cent, so you’ll need to find one of these before you can delete it. Scroll through the list to the title that you want to remove, and hover over it.

    How To Upgrade Your Ps4s Internal Hard Drive

  • On your computer download, the latest PS4 systems update that you can find by googling PS4 system update
  • Insert your USB into the computer and format
  • Create a folder on your USB called PS4 and inside that folder create another one called update
  • Place the PS4 system update you downloaded into your download folder and it must be named PS4UPDATE.PUP otherwise it will not work
  • Remove the cover from your PS4, and screw the two screws from the hard drive, press the took of your PS4 hard drive and it should slide out easily
  • Remove all four screws from the hard drive and replace with your new hard drive and screw it back. slide back the hard drive and put all the screws you removed and put the cover back on
  • Put your USB into your PS4 and hold the power button for 7 seconds to boot your PS4 into safe mode, follow all the prompts and install the system software, this will take around 10 minutes so be patient!
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    How To Hide Games On The Ps4

    William StantonRead more December 4, 2020

    Like most PlayStation 4 users, theres a good chance your digital game library is a little disorganized and messy. As you continue to buy, play, and forget about games, your library becomes full of PS4 titles that you arent currently playing. This can make it quite challenging to navigate through your library and find the game you want.

    Fortunately, the PS4 does offer the feature to hide any and every game in your library that you want. If you wish to hide games youve already beaten, or youre just trying to get a little bit more organized, all it takes is a few simple steps to clean up your PS4 library. In addition to hiding games from your library, you can also modify your activity feed, in case you want to have a bit more privacy when gaming.

    So, without wasting any more time, lets take a look at how you can hide your games from your PS4 library and how to hide your activity feed.

    Deleting Game Data= Lost Trophies

    How To Delete A Trophy List On Your PlayStation 4
    • SYSTEM – All trophy saves are linked to your system. So if your system changes that save will no longer be able to earn trophies. XBOX 360 Game Save sharing == Easy Achievements anyone?
    • PSN ACCOUNT – Some games go one step further and also link the save to your PSN Account. This is so you can’t have a friend log in on your system, copy your save to there account and earn a trophy on your dime.
    • HARD DRIVE – Lastly some games also have the counter measure of copy protection in their saves eg. Eye of Judgment. The only way to copy this is via the backup utility built into the PS3, but even this is setup in such a way that the backup can only be restored to the same system. So you will only run into this when performing a hard drive upgrade.

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    How To Delete Ps4 Games From Your Hard Drive

    Deleting PS4 games from your hard drive is, thankfully, pretty easy if you know where to look.

    The first thing to do is boot up your PS4 and log into your respective user profile . You can head straight into your Library in the PS4 menu and delete games individually there by hovering over the game icon and pressing Options on your PS4 controller and then Delete in the submenu that pops up.

    The better avenue, though, is heading to Settings on the far right of the PS4 home screen, and selecting Storage > Applications. In there, youll find each game listed with its relative size, making it very easy to clock which games are hoovering up all your space and ensuring you wont need to delete several fun games if theres one culprit taking up 100GB you can remove. You go through the same method of pressing Options on your PS4 controller, and then Delete in the submenu.

    Can I Delete Trophies On Ps5

    How to delete trophies on PS5. To delete trophies on your PlayStation 5, you need to go to the aforementioned Trophies menu. In this menu, you have to highlight the game which you want the trophy information to be deleted and then press the Options button on the DualSense. Select OK to confirm the deletion.

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