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How To Pair Ps4 Controller To Android

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How To Pair A Ps4 Controller To Your Android Phone

How To Pair PS4 Controller To Android Phones and Play Games
  • First activate the pairing mode on the DualShock 4 controller: press the PS and buttons at the same time until the light on the controller starts to flash.
  • On your Android phone, activate the Bluetooth connection from Settings> Connections> Bluetooth.
  • Under Available Devices, tap Wireless Controller and wait for it to appear as connected.
  • If the controller is not recognized by your Android, tap the SCAN icon. If the above doesnt work, try resetting it.


    Pair Your Primary Dualshock 4 Controller With Your Ps4

    To pair the first controller with your console, youll use your controllers USB cable to connect it to the PS4.

    To start the process, plug one end of your controllers USB cable into the USB port at the front of your PS4.

    Plug the other end of the USB cable into your controllers USB port.

    Both your controller and your PS4 are now connected. Turn on your PS4 by pressing the Power button.

    Your console will assign your controller to the first user account. Press the PS button on your controller and you may then choose your user account or create a new one. Enjoy gaming with your newly paired controller!

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    Why Is My Ps4 Not Connecting To My Phone

    If youre experiencing Wi-Fi problems on your PS4, its worth trying to restart your system to reset its Wi-Fi settings. If the problem still persists, its possible that your PS4s system files and configurations are corrupted. Resetting the PS4s system files and configurations should fix the issue. To do this, open the Initialization tab on your PS4s screen. Tap Restore Default Settings and follow the prompts. You should now see a Wi-Fi connection.

    You may not be in the range of the hotspot device. These devices have a maximum range of 15 to 20 meters, but walls and other obstructions can reduce their signal strength. You also need to turn on mobile data on your phone to use the hotspot. If you still experience problems, contact PlayStation support for further assistance. However, if you have no idea how to fix the problem, we recommend checking your data plan.

    Sometimes the PS4 may be unable to connect to the wireless controller. First, make sure that the controller has enough battery life. If not, it may be the fault of the controller. Once the controller is connected, press the PS button to access the Quick Menu. On the Quick Menu, select the controller icon. The battery life will be displayed. If the controllers battery is low, it could be the cause of the disconnections.

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    Connect A Ps4 Controller To An Iphone/ipad

    Pairinga PS4 controller with an iPhone or iPad is as easy as doing so on anAndroid device. However, theres one requirement that your iOSdevice must meet.

    Your iPhone and iPad must be running the latest iOS 13 for your device to be able to connect to the PS4 controller. If you dont run this version of the iOS, its time you head into Settings > General > Software Update and get the device updated to the latest version available.

    Once the iOS version is updated, youre ready to pair your device with the PS4 controller. Press and hold down the and PS buttons together and your controller will start blinking. Head to Settings > Bluetooth on your device and tap on the controller to connect to it.

    Soonas youre connected, the light on the controller will stopblinking. Youre now ready to play games and navigate around onyour iOS device using your PS4 controller.

    How To Connect And Map Ps4 Controller To Android Tv

    How to connect PS4 controller to Android device

    While testing the Mi Box to see if it could run games that required a controller, I came across a small issue. Even though you can navigate the Android TV with a Bluetooth Controller there is no way to go to the home screen directly. So I figured why not remap the keys on the DS4 controller and use it as the remote replacement. In this article, Ill show you how to use and remap the PS4 controller buttons on Android TV. Lets begin.

    I use DS4 in this article, however, if you have any other wireless controller it would still work the same and you can even map the extra keys on the wireless controller without much effort.

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    Using A Ps4 Controller In Steam

    Thanks to official Steam support, theres almost no setup involved in getting your PS4 controller working in Steam. Just be sure to pair or plug in your controller before opening Steam or any Steam games, otherwise your controller may not be recognized.

  • Tick PlayStation Configuration Support
  • Remap from Settings Controller tab/in game
  • If you run into any connection issues, closing and reopening Steam should do the trick. Otherwise, try using a USB 2.0 port instead of a USB 3.0 port. DualShock 4s are weird like that.

    Once connected, navigate to Steams settings menuunder the top left dropdownto get everything running smoothly. Under the Controller tab, open General Controller Settings you should see your controller listed under Detected Controllers. From here you can register it to your account, so it will remember the settings on any PC you log into.

    Back in the Controller tab of the Settings menu, you can configure your controller for Big Picture and Desktop usage, as well, and even set up Guide Button Chord Configuration.

    Connect A Ps4/ps5 Controller To Your Phone

    The actual process of connecting your PS4 and PS5 controllers to your device couldnt be simpler: just do exactly what youd do with any other Bluetooth device you want to connect. First, switch on Bluetooth on your device, then go to the Bluetooth menu .

    In the Connected Devices menu, tap Pair new device for the phone to begin searching for Bluetooth devices. Some Android devices show Search versus Pair new device.

    Next, hold down the SHARE and PLAYSTATION buttons on your PS4 controller until the light bar on the controller starts flashing, which indicates its searching for Bluetooth devices.

    On a PS5 controller, press the CREATE and PLAYSTATION buttons, which are in the same positions.

    Your controller should appear on the Pair new device screen as a Wireless Controller. Tap it to connect the controller to your Android device. You are now officially connected and can navigate your Android homescreens and play games using the controller.

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    Disconnect The Controller From Your Devices

    When youve finished playing games on your devices with the PS4 controller, you might want to disconnect the controller and pair it back to your console.

    • On your Android or iOS device, open the Bluetooth option in the Settings app. Then tap and hold on the PS4 controller in the devices list and select Disconnect followed by Forget.
    • Your controller will disconnect from your devices and will be ready to pair with your console. Plug in the controller to the console using a USB cable and press the PS button.

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    Use The Dualshock 4 Controller With Your Android

    How to Connect PS4 Controller to Android Phone using BLUETOOTH (Easy Method)

    While there are a good number of supported controllers that you can use with your Android 10 handset, the PlayStation 4s DualShock 4 is consider among the most ergonomic and convenient controller you can use. It pairs in a few seconds connecting it back to your PlayStation 4 after use is also simple.

    Follow the steps below to find out how to pair the controller to your phone and back to your PlayStation 4.

    Heads Up!

    Its best to disconnect your PS4s from the power outlet as you might accidentally power on the console during this process.

    Lets Go!

    • Hold down the PlayStation button at the middle center of the controller and the Share button at the top left of the touchpad together
    • If the controllers light bar starts blinking frequently, it means the controller is now in pairing mode
    • Turn on your phones Bluetooth settings
    • Choose Pair New Device
    • You will see the option of Wireless Controller with the directional pad tap on it.
    • You will be asked to confirm the pairing, choose Pair or confirm the pairing
    • Once connected, the light bar on your DualShock 4 will turn Blue, confirming the connection

    The controller will work right off the bat with supported games. Whats more, you can map buttons in games like Fortnite and Call of Duty Mobile to your liking.

    If youre having difficulty getting the game to detect the controller, close the app completely and relaunch it from scratch.

    If youre looking to unpair or delete the controller, do the following steps on your phone.

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    How To Connect A Controller To An Android Phone Or Tablet

    Sick of touch controls for mobile gaming? Learn how to connect any game controller to your Android device.

    Touch controls for mobile games aren’t always great. Perhaps they’re poorly implemented, or maybe your device doesn’t handle multitouch well.

    The solution? Play Android mobile games with a game controller!

    Wired and Bluetooth game controllers can be connected to your Android phone or tablet. USB controllers and Xbox One, PS4, PS5, or Nintendo Switch Joy-Con wireless controllers all work with Android.

    Here’s how to connect a game controller to an Android phone or tablet, as well as an explanation of what controllers can be used with Android.

    How To Connect Ps4 Controller To Android

    In order to set up a PS4 controller with your Android mobile device, you’ll need to make sure the PS4 controller is set to pairing mode. To do this, your PlayStation 4 and PS4 controller must both be off.

    1. To set your PS4 controller to pairing mode, press and hold on the PS button and the Share button at the same time. When done properly, the light on the back of the controller will start to flash.

    2. To pair your PS4 controller with your Android device, Bluetooth must be enabled on your Android. Swipe your finger downward from the top of your screen to pull open the quick selection menu, then tap and hold the Bluetooth icon.

    3. With Bluetooth enabled, “Wireless Controller” should be one of the options in the “Available devices” menu. If you can’t see “Wireless Controller” as one of the options, tap “Scan” at the top of the screen. Tap on “Wireless Controller” when it appears.

    4. Tap “OK” to finish pairing your PS4 controller with your Android device.

    Keep in mind that not all mobile games are compatible with the PS4 controller.

    Once you’re ready to switch back over to your PlayStation 4, you will need to turn off Bluetooth on your Android device, and pair the PS4 controller with the PS4 system once more.

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    Should You Use A Ps4 Controller On Your Android Device

    There are better choices if you are serious about playing games on your Android phone or tablet. Some of the best Android game controllers include an Xbox controller or the PS5 Dualsense. It’s also worth considering that with the PS5 now available worldwide, Sony has ceased production of the DualShock 4, meaning new controllers are going to continue to become harder and harder to find and purchase.

    Meanwhile, the PS5 controller works with Android. You might not be able to take advantage of its special features, such as the DualSense haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, but it’ll be much easier to buy.

    Your mileage may vary in actually using a DualShock 4 with your Android device. Give your favorite games a try and see if they present any issues. Ideally, a game would simply let you remap all the buttons like an emulator would, but that’s just not the case with most games.

    In testing, we’ve found that it may not behave quite as well as a dedicated mobile controller or even the Xbox One controller. For instance, while I could move my character and turn the camera using the analog sticks in Modern Combat 5, the aim and shoot buttons were relegated to the Share and Options buttons, respectively. This made for a pretty awkward and uncomfortable control scheme. Other titles, such as Genshin Impact, lack native controller support entirely on Android.

    Troubleshoot The Lag Issues With The Controller

    Gamepad Bluetooth Wireless Turbo Controller for Switch PS4 PC Android ...

    Sometimesthe connection between your Android device and your controller mayget interrupted. If it happens too often and causes too muchinconvenience, you can fix the issue by installing an app on yourdevice.

    Theres an app called Bluetooth Auto Connect on the Google Play Store that allows you to fix many Bluetooth-related issues on your device. It has an option called Continuous Connect that ensures your device is always connected to the controller .

    Hereshow to use the app to keep both of your devices connected to eachother:

    • Launch the Bluetooth Auto Connect app on your device while your device is connected to the PS4 controller.
    • Tap on Advanced Options followed by Continuous Connect . Type in any number between two and ten and hit OK.

    The app will ensure your devices remain connected all the time. You may though change the numbers in the option if the current one doesnt work for you.

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    How To Use Dualshock 4 Wireless Controllers With Pc Mac Android And Ios

    If you’d like to use your DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller with compatible games and applications away from your console, you can connect via Bluetooth® or USB in a few steps.

    DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller compatible devices

    Devices using the operating systems listed below or later support DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller Bluetooth and USB connections. Once connected, you can use your wireless controller to control compatible games and applications.

    You can connect a DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller to a Windows PC using a DUALSHOCK®4 USB wireless adaptor or a compatible micro USB cable.

    How to pair a DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller with a supported device

    To pair your wireless controller with a supported device using Bluetooth for the first time, turn on pairing mode.

  • Make sure the player indicator on the controller is off.If the player indicator is on, press and hold the PS button until it turns off. If a USB is connected to the controller, disconnect it.

  • While pressing and holding the SHARE button, press and hold the PS Button until the light bar flashes.

  • Enable Bluetooth on your device, and then select the controller from the list of Bluetooth devices. When pairing is complete, the light bar blinks, and then the player indicator lights up.

  • DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller compatible games and applications

    You can use your wireless controller to play games streamed from your PS5 console or PS4 console to your compatible device using the PS Remote Play app.

    How To Connect Ps4 Controller To An Android Phone Or Tablet

    Play mobile games with console-level comfort.

    Using your touchscreen isnt the only way to enjoy mobile games on your phone or tablet. Most Android 10 and above titles also support controller inputs and provide a relatively more comfortable way to enjoy gaming on your mobile device.

    Using a controller is more comfortable than touchscreen controls in certain games since your hands will have a more ergonomic posture. Though many controllers are specifically designed to work with mobile devices, you may not need one if you already have a PlayStation 4.

    PS4 controllers are compatible with Android devices, and you can get yours working with your Android in a matter of minutes.

    Heres how you can connect a PS4 controller to an Android device.

    • The first thing youll need to do is turn on the Bluetooth feature of your Android device. Make sure that its ready for the pairing process.
    • Press and hold the PS and Share buttons on your PS4 controller to turn it on in pairing mode.
    • If done correctly, the light on the back of your controller will start flashing.
  • Most devices should be able to detect the presence of your PS4 controller when scanning for nearby Bluetooth devices.
  • If your device doesnt detect your controller automatically, navigate to your Bluetooth settings. You should see a list of all the known and nearby devices.
  • After selecting your controller, a confirmation will pop up. Your controller should start working on your phone after tapping on OK.
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    Issue : No Vibrations On The Ps4 Controller

    Your DualShock 4 controller vibrates during certain actions in certain games. If that doesnt happen, your console has likely turned off the feature.

    You can re-enable the vibrations option by heading into Settings > Devices > Controller on your PS4 and activating Enable Vibration.

    And thats it.

    Besides controllers, did you know you can manage your PS4 with your phone? Check out our guide to learn how to set that up.

    Can You Connect An Xbox One Controller To Android

    How To Pair A PS4 Controller With An Android Phone, iPhone or iPad!

    If you have an Xbox One, you’ve already got a fantastic way to control Android games. But how simple is it to hook an Xbox One controller up to your Android device?

    Similar to connecting the Xbox One controller to your Windows PC, you don’t need any additional hardware with a newer model controller. A typical Android device’s Bluetooth support is all you need to connect the controller to your phone or tablet.

    Before starting, make sure the controller is fully charged, and you’ve unplugged your Xbox One. If you don’t, the controller will remain paired to it, which means you can’t pair it with your Android device.

    Begin by putting Android into discoverable mode as explained in the previous section. Next, hold the Sync button on the Xbox One controller. Upon detection, select the controller on your phone and follow the instructions to pair.

    Note that this will only work with newer Xbox One controllers that use Bluetooth. The original models use RF, which Android doesn’t support. If your controller doesn’t connect wirelessly, you can use USB OTG instead, using the USB charge cable.

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