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How To Report On Ps4

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How To Fix Error Ce

How to Report Someone on PS4! (GET PLAYERS BANNED)

Aside from playing fantastic single-player story modes like Uncharted, Tomb Raider, and The Witcher III, Playstation consoles also support online gaming, which allows you to play FPS titles with other players.

Playstation consoles also offer other online features such as the Playstation Store, PS Plus, and PS Now, all under the Playstation Network.

Now, if you are here, youre probably struggling to access your Playstation Network account due to a CE-35287-5 Error Code. When this happens, you wont be able to use any online feature on your Playstation except browsing the internet.

Usually, the CE-35287-5 Error Code occurs on the PS4 when it fails to communicate with PSNs servers to verify your credentials. This can be due to offline servers, slow internet connection, or improper configurations on your network or PS4.

To help you troubleshoot this issue, weve decided to make a guide for fixing the CE-35287-5 Error Code on your PS4.

Lets get right into it!

Battle Royale And Save The World

  • In game, select the menu icon. If youre already in a match, you can:
  • On PC/Mac, press Esc.
  • On PlayStation, press the Options button.
  • On XBox, press the Menu button.
  • On Switch, press the + button.
  • On the Feedback Type tab, select REPORT PLAYER.
  • On the SELECT PLAYER tab, select the name of the player you wish to report. Note: You can only select the name of a player you recently played with/against.
  • On the SUBMIT tab, select ACCEPT to send the report.
  • Select SEND REPORT.
  • Well review your submission and apply the appropriate action, based on our Terms of Service and Code of Conduct.

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    Bug: Playstation Network Connectivity Problems

    Network connectivity problems are the most persistent complaint with the PS4 and often manifest themselves as either NW-31201-7 and WV-33899-2 errors. The PSN goes down more often than wed like, but luckily, its usually not down for long stretches. Typically, network errors can be attributed to the PSN undergoing service maintenance , and you will just have to wait it out. Outside of maintenance periods, however, there are several methods you can easily perform to get back online.

    Connect Ps4 To Hotel Wifi Via A Third

    How to report/block people on the PS4

    As a last resort, your guest may be able to connect through a third-party internet hotspot if they are traveling with a smartphone or laptop. This method is slightly more involved, as guests will need to use a service called Connectify its a free, virtual router that lets you with other devices. Check out this video to learn more:

    Once the guests laptop is connected to your propertys internet, have the guest try this method for connecting their PS4:

  • Connect the PS4 console to the TV

  • Switch on the PS4 console

  • Follow this tutorial on how to set up your PS4 with your Connectify. With this, you will need to have your SSID and password ready.

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    Houseparty Video Chat In Fortnite

    If you’re using Houseparty video chat in Fortnite you can report players bad behavior in Houseparty by doing the following:

  • Click on Settings.
  • Click on Reporting/Feedback.
  • Click on Report A Player.
  • If needed, you have the option to block the player from chat and directly joining your party as well.

    How To Install A Vpn On Ps4 Using A Router

    The fastest and easiest way to use a VPN with a PS4 console is to use a VPN router.

    Connecting to a VPN server at the router level automatically protects all the devices in your home. This includes your PS4.

    Not all routers are compatible with VPNs

    Not all routers are VPN compatible, so you will need to ensure that your router is suitable. If it is, but it does not have a VPN client, it might be possible to flash it yourself with DD-WRT or Tomato firmware.

    If you dont currently have a VPN compatible router, you can choose from our list of the 5 best VPN routers. In 2021, our favorite is the Vilfo because it is a low-cost VPN router that will work with a massive cross section of VPN providers.

    Follow these steps to set up a PlayStation to work with your VPN router:

  • Sign up to one of the best PS4 VPN services.

    We recommend ExpressVPN because it is fast and secure.

  • On the main PS4 menu screen, click on Settings > Network Settings.

  • Click Set up Internet Connection> Use WiFi.

    Select Easy as the connection method.

  • Select your WiFi network from the list and connect with the relevant login details.

    Make sure the Do Not Use a Proxy Server box is ticked.

  • Confirm the settings and save.

  • Click on Test Connection to confirm everything works properly.

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    How To Set Up A Vpn On Playstation 4 Using A Computer

    If you do not already have a VPN-compatible router, and you do not wish to purchase one, then you will need to share your PS4s internet connection with a computer that is running the VPN. This is by far the cheapest way to connect your PS4 to a VPN.

    If you have a PC or a laptop and an ethernet cable you should have everything you need to use this method! Some laptops do not have an ethernet port, but dont worry, as there are USB to ethernet port adapters out there that should do the trick.

    Follow these steps to set up a PlayStation to work with a VPN on your Windows computer:

  • Sign up to a VPN service suitable for gaming on a PS4.

    We recommend ExpressVPN because it is ideal for the job.

  • Connect your PS4 to your PC with the ethernet cable.

  • Open the Control Panel in Windows and navigate to the Network and Sharing Center.

  • Click on Change Adaptor Settings in the left sidebar.

  • Right-click on your VPN connection , click Properties > Sharing.

  • Tick the box that says: Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s internet connection.

  • Locate the Home networking connection drop-down menu and select your ethernet connection.

  • Connect to the VPN server you require by using the VPN client on your PC.

  • Boot up your PS4.

    On the main menu screen click on Settings> Network Settings.

  • Under Network Settings select Set up Internet Connection.

    Select Use a LAN Cable when you are prompted.

  • Select Easy for the connection method and confirm Do Not Use a Proxy Server when asked.

  • How To Report Someone On A Ps4 Via Their Profile

    How to REPORT someone on PS4! (BLOCK/BAN/SUSPEND TROLLS)

    You can report someone based on something your find offensive in their profile.

    1. Open the player’s profile.

    2. Press the Options button on your controller.

    3. Select “Report.”

    4. Choose “Something in Profile.”

    5. Select the reason you’re reporting the player, and then follow the instructions to complete the report and submit it to Sony.

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    Problem: Damaged Dualshock 4 Analog Sticks

    We like a lot of things about the DualShock 4 as a PS4 controller, but the soft rubber padding on its analog sticks can tear quite easily when playing a game that requires quick movements, like Bloodborne or Dark Souls. But just because the rubber tears, that doesnt mean you have to ditch the controller!

    What Can Be Reported

    PlayStation provides a very clear list of what you should not do on your account. If you find anyone breaking these conditions, you may report them.

    Do Not:

    • Stalk, bully, threaten, discriminate against or abuse other users.
    • Encourage other users to commit acts considered inappropriate or illegal in the game or the real world.
    • Upload or attach pornographic images to PMs.
    • Use online ID’s which include profanity, sexual reference or hate speech.
    • Speak to or text others with hateful language or images which disparage others based on ethnicity, gender, religion or sexual orientation.
    • Exploit issues or environments that were not intended to be accessed to give yourself or others unfair advantages while playing online.
    • Use or share codes, software or devices to cheat and do not attempt to hack to benefit in gameplay.
    • Purposefully kill your team members in multi-player online games or disrupt another user playing a mini-game.
    • Use PlayStation Network for profit or commercial purposes, infringe on copyright owned by anybody or break the law in any other way.
    • Give false information including making false complaints, giving a false date of birth.
    • Create false accounts with the perceived intent to impersonate another user or pretend to be an SIE representative.

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    Quickest Way On How To Find Ps4 Serial Number

    Looking to find ps4 serial number? Ps4 serial numbers are different from the ps4 model number. The serial number may not be in a visually accessible place on your ps4. On top of that, different ps4 models have serial numbers at different locations.

    Read further on how to locate your Play Station 4 Serial Number.

  • I Bought My Ps4 Second-hand. Should I Give the Serial Number to the Original Owner After Purchase?
  • Problem: Headphones Arent Working

    How to Report Someone on PS4! (GET PLAYERS BANNED ...

    If youre not hearing anything through headphones connected to your DualShock 4, theres a problem. Bluetooth headsets are a little more tricky, so make sure to check out our guide on how to connect Bluetooth headphones to your PS4. If youre looking for an audio upgrade, theres always our list of the best PS4 headsets, too.

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    What Are The Advantages Of Using A Vpn On Ps4

    All internet-based activities can be tracked by your ISP and the government, and your PS4 is no exception. A VPN encrypts your data so that all your online activities are private.

    For more information, check out our Beginner’s Guide to VPNs.

    Although this digital privacy is the primary aim of any VPN service, a VPN also allows you to conceal your IP address and pretend to be in a different country, which can allow you to do several things:

    • Purchase cheaper games from abroad.
    • Play on foreign game servers.
    • Play games against people that speak a foreign language .
    • Access censored or restricted content blocked by the government.
    • Unblock Hulu and other georestriced services.

    Besides being able to spoof your IP address to a distant location, a VPN can allow you to bypass bandwidth restrictions imposed by your ISP.

    In some locations around the world, ISPs will use bandwidth restrictions when their customers connect to gaming servers. This is to stop them eating up a lot of bandwidth. With a VPN, it becomes impossible for an ISP to track which websites and servers you are connecting to, so the ISP will not restrict your bandwidth. This can massively improve your speeds.

    VPNs can help reduce ping, but is more likely to increase it for most people

    Some users even report being able to use a VPN to improve their ping rates. However, a VPN will introduce added latency for most people. This is because the VPN must encrypt your traffic and route it further via the VPN server.

    How To Get A Vpn For Ps4

    If you want to use a VPN with a PlayStation 4, it is worth bearing in mind that not every VPN is suitable. Many VPNs are slow and provide access to only a few servers. Those servers suffer from congestion and are not good for data intensive tasks such as gaming and streaming HD content.

    Free VPNs exist, but that vast majority of the services you find on app stores for free are inferior services that provide outdated encryption and concerning privacy policies. If you want to try a free VPN, we urge you to stick to a recommended free VPN provider only. Those services are trustworthy and do not skimp on privacy.

    To get the most out of a VPN for PS4, however, it is necessary to get a service that has lightning fast servers located in a good selection of places around the world. To help you out, we have provided a guide with the 5 best VPNs for PS4. Our guide will help you select a service that is suited to gaming by helping you find a service that has:

    • A large choice of servers worldwide.
    • Fast connections.

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    How To Block Players

    If you want to outright block a player who has been harassing you or ruining your enjoyment of a game, you can do so as well. This will block them from sending you messages and being able to communicate with you.

  • From the home menu, select Friendsor scroll through your Players Met list to find the User ID you’d like to block.
  • Select their profile.
  • Select the ellipses menu icon on the top right to expand your options.
  • Select Block.

  • Triggering A Page Fault

    How to Report someone on Ps4

    Since we filled most of our userland GS memory with 0, after triggering the bug, the kernel will eventually attempt to access an address from GS which will be NULL, and a page fault will be triggered.

    The exact place where this happens is the following instruction from _thread_lock_flags:

    FFFFFFFF80823368: mov rax, 

    Since r12 contains 0, a read from the unmapped address 0x18 will be performed, resulting in a jump to the page fault handler .

    At this point, we are executing arbitrary code in the kernel. However, we are already two faults deep:

    #SS exception ->  Corrupt #PF handler ->  #PF exception ->  Our payload

    In x86 a triple fault will cause a reboot. We need to take precautions to prevent any further faults from occurring and crashing the system. Mainly, we need to ensure that any user memory we access in the payload won’t cause a further page fault.

    There are several ways to achieve this: you can prefault over all memory which you intend to use in your payload by simply performing a read to these memory locations before performing the exploit:

    void prefault }

    This is equivilant to passing the MAP_PREFAULT_READ flag to mmap.

    Alternatively, you can use the mlock system call to make sure that memory pages intended to be accessed from the payload won’t be paged out of physical memory.

    In general, it’s best to keep the payload code to the bare minimum before returning to userland.

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    Problem: Damaged Hdmi Port And Faulty Hdmi Cables

    It may not be PS4-specific or widespread, but some PlayStation players have reported issues stemming from a damaged HDMI port shipping on their PS4 units. The problem, which leads to a lack of audio or video output on the TV, is often caused by a connection obtrusion resulting from a bent piece of metal within the consoles built-in HDMI port. Although the reasoning for the bent component is unknown, it effectively renders the port incompatible since the bent piece can no longer properly connect with the HDMI cord. Additionally, there have been reports of faulty HDMI cables that simply dont work for one reason or another.

    While this issue was resolved in subsequent PS4 shipments after the consoles launch, if you purchase a pre-owned unit or youre experiencing HDMI issues, youll still want to look for possible answers below.

    How To Contact Us

    If you want to report players, clans, exploits, or connectivity issues in any of our Official Servers, please contact us through Zendesk, our team will get back to you using the provided email.

    Make sure that you fill all the text fields with accurate information, and that you provide irrefutable veridic proof and evidence to back up your report. This includes, but is not limited to, screenshots, videos, timestamps, names of characters and guilds, profiles.

    We wont be able to refund or return any loss of property caused by an infraction or abuse and as a result, any such requests will be dismissed.

    Should you require any other type of assistance or have any questions youd like to ask our team privately, feel free to send us a DM by going to your profile, selecting Message, and in the recipient field type in . Do not tag any other players or members of our community in your reports.

    NEW FORUM ACCOUNTS:Please be aware that newly created users cant send private messages until a certain threshold has been met, which is to read 5 different posts, 30 different messages, and spend 10 minutes logged in. This is to prevent automated spam.

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    What To Do If Your Ps4 Gets Stolen

    Simon Sayers / July 25, 2019

    Need to know what to do if your PS4 gets stolen? Its the stuff of nightmares. Your beautiful PlayStation is no more, and youre left with a ton of games and nothing to play them on.

    Apart from phoning the police, and checking whether its covered under your house insurance, there are multiple things you need to do immediately to protect your PS4 account.

    Appeal Your Suspension Or Ban With Donotpay

    How to report someone on your PS4 in 2 different ways ...

    Our app can draft an appeal letter for you in less than five minutes and send it directly to PlayStation.

    Take a few simple steps to start the process:

  • Find the Unban My Account feature
  • Answer a few questions related to your PlayStation account
  • Click on the Sign and Submit button
  • Using our app to send an appeal letter is much more effective than doing it yourself because of the legal pressure we put on companies. Our letter will contain a two-week deadline, which will help you get a fast response.

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