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How To Use Ps4 Controller On Cod Mobile

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Why Doesnt My Ps4 Controller Connect To Cod: Mobile

how to connect ps4 controller to cod mobile

Restart your COD Mobile controller

Close the application in general, and then restarting it can sometimes allow the controller and the game to reconnect properly. As a continuation of this point, some players have found that restarting their phone and then restarting the game can also be a solution to this problem.

How To Unlock Switchblade X9 In Cod Mobile

If youre looking to run the Switchblade X9 in CoD Mobile, all you have to do is hit Tier 21 on the Season 7 Battle Pass.

Luckily, this is one of the free tiers so you wont have to splash out any real money to unlock the weapon. Simply earn enough XP and its all yours.

If Season 7 draws to a close and you havent had time to reach Tier 21, dont worry, when season 8 begins an in-game challenge will become available to unlock the Switchblade X9.

How Do I Get My Cod Mobile Controller To Work

You can access COD Mobile settings by launching the app. The first toggle should be enabled in the Controller section. Click on connect after connecting your controller to the mobile device. You will be able to access the game using the external device after the connection status has been verified.

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How To Play Cod: Mobile With A Controller On Android Iphone Or Ipad

Connecting your controller your devices is easy, as all you need is to connect them via Bluetooth. This process is quick and painless, regardless of your phone or tablets operating system.


  • Pull down the Notification Shade from the top of your screen.
  • Long press the Bluetooth symbol
  • Select Pair New Device.
  • Hold down the PS & Share button on your PlayStation controller, or the connect button on your Xbox controller.
  • Once the controller LED starts flashing, select it from the list on your Android phone.
  • Once connected in your settings, open CoD: Mobile and test your controller.
  • iPhone

  • Open the Settings app on your phone, and select Bluetooth.
  • Hold down the PS & Share button on your PlayStation controller, or the connect button on your Xbox controller.
  • Once the controller LED starts flashing, select it on your iOS device under Other Devices.
  • Once connected in your settings, open CoD: Mobile and test your controller.
  • Remember, your controller will only work when youre actually playing a match, so dont worry if it doesnt seem to work in the games menus.

    How To Play Cod: Mobile With A Controller

    How To Use PS4 Controller In COD Mobile

    Get an advantage over your competitors by connecting a controller to CoD: Mobile, and use our best settings guide to improve your aim.

    It may seem like an odd prospect to play Call of Dutys leading handheld game with a fully-fledged gaming controller, but the fact is that CoD: Mobile is an essential game for any fans of the series. It takes lots of aspects from previous CoD titles and blends them into one game.

    Its not just a condensed version of the current games like Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, but in many ways, its a more complete offering. So it makes sense that people want to capture that authentic Call of Duty experience by using a controller on a smartphone or tablet.

    With CoD: Mobile Season 8 kicking off, introducing the M13 and R9-0 weapons along with the Blackout map, theres never been a better time to use a controller and give yourself an advantage over your opponents.

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    How To Connect A Controller With Call Of Duty Mobile

    Follow these simple steps to connect a supported controller to Call of Duty Mobile on Android and iOS:

    Step 1: Activate pairing on the controller

    On a PS4 controller, hold the PS and SHARE button simultaneously, while, in the case of an Xbox One controller, hold the Xbox and Sync button to activate pairing.

    Step 2: Activate Bluetooth on mobile

    Go to the settings of your mobile device and turn on Bluetooth.

    Step 3: Find the controller

    Find the wireless controller in the device list and tap on it to connect. The game will automatically detect the controller.

    Step 4: Activate the controller in Call of Duty Mobile

    In Call of Duty: Mobile Settings, go to Controller and enable the Enable Controller Support option. Enable Call of Duty Mobile Controller

    Step 5: Customize the controls

    Finally, customize the sensitivity of the Battle Royale and Multiplayer modes and get started. Change the sensitivity of the controller in Call of Duty Mobile.

    Thats all now you will be able to play Call of Duty Mobile with one controller in both Battle Royale and Multiplayer.

    Note: If you leave your phone idle for a long time, the controller may be disconnected from your phone, so you will need to reconnect it.

    Fix : Relaunch The Cod Game

    Sometimes games internal issues can also cause this problem. So here you need to relaunch the game to get done with the issue. To do so, follow the below steps:

    • Go to the COD game on your home screen.
    • Then, long-press the game icon.
    • Select the App info
    • Then, Force stop the game app.
    • Then, again go to the app and launch it.

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    Cod Mobile Controller Not Working: How To Fix Ps4 Or Xbox Controller Stuck On Connecting For Call Of Duty: Mobile

    If your controller is not connecting to COD Mobile, is there anything you can do? Fix your Call of Duty Mobile issues here.

    If your controlleris not working, we’ve got some tips for how to fix it!

    COD: Mobile is yet another way for Activision to make this phenomenally successful franchise accessible to its fans. As an added bonus, controller support is available for the PS4 DualShock, and the Xbox One controllers.

    But what can you do if your controller of choice doesn’t work in COD Mobile? We’ll take a look at any possible causes for this issue, and how you can go about resolving it.

    Need To Know How To Pair An Xbox One Or Ps4 Controller To Call Of Duty Mobile We Have Everything You Need To Know In Our Comprehensive Call Of Duty Mobile Controls Guide

    How to PLAY Call of Duty MOBILE with PS4 CONTROLLER (Connect to Phone using Bluetooth!)

    With thebrand Call of Duty combined with the accessibility of free mobile gaming, thefirst-person shooter has accumulated well over 150 million downloads despitestill being a relatively young game.

    Once youdownload and open the app, youre put through a quick training mode, called theboot camp, which leads you through aspects like movement and shooting.

    However,there are many more Call of Duty: Mobile controls to learn, including how to connecta console controller such as an Xbox One controller or PlayStation 4controller to the game.

    On this page:

    UnderMap Hexagon Button Tap thebutton when it glows yellow

    Once youenter a vehicle in Call of Duty: Mobile, the controls will change slightly.Below, you can see all three vehicle controls settings, with Layout A being thedefault vehicle settings for the driver.

    To changethe vehicle controls in Call of Duty: Mobile, simply go into the Settings andover to the BR Settings tab.

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    How Do I Connect A Ps4 Controller To My Phone

    If you have an Android device, you can pair your PS4 controller with your phone using the Bluetooth connection. To pair your PS4 controller with your phone, you must be running the latest version of iOS, which is iOS 13. If your device is not running iOS 13, you should update it now. The controller and phone should pair right away. If it does not, you may need to update the iOS version on your device.

    To connect your PS4 controller with your Android device, you must first turn on Bluetooth on your device. To do this, open the Settings app and tap on Bluetooth. Tap the Bluetooth icon. It will display a list of known devices. When the controller is paired, you can use the buttons on the controller to navigate through the options on your Android phone. After connecting your PS4 controller with your Android phone, you can enjoy your favorite games with your phone.

    Evo Vr Bluetooth Controller Setup How To Connect

    If you have an EVO VR Controller, you can play COD Mobile by using this controller. What you need is only to connect the controller with your game.

    Here is how you can connect the controller to play the COD Mobile game.

    In Android Mobile Phones

    • Open the Bluetooth settings of your mobile phone.
    • Hold the X button and the Home Button at the same time. if you see the light blinking, it means your controller is ready to pair with your mobile phone.
    • Now click on the controller name displaying on your screen.
    • If you are asked to enter a password, just enter 0000.

    Now you have successfully completed pairing your android mobile phone with the EVO VR Bluetooth Controller.

    In iOS

    • Open the Bluetooth settings.
    • Press the B key and the HOME key together. You will be ready to pair when the LED lights blink.
    • Tap on the controllers name showing on the display of your phone.
    • If you are asked for a password, put 0000.

    You are done!

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    Can You Use A Ps4 Controller On Switch

    Yes, of course, you can, provided some third-party technologies like Bluetooth adapter. If you want to use your PS4 controller in Switch, you will need a Bluetooth adapter.

    The Bluetooth capability of the Nintendo Switch is reserved mainly for only its Joy-Cons. Thus, you will need a Bluetooth adapter so that you can connect your PS4 controller and make it talk with the console.

    What Controllers Should Work With The Game  Actually Working  How To Play Call Of Duty ...

    As for what kinds of controllers you can use for Call of Duty Mobile, it officially uses almost all of the main Xbox and PlayStation controllers from the current generation and the previous one. This means most of the DualShock 4 controllers are from the PS4 and the Xbox One controllers.

    At the same time, you can also use the new Xbox Series controllers and the DualSense in Call of Duty Mobile. At the same time, though, you can also use controllers that are physically connected to the device, like the beloved Backbone, to play the game too.

    And then there is the Nintendo Switch Pro controller. Though it uses Bluetooth connectivity, it is not available for iOS devices, which I find unfortunate. However, it is possible to use it on Android, though it might take a few extra steps to make that happen, so it is not recommended.

    You could use other third-party controllers beyond these, but the game may not officially support them. This means that they could work, but they might not, which could also be your issue if you try to use something other than the ones listed above.

    Once you are ready to use your controller in-game and connected to your device, head into the game and then the settings. From there, make sure to select the controller tab and the allow to use controller option.

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    How To Connect Ps4 Controller To Call Of Duty Mobile

    Using your PS4 DualShock 4 controller to play COD Mobile Open Call of Duty Mobile. You can do this by swiping up from the home screen then tapping on the game icon. Tap on

    There are other answers below:

    how to connect ps4 controller to cod mobile. Whats up guys in this video i show you how to play call of duty mobile with ps4 controller

    How to Play Call of Duty Mobile With A PS4 or Xbox One Controller Controller / How To Connect Controller on iOS iPhone / iPad / AndroidToday, I have a video

    Players that wish to pair a PS4 Dualshock with their Android device should go to the devices Settings menu, click Device Connectivity, and then click Bluetooth and enable it.

    To play Call Of Duty Mobile on PC with a PS4 or Xbox One controller, you will first need to plug in your DualShock and then open GameLoop. Once youve done this, you then need to select the

    How to play Call of Duty Mobile with a controller on iOS Open Settings, then tap Bluetooth Settings. Hold down both the PS and Share button until the controller starts to flash OR

    To play Call of Duty Mobile on a controller, you will need to open up your phones Bluetooth settings and then click on the Pair New Device option. Now, you will have to press the PS and Share button on the PS4 Controller or the Xbox Ones Controllers Share button.

    What To Do If Controller Still Does Not Work

    However, if you have completed all of these steps and find that you still have the CoD Mobile controller not working problem, here is what you can do. For one, it is worth noting that the controller will not work in the menus, only the game itself, so please keep that in mind.

    Always try it in an actual match and see if it works in the actual gameplay. You should be able to move around, control the camera, aim down the sights, shoot, and so on as you would expect.

    If this is still not working and you know that it is an officially supported controller, we recommend making sure that you have updated the game to the most recent patch and restarting your device. If the controller is charged and this is still happening, be sure to try a different controller.

    If you do not have another controller or that one also does not work even though Bluetooth connects it, it is at this point that I recommend contacting Activision Support directly through the game. Explain to them the issue that you are having and what can be done to fix it.

    Let them know that you have tried all of the above steps. They can try to figure out what the issue might be as it could even be a problem with the games current build. They may recommend that you delete and reinstall the game, or you might want to try that yourself.

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    A More Responsive Experience

    When you first use a controller with CoD: Mobile, you will likely find it feels slow and unresponsive. Fortunately, this can be easily fixed by simply increasing your controller sensitivity settings.

    Follow these steps:

  • Open the Settings menu in CoD: Mobile.
  • Tap Controller.
  • You will notice that the game gives you the ability to define different settings for the Multiplayer, Battle Royale, and Zombies game modes. Select the one you play most frequently.
  • Increase your controller sensitivity either by selecting the High sensitivity preset, or by using the sliders alongside horizontal sensitivity and vertical sensitivity.
  • You should now be ready to play. Sadly, there is no option to remap buttons, or choose a different button layout, at this time.

    How To Play Cod Mobile With Controller The Easy Guide

    COD Mobile With a PS4 Controller!

    Do you know that you can play COD Mobile using your controller? You can play the game using all the supporting official controllers. You can use your DualShock 4 PS4 controllers and the Xbox One controllers to play the COD Mobile.

    But let us tell you the DualShock 4 PS4 1st Generation controllers wont work with this game. But the question is, how to play COD Mobile with a controller? In order to use the controller, you need to set the controllers with the game.

    When the game was launched in the month of October 2019 the feature of playing the game using controllers was introduced. But the publishers removed it without any fair explanation right after one month after the launch. But the good news is, they have re-added the feature now.

    Here in this article, we are going to give you all the information about setting up controllers to play the COD Mobile game.

  • To Sum All Up
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    Cod Controller Support: Everything You Need To Know

    When playing Call of Duty Mobile with a controller, you will only be faced with players using the controllers. Additionally, if you are playing on a team where one of your team members is playing with a controller, even then you will have to face off against players using controller support.

    It is important to note that you cannot use COD Mobile controllers to explore the in-game menu. So if you want to change weapon loading and customize your character before entering the game, you will have to do so using native game controls.

    Also make sure to activate the controller before entering the game. If you forget to do this before entering the game, the controller will not work throughout the game.

    Fix: Cod Mobile Controller Not Working

    exploded in prominence shortly after its introduction in 2019, and it doesnt appear to be slowing down in the near future. The Devs deserve credit for the FPS games enduring appeal since they constantly go above and beyond to include new and fresh content to COD Mobile with the passing of each Season.

    Additional characters weaponry, maps, modes, and other features serve to lure more and more gamers from around the globe. That said, the new season of Call of Duty Mobile is already ongoing, and gamers are very preoccupied with the seasons festivities and events

    Clan wars, seasonal events, and the Battle Pass benefits have become too alluring. COD Mobile has always been rather consistent with its improvements, with the obligatory introduction of new content with each new season. As a result, the players are working really hard to reap all of the rewards.

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