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Is Minecraft Ps4 Java Or Bedrock

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Can You Play Minecraft Java With Bedrock

How to Join Java Minecraft Servers on Bedrock Consoles! PS4, PS5, Xbox, PE, Win10! Easy 2021 Method!

Yes, you can. With the new update, Minecraft Java and Bedrock Edition now play together on whats called unified servers. Therefore, you should have the same seamless and free experience on mobile, PC, and consoles.

Minecraft Java Edition and Bedrock edition are two different games. These are not the same, but it is possible to play the former with the latter. But why would you want to do that? Simply because it increases the community that you can connect with and enjoy the game with a larger number of people.

Minecraft Java Edition and Minecraft Bedrock Edition are different versions of this popular game. For casual players, Bedrock proves to be a better choice since it is easier to play and can be played on any device, and is more stable. Whereas the JAVA edition is more sophisticated and requires more skillset to outperform hardcore gaming.

You Can Finally Play Minecraft With Your Friends On Ps4

Minecraft cross-play has finally come to PlayStation 4. The last holdout on the block-builders platform-agnostic ambitions, Sony has finally agreed to whatever terms it needed to. Minecraft: Bedrock Edition is now on PS4, which means that PC, Xbox One, Switch, mobile, and PlayStation 4 fans can all play together like the great big happy family they are.

Now that Minecraft: Bedrock Edition is on PS4 as a free update if you already own the game the multi-platform release now shares unified code across every version. That means cross-play now works across everything, but it also means PS4 will get updates at the same time as other platforms, as well as the Minecraft Marketplace and its selection selection of worlds, skins, and minigames.

PCs Java Edition of Minecraft is still a separate version that can only connect with other Java Edition players across Windows, MacOS, and Linux. If you want to play with your console pals, youll still need Bedrock Edition, which is currently only available on Windows 10 via the Microsoft Store.

Check out a trailer for our delightful multi-platform future below.

Despite plenty of cross-play development on titles ranging from Fortnite to Rocket League, cross-play is still not a guarantee, and PS4 has typically been the last platform to adopt the feature. Heres hoping were on the verge of a more open future for multi-platform multiplayer games.

Dustin Bailey Senior news writer

Java Edition Has Massive Multiplayer Servers

Although it doesnt have the same level of cross-play, Java does boast big multiplayer servers. These servers let you play with other Java users, and feature beautiful maps filled with minigames and activities.

Both versions of the game have their own servers. But Java servers have been around for almost a decade now, meaning that theres no shortage of cool maps to pick from.

If you want to play the minigames that are popular on YouTube, like Bed Wars or Hunger Games, go for Java.

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Can Minecraft Java And Windows 10 Play Together

Both versions have servers. The only issue here is were working with two different versions of the same game, so Java Edition cant connect to Windows 10 servers and Windows 10 cant connect to Java Edition servers. When it comes to picking a version, it all comes down to which has more servers you like the sound of.

Is Minecraft 118 Out On Ps4


Minecraft update 1.18 will soon roll out on PS4, PC, and Xbox One. According to the official Minecraft 1.18 patch notes, the latest update brings Caves & Cliffs: Part II. Apart from this, Minecraft version 1.18 also includes stability fixes. Previously, a big update added various bug fixes and tweaks.

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Java: Customization Is Through The Roof

There is something nice about the Minecraft Marketplace in Bedrock where theme packs come out all the time for players to try out skins and textures. However, why pay for them when players could get these things for free and more using Java? Once again, Java edition simply has more to offer in terms of creativity as players can scour the entire internet for different texture packs or skins to use. Better yet, players are able to create their own if they want to. The options are pretty limitless.

Vindicators Can Drop Enchanted Books

Vindicators are an illager type mob that spawns in Woodland Mansions and during pillager raids. In Minecraft Bedrock Edition, vindicators have a rare chance to drop enchanted books.

There is around a 5% chance for a vindicator to drop an enchanted book. Vindicators also drop more emeralds and tools in Bedrock Edition than in Java Edition.

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Java Vs Bedrock: What’s The Difference

There are a number of differences between Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft, including little mechanical differences–Minecraft on Java has more combat moves, and some mobs and items have different variables–though Microsoft has made an effort in recent years to ensure that Minecraft’s Bedrock and Java Editions are getting closer and closer together, rather than further apart.

Which version you want will depend a little bit on your needs.

If you’re playing on a console or mobile device–an Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, or Android/iOS device, you’ll be playing Bedrock. If you’re one of the few and proud that plays on a Linux device, you’re going to be playing Java. So we’ll assume those players already know what they want and focus on the rest of us playing on Windows 10 and 11 PCs.

If you want to play with friends on other platforms, go with Bedrock and Realms.

As a side note, if you’re planning to build your own server or pay another provider with more flexible server options, you’ll need to stick with PC or take your chances with dicey hacks to get other versions working with servers, as only Windows devices support connecting to custom servers in Bedrock Edition.

If you want to go super deep with modding, play Java Edition.

If you have an older computer, play Bedrock Edition.

If you want officially supported ray tracing, play Bedrock Edition.

If you want to see experimental versions first, play Java Edition.

What Is Minecraft: Java Edition

How To Get Mods on Minecraft PS4 Bedrock Edition – Minecraft PS4/ANDROID/IOS/JAVA/XBOXONE Bedrock !

Minecraft: Java Edition, also referred to as the PC Edition is the original Minecraft edition made for PC only and developed by Mojang Studios. The Java Edition is exclusively available through for $26.95. This is the most open sourced sandbox games for the users that would prefer PC gaming. It provides cross-platform play between Windows, Linux and MacOS, and supports mods and skins, created by the community.

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Minecraft Java Vs Bedrock: 7 Main Differences

Minecraft is a mega-popular game that lots of people love to play. Minecraft Java vs Minecraft Bedrock edition are two different versions of the game. In this article, Ill take you through the differences between them so you can decide which one to play.

Minecraft Java edition is the very main updated version of this game. But these updates appear every half a year and its hard to notice all the changes. Therefore, we decided to compare Minecraft Java vs Minecraft Bedrock 10 main differences.

Minecraft is one of the best survival games.

It is something that anyone can enjoy, even your grandmother. The game offers plenty of fun adventures for users of all ages. There are many different Minecraft servers, which come with their own unique features. You need to know the difference between Minecraft Java vs Bedrock Edition before joining a new server or making a purchase.

Its not simply about which one is better, there are multiple differences that you should take into consideration. This article will lay out some common differences that you should be aware of when deciding on which version to play.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition Update Ps4

So first of all is Minecraft Bedrock Edition PS4 a thing? Yes, yes it is! Minecraft Bedrock Edition has been confirmed to release on PS4 on December 10, 2019. Huzzah!

This blurb comes from the Official PlayStation Blog which confirmed the arrival of Minecraft Bedrock Edition:

So how is this different from the version of Minecraft I can already play on my PS4? The difference is that the Bedrock version of Minecraft is the unified version of the game that offers the same experience across all consoles. All that glorious, unified code means that youll be playing the same game as your pals on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Windows 10, and mobile!* So, yes that means you get cross-play between those different consoles. Not just that, PS4 players now also have access to the Minecraft Marketplace a source for worlds, skins, mini-games, and mash up packs! So youre going to have not just a better Minecraft experience than ever before, but more Minecraft than ever.

What if I already own Minecraft on PS4, do I need to buy the game again to get the Bedrock version? Short answer: No! The next time you start Minecraft, the new update will install automatically and free of charge. This update will never expire, and all game purchases after today for PS4 will always be for this new version.

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Massive Cave & Waterfalls

When you spawn into this seed, you will find that there is a huge cave just ahead of you with massive waterfalls crashing down to the bottom of this system of caves. You will see many exposed ores, including redstone due to the depth of the area. If you ever get tired of the caves, you will find a village nearby along with an ice spikes biome!


  • Massive Caves: -260 63 -34
  • Village: -248 70 -230

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Is Minecraft Bedrock On Ps4

How To Turn Bedrock Into Java [MODS] Minecraft BEDROCK PS4 PC Xbox And ...

Minecraft Bedrock is available on PS4 and was released on December 10, 2019. Sony even came out with an official launch trailer for Minecraft Bedrock on PS4, opening the door to a whole new fun and enjoyment. You can choose to play between either the classic survival mode or the multiplayer mode which supports cross-platform between all supported devices.

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Purchase Minecraft In Ps4

Of course, you cannot access a game without having the game itself. Thats why the first step of playing Bedrock on PS4 is for you to purchase Minecraft first. However, if you already own this game on PS4, theres no need to pay other additional fees since your device will instantly update the patch from your game without deleting the initial progress from your original game.

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Minecraft Java Vs Bedrock: Which One Should You Buy

Minecraft Bedrock edition vs Java, which one should buy? The answer depends on whats the most important factor for you. In a nutshell, the Bedrock edition is more suitable for casual players who are seeking an easy, stable, and controllable game experience. This edition lets you play with friends on many different platforms.

If you only have a PC, then we recommend you choose the Java edition. With Minecraft Java, you can play it in Hardcore mode and add many mods. This edition is a better option for those who are looking for customizability, creativity, challenge, and powerful things.

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Is Playstation Minecraft Java Or Bedrock Edition

PlayStation Minecraft runs on a modified Bedrock version of the game.

All legacy consoles have slight tweaks to the game to accommodate platforms. For example, PS4 Minecraft players spawn with a map since they cant view XYZ coordinates like PC players.

There are also additional gameplay changes like faster minecarts and different nether wart generation. The PlayStation 4 version of the game comes with all current updates and will continue to receive them for the foreseeable future.

Minecraft Bedrock Vs Java Edition: Multiplayer Support & Servers

How To Join Java Servers On Minecraft Bedrock Edition (Xbox,Ps4,Nintendo Switch,Mobile Windows 10)

Both Minecraft Java and Bedrock have multiplayer support. The way they do it is slightly different, though. With Minecraft Bedrock, you can play with your friends on consoles or mobiles usingcross-play support. That means your friends dont need to be on the same platform as you. They can be on their Xbox/ PS/ Switch consoles or mobile phones and still explore the map together.

Minecraft Java Edition players also get cross-play support, but it is limited to Windows, Linux, and macOS computers. Well, thats expected as the Java edition is not available on consoles and mobile devices.

If you have friends on different platforms that you want to play with, Minecraft Bedrock is the obvious choice. The situation changes when it comes to online servers, though. If you want cool maps, amazing mini-games, and a lot of random online players, Minecraft Java has you covered with all the jazz.

Due to its early release, it has a massive community around the world, even without proper cross-play support. You might need a good PC to run it properly, but Minecraft Java has the best online servers in general.

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Minecraft Java Edition Vs Bedrock: Marketplace

When I say Minecraft Java and Bedrock are different at their core, I mean it. Because at one side we have an official with purchasable skins and add-os. On the other side, the Java edition supports community-made skins that you can create, download, and even share with other users.

This establishes a scenario that makes the Bedrock edition look like the corporate version of the game, while the Java edition feels like a good old community project. Lets not read between the lines, though. If you want to purchase well-designed official skins and install them easily, Minecraft Bedrock should be your choice. If you are willing to make the extra efforts for free community skins and more add-ons, go for the Java edition.

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Minecraft Java Edition Vs Bedrock: Which Is Better

Lets take a final look at the differences between the two editions of Minecraft before making a decision:

$26.95 starts at $6.99 on iOS and goes up to $29.99 on Nintendo Switch

As you might have already figured out, Minecraft Bedrock is your only option if you are not on a PC. This version of the game supports cross-play, parental control, and beautiful RTX graphics. If you are on PC and need modding support, community-based servers, skins, and all the jazz, then install the Java edition right away. Remember that you need a high-end PC to run the Java Edition comfortably.

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What Is Minecraft Ps4 Bedrock Edition

PSU Staff / September 2, 2020

What Is Minecraft PS4 Bedrock Edition? With Mojangs genre defining title Minecraft being as popular as it is, many folks are starting to ask just what is Minecraft Bedrock Edition? And also, more pressingly, will a Minecraft Bedrock Edition PS4 release ever occur? Well, dear reader, we have some answers for you right here and right now. Read on!

The Bedrock Edition Limits Modding

EASY Copper Farm (Minecraft 1.17+ Java/Bedrock/PS4/XBOX)

While the Bedrock Edition does have add-ons, it features more paid content to add to the game, whereas the Java version lets you install mods for free.

If youre planning on modding the heck out of your game and dont want to be limited by Microsoft-approved mods, youll want to go with the Java Edition.

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Whats The Difference Between Minecraft Java And Bedrock Edition

Now that you know Minecraft in all mobile devices is Bedrock Edition, you might wonder whats the difference between Java and Bedrock Edition. The good news is that the general gameplay is the same on both editions.

However, thats only on the surface level. As players progress through the survival game, they will notice differences in technical features. Redstone contraptions and farms do not work the same way in both editions. If you are on mobile, check tutorials for Bedrock Edition, as Java variants may not work correctly.

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What Does Minecraft Cost On Ps4

Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition will cost $19.99, but players who have already purchased the PS3 version of the game either on disc or digitally can upgrade for $4.99 through the PlayStation Store.

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How Do I Know Which Version Of Minecraft I Have Java Or Bedrock

If the number is in the bottom left, you are using Java Edition, also evident in the subtitle below the main title. If the number is in the bottom right, you are using Bedrock Edition. This is evident because Bedrock Edition just uses the title Minecraft with no subtitle. The number itself is the version number.

Is Bedrock Better Than Java

How To Turn Bedrock Into Java [MODS] Minecraft BEDROCK PS4 PC Xbox And MCPE!

Unlike Java Edition, Bedrock Editions game code is well optimized for a smoother experience on even lower-end devices. In Java Edition, players will often see chunks loading slowly unless they have a beefy computer or server. Java players may have to rely on mods like Optifine or Sodium for better performance. via

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