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Is Playstation Or Xbox More Popular

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You can’t really go wrong with either console. PlayStation has what could be fairly described as more immediately exciting platform exclusives, especially with a Miles Morales-focused expansion of Spider-Man launching alongside the PS5.

But Xbox Game Pass is arguably the best subscription deal in gaming right now. The streaming factor means you don’t even necessarily need the latest Xbox right away, since any new Xbox-only game is available through Game Pass, which you can play basically anywhere so long as you have a reliable internet connection . No xCloud on iOS, though.

So it’s not a case of one option being better than the other. More that each console’s respective strengths cater to different tastes. Xbox has some popular exclusives in franchises like Halo and Gears, but Game Pass, with its day one games and sizable library of modern hits, is the real selling point. PlayStation’s Game Pass competitor isn’t quite as exciting, but many of the console’s best games can only be played there.

Whichever way you’re leaning, there’s not a pressing need to have any of these new consoles on day one. Most of the big games launching in fall 2020 support current generation hardware as well, and even the $299 Xbox Series S is a pricey buy during these fraught and uncertain times.

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Xbox Elite Wireless Controller

In June 2015 Microsoft announced the release of their Xbox Elite Wireless Controller, priced at $149 and with availability starting in October 2015. The new controller adds swappable parts that allow gamers to personalize it to fit their needs, preferences and playing style. The new parts include 4 bumper pads , hair-trigger locks for more precise control and faster firing in FPS games, and a textured rolling pad to replace the standard D-pad.

Xbox Takes Big Wins In Smaller Countries

While XBox consoles hold a pretty steady share of the market the world over, in some countries they boast almost complete dominance. In Afghanistan they own 90% of the market, while in Gabon and American Samoa its a 77% share. In larger countries, they control 54% of the Chinese market, despite neighbouring Japan being the birthplace of their arch rival.

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Plain Design Wild Design

Design is the new game consoles’ most subjective characteristic, but lets be brutally honest: Neither of them look great. The Xbox Series X is a literal box, which is just about the plainest design a console manufacturer could build. The PlayStation 5 goes too far in the other direction, with a curvy, two-tone tower that vaguely resembles a white button-down shirt with the collar popped, worn over a black t-shirt. Theyre both much, much bigger than their predecessors, and potentially awkward to fit into your media center. The PS5 measures 16 by 4 by 10 inches , eclipsing even the Xbox Series X, a big box that measures 12 by 6 by 6 inches. On the bright side, the large case designs appear to feature strong cooling tech, which is good for how much power each console packs. Maybe either of the designs will grow on you.

If you go the PS5 route, be prepared to use the included two-way stand. It screws into the system’s bottom for upright use, and clips to the system’s side for sideways use. Both methods are necessary for securely using the system. Without the stand, the PS5 is pretty wobbly.Winner: Xbox Series X

Ps5 Vs Xbox Series X: Price

Xbox is More Popular Than PlayStation in US, Says Study

Both the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X cost $500 apiece. Since the two systems are very similar, this category would seem to be a tie at first glance. However, the standard PS5 and Xbox Series X are not the only variants available. Theres also the $400 PS5 Digital Edition and the $300 Xbox Series S.

The PS5 and the PS5 Digital Edition are identical, save for a 4K Blu-ray physical disc drive in the former. The latter has no disc drive, as the name suggests. On the other hand, the Xbox Series S has significantly different hardware from the Xbox Series X: a less-powerful GPU, a smaller SSD, less RAM and so forth.

As such, both consoles have cheaper variants, and both the PS5 Digital Edition and the Xbox Series S have legitimate applications: the former for digital diehards, the latter for casual players or secondary setups. Still, since the Xbox Series S is a somewhat different system, and not just a console variation, it’s hard to pick a definitive winner. Both full-fledged systems cost the same amount of money that’s the most important thing at the moment.

Winner: Tie

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Ps5 Vs Xbox Series X: Sound Quality

Spinning up the bombing-run scene of Unbroken via Blu-ray, it turns out that the PS5 can do a very good job of Dolby Atmos soundtracks when given the chance . It doesnt quite have the crispness or dynamic punch of a dedicated player such as the Sony UBP-X700, but the console produces a muscular, room-filling sound with good clarity and well-placed sound effects.

While Dolby Atmos isnt an option for games, those who already own a surround sound system will be relieved to hear that thats still the optimal way to enjoy game soundtracks.

Thats not to say the PS5s bespoke 3D audio system isnt good, because it really is. We test it with a pair of B& O BeoPlay H2 on-ears and the extravagant Grado GS2000e over-ears, each plugged into the DualSense controller, plus the official Sony PlayStation Pulse 3D Wireless Headset. In each case, we find that the so-called Tempest Engine delivers open, spacious and atmospheric sound with good placement of effects and a convincing sense of three-dimensionality.

In the CIA safehouse at the start of , the 3D audio gives a real sense of the cavernous nature of the place, the distance of each character as they speak and the echo as their voice reacts to the interior walls of the warehouse. You get none of this when listening in simple stereo.

When all is said and done, this has to be put down as another draw. The PS5’s very limited Atmos support is bothersome, but its bespoke, headphones-based 3D audio makes up for that. Honours even.

The Best Budget Game Console: Playstation 4 Pro

Why you should buy this: This last-gen console has a healthy catalog of top-tier games and the price tag has dropped since the release of the PS5.

Who its for: Anyone who wants to game without breaking the bank.

Why we picked the PlayStation 4 Pro: While plenty of gamers are making the jump to the PlayStation 5, theres still a lot of life left in last-gen consoles. The PlayStation 4 Pro is still a serious gaming machine with a vast library of games, and the consoles price tag only is going to continue to drop. The PS4 Pro also is widely available, so you wont have to peruse multiple stores or online outlets to find them in stock. This console delivers an impressive playing experience for 4K television owners because of the enhanced graphics and sharper images for 4k-enabled titles.

Were not going to pretend that the PS4 Pro is close to matching the superior PS5, but its still a worthwhile gaming experience. Aside from a handful of titles exclusive to the PS5, youre going to have access to most major titles out now and all the most popular free-to-play titles.

Price is a major factor when deciding whether to upgrade to a new system theres no shame in snagging a last-gen console to play with until the PS5 becomes cheaper and more widely available.

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Xbox Series X Vs Playstation : Features

As expected from any significant console refresh, Microsoft and Sony focused efforts on delivering flagship performance for their next-generation vision. Both consoles pack custom AMD silicon, based on leading Zen 2 processor architecture, alongside its latest Navi graphics cards. That duo lies at the heart of graphical advancements over Xbox One and PlayStation 4, pushing improved resolutions, frame rates, and overall visual fidelity.

The Xbox Series X is the latest evolution in Microsoft hardware, with an all-black, monolithic design housing stacked internals inside. It’s a chunky box with added volume over previous Xbox One consoles, aiding a new single-fan cooling system, and drawing air up through the console. Sony has debuted a more abstract, two-toned design, wrapped in a white, winged outer casing. The difference is black and white , but positions both as massive consoles compared to their predecessors. And don’t worry both stand vertically and horizontally, ideal for your existing setup.

Early PlayStation 5 prototypes cut a 15 second load time in Marvel’s Spider-Man to just 0.8 seconds.

Microsoft had similar ambitions, committing to an NVMe SSD and GDDR6 RAM, slicing loading, and increasing multitasking capabilities. It demonstrated that with State of Decay 2, cutting a 45 second load time on Xbox One X down to just seven seconds on Xbox Series X. While strong gains on both platforms, Sony’s SSD technology has steadily come out on top.

Which Sold More: The Xbox One Or Ps4


It is a timeless debate: what console is superior? The Xbox or the PlayStation? Gamers have been arguing since the release of Microsoft’s Xbox, back in November 2001. It cannot be denied the Xbox changed how companies approached home consoles. The use of PC technology really helped mold the gaming landscape.

The PlayStation quickly became a staple in the gaming industry. Sony released its first major console with so many exclusive titles. Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, and Ape Escape all became fan favorite games. The PlayStation was known for its prized titles, but Sony quickly adapted its hardware to match Microsoft’s Xbox.

Both companies and systems went through multiple evolutions. The Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 were built with some of the highest quality hardware that the gaming industry has ever seen. Microsoft and Sony both continuously tried to outdo one another. The companies released enhanced and updated versions of their consoles on more than one occasion.

In the beginning, it seemed PlayStation would always be destined to chase after the Xbox and its superior hardware. How does that compare to today?

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Playstation Operating System Holds Majority Ofmarket Share But Xbox Closing Gap

As of 2020, bothXbox and Playstation have released several generations ofconsoles and one way to measure their performance is a lookat the market share of each operating system. This meansthat the data is regardless of which generation the consoleis from, as long as it identifies with one of the operatingsystems.

The data indicates that as of 2020, SonysPlayStation operating system holds 57.54% of the marketshare with the Xbox holding a 42.15% share of the market.Nintendo, who are considered pioneers in the industry nowonly holds .31% of the market share. While Nike might stillenjoy a majority of the market, that gap is now the lowestit has ever been between the two gaming giants. Even moreimpressive considering in 2012, PlayStation had over 90%share of the console market.

New Xbox Controller And Dualsense: The Basics

More powerful and nuanced motors, and “Adaptive” triggers
Motion sensor
Xbox Wireless Radio , Bluetooth Low Energy Bluetooth 5.1
$60/£55 $70/£59

Xbox controller’s notable design changes: The new Xbox controller’s shape is only slightly changed from the Xbox One design, which Microsoft says is meant to better fit smaller hands . The D-Pad is completely redesigned with a very clicky raised circular design that seems to make both cardinal and diagonal inputs precise and easy. The back of the controller has a new, rough texture to provide better grip, and it feels great. The bumpers and triggers are now matte instead of glossy plastic, and the triggers have that same grippy texture on top, too.

The tension of the joysticks, buttons and triggers is unchanged, but the triggers and bumpers feel nicer to press thanks to the matte finish. There’s now a share button in the center of the controller for quickly taking screenshots or video on the Xbox. The tyranny of micro-USB is one step closer to death as the Xbox controller switches to USB-C.

PlayStation DualSense’s notable design changes: The DualSense retains the same joysticks and button placements of the DualShock 4, but with a more rounded grip shape this time. The large lightbar is gone, replaced by a more subtle glow around the touchpad. The Options and Share buttons are slightly smaller and much clickier. A small microphone mute button has been added under the PS logo button.

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K Hdr And Buying Game Consoles

The PS5 and the Xbox Series X support high-resolution gaming that can take advantage of emerging display standards, 4K, and High Dynamic Range . Some people dont have a 4K TV, and fewer still have quality HDR support, which is broken down into its own sub-categories.

While there was just a small selection of games for last-gen consoles that took full advantage of these features, the newest slate of consoles will better leverage these technologies moving forward, essentially standardizing them. Keep in mind, however, that no console requires you to own a 4K or HDR-compatible TV, meaning you can buy a new console and hold off on buying a more capable TV until youve done more research, found games you feel are worth upgrading for, or are otherwise ready to commit.

If you do decide to purchase a new TV for the sake of a video game console, you should look for a 4K TV that runs at 60Hz and supports HDR 10, as opposed to HDR Premium.

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Sony Ps5 Vs Microsoft Xbox Series X: Best High

Clash of the consoles: PlayStation 5 vs. Xbox Series X

Almost a year after launch, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are still evolving — and both are still playing hard to get. Here’s how they stack up.

As the PS5 and Xbox Series X near their one-year anniversaries, competition between the console kings remains fierce. While the base hardware remains the same , new software updates have added features, like more storage options and expanded cloud gaming access.

That’s of little comfort to the scores of gamers who still can’t find one of these consoles in stock. While shortages were to be expected during the initial launch, both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are still hard to get, and that shortage is expected to continue through the holiday 2021 season. The key is to stay abreast of restock alerts, so keep an eye on our PS5 restock tracker or Xbox Series X restock tracker — or see if you can snag an equally hard to get Halo Infinite Xbox Series X.

There are other options, too. Nintendo’s updated OLED-screen Switch is coming in October, and if you can find one, there’s the $300 Xbox Series S, which is a scaled-back version of the Series X intended for 1440p gameplay rather than 4K.

This chapter of the console wars is especially important. Not because 4K-and-beyond-resolution video or ray-traced audio for more natural sound are must-have features, but because the gaming landscape is more complicated and fragmented since the previous generation of boxes came out.

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Disc Drives And Storage

The Xbox One S, Xbox One X, PS4 Pro and PS4 have physical disc drives, with the Xbox One consoles also able to play 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays. Sony, even as a founding member of the Blu-ray Disc Association, decided against adding a 4K Blu-ray deck to either PS4. They are still able to play conventional 1080p Blu-rays, but not Ultra HD discs.

The Nintendo Switch can do neither. The Japanese firm opted to dispense with discs altogether, with games coming on cartridge instead, much like the 3DS and Nintendo consoles of yore.

Games are also available via download stores, but considering how stingy Nintendo has been with on-board storage, you’ll have to invest in a microSD card to store more than a couple at a time.

The Xbox One S was originally available in a 500GB size, although the 1TB version is the standard model you’ll find in stores these days. The Xbox One X also sports a 1TB drive.

The latest PS4 is available in 500GB and 1TB sizes, while the PS4 Pro is a 1TB console. All Xbox and PlayStation machines have the ability to increase the storage through third-party hard drives – via external USB 3.0 HDDs. In addition, all PS4 models can be expanded through swapping the internal 3.5-inch internal drives.

The Switch, on the other hand, comes with 32GB of built-in storage. Big-name games, especially those from Nintendo itself, often take up at least half of that.


Use Xbox Cloud Gaming To Add Your Playstation Controller To Xbox

If you have an Android device you can use Xbox cloud gaming to use your Playstation controller on an Xbox console. If you have spare controllers lying around the house that you want to use on your Xbox when friends are round this can be a good option depending on the games you are playing.

If you are playing high reaction time games like shooters, this option probably wont work very well as there will be some input lag, making it hard to do well in games that require a quick reaction time.

The Xbox cloud gaming service allows you to use almost any controller on your Xbox consoles.

on your Android device . Connect your controller to the app and then connect the app to your console. This will allow you to use your Playstation Controller on Xbox.

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