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What Is The Difference Between Playstation Plus And Playstation Now

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A Complete Breakdown Of The Costs And More

PS Plus vs PS Now Explained

UPDATE: The launch of the new PlayStation Plus is rolling out today in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. US and Asian markets also received access to the all-new service earlier in the month.

The all-new PlayStation Plus is launching June 13, with a whole slew of benefits packed in for those who are willing to pay a little more. It’s effectively a combination of PS Plus and PS Now as we currently know it, but with a few extra features to boot. For example, the new Premium tier of the service will have over 700 games to play, stream, and download after the launch in June.

But, what happens to our current PS Plus memberships? There are plenty of PlayStation fans who have years of PS Plus or PS Now already stacked up, and some might even want to upgrade to the new Extra or Premium tiers as well. Well, have no fear, because we’ve got all the answers right here. Moreover, there’s even some new info to check out when it comes to using pre-paid PS Plus or Now vouchers after the new service launches.

Are Ps Now And Ps Plus Worth It

We at GameSkinny decided to find out what the difference is between these two similar services. Here’s the quick rundown:

PlayStation Now is a subscription-based game streaming service that can be best described as the video-game version of Netflix.

PlayStation Plus is Sony’s response to Microsoft’s Xbox Live it has discounts and a number of free games each month for PS Plus users.

A lot of players get the two subscription services confused because both essentially do the same thing: let you play popular games you love for free. However, they both do it in slightly different ways.

Is It Worth It To Get Ps4 Plus

PS Plus: Is it worth it? Without taking up more of your time, PS Plus is definitely worth signing up to, even if you dont play that many online games. And if that wasnt enough, youll also get discounts exclusive to the PlayStation store helping you get up to 70% on games downloaded straight from the online store.

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Speaking Of Monthly Subscription Fees

PLUS PRO TIP 1: If youre hunting for a competitive price for Plus, and you simply cant wait for Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Taco Tuesday, the website CD Keys reliably sniffs out the best Plus deals for you like a trusty truffle pig, then delivers said deals straight to your Inbox, saving you both time and money on Plus renewals.

PLUS PRO TIP 2: Always stack Plus membership renewals. What do we mean by stack? To stack means simply this: That if you find a competitive price for a Plus subscription, then go ahead and take advantage of that competitive price. Even if your already-existing Plus subscription still has, say, four months left on it before it expires, go ahead and purchase the new Plus sub regardlessand stack it. When the already-existing Plus subscription finally elapses, the new code automatically kicks in.

Stacking Plus subs like this means that, 1. Youll save tremendous amounts of cash, and 2. You wont have to concern yourself with Plus renewals/truffle-pigging for great deals for a very long time.


Playstation Plus Vs Playstation Now Games

PS Now Vs PS Plus

With a PS Plus subscription, you are given two to three different games every month that you can download. You have to add any available games to your library before they expire. Then, the games are yours for as long as you pay for your PS Plus subscription.

In past months, free games have included Bugsnax , Concrete Genie, Control, Greedfall, and more. PS Plus games available for September 2021 include Hitman 2, Predator: Hunting Grounds, and, for PS5 subscribers, Overcooked! All You Can Eat.

Then, as mentioned earlier, a PS Plus subscription paired with a PlayStation 5 will earn you access to the Classics Collection.

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On the other hand, PS Now comes with a lot more games that you can play as long as you have a subscription and as long as theyre still available in the service. Games that are about to expire will let you know, but most games stay available for quite a while.

Some of the best games available to play right now through PS Now include Horizon Zero Dawn, Doom, The Last of Us, Uncharted 3, and Bloodborne. And a few of the games that were most recently added include Detroit: Become Human, Frostpunk, and Little Nightmares.

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Ps Plus Premium Explained

The highest tier includes the most features, as you’d expect. On top of everything included in the PS Plus Essential and Extra tiers, you’ll also have the ability to stream PS3 games to your console. These titles are only available for streaming download options won’t be present. Also, this catalogue will extend to PS1, PS2, and PSP titles, which will be downloadable. In total, the list of PS1, PS2, PS3, and PSP games included is said to reach 340. For a taste of the games included in PS Plus Premium, click the link.

Some of the PS1 and PSP titles will actually be updated with save state and rewind functionality via a new interface. Furthermore, select PS1 and PSP games will even feature improved resolutions and frame rates.

Finally, time-limited game trials of newer titles will be available through PS Plus Premium. You’ll be able to play for up to two hours, and earn Trophies during that time. Should you choose to buy the game off the back of the game trial, your save data will carry over.

¥4,300 ¥10,250

Visit our PS Plus buyer’s guide to find discounted PlayStation Wallet Top-Ups to use towards the subscriptions displayed above.

What Is Playstation Plus Extra

The PlayStation Plus Extra membership gives you all of the features of the Essential membership, plus a few extras.

In addition to online multiplayer gaming and two monthly free games, you’ll also get access to a catalog of up to 400 PS4 and PS5 games. These games are available to download and play anytime, so you can always have something new to play.

The Extra membership also includes exclusive discounts and cloud storage for saving your game progress. If you’re going to play only PS4 and PS5 games, then the Extra membership is the way to go. It’s also a great choice for gamers who like to have a lot of different games to choose from.

Now is the perfect time to boost the performance of your PS4 to make sure you’re getting the most out of it and improve your gaming experience and get a competitive edge.

With a really nice library of games at your disposal, you can play whatever you want, whenever you want, with the PlayStation Plus Extra membership, so it’s excellent value for money.

Starting at $14.99 per month, $39.99 per quarter, or $99.99 per year, PlayStation Plus Extra is a great choice for gamers who want a little bit more from their membership.

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Ps Plus Premium Will Combine The Two

In a blog post on March 29, 2022, Sony announced plans to overhaul its PlayStation Plus subscription, splitting it up into three different tiers in addition to eliminating PlayStation Now as a separate service. The new version of PS Plus will go live in June, with the exact date varying depending on the region Sony says it hopes to make the changes live in the U.S. on June 13.

Under this new arrangement, PS Plus will feature three plan tiers: Essential at $9.99 per month, Extra at $14.99 per month, and Premium at $17.99 per month. The Premium plan will be the only one that offers the full cloud-based game streaming library currently known as PS Now. Subscribers can expect access to 700 or so games spanning from the PS1 through PS4 and PSP console generations.

With that said, the PS Plus Extra plan will offer part of the PS Now library to subscribers Sony says you can expect around 400 streaming titles under this plan, though it’ll be limited to the PS4 and PS5 generations. Premium subscribers, meanwhile, will also get cloud streaming access to PlayStation 3 games, as well as PS1, PS2, and PSP games available for both streaming and download. This assumes, however, that you live in a market where PS Now is currently offered.

The Golden Corral Of Games

What is PlayStation Plus? PS Plus Explained

Depending on who you talk to, Playstation Now is either mediocre or its great.

Your opinion depends almost entirely on the quality of the Internet service in your neighborhood. If youve got the fiber optics, and the advanced 1407-DZ09 router then Now is great.

If you dont happen to have a blazingly fast Net connection? Then Nows lag time can become a sore spot for you real quick.

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Do Ps Now Games Stay After Subscription Ends

As youd expect, if your PlayStation Now subscription expires, youll lose access to the downloaded game and any DLC associated with it. But if you resub or buy the game from the PlayStation Store, you can use any DLC youve bought again. If youre streaming, save data is stored within the PS Now app.

Ps Plus Is More Useful But Ps Now Has More Games

Despite both being game subscription services provided by Sony, PS Plus and PS Now fill different needs.

PS Plus is a borderline necessity for a lot of players, walling off online play to all who dont buy it. The monthly games you can claim and PS Plus Collection are bonuses to sweeten to deal rather than the primary focus. Not an insane value if youre just looking for a ton of games to play without buying them individually, but non-optional if you want to play online.

On the other hand, PS Now is all about the games, and it has a lot to justify its price. Even if not all the games are winners, enough are to make it worth it . Streaming can be a downside for many that have weaker internet connections, not to mention it makes fast-paced games extremely difficult to play, but it still has some advantages like not needing to download games.

Either way, its the closest thing to a game subscription service Sony currently has, so if thats what youre after, its your only optionfor now anyway.

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What Is Playstation Plus Premium

The PlayStation Plus Premium membership is the most comprehensive of the three options, offering access to all the features of PlayStation Plus Essential and Extra, as well as some additional perks.

The Premium membership adds up to 340 additional games to the catalog, including PS3 games available via cloud streaming.

The cloud streaming feature allows you to play PS3 games on your PS4 or PS5 console without downloading or installing them. It’s a great way to play some of your favorite older games without taking up any extra space on your console.

The PlayStation Plus Premium also provides access to a catalog of classic PlayStation, PS2, and PSP games that you can download and play on your PS4 or PS5 console.

With over 700 games available to play, the PlayStation Plus Premium membership is the ultimate choice for gamers who want access to the entire PlayStation library.

Playing all the classic PlayStation games you’ve missed over the years is a great way to catch up on some gaming history, and with the Premium membership, you can do just that.

Sony is making old Playstation games look more nostalgic for gamers who grew up with them, so they’re bound to enjoy this feature. No matter what, there’s bound to be a game for everyone in the collection.

PlayStation Plus Premium memberships start at $19.99 per month, $49.99 per quarter, or $119.99 per year.

The Same Service If You Want It

PlayStation Now vs. PS Plus: Differences Between the Services Explained

But things don’t have to change, not if you dont want them to. PS Plus Essential, the cheapest tier of the new service, will provide exactly the same benefits as the current PlayStation Plus subscription, for exactly the same price.

If youre not interested in playing hundreds of games on-demand, have no desire to revisit older releases, and dont fancy gaming over the cloud, you wont need to. You can happily ignore the changes being made to PS Plus and carry on using the service just as you ordinarily would.

That means youll receive at least two monthly games to download and play for the duration of your subscription, access to the multiplayer components of games, exclusives discounts, and cloud storage for your save files.

Current members of PS Plus will be automatically transferred onto the Essential tier when the new service launches later this year.

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Stream At Your Own Risk

The majority of titles in the Now library are only available for streaming, i.e. you cannot possibly download them. Know that streamingeven with a solid Net connection like oursis still a frustrating crapshoot.

Yes, frame rates will plummet suddenly, for no apparent reason, particularly in those early evening hours when neighborhood bandwidth is taxed. Visuals will blur unexpectedly. Lag will delay on-screen reactions by a half-second or more.

Can you still have fun? While streaming? Even with lag?You can. Just know that if you are streaming via Now, there will be issues, and frustrations, and overturned furniture, from time to time. But, yes, streamed games, though not at their best on Now, are still largely playable.

What Is The Difference Between Ps Plus And Ps Now

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PS Plus is required to play many multiplayer games online, and subscribers get access to new games each month at no extra cost. The lesser-known PS Now is the originator of modern console cloud gaming, although its not up to snuff when compared to its newer competitors.

Voire Is God of War on PS Now?

Earlier this week, Sony confirmed that God Of War would be included in PlayStation Nows July lineup, which means that the game is now playable on PC. PlayStation Now is a subscription-based service where users can pay monthly to access a hand-picked lineup of games.

Do I need PS Plus and PS Now? You can play fellow PlayStation Now members as well as those playing disc or download versions of the game. An additional PS Plus membership is not required.


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Playstation Plus Vs Ps Now Differences No One Talks About

People get confused with the PlayStation Plus vs PS Now comparisons. And for good reason, too! Theyre both subscription-based packages that give you good options to choose from. Well, you start, whats the actual difference between PlayStation Now and Plus then?

The answers not complicated. But, weve got to go through a few things first. Namely, 3 major points:

  • What both the PS Plus and PS Now services offer.
  • How their offerings can be great for you.
  • Whether its worth buying them.

Both the services have their own ups and downs that work differently for a lot of people. So, its a subjective topic. Even so, what youll learn here is all you need to make an informed decision on which one to buy. Lets get right into PlayStation Plus vs PS Now.

  • So, have you decided between PS Plus and PS Now?
  • Ps Extra And Premium Whats The Difference

    PS Plus vs PS Now Quick

    With PlayStation Now being retired, the next two tiers come to fill the void. Both tiers add a catalog of games that subscribers can enjoy, with PS Plus Extra adding up to 400 of the most enjoyable PS4 and PS5 games, while PS Plus Premium adds up to 340 additional games from PS3, PSX, PS2 and PSP. Thats a lot of games you can now download and stream depending on the classic console you want to play. Since thats a lot of games, you can watch the complete list available here.

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    Ps Plus Deluxe Explained

    If you live in a region that lacks PS3 game streaming, the highest tier of PS Plus will be called PS Plus Deluxe. This includes all the benefits of PS Plus Essential and PS Plus Extra along with “a catalog of beloved classic games from the original PlayStation, PS2 and PSP generations to download and play, along with time-limited game trials”. It’s essentially PS Plus Premium, just without the ability to stream PS3 games.

    While it’s been confirmed the PS Plus Deluxe tier will be cheaper than PS Plus Premium, official pricing hasn’t been announced just yet.

    What new tier of PS Plus will you be subscribing to? Check out our PS5 guide and All PS Plus Games guides for more information.

    Playstation Plus: It’s Essential For Current Members

    In case you missed it, there are three tiers for the new PS Plus. Essential, Extra, and Premium. Essential is what the service is today, including multiplayer access, free monthly games, discounts, and cloud storage. So, it’s an easy transition for current members of PS Plus, you’ll simply be moved over into the Essential tier at launch. The Essential tier will also cost the same as the current PS Plus, so you won’t be paying any more either.


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    What Is The Difference Between Playstation Plus Playstation Now And The Playstation Network

    I really need this clarified. Are they all actually the same thing?

    EDIT: Awesome! Thanks for the replies guys!

    Plus – the service you pay for for multiplayer and free games every month

    Now – PlayStation games that you stream instead of play locally

    Network – the whole shebang

    PlayStation Network is the online infrastructure of Playstation- it’s the store, servers and systems for playing games online, and your account with Sony.

    PlayStation Plus is a paid premium membership to PlayStation Network. It gives you benefits such as discounts on games and other content and bonus games to download for free every month. On PS4 it’s also required to play online in most cases.

    PlayStation Now is a subscription streaming service for playing PS3 games on your PS4. For the price you get access to a library of PS3 titles that you stream to your console to play.

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