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What To Do If Your Ps4 Freezes

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How To Get Ps4 Out Of Safe Mode

What to do if PS4 Freezes (How to Series)

If your PS4 is stuck on Safe Mode, you may be dealing with a Safe Mode loop that makes it difficult to resume playing.

In these cases, there are a few things you can try to get your PS4 out of Safe Mode. Most of these involve the Safe Mode menu, which appears when you first boot your console into Safe Mode.

Here are four troubleshooting methods you can use.

Fix : Rebuild The Ps4 Database

Rebuild Database is a feature provided in the Safe Mode of PS4. This feature can help to resolve lots of errors due to PS4 data or database corruption.

The process for rebuilding PS4 database will scan the PS4 system for any files that might be buggy or not working as expected to fix corrupted data without deleting any data. It is similar to the CHKDSK feature on Windows 10.

The steps to rebuild PS4 database is very simple, just as follows:

Step 1: Press the power button on the front panel to turn off your PS4.

Step 2: Then, press and hold the power button until you hear two beeps and your PS4 will be boot into Safe Mode.

Step 3: Now, connect your PS4 controller to the console with a USB cable and press the PS button on the controller.

Step 4: When you get the following screen, select Rebuild Database option.


After your PS4 finishing rebuilding database, the error is expected to be resolved.

What Does It Mean When Your Playstation Freezes

If the PS4 freezing occurs to one game or application, its very likely because the game/application crashed in your PS4. You can try to restart the PS4 and then the game to have a try, or you can try to update the game software to the latest version, which can help fix the bugs and install the patches for your game.

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Serious Ps4 Hdd Damage

When you start hearing clicking noise from PS4 hard drive, it means the damage is serious.

While there are many possible causes, a PS4 hard drive clicking noise often results from the defective movement of the disks read-write actuator. During regular use, a disk head moves smoothly to track data on a disk. If these movements become erratic and unexpected, the disk controller tries to reset its position by bumping back to the home position repeatedly. This bumping causes an audible click and the noise will continue as the process repeats itself.

If your PS4 HDD generates that sound, you must seriously consider replacing it as soon as possible. This is the only solution here, as the PS4 HDD is declining and will suddenly stop working at all. To find good PS4 hard drive replacements, please visit this page.

When You Open The App

What to do when your ps4 crashes

Uninstall the Netflix app:

  • Begin from the Xbox Dashboard.

  • Select My Games & Apps.

    You may need to scroll down to see this option.

  • Select Apps from the options on the left.

  • Highlight the Netflix app and press the Menu button on the controller.

  • Select Manage App.

  • Select Uninstall All again to confirm.

  • Reinstall the Netflix app:

  • Begin from the Home screen on your Xbox One.

  • Scroll right to access the Store.

  • In the Apps section, select Netflix.

    Note:If you do not see Netflix, select Search all apps to search for Netflix.

  • Select Install.

  • Once the app has finished downloading, select Launch to sign in and try Netflix again.

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    Is There A Rocket League Freezing Ps4 Fix

    Is there a Rocket League freezing PS4 fix in 2020? Following its move to free-to-play and Epic Games, the rocket-powered soccar game has been having its fair share of issues, not least with connection problems. Now, people have begun complaining about Rocket Leaguefreezing and crashes on PS4 and other platforms.

    Read on to discover a Rocket League freezing fix that should, hopefully, work for you and get you back online across PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

    How To Factory Reset A Ps4

    Whether you have the original console, a Slim model, or a Pro, here’s how to factory reset your PS4 from the dashboard screen.

  • Turn off your system and unplug any cables. If the PS4 is warm, it may be overheating. Allow it to cool down in a ventilated place for a few minutes, then reconnect the cable and turn it back on.
  • Sign in to your PS4 and open Settings. In the Settings menu, look for Account Management, then press Enter.
  • Select Activate as Your Primary PS4, and if your PlayStation is already activated, select Deactivate > Yes. This will help you avoid issues when you restore your PlayStation 4 data after the reset.
  • Sign back in to your PlayStation account, then open Settings > Initialization. You’ll see three options: Clear Learning Dictionary, Restore Default Settings , and Initialize PS4.
  • Select Initialize PS4 > Full to clear your console’s hard drive of all save data, downloaded games, and anything else you added on the device. The process will take a few hours to complete.
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    Solution : Troubleshoot The Hardware Issue On Ps4

    Hardware issues such as overheating, wrong plug-in cables can cause PS4 froze. Therefore, if you encounter the PS4 freezing issue, you should troubleshoot hardware issues before taking any other solutions.

    Here are some measures to take to troubleshoot hardware issues. The first one is to put your PS4 in an open space. If theres not enough space for the air to cool down the fan, PS4 machine can be overheated and suck in. While doing so, the PS4 can cool down quickly.

    Besides, you should clean the dust on your PS4 machine periodically to keep it under maintenance. It is also necessary to check if all the cables and ports are plugged in a correct way. If the cable is plugged in a wrong port or the cable gets loose, the PS4 froze issue will happen to you.

    Based on that fact, youd better perform a full check to see if all cables and ports are plugged correctly and tightly.

    Fix 6 Unplug The Power Cord And Rebuild The Database

    Easy Ways To Fix A Frozen Or Unresponsive PS4 | Keeps Freezing

    Ideally, you should avoid unplugging the power cord as this action may damage your console.

    However, if nothing else worked and you still cant turn off the console, youre pretty much running out of options.

  • Turn off your PS4 console by unplugging the cord then plug it back in.
  • Connect your controller using the USB cable.
  • Now, press and hold the power button until you hear the second beep.
  • Release the power button -> press the PS button on the controller.
  • Access Safe Mode -> select Rebuild Database.
  • The message The database will be rebuilt, it might take a few hours to rebuild the database will appear -> hit OK.
  • Wait until your Database has been rebuilt.
  • The sign in screen will appear once the Database has been rebuilt.
  • We hope something helps!

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    Fix : Initialize Your Ps4

    If rebuilding PS4 database fails to get rid of error code CE-36329-3, you might need to initialize your PS4. By initializing PS4, all the system settings will be restored to the default, and this is also called factory reset or hard reset.

    As this operation will delete all the data saved on your PS4 system storage, you are recommended to back up your PS4 data to an external USB storage device in advance. Heres how to back up data on PS4 and initialize PS4.


    Step 1: Connect the USB drive to your PS4.

    Step 2: Go to PS4 Settings> System> Back Up and Restore> Back Up PS4.

    Step 3: Select the data you want to back up and select Next.

    Step 4: Then, assign a name for the backup and choose Back Up. Press the X button to start backing up data.

    Step 5: Once all the needed data are backed up, disconnect the USB storage device. Then, back to PS4 Settings and scroll down to choose Initialization.

    Step 6: Then, choose Initialize PS4 and then select Full initialization.

    The onscreen instruction will guide you to complete this operation. Be aware that you cannot turn PS4 off during initialization as this might bring unrecoverable damage to PS4 system.

    See also: Some PS4 users suggest initializing PS4 in Safe Mode, which might be more effective. So, you can also boot your PS4 into Safe Mode after backing up data, referring to the steps in Fix 5. Then, choose Initialize PS4 option.

    Fix 3 Resolve Connection Problems

    When FIFA failed on their consoles, several gamers got error CE-34878-0. Unfortunately, this error number is fairly common among PS4 and PS5 users. Best Gaming Tips has already developed a list of remedies that should assist you in resolving problem CE-34878-0 on PlayStation.

    You can also check if your WiFi is giving you proper speed or not from the Ookla speed tester. However, if there is a network speed issue, contact your internet service provider and complain about this issue.

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    Put Your Ps4 In An Open Space

    The PS4 freezing issue can possibly because of an overheating problem. If the PS4 doesnt have enough space for the air to cool download the fan, it may be overheated and stuck in.

    If thats the case, you can try to put your PS4 in an open space to have more gas around it, so your PS4 is allowed to have better air circulation. Additionally, you may need to regularly clean the dust on your PS4 to have it under maintenance.

    What To Do If Your Ps4 Crashes Or Freezes Up

    How To Force Close A PS4 Game

    It’s frustrating to watch your PlayStation stop working, but there are a couple ways to fix it. You can try restarting your console, or you can run a complete factory resetâthis option will wipe all the data from your system’s hard drive, so it should be a last resort. If you need a little help solving the issue, visit the nearest uBreakiFix by Asurion store for a free gaming console diagnostic.

    Before we show you how to reset a PS4, be sure to back up everything on your machineâsaved games, images, videos, and trophies. If you don’t have a PlayStation Plus account or aren’t able to access it to upload your save data to the cloud, here’s how to back up your information on an external hard drive or flash drive.

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    Make Sure There Are No Power Issues

    If the first method fails, check to make sure all of the cables, including your USB and HDMI connections, are working properly.

    You can also try unplugging your PS4’s power cord and plugging it back in. Also, unplug the HDMI cord and switch which end is plugged into the TV and which end is plugged into the PS4.

    If one of the cables or connections is broken or failing, try replacing it.

    If the cables and connections are working fine, try power cycling your PS4, as explained in our article on troubleshooting a PS4 that won’t turn on.

    How To Reinstall System Software On A Ps4

    If nothing else has worked and you want to completely start fresh, you can reinstall your PlayStation 4’s software. You’ll need an external hard drive or USB flash drive with at least double the storage space of your console. You’ll also need access to a computer or laptop. If you still want to try this method, here’s how to hard reset a PS4:

  • Use your Windows⢠PC, MacBook®, or other laptop computer to search and download the latest system software from
  • Once the download is complete, connect the external hard drive or flash drive to your laptop, then create a folder on the drive named âPS4â and a subfolder named âUPDATEâ in all caps.
  • Move the PlayStation 4 firmware into the UPDATE folder. Make sure it’s labeled, âPS4UPDATE.PUPâ when you save it.
  • On your PS4, press the power button and hold it until you hear two beepsâit should take about 8 seconds. Wait until it starts in Safe Mode.
  • Scroll to Initialize PS4 then press Enter. Follow the onscreen instructions to connect the external device to your PS4 and reinstall the operating system on your console.
  • Once you install the files on your PS4, it will be reset to its factory settings.

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    When Your Ps4 Constantly Crashes Glitches Or Freezes

    A good reason to factory reset your PS4 is when it constantly acts up and regularly interrupts your gameplay.

    There could be a good reason for this that doesn’t require you to factory reset your PS4, so check that first. A key example could be if you’re looking to boost the performance of your PS4, which doesn’t need you to factory reset it.

    However, if your PS4 crashes regardless of what game you’re on, regularly slows down or freezes even when you’re on the home screen, or exhibits unexplained glitches, then a factory reset might be your best option.

    Clear The Netflix Cookie From Your Web Browser

    How to FIX Your Crashing or Freezing PS4!
  • Go to This will sign you out of your account.

  • Select Sign In and enter your Netflix email and password.

  • Try Netflix again.

  • Unplug both your modem and router and wait 30 seconds.

  • Plug in your modem and wait until no new indicator lights are blinking on.

  • Plug in your router and wait until no new indicator lights are blinking on.

  • Turn on your device and try Netflix again.

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    Fix : Update Your Games And Ps4

    As mentioned before, the incompatibility or data conflict between the game and your PS4 should also be responsible for the PS4 CE-36329-3 error. In this case, you have to make sure that both your game and PS4 are of the latest version.

    To update your PS4 game/application, follow the given steps below:

    Step 1: Go to the game library on your PS4 and choose the game you want to update.

    Step 2: Press the Options button on your PS4 controller to open the side menu.

    Step 3: Select Check for Update from the menu.

    If there are any updates available, just follow the instruction to finish the installation of the updates.

    To update your PS4 system software, do according to the following tutorial:

    Step 1: After entering the home screen of your PS4, navigate to Settings> System Software Update.

    Step 2: If any updates are detected, select Next and then Update to download the updates.

    Step 3: A Notifications window will pop up once the updates are downloaded. Just select to install the downloaded updates.

    Now, you can restart your PS4 to see if the error is solved.

    How To Reboot A Ps4

    You’ve been playing Spider-Man® for hours and just as you’re about to save the game’s progress, your PlayStation® 4 freezes. Now what?

    At Asurion, our experts help customers solve gaming console issues like this every day, from overheating PlayStations to Xboxes that won’t turn on. Because when tech breaks, we fix it. If your PlayStation crashed at the worst time, don’t throw your DualShock® controller at the wallâit’s still working! Instead, check out these tips from our experts to find out how to reboot a PS4⢠and get back in the game.

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    Clear The System Cache

  • Press the Guide button on your controller.

  • Select Settings.

  • Highlight Memory Unit, Hard Drive, or USB Storage, then press Y on your controller.

  • Select Clear System Cache.

  • If you do not see Clear System Cache, check a different storage device.

  • When prompted to confirm storage device maintenance, select Yes.

  • Once you’ve successfully cleared the system cache, try Netflix again.

  • Check The Date And Time Settings

    [PS4] Choosing Lifeline after 1.08 update freezes the game ...

    If the date and time on your device are significantly different from the current date and time, you will have a problem playing your TV show or movie.


  • From the main menu, navigate to Settings.

  • If you’re not already at the main menu, hold the PS button in the middle of the controller, select Quit, then select Yes to return to the home screen.

  • Select Date and Time Settings.

  • Select Date and Time.

  • Press the O button to return to the Date and Time screen.

  • Select Set Automatically.

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    Why Does Warzone Keep Crashing

    As we noted above, there are times when a crash is caused by a specific error. But were looking at what to do when this isnt the case. There is a wide range of reasons why your PS4 might not be working with Warzone. Some of the most common include:

    • Error Code CE-34878-0. This is a generic error, which simply means that the game has crashed, for a non-specific reason
    • Out of date system software
    • A dirty or damaged game disc
    • Corrupted game data
    • An overheating console

    Any of these can be behind crashing and freezing on Warzone. Here are some troubleshooting recommendations.

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    Why Is My Ps4 Froze

    Troubleshooting Your Frozen PS4 : Unplug the PS4 console from the outlet or power strip, wait 3 minutes, and plug the system back in. If the issue still persists, you will need to start your PS4 in Safe Mode.. Then it suggests to either rebuild the database or to reinstall the system software by initializing PS4.

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    Solution : Update Ps4 Games Or Applications To The Latest Version

    You can try updating games or applications on PS4 to the latest version to fix the PS4 freezing on home screen issue. Heres how to do.

    Step 1: On the PS4 home screen, choose the game or application that needs to be updated.

    Step 2: Then, press the Options button on your PS4 controller and choose Check for Update option.

    Step 3: Follow the wizard to download and install any available updates.

    Step 4: After all the operations finish, reboot your PS4 to play games to check if it runs smoothly.

    Why Does Ps4 Keep Freezing How Shall I Fix It

    *NEW* How To Fix PS4 Freezing & Crashing! (METHOD)

    At the point when your PS4 abruptly freezes and quits reacting, that can be an awful sign of a genuine equipment glitch or simply a kind of information defilement in the PS4 framework. Once in a while, PS4 freezes during the ongoing interaction, and on different occasions, it freezes on the home screen. According to a specialized viewpoint, this implies the PS4 working framework stacks fine until it comes to the edge of freezing over, regardless of whether it is a game. Indeed, this is one of the most noticeably terrible bad dreams that each player will not wish to see. One of the manifestations of a freezing PS4 framework is to get mistake code , then, at that point, PS4 quits reacting. Yet, the significant part of this scene is that fixing a freezing PS4 framework is generally easy, except if theres a genuine equipment issue.

    Here, in this complete aide, youll nearly discover all that you need to determine this issue and restore your PS4 once again. Something else, if the PS4 continues to freeze and none has worked for you, kindly reach us for an interview.

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