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Where Can I Use Playstation Gift Card

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We Have Been Selling Psn Cards Since 2012

Can You Use American Express AMEX Gift Card On Playstation PS4 Store?

You should always buy from a reliable source like MyGiftCardSupply. Our cards are purchased directly from a Sony approved retail stores in USA. This ensures there is no expiry date on your cards. With quick online delivery directly to your email inbox, you can be assured your order wont be delayed.

Email Delivery

Your PSN card will be digitally scanned and emailed after purchase. Redeem and use with no delay.

US Playstation Store

Save money by shopping on the US Playstation store. Get full access to games and add-ons at better prices.

Secure Purchasing

Your purchases is secured with 256-bit SSL encryption and your payment information is never stored on our servers.

No Expiration Date

No expiration dates! Your gift card is 100% authentic and will not expire. Use them whenever is convenient for you.

Is Psn Code Generator Legit

First of all most of the generators are fake on the internet and all of them just try to get profit from their audience. They ask you to choose your device and country. That means few sites appear as an official PSN code generator but turns up into fake or scam one which is a very common thing on the internet these days.

There also some good and genuine websites available on the internet. Once youve made the minimum 1000 points, it allows you to redeem those points in exchange with free PSN code. You can claim free PSN codes by redeeming points and we will discuss it here later. But this is a time taking process and you dont have that much time to get the codes.

If we talk about the legitimacy of these generators is purely fake and on the other side, our generator is purely different from all of them. Because we collect codes from the social websites or some of the genuine forums where gamers provide codes for free and sometimes they will do a giveaway for there audience.

But here you will get completely genuine method or process to get your PSN code without any problem. So just garb all the codes which are present here.

How To Redeem A Playstation Network Gift Card

Redeeming a gift card is still easy as pie if Sony makes your console. Start by scratching the coating off the back of the gift card. Then, start up your PS4, and open the PlayStation Store.

Next, move down in the left-hand menu and select Redeem Codes.

Enter the 12-digit code from the gift card, then select Continue.

Thats it! Your content will be ready for you to download, or your funds will be available in your PlayStation Network account.

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Will Ps4 Gift Cards Work On A Ps5

The PlayStation Store is not unique to PS4, so gift cards for the PS Store purchased to use with the PS4 will work the same on PS5. The Playstation Store is all one store that is not unique to either the PS4 or the PS5, so you can even mix and match purchases for either console with the same card.

Go ahead and start redeeming those codes because now you have a PS5 and plenty of store credit to get the games you want to play on it.

Sony made a wise decision to keep to the tradition created during the transition from the PS3 to the PS4.

All cross-compatible titles are maintained in the library and playable on the new console.

Some games even offer PS5 upgrades that improve the textures, shaders, and models in-game to provide a more immersive experience and new life to old games.

As part of this, PS Store credit also transfers from your PS4 to your PS5 profile extension.

This can be incredibly useful if you have friends or kids who dont have a console of their own and want to play games with you.

How Do I Buy A Psn Gift Card For A Friend In Another Continent

Sony PlayStation $30 Gift Card

I don’t have a PS4 console or PSN account but since you can’t gift games directly I want to gift my friend a gift card. They live in Asia and I live in North America. Would I have to make an Asian PSN account or a NA one? I want to make sure the gift works for them so can someone please explain to me the logistics of it?

How do I buy a PSN gift card for a friend in another continent?

You just buy codes from online retailers from a different country. For example, at least in Singapore, it’s Lazada, SEAGM, eClubStore to name a few. These retailers typically charge about 5-10% above retail value , but they stock codes from many other regions.

What are the logistics?

You pay, they take a code from a list of codes that they have . After that, they or their servers give you a code that they have and you use it.

They usually buy codes off many sources, which includes directly from Valve.

What about scam?

There’s nothing stopping them from giving you a fraudalent code, so you have to do your research and see who is credible. You can try a proper store, or find an individual seller.

General rule is: If it’s below market price , it’s likely to be a scam. The stores I’ve listed above have worked for me, and have assisted in times when my codes do not work.

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What If The Item I’m Buying Costs More Than My Gift Card

If you attempt to purchase an item that costs more than what your gift card was redeemed for, you can choose to pay the remaining difference through another means of payment like a credit card.

For example, if you want to purchase a $60 game but your gift card was only good for $50, you can use up that $50 and pay the remaining $10 with a credit card.

Playstation Store Gift Card Restrictions

  • The voucher code must be valid in the same country as your account.
  • Some subscription vouchers can require a legitimate payment method on the account in order to be redeemed.
  • PlayStation® Plus trial vouchers will only be used on accounts that have never had PlayStation Plus before.
  • Since funds and material cannot be transferred between accounts, make sure redeem code on the correct account.

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Buy Your Playstation Gift Card Online And Receive It Instantly

Need more PlayStation Store credit? Buy your PlayStation Gift Card online for your PS5, PS4, PS3 or PS Vita. Even without a credit card! Choose one of our 81 secure payment methods and receive your card code instantly by email. Easily redeem it to buy and download games, add-ons, in-game credit, character packs, skins packs, DLC and more with secure prepaid credit. Buy a PSN Card within seconds and keep both your data and your expenses under control.

How To Add Ps Plus Code

Can You Add Visa Debit Gift Card To Playstation PS4 Account?

PS Store

Important Note & Disclaimer:

– This product is applicable for the IN PSN store only. It is NOT redeemable for PSN accounts created in other countries than India– OffGamers is not affiliated, associated, or in any way connected with websites that promise exchanges and/or trades of PSN codes for other products– No refunds will be deemed applicable nor provided in such cases– Looking for other PSN Card regions, Click


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Does My Ps4 Store Credit Work On Ps5

The PlayStation Store is a uniform digital content vendor that is accessible on the PS4, PS5, and PS Vita.

It used to support the PS3 and PSP as well.

The profile you create for the PlayStation Network carries over across all of Sonys PlayStation Store devices.

That means any store credit, gift cards, digital content, friends list, and trophies are accessible on the PS4, PS5, PS Vita, Android/iOS app, or the website through the same profile.

Of course, you can only play games on the console they were made for, but you can peruse through your account on any Sony device and others using your PSN account.

In turn, you can use any compatible games you already own, store credit, and discounts on your PS5 without issue.

This is a huge win in customer loyalty for Sony and incredibly convenient for gamers moving to the new generation of console gaming.

This Move Will Take Place Globally

Following reports that PlayStation is asking UK retailers to begin removing PS Now retail cards, PlayStation has confirmed that it is streamlining its gift card offerings.

According to a message sent out by Game store retailers to staff, UK stores were asked to remove PlayStation Now subscription cards by January 21. In a statement to IGN, PlayStation says, Globally, we are moving from PlayStation Now Gift cards to focus on our current cash denomination PlayStation gift cards, which can be redeemed for PlayStation Now.

PlayStation Now got a head start on the idea of video game streaming, but cloud streaming has still trailed traditional native gaming. So it makes sense that PlayStation would want to streamline the different retail gift cards it offers.

The move also sparked intense speculation about the future of PlayStation Now as a service. Bloomberg previously reported that Sony intends to merge PlayStation Now with PlayStation Plus in a new multi-tiered program where for an additional cost users can access cloud gaming on top of PS Plus.

Xbox offers something similar already with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate which bundles its Netflix-style subscription service with Xbox Live Gold and xCloud gaming.

According to earlier reports, PlayStation has plans for three tiers, which start with online gaming and free monthly games, a higher tier with a Game Pass-style catalog, and an even higher tier with streaming and a bigger library that includes backward compatible games.

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What Can I Use My Psn Card For

With a PSN gift card you can buy PlayStation games and add-ons from the PS Store. Have you spotted a new game or an interesting discount in the PlayStation Store? With a PSN voucher you can make sure that you have enough PlayStation credit on your balance. The PlayStation card can also be used to buy PlayStation subscriptions. Would you like to play games on-demand? Then you can buy a PlayStation Now subscription with your fully topped-up PSN wallet, so you have access to hundreds of PS games. Next to this, you can also use your PS gift card to buy your Spotify subscription. You can then connect your Spotify account to PlayStation Music to always enjoy your favorite music while gaming.

What Is A Psn Card

Ps4 Gift Card

A PlayStation Store Card is a digital product that holds a preloaded balance. Use it to conveniently top up your PSN account. Redeem it in just a few steps and youre good to go. Spend your prepaid credit in the PS Store and buy your favorite games, in-game items and more. Its the perfect gift for every gamer, especially for young people without their own means of payment. They can easily choose the game they like or the skin they have been begging for. Play Has No Limit!

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How To Redeem An Xbox One Gift Card

Grab a coin, paperclip, or another piece of metal to scratch the coating off the back of the gift card. Next, go to your Xbox One, and open the Microsoft Store.

Next, navigate down with the left stick of the controller and select Redeem a code.

Enter the 25-digit code from the gift card, then select Next.

Thats it! Your game or other content will start downloading, or your funds will be available on your Microsoft Store account.

What Are Gift Cards On Playstation And How To Use Them

PlayStation Store gift cards are a tool that makes it easy to top up your account credit and securely purchase PS Plus games or subscriptions. This is an ideal way for a player to buy a gift you dont know which game they would like to play, or if they dont already have one? Get him a gift card so he can choose for himself. Its also a great alternative to entering a credit card into the system this way you can have precise control over how much your child spends on games.

What can I use gift cards for?

Gift cards can be used for anything you find in the PlayStation Digital Store. In addition, the same cards work on both PS4 and PS5. You dont have to worry about reaching next door. For a charged credit, a player can buy one of a thousand games, which will be immediately available. Alternatively, you can purchase a gift card for a PlayStation Plus subscription. You just have to be careful to buy a gift card for our region but you dont have to worry about that with us. All gift cards on are intended for the Czech or Slovak market.

Then, for example, you can purchase one of the PlayStations exclusive features that you wont find on other consoles. A great choice is a must Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, or Demons Souls.

You can also buy game currency for cards in todays most popular games, specifically in FIFA 22, Fortnite i Call of Duty: Warzone. Gift cards can be used by every type of player.

How do I use a gift card for PlayStation?

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Other Ways To Redeem Playstation Gift Card

  • On your console or on PlayStation’s website, add whatever you’d like to buy into your Cart.
  • From your cart, select Proceed to Checkout.
  • Select Redeem Codes and Gift Cards when choosing a payment method.
  • If you’d rather redeem your gift card online, simply head to the PlayStation Store and click on your avatar on the top of the screen, and select Redeem Code from the drop down menu.
  • Can I Also Purchase In

    Can You Add Vanilla Mastercard Gift Card To Playstation PS4 Account?

    With a PSN gift card you can top up your PlayStation credit. You can use this PSN credit for all purchases in the PlayStation Store, including in-game credit, such as Fortnite V-Bucks, FIFA Points, GTA 5 Shark Cards, Call of Duty Points and Apex Coins. You can also use your PS credit to buy or renew a PlayStation Plus membership. You do not have to order a PlayStation Plus Card separately.

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    Canada Psn Gift Card Faq

    Most orders will be approved and sent within a few minutes of your purchase. If it is your first time ordering, and depending on the method of payment you choose, it is possible we will need some extra time to process your first order.

    Once youve redeemed your PSN card to your account, you will have full access to all the content on the Canadian Playstation store including games, add-ons, upgrades as well as movies and TV shows.

    Your information is not stored on any servers, which keeps it 100% private. Using a Playstation gift card to make purchases on the Playstation store guarantees protection of your personal identity.

    Redeem PSN gift card on your PS4/PS3 System:

  • Click the Store Icon on your system home screen.
  • At the bottom of the menu select Redeem Codes.
  • Enter your PSN gift card code and select Continue.
  • Agree to the Terms of Service and Continue again.
  • Redeem on a Playstation Vita

  • Enter Playstation Store from the Vita home screen.
  • Login to your PSN account.
  • Select the Redeem Codes icon.
  • Enter your 12-digit PSN gift card code and click Next.
  • We have an easy step-by-step tutorial with photos if you would like additional help.

    If you are having troubles redeeming your gift card, or need any other support related help please send an email to

    We do everything we can to make sure you have a great shopping experience and receive your gift card quickly.

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    What Can I Use My Playstation Store Card For

    When you redeem a PlayStation Store card, you add credit to your PlayStation Store online wallet. You can then use this credit to make purchases on the PlayStation Store like PS games, but also films, music, artwork and other various items. By using a gift card, you can buy games on the PlayStation Store without a credit card.

    Where Can You Buy Playstation Gift Cards

    FREE PSN Codes Generator Are they For Real?

    The most reliable place to buy a PlayStation gift card is directly from the Playstation website.

    They are also available to buy from , Very, Electronic First, G2A.

    Just simply buy a PlayStation Store gift card from an online retailer and they will email you a code to redeem via the digital store on your PlayStation console or via any web browser.

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    Us Psn Cards And Psn Plus Cards Give You Complete Access

    Buying PSN cards enables you to take advantage of the low prices of the US PlayStation Network Store. The US PSN gift card comes in various denominations. You simply select the best price card which fits your needs the most, and we will take care of the rest.

    Once the gift card is redeemed, you can use it to buy any of PlayStations downloadable games and content. In addition, you also have access to add-ons, TV shows, movies and a lot more.

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