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How Many People Play Fortnite On Ps4

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Most Fortnite Players Come From The Us And Brazil

How to Play Fortnite for Absolute Beginners | Battle Royale | PS4 | PlayStation

We all know how large the American gaming community is. And when it comes to the most popular battle royale franchise ever – things get pretty massive. As many as 27.52% of all Fortnite players come from the US, 8.8% – form Brazil, 5.50% – form Russia, 5.14% – from the United Kingdom, and last but not least – 4.78% – from Germany.

Image © Epic Games

As Of April 2020 Fortnite Players Have Played The Game For A Total Of 32 Billion Hours

How did people play a total of 3.2 billion Fortnite hours? Well, lets see:

The typical Fortnite player spends between six and ten hours in the game every week . However, around 5% of the Fortnite player base spends more than 20 hours in the game every week. Now, the three major modes of Fortnite are Battle Royale, Creative , and Save the World . We can safely say that Fortnite Battle Royale is the most popular Fortnite mode so far, of course. And each Fortnite battle royale game lasts about 20 minutes. Actually, 3.2 billion hours of Fortnite gameplay seems about right.

Fortnite Events Viewing Figures

Fortnites events also show just often the game can pull in gigantic numbers for special occasions.

In February 2019, popular EDM artist Marshmello held an in-game concert played by 10.7 million people. This overtook the previous record held by the rocket event of Season 4, which brought in 8.3 million players. On a similar note, the game enjoyed a peak player count for a non-event for a single day with 7.6 million players on February 16th, 2019. For comparison, the most popular games on Steam struggle to crack a million players for a day.

The game didnt hit the heights quite like these until the black hole event at the end of what we now know as Chapter 1. It went down as the most viewed gaming event in history on Twitch, YouTube, and Twitter with a staggering 42.8 million views on the latter. YouTube numbers reached 4.3 million viewers and 1.7 million viewers on Twitch. Epic did not release official word on how many in-game players witnessed The End, however.

In early 2020, Epic reported that there were 12.3 million concurrent players for the first showing of the Travis Scott event, smashing the previous record held by Marshmello when 10.7 million people attended that concert back at the start of 2019. Epic would later mention that 27.7 million unique players in total watched the event in total over its many showings.

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Who Is Playing Fortnite


A study by Verto Analytics has given players a much better look at who is part of the Fortnite player count. On top of 62.7% being 18-24, 22.5% are 25-43. Men are 72.4% of the player base, with only 27.6% being women. Fortnites demographics also seem to pull in people who dont often play games. 37% of players dont play games other than Fortnite. This probably contributes a lot to the average time spent on Fortnite.

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How Many People Were Playing Fortnite On Ios

2020 was a rough year for the game, and its not because of Covid-19. A lawsuit involving Apple caused the game to be removed from App Store. That means millions of Fortnite players who use iPhones and iPads to play the game were affected. There were about 115 million people who used to play Fortnite on iOS.

In 2020 The Cumulative Fortnite Tournament Prize Pool For Fortnite Competitions Amounted To $788 Million

And this is not impressive at all. Check this out: in 2019 the cumulative Fortnite tournament prize pool amounted to the staggering $64.42 million. In H1 2021, Fortnite is the third leading eSports game in the world with a prize pool of $6.12 million, followed by PUBG mobile and Dota 2. The first two positions on that list were taken by CS:GO at #1 and PUBG at #2.

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What Happened To Fortnite Mobile

Fortnite is one of the best battle royale games for Android in 2022. The game was released for Android in 2018 and three years later, Fortnite mobile on Android is still going strong. However, iPhone and iPad users are no longer able to play the game on their smart devices because of what happened in late 2020. Due to financial mismanagement, a lawsuit was filed against Epic Games and as a consequence Fortnite was removed from the App Store.

Mobile battle royale games are one of the most popular mobile game genres in 2022. WIth 12.4 million monthly active users, Fortnite mobile was unstoppable on iOS. However, after the game was removed from the App Store, millions of iOS users were deprived of the opportunity to play Fortnite on their iPhones or iPads.

How Many Play Warzone On Pc

How to play Fortnite on PC with PS4 controller

According to reports and independent research taken , it seems that approximately 30% of Warzone’s player-base are on PC. These players are not split between Steam players and players as the game is only on the latter platform. This means that, if Dexerto’s numbers are correct, all of the above-mentioned players are on

That being said, and this goes for the rest of these numbers, this is a very unreliable sample. The survey distributed on Charlie Intel’s Twitter page, garnering a 51,206 votes. The actual data gives us a PC player base of 28.4%. Similarly, a poll from MWZ gathered 26,239 votes with 30.7% reporting that they played on PC. We have therefore determined that the real number is likely to be around 30%. The problem, though, is that this data was collected from a largely biased sample, as hardcore players are the one’s more likely to respond to a survey from either of these outlets.

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% Of All Fortnite Players Are In The Age Group Of 18

The bulk of Fortnite players are between 18 and 24 years old. When it comes to Fortnite demographics, more than two thirds of all Fortnite players are male , 22.5% – are in the age group 25-34, 12.7% are in the age group 35-44, only 2% of all Fortnite players are between 45 – 54 years old, and more than 25% of preteens in the US play Fortnite.

Fortnite Revenue Over Time

Along with some declining Twitch viewership, Fortnites revenue has also taken a severe hit. Overall revenue in 2019 compared to 2018 saw a 52% decrease before Chapter 2 launched, though it did manage to bring a lot of it back later.

By the end of 2019, Fortnite made a staggering $1.8 billion, which is a mightily impressive number. However, its a significant decrease from the $2.4 billion it achieved in 2018 a decrease of roughly 25%. Chapter 2 and the bevy of Christmas skins and packs alongside the many brand deals may have been the one to boost its overall revenue.

However, its also important to note that, although there has been a dip in revenue, Fortnites popularity is still extremely strong. In 2019, Fortnite ranked #2 for the most downloaded F2P game on PS4, only ousted by Apex Legends.

Even more remarkably, the same blog lists the most popular paid DLC over the course of the year. Nobody even came close to matching Fortnite, which managed to snag every single ranking in the top ten.

A more recent PlayStation Blog post for July 2021 highlights Fortnite as the second most downloaded F2P game across PS4 and PS5, with it being ahead of Warzone and Apex Legends. This suggests that they arent struggling to bring in new players as well keep older players invested.

Then, in January 2022, PlayStation revealed the most downloaded games on PS4 and PS5 for 2021, and it shouldnt be a surprise to know that Fortnite topped the free charts in the US and Europe.

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Demographics Of Fortnite Players

Video games have become more and more accessible as technology keeps developing. You have a wide array of devices to choose from for your next gaming session with your buddies. Will you pick up your phone, or will you jump onto the computer? Your Xbox, maybe?

Online games have become a place for people to socialise, with players making friends from all over the world. Its like this big community where theres something for everyone. No wonder players get lost in the game for hours on end.

Fortnite makes sure players have fun while theyre at it. From countless skins and packs to Fortnite events featuring stars like Travis Scott and Ariana Grande, it really is next-level entertainment.

62.7% of the total amount of Fortnite players belong in the age group of 1824

25% of all Fortnite players are in the age group 2534, 12.% are in the age group 3544, and only 2% are in the 4554 age group. But compared to the number of players Fortnite has, 2% is still a large sum of people. Unfortunately, there arent any statistics for younger people playing the game, but we know that in the USA, more than 25% of the preteens play Fortnite.

We saw how many people play Fortnite, but how many of them are women?

Out of the 350 million registered players, 27.6% are female, and 72.4% are male

77.4% of Fortnite players play the game on console

Precautions About Spit Screen Fortnite

Fortnite Ps4 How Many Gb

Here are what you should notice when playing Fortnite in the split-screen mode on an Xbox One and PS4.

  • Make sure you have a stable internet connection.
  • The split-screen will automatically turn off when you or your friend disconnects or exits the match.
  • You and your friends must have the same language settings to play on split-screen since multi-language support is not available at this time.
  • The split-screen is usable while in a match.
  • You and your friends are not allowed to share inventory.
  • Some modes like Solo Mode are unavailable when you play a game in the split-screen mode.

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The Top 5 Of The Highest

  • Bugha is #1 with a total of $3,162,545 . He is followed by Aqua with $1,993,174 .
  • psalm is #3 with $1,873,538 , while Nyhrox and its 1,538,395 are #4.
  • Finally, EpikWhale closes that top 5 with $1,354,667.

At this point, it would be challenging to rob Bugha of his spot as #1. His prize money in 2019 gave him a nice boost right from the start. American players are pretty dominant throughout the whole list. FaZe Clan is, after all, an American team that has shown their skills in Fortnite on several occasions already.

In October 2020 116 Million People Played Fortnite On Ios Devices

Things were going great for Fortnite mobile before 2020 came along. And no, it had nothing to do with the global pandemic. More than 116 million people used to play Fortnite on iOS devices, 73 million of whom played Fortnite only on their iOS device. Fortnite mobile used to be a big deal before the lawsuit between Apple and Epic Games took place in H2 2020.

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In December 2017 Fortnite Boasted 30 Million Registered Players

Fortnite was released on July 25, 2017. Five months after the initial release, there were already 30 million registered Fortnite players. But thats not everything! In January 2018, the Fortnite player base had already grown to the amazing 45 million registered players. And in 2020, there were already 350 million registered Fortnite players .

Image © The Verge

Is The Fortnite Player Count Dropping


The player base of Fortnite might be dropping, but if it is then only steadily. Fortnite is a game that thrives on constant renewal. What comes with this is a fairly healthy cycle of players coming in and out. Fortnite has had seasons with a significantly lower player count followed up by considerably more popular ones.

The opening of Chapter 2 brought a lot of players, new and old, back to Fortnite after its spark had dulled a little. Its likely that Chapter 3 resulted in a similar bump but this one lacked the major opening that 2 had with its Black Hole. So while it does seem like the player base is dropping, this isnt permanent. A new event or season is likely to bring new players straight back in. The Fortnite player count is a bit more fluid and reactive than it is specifically dropping.

While the topic of Fortnite dying is always popping up, the games player count tends to go up and down more often than simply decreasing slowly. Warzone has taken some attention away from the game. However, even with Warzone taking some attention, the Fortnite player count 2022 is still plenty high.

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The United States Is Dominating The Chart As The Country With The Highest Earnings With $35804835 Won In Total

  • France is second with $5,960,487 and Great Britain is third with $5,233,935.
  • Canada and Denmark round off that Top 5.
  • The last one is Slovenia with $50,000 and just one player.

France is not often seen in the top three in a lot of eSports, so it is a surprising sight. The North American scene is active in the circuit, with the US giving it its all and leaving its rivals in the dust. Look at that gap between the first two spots. However, we also have to consider the number of smaller tournaments organized in each country, and that depends mostly on how seriously eSports are considered over there. Of note is that the country with the lowest earnings still managed to snatch $50,000 with just one player! A feat!

Fortnite Player Count By Device

There is no public data regarding the leading devices used by Fortnite all over the world. However, Statista released a percentage of players per device. Most players prefer playing the game on the PlayStation 4, while the least percentage belongs to mobile devices.

According to the report, 42.2% of players are playing through the Playsation 4. 35.2% from the Xbox One, 13.9% play the game on the PC, while 8.7% choose to play the game through mobile devices such as their phones and tablets.

Fortnite Player Count by Device

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Fortnite Player Base Count In 2022

Epic Games does not share its player base count with gamers, and therefore, it is quite impossible to correctly guess how many players play Fortnite in 2022. However, the huge success of the Ariana Grande, Travis Scott, and Galactus event in Fortnite, where more than 10 million people hopped in to enjoy the event, proved that the game is still going strong.

However, these stats are from 2020, when the game might have enjoyed grand popularity. In 2020, Fortnite was removed from the App Store on Apple devices after a great fight between Apple and Epic started in California courtrooms. Fortnite lost 10% of its player base due to this move.

Furthermore, many in the community, including content creators, have left Fortnite for other games. This was because they felt the game was dead and Epic Games was simply making money by releasing different skins without acknowledging the real problems.

Players like TFue, Courage, Myth, TimtheTatMan, Dr. Lupo and even Shroud have left Fortnite to enjoy other battle royale titles like Warzone.

According to Player Counter, a website that keeps a count of the number of players online in a game at any moment, Fortnite has a daily login of over four or three million players. While that is still a huge number, it has steeply come down from the 22.5 million average, recorded in 2020.

Note: The article reflects the writer’s views.

Poll :

Fortnite Player Count 2022

Setup Fortnite Ps4

Both PUBG and Fortnite came out in 2017 and they took the world of video gaming by storm. Since then, battle royale has become one of the most popular video game genres with more and more games coming up every year. In 2022, millions of people play Fortnite every day and seasonal events push the Fortnite player count even higher than usual. How many people play Fortnite in 2022? Lets find out:

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What Is Fortnite Now Experience Zombieland With More Powerful Actions

Fortnite is a post-apocalyptic-themed action video game where you can hunt down zombies in very cool styles presented by Epic Games. The Fortnite series is spread over many episodes in two seasons and offers players tournaments, multiplayer, and online modes. If you own Xbox, explore these best epic video games of 2021 that you can play.

Fortnite: Save The World

It is a team-based shooter survival mode video game. It was released in 2017 as a paid version for those who wanted early access. Though it got a free-to-play version in 2019, it remained in the premium category due to other factors. You can turn on your shooter mode to play it on PS4 and Xbox One. It is also available on Microsoft Windows and macOS. It can be played by up to four players that can shoot zombies to protect themselves and their surroundings.

Fortnite: Battle Royale

This mode is crazy as well as fascinating. Around a hundred gamers can participate in the epic battle and finish the zombies while saving themselves. The last person who survives, in the end, is the winner.

Fortnite: Creative Mode

As the name suggests, you can go creative here! This mode allows you to set up your fighting field, theme, and zombie world on a private island . You can create your battlefield, invite friends to play, and rampage the zombies.

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