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When Are They Releasing The Ps5

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Playstation 5 Console At Walmart

Grand Theft Auto V release date for Xbox Series X and PS5 announced

What, you thought Walmart was going to be left out of the fun? No way! Walmart is a premier destination for video game consoles and accessories. It should go without saying that Walmart is one of the best places to go for a PS5 restock update.

Like Amazon, Walmart is open to third-party sellers. That means there are pretty much always PlayStation 5 consoles in stock if youre willing to pay a premium. As a matter of fact, the PS5 is in stock right now at Walmart!

Playstation 5 Specs And Features

When lead system architect Mark Cerny gave an interview with Wired magazine in April 2019, the world began to discover a little more about the next generation PlayStation that Sony has been working on for four years.

Although tight-lipped about the exact capabilities of the new device at the time, the article made clear that Sony would be delivering a fundamental change in the gaming experience for users a real step up from the PS4 or its Slim and Pro cousins.

Since then the full PS5 specs have been confirmed:

  • The console will have an 8-core, 16-thread CPU.
  • The graphics will run on a custom AMD GPU.
  • The new console will have custom 825GB SSD storage built-in.
  • The optical drive will run 4K Blu-ray discs.
  • The PS5 is expected to have a revamped user interface
  • The controller will have adaptive triggers and haptic feedback for a more immersive gameplay experience.
  • The memory interface will be 16GB GDDR6 / 256-bit
  • The memory bandwidth will be 448GB/s
  • The IO throughput will be 5.5GB/s , typical 8-9GB/s
  • There will be an NVMe SSD slot for expandable storage
  • The PS5 will support USB HDD external storage for PS4 games

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredders Revenge

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredders Revenge sends ninja turtles Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo, and Donatello and April ONeil! into battle against the Foot Clan, Bebop, Rocksteady, and, of course, Shredder, in a brawler evocative of Konamis classic arcade games. Confirmed platforms include Nintendo Switch and Windows PC, but hopefully well see the new TMNT beat-em-up on every modern console in 2022.

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What Specs Will The Ps5 Pro Have

We don’t actually know anything about the spec sheet for the PS5 Pro, as nothing has been confirmed or announced.

CNET has touted the PS5 Pro may feature an as-yet-unannounced suite of AMD Zen 4 CPUs and RDNA-3 GPUs given the potential time frame for a prospective release date of 2023 or late 2024.

This has the potential to line up with AMD’s previous Zen architecture announcements as Zen 2 was announced in early October 2020, with the PS5’s release date being a month later.

The big question will be if PS5 Pro will be the 8K machine many have hoped for. At the moment, the PS5 does support 8K, however, it is locked behind a firmware update.

One likely reason behind this is that 8K games are not mainstream yet and neither are 8K TVs.

We wonder if the PS5 Pro could launch with this feature already unlocked, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Stalker : Heart Of Chernobyl

PS5 Release Still On Track Despite COVID

STALKER 2 is set in the outskirts of an alternate-world Chernobyl, in a world full of radiation and mutants. But far from the wacky and weird world of the Fallout games, STALKER focuses more on simulation-style shooting and survival as you hunt for the treasure and mysteries of the post-nuclear world something players might be more ready for in 2021 than they were in 2007. STALKER 2 is set to be released on Xbox Series X and PC sometime in 2022.

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Pulse 3d In Midnight Black

To tease us even further, Sony is releasing a midnight black version of its Pulse 3D headset in October 2021. This is by no means proof that a PS5 black console is in the pipeline. But it isnt exactly a stretch to envisage a black console to match the headset and the DualSense controllers. Why wouldnt Sony allow us to coordinate our equipment? Are they monsters? We will have to wait and see.

Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines 2

Publisher: Paradox InteractiveRelease date: TBC

Looking for a game with a bit of extra bite?Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 puts you in the seedy underbelly of Seattle, which should suit you just fine as a vampire ready to test out your new fangs. Turned as an act of vampire terrorism during the ‘Mass Embrace’, you’ll soon get caught up in vampire faction politics, where you’re still just trying to deal with your new way of life. This is an RPG at its core too, filled with player choices, a strong narrative, and branching dialogue options too.

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When Will Sony Announce A Black Ps5

Sony has remained quiet about any console or console variant, which means we cannot be 100% certain about a black PS5s existence until an announcement arrives.

It seems unlikely that a black console will be ready for a while, following comments from PlayStations Head of Global Marketing, Eric Lempel, in an interview with Geoff Keighley.

When pressed by Keighley about different coloured controllers or consoles, Lempel stated: Right now, its a hard enough job to get the unit we showed out so, well talk about it at some point.

With this problem still existing now as we venture further into 2021, it could be a while before the black PS5 announcement.

Should You Buy Ps5 Or Ps5 Digital Edition

The First PS5 Commercial is Here – IGN Daily Fix

You can buy one of two version of the PS5 today – the standard disk version, or the Digital Edition. The former allows you to play your physical PS4 and PS5 games, however you can still access your downloaded PS4 titles on the Digital Edition as well.

The cheaper £359 PS5 Digital Edition doesn’t have a disk drive, but still runs the same specs as the full fat console. That means you can buy PS5 for less today and you’ll still be running the latest tech from Sony.

However, there’s only 825GB in this SSD and that’s going to fill up quickly, provided you don’t grab an external HDD for your PS4 games. If you’ve got a substantial physical collection already then it might be worth upgrading to the main console.

That said, it’s difficult to buy PS5 either way right now, with launch seeing an incredibly limited number of consoles hitting the shelves. While we wouldn’t necessarily advise settling for the console you can get , if you’re set on buying PS5 today you might have to take what you find.

We’ll send you pre-order details and the best Sony PlayStation 5 deals as soon as they’re available.

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Ps5 Black Version Pre

As the PS5 pre-orders began on 17th September 2020, there was not a black PlayStation 5 in sight. This did not stop the next-gen console from selling out almost immediately, with countless retailers running out of stock in mere minutes. This trend has continued ever since, through numerous restocks from the likes of Currys, Argos and .

If youre waiting to pre-order a black PS5, we do not know when they will open. The variant has yet to be officially announced. However, wed expect the same retailers shipping the white PS5 to also hold stock of a black version. Its worth keeping those links around for when pre-orders go live.

Well update this page with any new information as it comes.

Playstation 5 Release Date And Availability

In the US, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea, the PS5 went on sale on 12th November 2020. The rest of the world saw the console launch on 19th November 2020.

With demand outstripping supply, most retailers are still struggling to get hold of PS5 stock. And when they do release it, customers – and bots are snapping it up within minutes.

Hoping to secure a PS5? In the UK, Currys, Game, PlayStation Direct, BT, EE, Smyths Toys, and John Lewis regularly release fresh PS5 stock.

In the US, , Walmart and Best Buy are some of your best options. You might also try Target but their supply has been rather patchy of late. Here’s a more detailed explanation of why it’s so hard to find a PS5 deal, as well as a few tips to boost your chances.

Finally, it’s worth checking specialist stock tracking websites such as Stock Informer from time to time. And remember, the PS5 is not geo-locked. That means you can buy one in the US and use it to play UK games. The same goes for Europe . However, it’s equally important to note that you may need a plug adaptor and that some Blu-ray discs and DVD may not play.

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How Much Will The Ps5 Cost

Sony confirmed that the price of the PlayStation 5 at launch is $499.99 and that the PS5 Digital Edition is $399.99, during its .

This corroborates a rumor reported by Spanish publication Vandalon September 15, which claimed listings for the PS5 consoles went live on the website for Spanish retailer El Corte Ingles. The two devices were listed for the cost of $499 and $399, which both turned out to be accurate.

What Features Does The Ps5 Have

PS5 May be Unable to Handle Games in Native 4K ...

While Sony has released the PS5 specs in all their technical glory, theyve also gone into detail how this will translate to better gameplay.

The key features of the PS5 are:

  • Ultra-high-speed SSD
  • Custom AMD GPU- with ray tracing
  • 3D audio

What the ultra-high-speed SSD and integrated custom I/O system together delivers much faster loading and pace when moving through the game. There are shorter load times in larger worlds which means new games can be developed with richer detail and fewer limitations on size or scale.

When it comes to the custom AMD GPU with ray tracing, PlayStation claims the extra GPU power will boost gaming resolution during play. The ray tracing, on the other hand, will enhance how light moves on the screen and across characters, meaning elements like water and glass will look ultra-realistic.

The 3D audio has been designed to immerse players in the action, hearing elements in different places including even behind you even without high-end speakers.

What the combination of these features will ultimately mean, according to the PlayStation 5 site, is that developers will be able to start, building expansive worlds and new play experiences in the games they design, without the same scale limitations as previous models. This should provide a much richer and more panoramic gaming experience overall.

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Will The Ps5 Come In Black Heres Everything You Need To Know

Its now been over a year since Sony first launched the PS5, and there has been no sign of a PS5 black console. All PS5 stock released in limited quantities has consisted entirely of the white PS5, to the dismay of many. However, stock levels have gradually increased, and more gamers have finally got their hands on a base PlayStation 5 console. So could it finally be time for Sony to turn its attention to a variant on its PS5 design?

Releasing a black PS5 could draw the PS5 further comparisons to its competitor- the Xbox Series X. The Series X first launched in white. But similar to PS5 fans, Xbox fans also expressed interest in a white Xbox Series X console. While fans have waited patiently, or impatiently, for a black version, news has been thin on the ground. Until now, that is.

Ps5 Restock News And Prices: Where To Get A Playstation 5 Console In December 2021

ByBeren Nealepublished 6 October 21

PS5 restocks are the only way to get a PlayStation 5 console or controller, but they don’t last long. Here’s the latest.

05. More PS5 details

PS5 restocks remain the only way to get hold of Sony’s latest console. A global chip shortage has prevented Sony from being able to meet demand for the PlayStation 5. This means that although the console was first launched last November, it’s currently very hard to get hold of.

The PlayStation 5 is actually Sony’s fastest-selling console to date, undoubtedly been fueled by Covid-19 lockdowns around the world. It’s shifted a staggering 10 million units by 18 July, and yet millions of people who want one have still been unable to buy. The situation looks set to continue for a while, so we’re left having to keep an eye on PS5 restocks, which don’t tend to last long .

We’ve seen PS5 restocks across a range of major retailers, including Amazon, Argos, GameStop, Best Buy and Walmart. A good strategy is to keep checking the retailers that we list below. One thing you shouldn’t do is trust people on social media who claim to have a PS5 to sell, especially if the price seems anywhere close to affordable. With people so desperate to buy a PS5, scammers have been taking advantage on the likes of Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, TikTok. We recommend only buying from trusted retailers to avoid ending up out of pocket.

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Best Ps5 Stock Tips 2022

You should never purchase a PS5 directly through Twitter it’s often a scam. Instead, you should use Twitter to track the latest PS5 restock rumours.

There are tons of fake accounts, so it’s important to make sure you follow a legitimate tipster. We find PS5StockAlerts , PS5StockAlertUK and iloveps_5 to be the most reliable sources for PS5 stock tips.

Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic Remake

PS5 Slim Release Date?

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment and Lucasfilms Games Release date: TBC

After many rumors began to circulate, the latest Sony showcase confirmed that a remaster of BioWare’s beloved Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is on the way and it’s coming to PS5. Aspyr and Sony Interactive Entertainment are working with Lucasfilm Games to rebuild the classic adventure, which promises to bring KOTOR to a new generation with “modern tech, features, visuals, and more, while maintaining the integrity of the story and characters” so many have come to love.

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Playstation 5 Console Restock At Walmart

No one saw this coming, but we have an excellent PS5 restock update to share.

Walmart has a new PlayStation 5 console drop scheduled to take place at 12:00 PM ET / 9:00 AM PT on Wednesday! Thats the good news, but the bad news is that only paying Walmart Plus subscribers will be able to get in on the action. Note the keyword there: paying. If youre on a free trial right now, you wont be able to buy a PlayStation 5 during this PS5 restock event.

Needless to say, this Walmart PS5 restock was a real battle. If you want to score yourself a console, you need to head to the Walmart site and refresh the following pages like crazy:

Make sure youre logged into your Walmart Plus account or theres no way youll be able to add a console to your shopping cart!

Also of note, a limited number of Xbox Series X consoles are also available at Walmart, too. And its the same story you have to refresh Walmarts website like crazy if you want to buy one.

Dont feel too bad if you miss out. The good news is that Walmart will continue to have periodic restocks as new inventory arrives. Definitely keep checking those links!

Upcoming Ps5 Games: All The New Ps5 Games For 2021 And Beyond

2021 is practically over, which means it’s time to look towards the upcoming PS5 games launching in 2022 . The next 12 months are filled with an interstellar line-up of new PS5 games that are going to seriously trouble your wallet. To help you plan your purchases, we’ve put together this list – organized by release date as much as possible – for the hottest new PS5 games dropping in 2021 and beyond.

From interesting indies to big, sprawling RPGs, there’s a diverse range of new games coming to Sony’s latest console, including some PS5 exclusives for good measure. Along with all of the PS5 launch games, the best PS5 games we’ve seen so far and games that have gotten shiny free PS5 upgrades, there’s plenty of fantastic experiences to tuck into on the console.

We’ve made sure to bring you the latest updates on all of games on the horizon, so you can make sure your PS5 wishlist is fully up to date. So without further ado, here are all of the upcoming PS5 games.

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Playstation 5 Price Vs Xbox Series X Price

So, how does the PS5 compare to the Xbox Series X on price? Better than many expected, as it happens.

The Xbox Series X and the full-fat PS5 are identically priced, at £449 .

Both consoles also have a disc drive-less, cheaper sibling: that’s the Xbox Series S and the PS5 Digital Edition. This is where things get really interesting, because the Xbox Series S costs only £250 , whereas the PS5 Digital Edition is £360 .

That’s a big step up, but it’s worth pointing out that the Xbox Series S is less powerful than the Series X but the PS5 Digital Edition is identical to the standard PS5 except for the lack of a disc drive. In other words, the PS5 Digital Edition appears to be more of a proper next-gen games console than the Xbox Series S.

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