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How To Take Apart A Ps4 Slim

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Cleaning The Console’s Fan

PS4 Slim Teardown – Detailed Disassembly Guide
  • 1Keep your warranty in mind. Since the fan is inside your console, you’ll have to open it up to clean it. Understand that this will void the warranty. Typically, the warranty only lasts one year, but even so, expect a voided warranty to affect its resale value if you intend to sell or trade in your console later on.XResearch source
  • With that in mind, you will most likely have to clean the fan at some point. This should be done whenever it becomes noticeably louder than it was when you first used it. Ideally, this shouldn’t happen until a year has passed. If it happens sooner, the fan should be cleaned despite the loss of warranty, in order to prevent the console from overheating.
  • 2Remove cords, screws, and bottom half of the console. Unplug the console from its power source, as well as other cables so they’re not in the way. Then locate the four screws on the back of the console. At least two of these will be covered with warranty stickers, so peel those off. Then unscrew all of the screws with a T8 or T9 screwdriver and remove the bottom half of the console very carefully.
  • 3Clean the fan and other components with compressed air. Now that the internal components are exposed, use your compressed air very carefully to avoid spraying moisture. Hold the can upright with at least five or since inches of space between the nozzle and the fan. The fan is the most likely to need cleaning, so start with that. If necessary:
  • Easy Way To Clean Your Ps4

    It may sound excessive, but you should make a habit of dusting the PS4 and surrounding area frequently. If you live in a dusty environment or with furry pets, dirt and hair can easily begin to accumulate around the intake vents . Since dusters mostly push dirt around, using a vacuum with a hose and brush attachment will be the most effective way to physically suck and remove dust from the PS4, its vents, and the surrounding area.

    Once the dust and hair has been thoroughly removed, keeping a routine of wiping down the system with a microfiber cloth and spraying inside through the side vents with compressed air will go a long way toward making sure your PS4 stays cleaner longer. If you do this from the start, this will lessen the chances that youll ever have to open the console up for internal cleaning during its lifetime.

    When Should I Clean My Ps4

    You should clean your PS4 when its out of warranty and is showing signs that its full of dust. This includes noise from the fan, overheating and eventual hardware failure. Thats why its important that you take time to give your PS4 some TLC every so often. Theres no specific guidance on how often to clean it, just as and when necessary. Although one clean should last at least a year.

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    How To Clean Your Ps4

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    Its the second law of thermodynamics: everything in the universe gradually breaks down over time. Although unavoidable, it doesnt mean we cant slow down the process. When it comes to the performance and longevity of your PS4, keeping the console clean is paramount, especially if you play it frequently.

    There are lots of reasons why you should clean your PS4. Whether its the regular, Pro or Slim, the fan inside your PS4 can begin to wear down over time, building up dust, grit, grime, and whatever else is floating around the air. This build up can coat the inside the system, clogging your heat sink and causing the fan to work harder than it needs to. This is why some people describe their PS4 sounding like a jet engine during gameplay.

    Its important to crack open your PS4 and clean it to keep the fan working optimally which prevents your system from overheating or even worse, shutting down under heavy strain. If you want your PS4 performing at its peak performance, you have to clean it every so often. Heres Swappas guide on cleaning your PS4 safely, quickly, and efficiently.

    Disassembling The Ps4 Slim

    PS4 Pro Gets Torn Apart In New Video To See What
  • 1Shut down and unplug the PS4 Slim. Place it on an open table in a clean environment.
  • 2Pull firmly on the front corners and front edge. Unclip the top cover, then slide it back to remove it.
  • Keep in mind, newer PS4 Slims which have not been dismantled before may require more firmness when pulling.
  • 3Remove the cover to expose two metal plates: One shielding the fan and heatsink and another reflective metal plate on top of the battery pack.
  • 4Remove the screws. Preferably, use a T8 or T9 Security Torx to remove the two long screws holding in the reflective metal plate.
  • 5Remove the reflective metal plate and unscrew the other long screws holding in the rest of the battery pack.
  • 6Lift up the battery pack just enough to be able to uncover the lip of the pack. This will allow you to remove the metal plate shielding the fan and heatsink.
  • Make sure you do not take out the entire battery pack, as there is no need to do so.
  • 7Remove all the screws holding the metal plate and remove the plate to fully expose the fan and heatsink.Advertisement
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    Why Would I Take Apart My Console

    Taking apart the PS4 to the point described above should only be done if the console is outside of its warranty. If you change out the hard drive it’s no harm, no foul. If you take it apart to the point where nothing’s left inside, then you’ve broken your warranty.

    The most obvious reason for taking apart your PS4 is to replace the hard drive . There are other reasons though. For example, if the system is running really loud, you may consider opening it up to dust out the fans and the internals.

    You may have heard that you can use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust inside the system, but this is a really bad idea! I say that because a vacuum cleaner had the potential to create static electricity, which is a death sentence for the internals of an electronic device. If static electricity touches the motherboard, the GPU, or the CPU, then your console is toast.

    If you’re feeling advanced, you can also replace the thermal gel on your console’s GPU. after removing it using a torx #8 security, a small phillips head screwdriver, and of course the thermal compound. The best one to use is Arctic MX-4 Thermal Compound. Clean off the old thermal gel using rubbing alcohol and a Q-tip before you apply a pea-sized amount of the thermal gel.

    Remember the old yellow light of death on the PS3? This was an issue most commonly associated with bad thermal gel, so replacing the one on your PS4 isn’t a bad idea after a few years.

    Remove And Clean The Power Supply

    The next thing that you need to do is to remove and clean the power supply. Removing the power supply can give you access to the heat sink and lets you thoroughly clean your console. However, it is important to clean the power supply because the dust and dirt serve as a blanket covering the components inside your console, making it run harder and shortening its lifespan.

    To remove the power supply, gently hold it and remove the screws. There are five screws to be removed, including three TR9 security screws and two Phillips head screws. After removing the screws, unplug the little connector and twist the power supply a little bit harder until it pops out. To clean the power supply, get your can of compressed air and blow a small burst of air.

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    Blow The Dust Out Of Your Ps4

    Finally, you have access to the PS4’s heat sink and fan. Now we can explain how to clean your PS4’s fan and remove dust that’s deep in the system.

    Take your can of compressed air and, if it has one, insert the straw for more focused cleaning. Spray a few blasts of air away from your PS4 first, in case there’s any liquid in the tip.

    Now, use your canned air to blow short bursts of air all around your PS4, getting rid of the dust. Make sure to check the corners for hidden dust , and take care to blow it out of the system instead of further in. You can also use your cotton swabs or cotton balls to help you remove any dust the air won’t reach.

    Focus especially on the fan, heat sink, and outside edges of your PS4 when looking for built-up dust, as these are common locations for it. If you’re not familiar, the heat sink is the metal set of “bars” that the straw is pointing at in the above picture.

    Note a few important warnings when using canned air:

    Now Your Ps4 Is All Clean

    Taking Apart a PS4 Slim with NO Experience

    Now you know how to clean your PS4. You should notice it running much more quietly than it was before, especially if you’ve had the system for years. While you could clean even deeper into the system, doing so would require some potentially risky operations. It’s better to avoid damaging your system and stick to this basic cleaning.

    For future maintenance, take a brush, some compressed air, or cotton swab along the outside edges of your system to remove the dust once in a while. This should help prevent dust from building up inside, so you don’t have to go through this process as often.

    Some people have recommended placing plastic bottle caps or similar small objects under the four corners of your console. This lifts it off the below surface and should help with air flow. Aside from this, make sure your PS4 has room to breathe . Paired with the above cleaning process when needed, your PS4 should stay cool and quiet.

    To get even more from your PS4, there are other ways to boost the performance of the system.

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    Can I Clean A Ps4 Myself

    You absolutely can, but be aware that if your PS4 is still under warranty, you will void it by cleaning the internals. A PS4 shouldnt have gathered enough dust to require cleaning while its still under warranty, so contact customer service instead to get it looked at. If youre too nervous to clean your PS4 yourself, you can try asking local repair shops if theyre willing to do it for you.

    How To Clean A Ps4

    Phillips screwdriver

    A cotton swab

    Before we take you through the steps, its worth flagging that as soon as you start dismantling your PS4 to clean the interior, you will void the warranty. So, if your PS4 is overheating within the warranty period , contact customer service rather than cleaning it yourself.

    You also need to be aware that the steps are different depending on whether you have an original PS4, a PS4 Slim or a PS4 Pro. And to further complicate matters, theres a second version of the original PS4 that was made after September 2015 and which is slightly different again. The photos here are for the first original model, but weve indicated where the steps differ for the others.

    1. First, make sure that your PS4 is switched off and all cables are disconnected from the consoles body.

    2. Next, you want to clean the outside of your PS4. To do this, take your can of compressed air and spay bursts of air into each of the ports, front and back, as well as the vents. Make sure you keep the can upright as you spray and keep your distance so you dont spray moisture into the PS4. If you dont own a can of compressed air, we recommend Falcon Dust, Off Compressed Gas .

    3. Next, run a dry microfiber cloth along the surfaces of your PS4 to get rid of obvious dust. While you have this cloth to hand, wipe the surface and around the area where your PS4 sits as well. This clears away any potential dust your PS4 may collect once back in place.

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    How To Clean An Xbox 360 Slim

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    That obnoxious buzzing noise you hear when your Xbox runs could be a sign it’s in need of a cleaning. The first step in cleaning your Xbox is removing the side panels. After that you’ll be able to remove the outer casing. With the outer casing gone, you can remove the inner casing and fragile component parts. Then you’re ready to clean the Xbox with a soft bristle brush and canned air. Once clean, reassemble the Xbox and enjoy your clean system.

    Optional Deep Cleaning Ps4

    Looks Like The Unannounced PS4 Slim Already Has A Teardown ...
    • T8 Torx Security screwdriver
    • Phillips #1 screwdriver

    If you feel comfortable removing a few T8 torx screws, you can safely remove the power supply unit toward the back of the console. This will void your warranty, but will give you access to the backside of the heat sink and allow you to further clean it, and more of the insides.

    Once the power supply has been removed, simply brush the excess dirt off the heat sink, then shoot it with some compressed air which will blow any loose dirt out toward the fan. Fore more on this process including safely removing the power supply unit GamesPlusInternet on YouTube has a great video detailing the entire process. WARNING: Graphic footage of an extremely filthy PS4 below.

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    How To Take Apart And Clean Your Ps4

    If youve noticed your PS4 making a lot of noise when playing games, chances are its in need of a clean. Given that your PS4 likely sits in the same spot for long periods of time, its little wonder that dust and grit accumulate both on top of and inside the console.

    When that dust and grit enter or obscure the PS4s various ventilation or fan ducts, the fans have to work much harder to cool the CPU and GPU. Thus, your console will start to sound like a jet airplane and eventually might even shut off as a safeguard against critical levels of heat build-up.

    Before you go calling up an electronics repair company though, you might find that giving the system a thorough clean will improve its performance markedly. This can all be done by yourself and is relatively straightforward.

    However, its worth noting that cleaning your PS4 thoroughly will require you to remove pieces of the hardware and take the console apart. This may void your warranty, so only attempt this if youve had your console for a while and are no longer under warranty.

    How To Disassemble Clean And Reassemble A Ps4 Slim

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    Sometimes video-game consoles can collect a lot of dust, leading to loud noise from the fan, and a lot of heat generated from the heat sink. This makes it crucial to often dismantle and clean the inside of your console in order to maintain its condition. Given that this can be a tedious and complex process,the following steps will demonstrate how to complete this process specifically for a PS4 Slim.

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    What Tools Can Help You Clean Your Ps4

    If you want to thoroughly clean your PS4, here are some of the tools that are needed:

    • TR9 Torx security bit screwdriver. This screwdriver is needed since PS4 uses T9 security screws.
    • Standard Phillips-head screwdriver. Some of the screws in PS4 require this screwdriver to remove them. If you have a smaller screwdriver, it can also do the job.
    • Utility knife or any sharp object. This can help to peel off the warranty stickers attached to the screws.
    • Can of compressed air or canned air. This is an ideal tool to blow out the dirt and dust.
    • Cotton swabs or cotton balls. This can be used to remove stubborn dirt that a can of compressed air cant get rid of.
    • A clean towel or microfiber cloth. This is what youll use to wipe dust off your PS4s exterior. It can also be used as a safe place to put your screws.
    • A brush or a toothbrush. You can use it to brush off the dust and dirt on the edges and the air intakes.
    • Tweezer. This can be used to remove clumps of dirt from the blades of the fan.
    • Flashlight. It can help check the corners for hidden dust or dirt.

    Removing The Outer Casing

    ps4 overheating. How to clean and disassemble your ps4 slim
  • 1Locate the back panel release. Reorient the Xbox so its back is facing up. There will be a rectangular, white sticker on the right side. Below this sticker will be the UL listing. Rub your fingernail over the sticker to the right of the UL listing to feel for an indentation. This is where the release is.XResearch source
  • 2Make a hole to gain access to the back panel release. You should be able to push your screwdriver through the back panel sticker to insert it into the release. Make this process easier by carefully cutting around the inner perimeter of the screw hole with the tip of a utility knife.XResearch source
  • 3Prepare to release the first set of inner tabs. Orient the Xbox so its back is facing left and it’s standing upright. On the left side, you should see a silver part on the outer border. Beneath this is a small tab. Pry the tab forward slightly.XResearch source
  • 4Release two casing tabs. With your screwdriver still inserted in the tab, position your fingers on the metal part of the inner panel and push outward on the case with moderate pressure. You should now be able to release the tab. Push in on the small hole you revealed next to the UL listing to release the second tab.XResearch source
  • When the second tab is released, the case should separate slightly. Do not try to force the case apart at this point. You still need to disengage the second set of inner release tabs.
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