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Is Knockout City Free On Ps4

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Knockout City Crossplay: How To Whale On Your Console Chums

How to get Knockout City Free on PlayStation | PS4

So, yes, Knockout City does have crossplay and cross-progression on PC and all the recent consoles, as you can see from the tweet above. No matter which platform your friends are on, you can play together and you can switch between them and pick up where you left off in terms of your gear and stats.

Even better, you don’t have to do too much to get it going: Knockout City crossplay is the default. In other words, you’ll have a mix of players from all platforms in your lobby from the off. That’s something you might as well keep enabled, so it’s nice and easy for you to get into matches quickly.

That said, if you want to invite specific friends to play, you’ll need their Knockout City ID. Although this is still simple, given that all your invites are grouped together in the same menu. It’s all intuitive and modern, with very little in the way of smashing your friends in the face with an ball in the most skilfully satisfying way possible.

Velan Studios Assures Fans Knockout City Still Wont Have Lootboxes

Through the official FAQ on the transition, Velan Studios wants to calm fears that this transition will soon mean that the game will become laden with free-to-play microtransactions and play-to-win mechanics. The developer promises that Holobux, the in-game currency, can be earned through gameplay, though players can still accelerate the process by purchasing Holobux using real money.

The studio says that its stance on not having lootboxes remains the same and has no plans to add anything resembling pay-to-win into the game. It emphasizes that fair competition is one of the core tenets of the game and that unlockables will remain cosmetic-only.

As previously stated by Velan, existing players will receive a Loyalty Royalty Bundle that comes with XP boosts, legendary cosmetics, and 2,000 Holobux. Only one bundle will be given per account, so if you have the game on multiple platforms, youll need to choose which one will gain the benefits of the bundle.

With Velan taking over as publisher, Knockout City will no longer be a part of EA Play. In terms of whether players will need a PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live account to access the game when it becomes free-to-play, the developer is still working through some details, but it hopes that no online subscription will be required to play it.

Knockout City Has Officially Gone Free

Velan Studios’ competitive “dodgebrawl” game Knockout City has officially gone free-to-play.

Knockout City – which launched on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and PC last May – was initially published under the EA Originals label, but earlier this year Velan announced it would be taking over publishing duties and shifting to a free-to-play model starting with its sixth season.

Both the free version of Knockout City and Season 6: City of Tomorrow are now here, introducing, among other things, the new Boomerang Ball across all playlists, the Starfruit Special energy drink, the sci-flyer crew vehicle, a permanent new career contract, an expanded hideout area, various map improvements, and more, as detailed in today’s patch notes.

Additionally, there are new “super-science” themed cosmetics, as well as a new free and premium tier battle pass. The paid tier promises new outfits, poses, trophies, and enough Holobux to buy next season’s Brawl Pass as players progress through the ranks, while the free version includes a special Among Us crossover, unlocking the “Note 2 Self” Legendary Glasses, “Mini Crewmate” Legendary Hairstyle, “In Electrical!” Legendary Defeat Pose, and “Emergency Meeting!” Legendary Taunt.

Lastly, those that purchased Knockout City and logged prior to today, 1st June, will receive the Loyalty Royalty Bundle upon launching the game.

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Is Knockout City Free To Play How To Get For Free On Ps4 Xbox One And Pc

Knockout City is a unique dodgeball game coming out in a few days, and the PS4 trophy list shows that you will need to play a lot to obtain the platinum. With the games launch imminent, some people are asking: is Knockout City free to play? Here youll discover how to get the game for free on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch for a limited time.

Know that the game is coming to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and EA Play. For those who have Xbox Game Pass, other titles coming to the service for the remainder of May include Snowrunner and Maneater.

For those who are excited about the upcoming dodgeball title, below youll discover if Knockout City is available for the cost of nothing.

  • RUST: How to get Early Access to the console edition

Knockout City Official Gameplay Trailer | PS5, PS4

An Excellent Dodgeball Game

Knockout City para PS4

Knockout City has garnered a lot of positive reviews in the past. Even PC Gamer’s Morgan Park rated it 90 percent.

Moreover, the game got off on the right foot with over two million players who took advantage of the trial period around launch to get into the action.

Will it really brings millions of players around the world? THAT is the question. However, with the positive reception it received since its launch, it seems that the game has a strong staying power. After all, it’s a well-balanced game with smartly-designed stages that enable users to employ various strategies.

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Is Knockout City Free

Knockout City is going to be a paid-for game, with the price point being set at £19.99 RRP. will sell you a PC code for £17.99, though.

However, there is good news for anyone that loves a freebie – to celebrate the game’s launch, the developers are giving players a chance to try Knockout City for free for 10 days.

This free access period is called the Knockout City Block Party, and it kicked off at 1pm UK time on 21st May 2021. And so, right now, you should be able to access the game for free on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch.

We can see options to download the free version on Steam, the Xbox-friendly Microsoft store, the PlayStation store, and the Nintendo Switch eShop. Some places call it a demo while others call it a free trial. Either way, head to the store on your platform of choice and you should be able to find it.

Not sure whether you want to play this game? Read our Knockout City review to find out why you should!

Is Knockout City Free To Play

Knockout City is not free to play on PS4, Xbox One, PC, or Nintendo Switch.

However, despite not being a free to play title, Knockout City will be available for the cost of nothing during the first ten days of its launch.

Per the EA website, there will be plenty to enjoy during its first week with the arrival of Season 1 on May 25th.

In addition, there will also be chances to compete against the developers on Twitch to win prizes, and there will also be other tournaments including $10k prize pools in NA .

Check out EAs roadmap for official dates and more information.

Knockout City May 18, 2021

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When Will Knockout City Release

Knockout City will be launching on Friday, May 21 at 12:00 UTC . Do note that this is a global launch, so it will unlock at the same time for all players across the world.

If you are still not sure whether you want to try out the game or not, then there is some good news. Knockout City will be available for free to play for a total of 10 days from the launch date. So if you are having second thoughts, you can try out the game totally for free until the 31st of May.

Knockout City Is Free For Amazon Prime Subscribers Next Month

Knockout City – City of Tomorrow Season 6 Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games

Knockout City is definitely worth snagging when the new free games lineup goes live on September 1. It earned an 8/10 in our Knockout City review. “Knockout City’s greatest strengths lie in its simplicity, but also in the ways it remixes traditional multiplayer elements to create something distinct,” critic Alessandro Barbosa wrote. “Its easy-going nature and straightforward mechanics reduce the time it takes to feel invested in each match, but it’s really the subtle complexity underneath that keeps the action engaging and compelling over long play sessions.”

In addition to Knockout City, Prime subscribers can claim six other games. Most notably, members can grab another LucasArts classic: Sam & Max Hit the Road. The point-and-click adventure originally released in 1993, but it’s still worth playing all these years later.

You can check out the full list of free games for September below. If you’re new to Amazon Prime, you can to claim these games. Once you add them to your library, you get to keep them forever.

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Knockout City Is Now A Free

The fun and exciting dodgebrawl game Knockout City has officially become a free-to-play game, according to developers Velan Studios. Initially released in May 2021 under the EA Originals label, but as you might know, Velan Studios took over publishing duties earlier in the year. Velan has decided to make the game a free-to-play title and will begin the transition with the release of the new Season 6.

So, as of today, the free version of Knockout City and Season 6: City of Tomorrow is now available to fans of the series, and with it comes a whole host of new things to get your blood pumping. Things that will be included are a new Boomerang Ball across multiple playlists, the Starfruit Special energy drink, the sci-flyer crew vehicle, a permanent new career contract, a heavily expanded hideout area, several improvements to the map, and much more. You can check out all the patch notes here.

Check out the Season 6 trailer below.

What Is Knockout City

Knockout City is the latest title published by the EA Originals franchise and developed by Velan Studios, an indie studio that has worked on several leading AAA titles. For those who are unaware, the EA Originals franchise was created to support indie titles, and over the course of time it has published some notable titles such as Fe, A Way Out and many more.


There are multiple game modes in Knockout City, including 3v3, 4v4, and free-for-all matches. There are a wide range of maps, a robust character creation, and various customization options available for players.

Knockout City goes live with a ten-day free trial at launch May 21 at 12pm UTC. What time is that in your time zone?

Knockout City Season 6: City of Tomorrow! May 13, 2021

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How Many Friends Can You Play Knockout City With

Team modes vary between three and four players per team, so keep that in mind. To make things easier when playing cross-platform, we highly recommend creating a Crew and adding your friends to it. Crews support up to 32 players and provide unlockable benefits to everyone in them through joint challenge progression.

When Will Knockout City Be Going Free

Knockout City Xbox Release Date : Slideshow: Knockout City Reveal ...

Knockout City will be going free-to-play at the start of Season 6. Season 5 will begin on March 1 and will run for 12 weeks, meaning Season 6 is currently scheduled to begin at the end of May, therefore the game should go free-to-play at the same time. For now, the free-to-play start date is only confirmed as spring 2022 after the game enters its second year. Players who have already purchased the game will receive a Season 6 Loyalty Bundle to thank them for their support. This will include exclusive legendary cosmetics, XP boosts, and 2,000 Holobux. Theres no word on whether this bundle will extend to players who grabbed the game through PlayStation Plus.

Throughout the first few seasons of Year 2, Velan Studios will also be transferring to self-publishing their game so they can work even more closely with our community. This means the team has a bunch of behind-the-scenes setup to do ready for the change and Season 5 will have less content as a result. There wont be a Brawl Pass, new map or new ball. Therell also be fewer bundles and cosmetics. However, things will return to normal at the start of Season 6, which is already confirmed to have a new Special Ball.

In other news, Babylons Fall Season One will begin with the PS5 and PS4 demo tomorrow, February 25. As an introductory offer, all players will be able to grab the Premium The Eternal Ziggurat Battle Pass for free. Elsewhere, cyberpunk RPG The Ascent will arrive on PS5 and PS4 in March.

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Knockout City Is Now Free

  • 201

We’ve been banging the drum for Knockout City since its initial launch a year ago, and it remains a super-fun multiplayer title. Until today, the game has been free to start, allowing everyone to get a taster before locking the game off behind a paywall once you reach a certain progression milestone. That is no longer the case, however the game is now completely free-to-play with the latest update.

Version 6.0 is available right now on PS5 and PS4, weighing in at just over 6GB. With this patch installed, the game begins its free-to-play existence, which should revitalise the title with a fresh audience. You do not need a PS Plus subscription to play it, as with all free-to-play games on PlayStation.

The bulk of the patch actually refreshes the game with Season 6 and its new features and content. It adds a new map Super Science Symposium along with an overhauled Brawl Pass, Among Us crossover cosmetics, new contracts, the new Boomerang Ball, and much more.

Elsewhere, the Brawl Shop has been improved, as has the bot AI, some map adjustments have been made, and lots more technical fixes. We’ve included the bug fixes below, but for the full patch notes, check the link.

  • Fixed an issue where the reward sequence was skipped when a player logs in after a Crew Contract was completed while they were logged out.
  • Fixed an issue where some Steam players were locked out of the game even though they had previously purchased the full game.
  • Various other fixes and improvements.
  • When Does Knockout City Come Out Free Trial Release Time On Xbox Ps4 Pc And Switch

    Here are the release timings of Knockout city.

    By Md Armughanuddin

    Knockout City, is the latest entrant in the battle royale genre, and it brings a nice little little twist with itself. Instead of the regular FPS battle royale game, Knockout City brings the thrill of battle royale to dodgeball. Yes, you read that right!

    • MORE: Is Knockout City Going To Be Free-To-Play?

    If that sounds exciting to you, then the good news is that the game is just a few days away from launch. Here is the trailer of the game and everything else you need to know.

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    Here Are The Working Active And New Knockout City Redeem Codes To Use For In

    If youve been playing this dodgeball battle multiplayer game, you may be searching for Knockout City Codes. These redeem codes can give players in-game Crew items/cosmetics like Player Icons, Crew Banners, Crew Logos, and more. So, look no further, weve got the list of Knockout City redemption keys for all platforms you can use as well as the steps to redeem them easily.

  • How to Redeem Knockout City Codes
  • Knockout City Achievement List Revealed

    Knockout City State of Play Gameplay Spotlight | PS4

    The full Trophy list for Knockout City has emerged on PSNProfiles ahead of its launch this week.

    There are 50 achievements worth a total of 1,000 Gamerscore, 16 of which are secret.

    The single gold Trophy requires you to earn 250,000 XP, and there’s no telling how long that’ll take.

    You’ll need to play 30 matches with a friend for one Trophy, and win 10 of those for another.

    Competing in 100 matches total will net you another bronze, and winning 30 of those will bag you one more.

    The list also asks you to score 1,000 knockouts, catch 1,000 balls, and make 1,000 assists.

    You’ll also need to win while wearing cosmetics of certain rarities, complete daily challenges, and partake in the game’s Crew system.

    Finally, there are a bunch of Trophies for getting a KO in certain locations, or specific ways.

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    How To Play Knockout City For Free

    You will be able to play Knockout City for free on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch on May 21st.

    Know that you will only be able to get and enjoy Knockout City for free between May 21st and May 30th.

    The endtime for its trial on the above date is 05:00 PT, 08:00 ET, and 13:00 BST.

    • How to get the Rambo and John McClane skins

    Once its trial has ended, you will then need to pay $19.99 in order to own and enjoy it. Either that or you will be able to enjoy it via EA Play or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

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