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Is The Playstation Network Down In Canada

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Us Playstation Support For Ps4 Ps5

PlayStation Network Down
  • Telephone: 1-800-345-7669

Opening times: Monday-Friday 8:00AM 8:00PM PST

Theres also the opportunity to Live Chat with customer service at this link:

Or contact customer service via :

If youre looking for answers to any issue you might have with your PlayStation hardware or software, you can often find what youre looking for on the PlayStation forums, or the PlayStation Support site where you can enter your query and find solutions quickly.

When PS5releases in 2020, we would also expect those same channels to be available when customers want to get in contact with Sony regarding its next-generation PlayStation, too.

Good luck and by all means let us know in the comments below what your experiences are when dealing with PlayStation support through the previously mentioned channels!

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Is Playstation Network Down

Problems detected at Playstation Network

Users are reporting problems related to: sign in, online play and glitches.

PlayStation Network is a digital media entertainment service provided by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Launched in November 2006, PSN was originally conceived for the PlayStation video game consoles, but soon extended to encompass smartphones, tablets, Blu-ray players and high-definition televisions.

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Easy Acquisition Fast Delivery

So, what do you do once the PSN Card is in your palm? First, you need to log into a designated PSN account and activate the Card by entering the key code which youve received in your email. If youre new to the PSN Network, the instructions on how to activate the PlayStation Network Card 10 CAD are located at the very bottom of this sum-up. Check it out for fast, convenient, and simple usage. Once activated, the set PSN account gets an additional 10 CAD the time for some quality entertainment has come!

Playstation Network Error Ws


PSU Staff / August 31, 2021

UPDATE : The PlayStation Networkis currently down, so if youre experiencing issues unfortunately theirs been no word as to whats caused the outage or how long it will be at time of writing, so we just have to wait and see.

Is the PlayStation Network down?PS4 error has occurred. An error has occurred PS4. Playstation network error ws-37398-0. PS5 Error WS-116415-8, PS5 Something Went Wrong. PSN is going down for scheduled maintenance for periods on August 3-4, Sony has announced.

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Inability To Use Playstation 3 Content

While most games remained playable in their offline modes, the PlayStation 3 was unable to play certain Capcom titles in any form. Streaming video providers throughout different regions such as Hulu, Vudu, Netflix and LoveFilm displayed the same maintenance message. Some users claimed to be able to use Netflix’s streaming service but others were unable.

If You Cant Connect To Your Game It Could Be A Server Issue You Can Check The Server Status For Your Games On Ea Help Pc Xbox Live And Playstation Network Sites

Check out Xbox Live, PlayStation Network and Nintendo to see if theyre having any issues.

You might be having trouble because of an outage or known issue. Visit the EA player community at Answers HQ or scan the latest tweets from for any emerging issues.

Different EA games run on different servers. If youre having trouble with a game, the best thing to do is to check that games page to see its server status. Follow these steps:

Step 1:

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Us House Of Representatives

Playstation Network Down!!

Sony reported on May 4 to the PlayStation Blog that:

Kazuo Hirai, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sony Computer Entertainment America, submitted written answers to questions posed by the United States House subcommittee about the large-scale, criminal cyber-attack we have experienced.

Sony relayed via the letter that:

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What Causes Playstation Network Server Outages

Answer: Playstation network server outages can be caused by a variety of things, including hardware failures, software failures, or Denial of Service attacks. Hardware failures can be caused by anything from a power outage to a faulty component. Software failures can be the result of buggy code or an attack on the network infrastructure. And DoS attacks are exactly what they sound like – an attempt to shut down the network by overwhelming it with traffic.

Playstation Network Server

Sony Takes Down Playstation Network After Url Error

Nothing comes easy to Sony these days. The company was forced to take part of its Sony PlayStation Network offline briefly on Wednesday as it fixed a Web glitch that gave hackers a way to take over users accounts.

Sony was hacked last month, and since Saturday had been bringing its PlayStation Network , Sony Online Entertainment network and Qriocity sites back online. To lock down the networks security, Sony has been asking users to reset their passwords, but now a Web programming error has ground that process to a halt.

According to a discussion forum posting by Sony, the company has turned off its sign-in feature for, Qriocity, PlayStation blogs, forums and gaming websites as well as Music Unlimited on the Web.

Midday Wednesday the company gave a vague description of what had happened.

We temporarily took down the PSN and Qriocity password reset page, Sony spokesman Patrick Seybold said in a posting to its PlayStation blog. In the process of resetting of passwords there was a URL exploit that we have subsequently fixed. Contrary to some reports, the site had not been hacked, Seybold said.

Sony didnt say exactly what it meant by URL exploit, but according to the gaming blog Nyleveia, Sonys password reset page was configured so that anyone who knew their victims e-mail address and birth date could take over that account.

About 77 million gamers use the PSN.

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Psn Down August 31 Reports:

Update #2 :Sonys PSN status page says that all services are up and running. We can confirm its working again! Game on!

Update : PSN is still down for the majority of gamers in the US. It seems Amazone servers have taken a hit, which could somehow be tied to this downtime. Well update the post as more info surfaces. Sony has not commented on the server outages until now.

We can confirm that the PlayStation Network is not working for some in the US, UK, Canada, while others in Asia are stating its working for them currently.

The official Status page for PlayStation shows that services are having issues:

Over on Reddit, multiple people have said that PSN is not working for them either.

Legal Action Against Sony


A lawsuit was posted on April 27 by Kristopher Johns from Birmingham, Alabama on behalf of all PlayStation users alleging Sony “failed to encrypt data and establish adequate firewalls to handle a server intrusion contingency, failed to provide prompt and adequate warnings of security breaches, and unreasonably delayed in bringing the PSN service back online.” According to the complaint filed in the lawsuit, Sony failed to notify members of a possible security breach and storing members’ credit card information, a violation of PCI Compliancethe digital security standard for the Payment Card Industry.

A Canadian lawsuit against Sony USA, Sony Canada and Sony Japan claimed damages up to C$1 billion including free and identity theft insurance. The plaintiff was quoted as saying, “If you can’t trust a huge multi-national corporation like Sony to protect your private information, who can you trust? It appears to me that Sony focuses more on protecting its games than its PlayStation users”.

In October 2012 a California judge dismissed a lawsuit against Sony over the PSN security breach, ruling that Sony had not violated California’s consumer-protection laws, citing “there is no such thing as perfect security”.

In 2013 United KingdomInformation Commissioner’s Office charged Sony with a £250,000 penalty for putting a large amount of personal and financial data of PSN clients at risk.

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Check The Network Status

See if theres any maintenance planned for PSN that might take you offline for a short time and make sure all services are up and running, in case youre having trouble connecting.

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PlayStation Plus Collection

Flip A Coin Present A Gift

Purchasing this for your own personal gain is just one side of the coin purchasing this for someone you hold dear and cherish, is the other. The commodity of choice is always with you. The PlayStation Network Card 10 CAD serves as the perfect gift for anyone who, even remotely, relates to the PlayStation Network! And If youre not particularly sure that this is the amount you need we have plenty of different value keys to meet your needs effort and good intentions are never forgotten, keep it in mind!

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Report The Problem To Playstation

At this point, youve pretty much-done everything you can on your end to fix the issue with PSN.

If the Playstation Network is still not loading on your console, we suggest visiting Playstations official website and contacting their customer support to report the issue youve been experiencing with their platform.

Include your account details, the model of your Playstation, and the service youre trying to access on your report to make it easier for Sonys team to assess the situation.

This wraps up our guide on what to do if Playstation Network is not loading on your console. If you have questions or other concerns, please leave a comment below, and well do our best to answer them.

If this guide helped you, please share it.

Sony Online Entertainment Outage

playstation network down

On May 3 Sony stated in a press release that there may be a correlation between the attack that had occurred on April 16 towards the PlayStation Network and one that compromised Sony Online Entertainment on May 2. This portion of the attack resulted in the theft of information on 24.6 million Sony Online Entertainment account holders. The database contained 12,700 credit card numbers, particularly those of non-U.S. residents, and had not been in use since 2007 as much of the data applied to expired cards and deleted accounts. Sony updated this information the following day by stating that only 900 cards on the database were still valid. The attack resulted in the suspension of SOE servers and games. SOE granted 30 days of free time, plus one day for each day the server was down, to users of Clone Wars Adventures, DC Universe Online, EverQuest, EverQuest II, EverQuest Online Adventures, Free Realms, Pirates of the Burning Sea, PlanetSide, Poxnora, Star Wars Galaxies and Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, as well as other forms of compensation for all other Sony Online games.

Security experts Eugene Lapidous of AnchorFree, Chester Wisniewski of Sophos Canada and Avner Levin of Ryerson University criticized Sony, questioning its methods of securing user data. Lapidous called the breach “difficult to excuse” and Wisniewski called it “an act of hubris or simply gross incompetence”.

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Psn Down Problems And Status Update

Those asking is PSN down today could be doing so after receiving an error code on PS4 or PS3, and this page provides a PSN status update with problems left by the Product Reviews community.

PlayStation Network is enhanced by PS Plus subscriptions that also delivers free games each month, so when problems take place for those paying a monthly fee it will upset these people even more.

Planned maintenance will also be missed when the message isnt received by gamers and they could see PSN going down in a surprise outage, even though it might be scheduled. Details about PSN maintenance in the UK, USA, and other countries will be left on this page, be provided by our readers, and seen on the new official PSN status page.

PSN Problems on Wednesday January 12, 2022? Leave a status update if Playstation Network is down right now.


British Information Commissioners Office

Following a formal investigation of Sony for breaches of the UK’s Data Protection Act 1998, the Information Commissioners’ Office issued a statement highly critical of the security Sony had in place:

If you are responsible for so many payment card details and log-in details then keeping that personal data secure has to be your priority. In this case that just didn’t happen, and when the database was targeted albeit in a determined criminal attack the security measures in place were simply not good enough.There’s no disguising that this is a business that should have known better. It is a company that trades on its technical expertise, and there’s no doubt in my mind that they had access to both the technical knowledge and the resources to keep this information safe.

Sony was fined £250,000 for security measures so poor they did not comply with the British law.

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Check Your Network Connection

A slow or unstable network connection could also be why the Playstation Network is not loading on your console. To confirm this, run a speed test on your Playstation by going to the Settings > Network > Test Internet Connection.

If the speed test suggests that your internet connection is the problem, restart your network router or modem to refresh the link between your router and your service providers servers.

After restarting your router, run another test to check if your network is now running correctly. If you continue to experience network-related problems, we suggest you report the matter to your ISP and ask them to fix their service.

Timeline Of The Outage


On April 20, 2011, Sony acknowledged on the official PlayStation Blog that it was “aware certain functions of the PlayStation Network” were down. Upon attempting to sign in via the PlayStation 3, users received a message indicating that the network was “undergoing maintenance”. The following day, Sony asked its customers for patience while the cause of outage was investigated and stated that it may take “a full day or two” to get the service fully functional again.

The company later announced an “external intrusion” had affected the PlayStation Network and Qriocity services. This intrusion occurred between April 17 and April 19. On April 20, Sony suspended all PlayStation Network and Qriocity services worldwide. Sony expressed their regrets for the downtime and called the task of repairing the system “time-consuming” but would lead to a stronger network infrastructure and additional security. On April 25, Sony spokesman Patrick Seybold reiterated on the PlayStation Blog that fixing and enhancing the network was a “time intensive” process with no estimated time of completion. However, the next day Sony stated that there was a “clear path to have PlayStation Network and Qriocity systems back online”, with some services expected to be restored within a week. Furthermore, Sony acknowledged the “compromise of personal information as a result of an illegal intrusion on our systems.”

On May 23 Sony stated that the outage costs were $171 million.

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