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How To Clear Other Storage On Ps4

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Ps4 Database Rebuild Disadvantages

How To Delete “Other” Storage on Your Ps4 And Get More Space

There arent many disadvantages of rebuilding the database, but you have to be aware of them though.

  • You might find some things are missing if the data was corrupted, but this is rare. Your list of most-recently played games will be deleted, so youll have to browse through your Library to find things rather than scrolling a few tiles to the right.
  • A rebuild will also remove all notifications on your system. However, it can be nice to wipe the slate clean because, unless you manually remove these, it seems like the console holds on to them forever.
  • Lastly, if you have a particularly large collection of games and use an external drive, you could be waiting a while for the process to complete. However, we havent noticed any significant wait times on either a regular PS4 with expanded storage, or a PS4 Pro loaded to capacity.

What Is Other Storage Space On Ps5

If you head to the Storage section of the PS5 Settings menu, you’ll see a breakdown of the type of files being used by your SSD. They are divided into the following categories: Games and Apps, Media Gallery, Saved Data, and Other. While the first three are fairly self-explanatory, the latter can inexplicably explode in size depending on how you’re using the console.

Here’s what Sony describes Other storage space as:

This storage space is reserved for system data needed for games and apps to work properly. The amount of space reserved depends on how your console is being used.

Not particularly enlightening, then. Based on our experiments thus far, we think that this is related to backwards compatibility, although other system settings do appear to affect it as well. In addition to this, it may be impossible to entirely eliminate Other storage space, because it appears this is where metadata about your games is stored it almost certainly scales with how much content you have on your console. As part of our PS5 guide, we’re going to explain some steps you can take to minimise this number.

Manually Factory Reset To Delete Ps4 Account

Please make a backup of your important data before starting below operations.

Step 1. Power off the PS4 console.

Step 2. Power on the device. press down on the power button and hold until you hear the second beep.

Step 3. Then, you will be in the Safe Mode of the system. Select 4. Restore Default Settings, 6. Initialise PS4, or 7. Initialise PS4 .

Then, just follow the instructions to finish factory reset.


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Ps5 Other Storage Can Take Unnecessary Space Heres How To Remove It

PS5 comes with just 667 GB of storage out of the box and some of it will be occupied by the Other storage which hides games with active installations.

Sony has finally released the PS5 in most of the US and other major markets. As the console is getting in the hands of more users, there might be questions on how to save space on it considering there is no official external storage device available right now to expand space, unlike the Xbox Series X.

We have previously shared a tip on how to save some valuable storage space for the PlayStation 5. We are now going to explain the purpose of this Other storage on the PlayStation 5.

Back Up The Ps4 Hard Drive

How to delete Modern Warfare Campaign &  Spec Ops on PS4 ...

In order to upgrade your PS4 hard drive without data loss, you need to back up the previous hard drive in advance. Here MiniTool Partition Wizard can help you copy the hard drive easily to the new drive easily. For that:

Step 1. Connect the PS4 hard drive that you prepared to the computer and launch the software to enter its main interface.

Step 2. Select the PS4 hard drive and click on Copy Disk feature on the left pane.

Step 3. Select the target hard drive that you want to copy the PS4 to and click on Next.

Step 4. Select a copy method based on your needs and click Next. Then click on Yes to confirm this operation.

Step 5. Click Finish in the pop-up window and click Apply to execute this operation.

Now, all the data on your PS4 hard drive have been transferred to the new hard drive.

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How To Delete Games From System Storage

While the PlayStation 4 home screen is the most convenient location for users to find their recently played games, the System Storage tab is the superior option for uninstalling them. This allows users to monitor how much space on the hard drive each game takes up. As a result, this is the most efficient method for those who need to delete multiple files simultaneously to free up space.

To do this, select the “Settings” option on the PlayStation 4 home screen. From there, select “System Storage” to find games stored on the PS4’s internal hard drive. Once the menu loads, there will be a list of installed games and how much hard drive space each is using. Simply use the PS4 DualShock controller to highlight the game that needs to be deleted and hit uninstall to remove the download plus save data.

The process is the same for those with an external drive attached to the PS4 to extend storage space, although it is buried under a separate tab. Choosing the “Extended Storage” option will allow users to uninstall any external games.

Delete Games And Applications

Too many games are the main reason for making your PS4 hard drive out of space. And you can delete some games you donât want to play.

Step 1. go to âSettingsâ > âStorageâ > âApplicationsâ. And you will see how much space every game is taking.

Step 2. And choose the game that you donât want to play, just choose âOptionsâ and click âDeleteâ on the showing menu.

Step 3. And click âOKâ to confirm the deleting operation.

âNote: Themes also uses a small amount of space on your PS. If you donât need them, choose âTheme” in the “Storage” window, and remove themes.

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Other Storage Capacity Is Defined As Follows By Sony:

So far, it hasnt been that enlightening. Depending on our findings we believe this is due to backward consistency while other preview modes appear to have an impact as well. Furthermore, its probable that you wont be able to completely remove another storage capacity because it looks thats where information about your gaming is saved and it very surely increases with the amount of material on your console. Well go over various methods you may take to reduce this amount as a portion of our PS5 instruction.

Fix : Choose A Simple Theme


Since this hack is the easiest one to try out compared to other complicated ones, it is worth giving a try.

PS4 gamers who have experienced this error have made the suggestion of switching the theme to pick something simple. This will double for both clearing up space and saving battery life. While customized themes may seem interesting and have additional features, they come with the disadvantage of taking up more storage.

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What Is Other Data On Ps5 Console

Aside from Games and Apps, Media Gallery, and Saved Data, theres one more partition storing a large amount of storage, indicated by Other Storage. Sony defines Other Data as This storage space is reserved for system data needed for games and apps to work properly. The amount of space reserved depends on how your console is being used.

For common people, this statement is not enough to understand, what Other Data is, and to be clear, there is no way to completely delete the Other Data from PS5 unless you decide to factory reset the console.

How To Delete Other Data On Ps5

Currently, you cannot directly delete the Other data off of the PlayStation 5. With that said, some of the Other data is linked to games and applications.

So, by deleting a game or application, the Other data on the SSD will also be reduced. Moving a game to an external storage will also delete some of the space off of the Other category.

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What Is The Other Storage

This storage space is occupied by the important files that are required by the PS5 system software. This is not just limited to the operating system but files that are currently being processed in the background.

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Most users who are transferring their games from the PS4 to PS5 will see a rather large Other storage size during this process. It can feel intimidating at first especially if there are a lot of games to transfer, however, you need to keep in mind that the other storage is acting as temporary storage during this process that copies the PS4 data to the PS5. Once the entire installation process is done and the files are copied, the storage space will be cleared on the console.

Fix : Delete Old Games


If you have a huge collection of PlayStation games installed, there are likely games that you frequently play and games that you no longer play. Sort them out! Then delete the games you no longer play. This may seem hard as you have an emotional attachment to those games. Deleting them will clear up space that will help solve memory and storage issues and speed up your console.

So its a win-win situation

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Bonus For Expanding Ps4 Hard Drive Size

The PS4 internal hard drive space can just reach up to 1TB. This is far enough for most PS4 users. Deleting the uninterested games to free up PS4 hard drive space can help you deal with your emergencies.

But this cannot help you overcome the limited PS4 hard drive size in the following days. Therefore, in this situation, MiniTool offers you two choices. One is adding an external hard drive for PS4, and the other one is upgrading your PS4 internal hard drive.

Delete Games From The Library

As we have mentioned, one of the ways you can delete or uninstall a game on your PlayStation 4 is through the games Library. Deleting games from the Library has an obvious disadvantage though. When you delete a game from the Library, you do not really know how much space the game is actually taking. This can be sometimes very helpful in deciding what games you wish to remove. Nonetheless, if you wish to continue anyway, follow the instructions down below:

  • In your game Library, make your way to the game icon that you wish to delete. Games Library
  • Once you have selected the game, press the Options button on your controller.
  • This will bring up a new menu with a lot more options. From the menu, scroll down to the Delete option and select it. Deleting Game From Library
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    Deleting A Game From System Storage

    If want to clear out lots of space, you may want to delete games from the system storage menu itself. The storage menu lists games in size order, making it easier to identify which games are taking up the most space.

    Step 1: Navigate to Settings on the home screen.

    Step 2: Select Storage.

    Step 3: Select System Storage, or Extended Storage, if you have an external hard drive attached to your PS4.

    Step 4: Select Applications.

    Step 5: Press options on your controller, then choose Delete.

    Step 6: You can select as many games as you want to delete at this time.

    Step 7: With the desired boxes checked, choose Delete.

    Step 8: Confirm your selections by pressing OK.

    Upgrade Hard Drive To Bigger Diskwithout Deleting Games

    HOW TO CLEAR YOUR PS4 STORAGE EASY!! *100% WORKING* 2017 Version: 4.07

    At last, when the storage space of your PS4 is not enough, you can consider upgrading hard drive to bigger disk, like replace PS4 hard drive with an SSD. Sony equips PS4 with a 500GB hard drive that might be not enough space for you, and you can get a hard drive with 1TB or 2TB for your PS4 and clone all the games to the new hard drive.

    To avoid any games loss, you can turn to the freeware, AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard to clone your games to the new drive. Unlike using the PS4 built-in Backup function, it can directly transfer games and data from the old hard drive to the new one, so you donât need to reinstall the system and restore games after changing drive.

    Next, you can download this tool, and refer to the steps to learn how to free up space on PS4 without deleting games

    • Connect the PS4 hard drive and the new drive with the computer

    • Install AOMEI Partition Assistant

    Step 1. Launch this AOMEI Partition Assistant. In the main interface, click âAll Toolsâ > âDisk Clone Wizardâ.

    Step 3. Choose a Cloning method, here we recommend the âClone Disk Quicklyâ, which is faster than âSector-by-Sector cloneâ.

    Step 4. Select the PS4 hard drive as the source disk in this window, and click âNextâ.

    Step 5. And choose the SSD as the destination disk to keep all the games from the PS4 hard drive, and click âNextâ.

    âNote: If the destination disk is an SSD, you can check the âOptimize the performance of SSDâ to improve the performance.

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    Check Your Ps4s Remaining Storage Capacity

    First off, youll want to know exactly how much space can still be used on your console. To do this, head over to your PS4s Settings menu, then select System Storage Management. From here, you can see how much space remains on your systems hard drive, as well as a breakdown of which applications, save data and other media are taking up the most space. Entering one of the memory categories here will provide you with a more detailed analysis of the most space-hungry games on your system.

    Clean Up Screenshots And Recorded Videos

    Screenshots you take and videos you record are stored on your PS4s internal storage. You may be able to free up some space by managing them. To view your screenshots and videos, head to Settings > System Storage Management > Capture Gallery.

    To delete all screenshots and videos associated with a specific game, select a game icon here, press the Options button on the controller, and select Delete. Theres also a Copy to USB Storage option here that will copy the screenshots and videos to a USB storage device before deleting them.

    If you like, you can also select a game and manage the screenshots and videos individually.

    Themes can also use a small amount of space if you have several installed, and youll see how much space they take up on the System Storage Management screen. To manage themes, head to Settings > System Storage Management > Themes. Remove any themes you dont use. You can always download them again later.

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    Move Apps And Games To The External Hard Drive

    To manage the games and apps that you installed currently on your internal storage, you can move them to the PS4 external hard drive through the steps below:

    Step 1. Go to the PS4 Settings window and select the Storage option from the list.

    Step 2. Select the System Storage where the apps and games are located and choose Applications.

    Step 3. In the Applications window, click on OPTIONS button and select Move to Extended Storage option.

    Step 4. Select all the games and apps that you want to move, and then click on the Move button.

    Step 5. Click on the OK button to confirm this operation. Then wait for the moving process to complete.

    How to get more space on PS4? Now, I believe you have already known the detailed steps. In addition to adding an external hard drive, you can free up your current PS4 storage. How to free up space on PS4? Lets keep reading.

    Way : Delete Games From System Storage

    How to Free up Space on PlayStation 4 [Four methods]?

    You can see Way 1 is quite easy, while using Way 2 to free up PS4 hard drive space is better. The reason is that the System Storage page lets you see how much space of each your game eats up on PS4 hard drive.

    To delete games on PS4 from system storage, please follow the steps below.

    Step 1: Navigate to Settings on the home screen.

    Step 2: On the Settings window, please choose the Storage option.

    Step 3: Select System Storage to delete games saved on the PS4s internal hard drive. Or click Extended Storage to delete games saved on the PS4 external hard drive.

    Step 4: You will be brought to the System Storage window. On this window, please choose Applications. Please note the games that eat too much space and you have no interest in.

    Step 6: Press Options on the controller, and select the Delete option.

    Step 7: In this way, you can select as many games you want to delete. After determining the games that should be removed, please check the box in front of these games names, and choose Delete.

    Step 8: Confirm your selections by pressing the OK button.

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    Delete Game Data And File

    The method 1 will not delete the saved game data and setting in case you want to reinstall the game one day. And those files are usually paid little attention to and taking up much PS space. This is the reason why some users find their PS has a few games but it says there is no space. Then you can follow steps to see how to delete those game data.

    â Note: If you want to reinstall those deleted games one day, you can also back up these files beforehand.

    Step 1. In the main interface, navigate to âSettingsâ > âApplication Saved Data Managementâ > âSaved Data in System Storageâ.

    Step 2. When the Saved Data in System Storage windows opened, choose âDeleteâ.

    Step 3. Click âOKâ to confirm the deleting operation.

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