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How To Eject Game From Ps4

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Before You Begin You Need:

How To Manually Eject A Stuck PS4 Game
  • A long Phillips screwdriver
  • Turn off the PS4 console.
  • Unplug the power, HDMI and any other cables from the rear of your PS4 console.
  • Place the console on a clean, flat surface in front of you. Turn it over and rotate the console so that the PlayStation Logo is facing away from you. Remove the cap from the screw hole directly above the PS Logo, as shown. .
  • Insert the screwdriver into the manual eject hole and turn anti-clockwise to release the disc. This may require several turns of the screw. There is a layer of plastic that you will need to push through to remove the screw. Dont worry this wont affect the warranty.
  • Reconnect the power, HDMI and any other cables that were disconnected in Step 1.
  • Power on the PS4 console to make sure everything is functioning properly.
  • Turn off the PS4 console.
  • Unplug the power, HDMI and any other cables from the rear of your PS4 console.
  • On a clean, flat, surface place the PS4 upside-down, and look for the hole directly above the PS Logo. .
  • Insert the screwdriver into the manual eject hole and turn anti-clockwise to release the disc. This may require several turns of the screw. There is a layer of plastic that you will need to push through to remove the screw. Dont worry this wont affect the warranty.
  • Reconnect the power, HDMI and any other cables that were disconnected in Step 1.
  • Power on the PS4 console to make sure everything is functioning properly.
  • Turn off the PlayStation 4 console.
  • Delete Ps4 Game Capture Data

    To leave no traces of a deleted game on your console, you should delete your games capture data, such as screenshots, as well. It helps further free up your storage.

    To do that, from your PS4s main screen, open Capture Gallery.

    Select All.

    On the right pane, select the captured item to delete. Then, on your controller, press the Options button.

    In the menu on the right, select Delete.

    If youd like to delete more items, select them now. To remove all the items displayed on your screen, choose Select All.

    Then, at the bottom-right corner, select Delete.

    Select OK in the prompt.

    Your selected games capture data is now also gone. Enjoy a decluttered interface on your favorite console!

    Way : Delete Games From System Storage

    You can see Way 1 is quite easy, while using Way 2 to free up PS4 hard drive space is better. The reason is that the System Storage page lets you see how much space of each your game eats up on PS4 hard drive.

    To delete games on PS4 from system storage, please follow the steps below.

    Step 1: Navigate to Settings on the home screen.

    Step 2: On the Settings window, please choose the Storage option.

    Step 3: Select System Storage to delete games saved on the PS4s internal hard drive. Or click Extended Storage to delete games saved on the PS4 external hard drive.

    Step 4: You will be brought to the System Storage window. On this window, please choose Applications. Please note the games that eat too much space and you have no interest in.

    Step 6: Press Options on the controller, and select the Delete option.

    Step 7: In this way, you can select as many games you want to delete. After determining the games that should be removed, please check the box in front of these games names, and choose Delete.

    Step 8: Confirm your selections by pressing the OK button.

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    How To Delete Games On A Ps4

    If you enjoy variety when it comes to your PlayStation 4 games, then youve probably already encountered a storage issue. Since some games can take up as much as 100GB each, your system might not allow you to keep more than a few installed at a time. Here’s how to manage storage space by removing games that you have completed or abandoned to make room for new ones.

    Physical Buttons To Eject The Disc

    How to Fix It When a PS4 Won

    The first thing you notice when you open your brand new shiny PlayStation 4 is how tiny the buttons on the front are. Don’t even get me started on how they just about blend in with the machine while they’re at it. Well, if you’ve found yourself confused by which button is the power and which is the disc ejector, look no further.

    Every PlayStation console has a different set-up for where the power button is compared to the disc ejection button. Here are the examples of where the buttons are for each! Be sure to get your reading glasses on, they’re pretty small.

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    How To Eject Locked Discs From Ps4

    You tried to follow the instructions I gave you in the previous chapter but unfortunately your PS4 cannot eject the disc present in its optical drive?

    Tell me a little, did you try to press repeatedly physical button eject the disc in the console? If the answer is yes, but, even in this case, the PS4 does not want to know how to eject the media, I am afraid that the floppy disk got stuck on the PlayStation.

    In cases like these, the PS4 must be completely turned off, disconnect it from the power supply, from the TV, then from all other devices that may be connected and act on it, using a long Phillips screwdriver.

    Warning: this procedure, no matter how simple, involves a direct action on the console hardware, therefore there is a risk of damaging its components.

    Only proceed if you are sure what you are doing otherwise, contact a more experienced friend.

    Once you disconnect the console, you should proceed differently depending on the PS4 model you have. The PlayStation 4 models released so far by Sony are as follows: CUH-7000 , CUH-2015 , CUH-1200 , CUH-1000 y CUH-1110 .

    To find out which exact model of PlayStation 4 you have, you need to check the label located on the back of the console. Once this information has been verified, proceed in accordance with the provisions.

    To remove the screw, you will need to drill a plastic liner. Don’t worry though, there will be no impact on your PlayStation warranty.

    Playstation 4 Ate Your Disc Or Won’t Play Games Let’s Fix It

    • Shoreline Community College

    While the PlayStation 4 lets you download and play games digitally, there’s a good chance that a significant portion of your game and movie libraries are still contained on discs. When the PS4 disc drive malfunctions in any way, you may find that it won’t take new discs, won’t read discs, or will refuse to eject your discs. Here’s how to get your drive working again.

    These instructions pertain to all versions of the PS4 hardware, including the original PlayStation 4, the PS4 Slim, and the PS4 Pro.

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    Don’t Let A Glitched Controller Mean Game Over

    The Asurion Home+ protection plan offers peace of mind for all of your eligible home tech, including your favorite gaming systems, for less than $1 per day. From graphical glitches to faulty drives, we cover your video game console and original controller from the unexpected breakdownâno matter where or when you purchased it. Learn more at

    The devices we love arenât cheap. Protect them with Asurion Home+.

    Weâll cover all your favorite home tech for less than $1 per day. No receipts or registration forms required.

    Bonus For Expanding Ps4 Hard Drive Size

    How to Manually Eject PS4 Disc that is stuck! (Games & Movies)

    The PS4 internal hard drive space can just reach up to 1TB. This is far enough for most PS4 users. Deleting the uninterested games to free up PS4 hard drive space can help you deal with your emergencies.

    But this cannot help you overcome the limited PS4 hard drive size in the following days. Therefore, in this situation, MiniTool offers you two choices. One is adding an external hard drive for PS4, and the other one is upgrading your PS4 internal hard drive.

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    Deleting A Game From System Storage

    If want to clear out lots of space, you may want to delete games from the system storage menu itself. The storage menu lists games in size order, making it easier to identify which games are taking up the most space.

    Step 1: Navigate to Settings on the home screen.

    Step 2: Select Storage.

    Step 3: Select System Storage, or Extended Storage, if you have an external hard drive attached to your PS4.

    Step 4: Select Applications.

    Step 5: Press options on your controller, then choose Delete.

    Step 6: You can select as many games as you want to delete at this time.

    Step 7: With the desired boxes checked, choose Delete.

    Step 8: Confirm your selections by pressing OK.

    How To Uninstall Games On Ps4

    There are multiple ways to do this

    The Playstation 4 doesnt have the largest hard drive, especially a first-generation PlayStation. Many of the earliest PS4 models only had 500GB drives, and a portion of that is taken up by the operating system. As game sizes increase , you will need to know how to uninstall games on PS4 to clear up space for new titles.

    The good news is that there are multiple ways to delete games from your PlayStation, and it takes next to no time at all to do this. If you have a new game you cant wait to play but no hard drive space left to dedicate to it, heres how to get rid of memory clutter.

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    Use Your Ps4’s Quick Menu

    A quicker way to remove your PS4’s external USB device safely is via your PS4’s Quick Menu.

    To do this, hold the PS button on your controller to bring up the Quick Menu. Go to Sound/Devices, then scroll down to Stop Using This Extended Storage. Your PS4 will tell you to wait for a few seconds , then you’re safe to disconnect.

    How To Eject A Ps4 Disc Using Your Controller

    How to Manually Eject PS4 Disc that is stuck! (Games &  Movies)

    You dont have to get up to eject a disc from your PS4 though, you can actually do it using your PS4 controller.

    Youll still have to get up to actually get the disc, of course, but theres only so much our controllers can do for now.

    To eject a disc using your PS4 controller, move the cursor over to the icon on your PS4, hit the Options button, and then choose Eject.

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    How To Delete A Game On Ps4

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    Deleting games is the easiest way to free up your PlayStation 4s storage space. You can delete your games save and capture data as well to make further space. Well show you how to do just that using various ways.

    Warning: Make sure to only remove the games you dont intend to play. If you ever want to re-play a game, youll have to install it again. Also, if you deleted your games saved data, youll have to start your progress from scratch in your games.

    Do I Have To Buy These Ps4 Games Again

    No. Any PS4 game youve bought digitally, downloaded through PS Plus, or installed on your console using a retail disc can be re-installed without having to purchase it all over again.

    For any downloaded games, you can head to your Library and re-download them in the Purchased games menu by pressing with X and selecting Download.

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    Check The Power Cycle

    When you report this issue with Sony, unsurprisingly they will want to know whether you have tried turning PS4 on and off again.

    You need to turn off your PlayStation 4 and kill the power supply. Ensure that all your cords have been unplugged from your PS4 console. Hold down the power for 30 seconds, wait for more a couple of minutes.

    Now its time to plug everything cords correctly in their respective ports. After you are sure that everything is set, reboot your PS4 console. Be advised if this has fixed your issue, and it is a temporary one because this has given time to your rubber to get cold and return to its original size or other malfunctioning pieces to cool down.

    But you play games long, and those pieces will reheat and cause the same problem again.

    By Using Phillips Screwdriver

    How to Eject PS4 Disk Manually Blue-Ray Disk or Video game stuck in console EASY TUTORIAL

    Interestingly, theres another manual way of ejecting a disc. You can call it a secret or hidden method. You will need a Phillips Long Screwdriver and your PS4.

    There have been different PS4 models, so we will try to cover each one. Thus, you will have to know the model number before following the step.

    We will keep it simple with PS4 Standard, PS4 Slim, and PS4 Pro versions. But, we will also provide you with the model numbers to keep things easy.

    Lets begin:

    CUH-2015 Series will also follow the same approach.

    CUH-1200 Series

    The CUH-1200 series has a little different approach. Once you lay it on the clean surface, you dont have to flip the console upside-down. Now, do you have to check the back of the console? Instead, you have to work with the front of the PlayStation.

    • The logo should be on your side and appear on the right side.
    • The top-left side of the panel is removable. You could call it an HDD bay cover.
    • Firmly apply pressure to slide it on the left side and reveal the internals.
    • There will be a screw with the Playstation Symbol on it. It holds the HDD. So, you will have to remove it.
    • Right below it, you will see the eject hole. You have to do the same thing as before, screw anti-clockwise.
    • Now place the HDD cover around 7 mm apart from the seam and then click or push it back.

    CUH-1000 And CUH-1110 Series

    You will need a flashlight for this one. It follows the same method in most cases.

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    How To Fix Ps4 Keeps Ejecting Discs Here Is The Solution

    October 26, 2020 By Steve Coleman

    We all love playing games on PlayStation 4, but it becomes annoying when you are in the middle of a mission or just going to kill the boss. Suddenly your PS4 ejects the disc on its own without your input.

    God! Thats so frustrating, but you need not worry about that as it is a common issue most PlayStation 4 owners face. It would be best if you took a deep breath a Blu-ray hating phantom does not possess your PS4.

    Its parent company Sony has provided a tutorial video on how to fix disc ejecting issues in PS4.

    Ps4 Ways How To Remove A Disc

    Where is the eject button on a PS4?

    The eject button is located on the front of the PS4.

    How do you eject a disc from the PS4 controller?

    To eject a disc from the PS4 controller, hold down the button on the front of the controller and insert the disc. Once inserted, press the button again to eject the disc.

    Where is the eject button?

    The eject button is located on the front of the Blu-ray player.

    Why wont my PS4 eject the disc?

    There could be a few reasons why your PS4 wont eject the disc. One possibility is that the disc is stuck in the drive. If you cant get the disc out, try using a different method to eject it, like pressing the power button and the eject button at the same time. If that still doesnt work, you may need to take your PS4 to a repair shop.

    How do you open the drawer on a PS4?

    There are several ways to open the drawer on a PS4. The easiest way is to use the PlayStation button on your controller, then use the left and right stick to navigate to the system tab. From here, you can select open drawer.

    Where is the eject button on ps5?

    There are two ways to open the drawer on a PS4. The first way is to use the PlayStation Controller. To do this, hold down the button on the controller and press the button on the drawer. The second way is to use the PlayStation Camera. To do this, point the camera at the drawer and press the button on the camera.

    How do I eject a disc?What is the eject button?What is tray eject button?

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    Make Sure You Have A Good External Hard Drive For Your Ps4

    And there you have it, three easy, safe ways to disconnect your external USB device from your PS4! You won’t find any data corruption in your external device if you use any of these methods, ensuring that your game data, save data, and any other content are secure.

    If you use an external hard drive with your PS4 and find that it’s become slow or has damage, make sure you do your research before you buy a new one. There are some great external hard drives for your PS4 out there that suit different requirements.

    How To Fix Ps4 Disc Read And Ejecting Problems

    Get a Stuck Disc Out of Your PS4

    The PlayStation 4 disc read and eject issues are one of the common problems the users often experience. A major characteristic of this problem is when the PS4 ejects a disc by itself during gameplay or when a Blu-ray disc is inserted. Here are a few additional symptoms that may be exhibited by the PS4 in relation to the disc read and eject problem.

    • The system unexpectedly ejects the game disc or Blu-ray and refuses to accept any more disks
    • When playing a game, it shows No Disc Inserted or Unrecognized disc
    • The console shows a blank screen when a disc is inserted into the drive.
    • The PlayStation 4 cannot eject an inserted disc.

    In this guide, there a few solutions, ranging from software fixes to hardware fixes, to help you fix your disc drive problems. You have to find which issue might be specific to you and then apply the method accordingly.

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