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How To Make Ps4 Controller Work On Pc

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Using Your Playstation 4 Controller With Your Pc

Best way for PS4 Controller to work on PC and Steam. Easy, fast and reliable.

One of the most common reasons you might want to use a DS4 controller with your PC is PlayStation Now, the streaming game service that delivers PS3 and PS4 games to your computer. Once the DS4 is connected, all you have to do is install the PlayStation Now app and follow the setup instructions.

If you’d rather use your DS4 in a number of other scenarios, including those usually reserved for an Xbox controller, I suggest trying out DS4Windows. Before downloading and installing DS4Windows, I paired my DS4 controller with my PC using Bluetooth, although any pairing method will work.

  • Click Step 1: Install the DS4 Driver.
  • Click Finish.

  • At this point I had to restart DS4Windows in order for my controller to appear in the list of connected devices. Once recognized, you’ll likely see a notification pop up letting you know that an Xbox controller is being set up. This is good news, as it means that your PC has been successfully tricked. You can now use your DS4 in any place where you’d normally use an Xbox controller, though the on-screen buttons will remain relevant to the Xbox hardware.

    Install The Ds4 Driver

    Click on Step 1: Install the DS4 Driver button to install the needed PS4 drivers on your Windows 8.1 OS and later computer.

    Click on Step 2: If on Windows 7 or below, Install 360 Driver button only if you have a Windows 7 or older OS since this OS doesnt come with the 360 drivers needed to run the DS4 drivers correctly by default. Otherwise, skip it and proceed to the next step below.

    Connect Via Ds4 Windows Utility

    If you want to use the wired controller with a non-Steam game, this is another option.

    1. In a web browser on your PC, go to DS4Windows.com. Click “Download Now.”

    2. You’ll be redirected to Github. Find and click the DS4Windows.zip file, and then download it onto your computer.

    3. Find the downloaded .zip file on your computer and open it, and then double-click “DS4Updater” and click “Extract All.”

    4. Pick a location for the files to be extracted to it should be a location that you can find easily.

    5. Once extracted, open the location you picked and double-click “DS4Windows.” If you’re asked to confirm that you want to run the program, click “Run.”

    6. You’ll be asked where you want to save the program’s files. If you don’t care where they go, pick “Appdata” if you want to be able to move them around, pick “Program Folder” and select a location.

    7. Once you’ve picked a spot to save the files, click “Step 1: Install the DS4 Driver” and let the program install its files. If you’re asked whether you’d like to install the software, click “Install.”

    You can now use the PS4 controller on your PC with a micro-USB cable, although you may need to restart your computer first.

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    How To Use Ps4 Controller Emulator For Pc

    You never know when you may need to emulate PS4 controller: you may want to play PS4 Remote Play games with keyboard and mouse, or you simply like the icons for DualShock 4 controls in games more than Xbox. Good thing is, that you can do that anytime, and with any devices you want. Today well tell you about how you can use PS4 controller emulator to emulate PS4 controller with keyboard and mouse, with another controller, or even with controller and mouse.

    Since reWASD 5.4, we have expanded reWASD functionality even more and added Touchpad emulation. Now, you can emulate touchpad swipes, taps, zooms for any controller, mouse, and keyboard. Feel free to learn more about Touchpad emulation from our manual!

    Play Steam Games With A Ps4 Controller

    Connecting Ps4 controller to Pc using Bluetooth 2020

    Since Steam added native DualShock 4 support, this method is another nice and easy solution for playing the contents of your Steam library with your PS4 controller without a whole lot of faff. Boot up Steam, make sure its up to date, plug your PS4 controller into your PC and youre away. Youll be able to use the controller in Big Picture Mode, and games in your library will display DualShock 4 inputs.

    If you have any issues with specific titles using this solution, you should try out method number three which should resolve any problems.

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    The Easier Way: Steam

    If your favorite games are on Steam, they’ll work with the DualShock 4 with a quick tweak.

  • Go to the Settings menu in Steam .

  • Select the Controller menu.

  • Check the box marked “PlayStation Configuration Support.”

  • Connect the DualShock 4 to your PC.

  • Steam’s DualShock 4 compatibility is pretty hit-or-miss, and this technique obviously won’t work with non-Steam games. As a result, you may have better luck simply using DS4Windows.

    Fix Two: For Windows Troubleshoot Hardware And Devices

    • Step one: Click the Windows key on the keyboard and search for settings, or better still Press Windows Key + I, it will take you directly to the Settings app
    • Step two: Scroll till you can see the Update & Security section
    • Step three: Click on Troubleshoot, youll find it on the menu to the left
    • Step 4: Then proceed to select Hardware and Devices
    • Step 5: Click on the Run the troubleshooter button
    • Step 6: Ensure to follow through with the guide on the screen to complete the troubleshooting

    Check if the PS4 controller works. If the PS4 controller is still not working in-game on PC, theres another fix to try.

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    How To Use A Ps4 Controller On Steam

    If you already own a PS4, it’s well worth knowing how to use a PS4 controller on Steam too.

    Back in 2018, Valve officially introduced support for the PS4s DualShock 4 pad to Steam and its actually impressively customizable.

    Not only will it just plug and play with gamepad supported games , but you can make it so that the touchpad controls your mouse quite a trip in Windows or that camera movements are done by tilts of the gamepad.

    However, learning how to use a PS4 controller on Steam isn’t quite as simple as plugging in an Xbox One pad and jumping into your game of choice especially if you want to use it wirelessly.

    But we’re here to help, so heres our guide for how to use a PS4 controller on Steam.

    How To Use A Wireless Ps4 Dualshock 4 Controller On Pc

    How To Use a PS4 Controller on PC

    If your computer does not have a built-in Bluetooth, you can buy any cheap Bluetooth adapter that plugs into any USB port in your PC. Alternatively, you can opt to use an expensive official Sony Bluetooth dongle for the same job.

    Once you have the Bluetooth adapter connected, here are the steps that you must do to start using your wireless PS4 controller on your PC:

  • On the controller, press and hold the Share and PS buttons together until the light blinks. Once the light bar starts blinking, this means that your controller is now on discovery or pairing mode and should be able to connect via Bluetooth.
  • On your PC, open the Windows Bluetooth settings and click on Add Bluetooth or other device.
  • Select Wireless Controller.
  • Thats it! Your DualShock 4 controller should now work wirelessly.
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    Install Xbox 360 Controller Driver

    This step is only for those using Windows 7 or a lower version. If you have Windows 10, directly go to Step 3.

    You cant use the PS4 controller with Windows 7 or lower versions by just physically connecting it to your PC. Windows Games cant directly recognize PS4 they need a bit of help in this department. What you need is a third-party application software that emulates Xbox 360 controller.

    However, for such applications to work on Windows 7 or a lower version, you will need Xbox 360 controller software. You can download the software from Microsoft website.

    Here are the steps to follow:

    • Open the file and install the software
    • Reboot Windows when the installation is complete

    Use Ps4 Controller As Xinput/xbox Controller

    Its less of a problem than it used to be, but there are still many games out there that support Xbox controllers but not PS4 controllers . To maximize the compatibility of your PS4 controller, register it as an Xinput controller, which will essentially make Windows read it as an Xbox controller.

    The best tool for this is DS4Windows, an open-source app that lets you reprogram your PS4 controller as an Xinput controller.

    Once your PS4 controller is connected via Bluetooth or USB, open DS4Windows, and it will automatically turn your PS4 controller into an Xinput controller.

    There are fun things to play around with in DS4Windows, like using the PS4 trackpad as a mouse on your PC, changing the controller light colors, getting it to flash when you have low battery and so on. Have a play-around with it. Its a great tool!

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    Using Your Playstation 4 Controller

    DS4Windows works by reading your DualShock 4 as though it were an Xbox 360 controller. By default, it offers a great one-size-fits-all button setup. So now that it’s installed, your DualShock 4 should behave like an Xbox 360 controller, meaning it will work with any game with Xinput supportwhich is to say, most every modern PC game that supports gamepads. That also means you won’t get the correct Square/Cross/Triangle/Circle button icons by default in most games. Some games will give you the option, though. Look for that in settings.

    You do not need to remap anything, but if you want to change some buttons or adjust sensitivity without relying on in-game options, you can. Open the Profiles tab in DS4Windows. I do not recommend making a profile from scratch, but if you really want to, click New to start one up. Otherwise, select the DualShock 4 profile and click Edit.

    This screen looks complicated, but it’s actually pretty simple. Let’s say you want to swap your bumpers and triggers. First, find L1/R1 and L2/R2 in the scroll wheel in the Controls section, or just click them on the virtual controller. You want to swap L1 with L2 and R1 with R2, so start by clicking L2.

    How To Use The Ps4 Controller Touchpad On Pc With Ds4windows

    How to use PS4 controller on PC (Easy)

    I play games on Windows to relax and after a long day of sitting in front of a computer, gaming with a keyboard and a mouse just doesnt work for me. I want to use a DualShock4 with the games in my Steam library instead, but the DS4 doesnt work natively. A quick workaround that lets us use the DualShock4 touchpad on Windows makes a lot of sense. Lets see how to use the DS4 controller touchpad on Windows.

    The touchpad gestures in PS4 games never caught up and I hardly use it, if ever. However, it makes perfect sense to use it with Windows as I would be able to seamlessly switch between playing games and navigating Windows. Jays2Kings developed the utility DS4Windows to remap the controller keys for Windows but I just want to use the Touchpad to control the cursor.

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    Step 2 Open Steam In Big Picture Mode

    UNCHECK the Playstation Configuration Support box.

    STEP 5. Relaunch Steam and launch your preferred game in Steam in Big Picture Mode.

    For Mortal Kombat 11, this worked perfectly. To play other games, specifically GTA V, using the PS4 controller Playstation Configuration Support needs to be checked. The buttons in GTA do not switch to PS4 buttons, but the PS4 buttons do correspond with the given Xbox controller buttons.

    The Handiest Ps4 Controller App That Helps You Use Ps4 Controller On Pc

    Since the latest version, our gamepad mapper supports DualShock 3 and 4, and its a huge step for reWASD. So, if youre looking for a way to customize and use PS4 controller on PC you came to the right place! Also, reWASD 5.3 permits to remap Gyro on DualShock 4, so don’t hesitate to learn more about remapping gyroscope.

    There are lots of cases where you use DualShock 4 on PC and it works like a charm, but sooner or later every gamer faces the situation where he needs to customize the controller, for different reasons:

    • The installed game doesnt recognize the controller, thus you need a PS4 controller app
    • The game you want to play doesnt support controller at all, and you need remapping to use PS4 controller on PC
    • You dont really enjoy playing the game because of the unchangeable native layout. Thats where the PS4 controller app is irreplaceable
    • You want to add some actions to Gyro, but this is not possible without the help of a third-party add

    And as you know, there are many apps to remap PS4 controller. Theyre all different and theres no app that could solve all-above problems. Every gamer dreams to have all those cool features in one place, and thats where reWASD comes in hand! This app will help any gamer to:

    • easily use PS4 controller on PC
    • use PS3 controller on PC
    • customize the hardware settings of your controller
    • completely remap and use PS3 gamepad or use PS4 controller on PC
    • assign any mappings to the gyro on PS4 controller

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    No 2 Install Ds4windows

    Once you have downloaded the Zip file, simply right-click and select Extract All from the options.

    Afterwards, a window will pop up asking you your preferred locations for the extracted files. It is up to you if you want to extract them on the same folder, or another part of your hard drive. Either way, once you have finished extracting the files, youll see two files, DS4Updater.exe and DS4Windows.exe.

    The former is not always useful, but it can come in handy in case youre having problems with the software later on. For now, click on DS4Windows.exe so you can start with the installation process and get your PS4 controller on PC working right away.

    How To Navigate Steam With A Ps4 Controller

    How To Use A PS4 Controller On A PC – Wired / Wireless

    In addition to playing games, you can use your PS4 controller to navigate the Steam platform. For example, you can use the joysticks as a mouse and even enable the controller’s trackpad.

  • Open Steam in Big Picture Mode. You can select the Big Picture icon in the top right corner of the Steam client, or you can simply press the PS button.

  • Select the settings icon in the top right corner.

  • Select Base Configurations > Big Picture Mode Configuration.

  • From here, you can configure the control for navigating Steam in both Desktop and Big Picture mode.

  • Enjoy navigating Steam using your wireless PS4 controller.

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    How To Connect Ps4 Controller To Pc Wirelessly

    If youre looking for a wireless solution, then Sony has you covered with the DualShock wireless adaptor for PC. This launched in September 2016 and is available from various online retailers, including Amazon. Simply:

    • Plug the adapter into your PC USB port and wait for drivers to install
    • Hold down the Share and PS buttons at the same time on your DualShock 4
    • This will pair both devices and you should now be able to use your PS4 controller on PC

    Note: You are not restricted to just using a Sony controller on PC. Some third-party controllers that also utilize the XInput API will also work, but its worth investigating it thoroughly online before buying a controller that doesnt work!

    Pair Ps4 Controller To Windows

    First, well pair and connect the DS4 controller to the Windows computer. Go to Settings by clicking the Settings button on the bottom left corner in the Start menu.

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    to open the Devices settings, here we can manage all the devices and add the DS4 controller via Bluetooth.

    your computer would start looking for Bluetooth devices ready for pairing. Now would be a good time to put your DS4 controller in the pairing mode.Press and hold the PS + SHARE button simultaneously. When the light on the controller starts pulsing white, it means the controller is in pairing mode.

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    It would show up on the list on your computer. to begin the pairing process.

    The light on your controller would turn to a solid color and stop pulsing or blinking. It means your controller is paired and you can use it with supported applications but if you try to use the touchpad, it does nothing.

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    How To Use The Ps4 Controller On Pc

    Start using your PS4 controller on PC right away with our quick guide!

    The PC doesnt exactly have a de-facto controller just yet. The Xbox One controller, and its predecessor, the Xbox 360 controller, are close candidates, but theyre not universally considered as the go-to controller. And, while the standard mouse + keyboard combo might be convenient to use, it doesnt exactly come close to replicating the feel of a console controller.

    Which, brings us to this.

    The PS4 DualShock 4 controller is generally considered as one of the best console controllers on the market if not the best. The mostly unchanged layout since its first iteration means that most gamers are already familiar with the controller. Not only that but, by default, it has most, if not all, of the buttons necessary for controller-based PC games to work.

    Plus, theres the trackpad, which you can use as a mouse input if you want.

    Basically, you have every bit of a reason to want to start using PS4 controller on PC, and were here to tell you that setting it up isnt as difficult as it sounds.

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