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How To Reset Ps4 To Factory Settings

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One: Deactivate Your Psn Account

How to Reset the PS4 to Factory Default Settings

Deactivating your PSN account from your PS4 wont completely delete your PSN accountitll just disassociate your account with that specific PS4. Its sort of similar to turning off Find My iPhone and signing out of iCloud on an iPhone that youre selling.

From the main screen on your PS4, hit Up on the controller and youll see your latest notifications.

Hit Right on your controller until you get to Settings. Select it.

Scroll down and select PlayStation Network/Account Management.

Select Activate as Your Primary PS4.

On the next screen, Deactivate might be grayed out, which technically means your account is already deactivated, but just to make absolutely sure that is, you can activate it and then deactivate. There have been many stories where sellers think they deactivated their account, but the new owner couldnt log in because the sellers account was still on there, so double-check this by selecting Activate on this screen.

Select Activate as Your Primary PS4 again.

Choose Deactivate.

On the next screen, select Yes to confirm this action.

The PS4 will restart, so youll need to press the PS button on the controller to get back to the main menu.

After that, select your user account .

From there, youll be brought back to the main menu.

Connecting An External Keyboard

If you have an old or extra keyboard around the home, it may come in handy in this scenario. The only thing to keep in mind is that the keyboard input cord must have a USB type A connection. If its a common model that Sony supports, the wireless keyboard may also be useful. If using an external keyboard is not an option for you, you may still proceed.

In 2021, Discord on PS4/PS5 is recommended | Discord on PlayStation

How To Reset The Playstation 4 Back To Factory Defaults

There are numerous ways to return your PS4 back to factory defaults. However one of the simplest and quickest is to use the PS4 Safe Mode options. Within Safe Mode you will find two different options for resetting a PS4 back to factory defaults, Initialise PS4 and Initialise PS4 .

Both options can be found on the PS4 Safe Mode screen, however this video looks at the quicker of the two options which is to Initialise PS4. The Initialise PS4 process will return the console to the same state it was in when it left the factory, it will:

  • delete all Sony Entertainment Network accounts,
  • delete all installed games,
  • delete all game saves data and media files.
  • Reset all console settings

However, it will not:

  • revert your console to a previous firmware version.

If you are experiencing problems with your console you would be better of selecting the Initialise PS4 option. This process will take longer to complete but will do the following:

  • it will delete all Sony Entertainment Network accounts,
  • delete all installed games,
  • delete all game saves data and media files.
  • Reset all console settings

However, it will not:

  • revert your console to a previous firmware version.

We recommend that before initialising the PS4 make sure you have backed up all your games saves to your PSN account.

Tip: If after completing a factory reset on a PS4 you find that the console does not recognise the controller you will need to do the following:

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Does Rebuilding Ps4 Database Delete Anything

Before you rebuild your PS4s database, rest assured that the process doesnt delete any of your saved data, it simply reorganizes and freshens up your systems files. Select the Rebuild Database option, making sure you dont accidentally select the Initialize PS4 option since that will erase all your data.

How To Factory Reset Your Playstation 4

How to Factory Reset a PS4

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If you plan on selling your PlayStation 4, heres how to reset it by deactivating your PSN account and deleting all of the files on the console to put it back into factory condition.

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There are only a couple of things you need to do in order to completely wipe your PlayStation 4. You first need to deactivate your PSN account from the console so that the new owner can login using his own account, and then youll need to completely wipe everything off the hard drive, which will put the software back into a state just like it was when you first pulled the PS4 out of the box for the first time.

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Restore Through Safe Mode

If you experience problems with the software or many errors during the above procedure, there is another way to restore your PS4 to factory default settings.

To do this, you must turn off the console completely and then press and hold the power button until you hear a second sound confirming that you are starting safe mode.

Within this Safe Mode you will be able to select the option to Restore default settings and Start PS4 in the same way as it was arranged within the PlayStation software settings menu.

Depending on your selection, you can restore all your data by keeping the software or reinstalling the operating system with which the console works.

If the reason for which you have decided to carry out this procedure is a problem with the software It is recommended that you select the second option to remove all corrupted files .

Now you just have to wait for the process to complete and be able to enjoy your PS4 again without any problem.

If you get to present other kinds of problems such as your console not turning on or showing video or not recognizing the remote, you will have to take other measures to solve the problem.

You also have the option to change the hard drive of your PS4 console to be able to expand the capacity and save without any inconvenience the programs, games and progress that you have so far If you already have an external hard drive and it presents problems, you have the option to format it

How Do I Transfer My Trophies From Ps4 To Ps5

Data Transfer from PS4 consoles to PS5 consoles Sign in to the same account thats signed in on your PS5 console. Update the system software to the latest version. Synchronize your trophy information by pressing the OPTIONS button while viewing Trophies, and then select Sync with PlayStation Network.

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How Do You Delete A Playstation 4 Account

How to delete PS4 user account

  • On your PS4, go to Settings.
  • Choose Login Settings in the drop-down.
  • On the Login Settings page, select User Management.
  • On the User Management page, select Delete User.
  • A list of users will appear on the next screen select the user you wish to delete.
  • Select Delete.
  • What Does It Mean To Factory Reset A Ps4

    Reset PS4 to Factory Settings

    Resetting your PS4 restores the hard drive to the state it was in when you first bought the console. Performing a factory reset is highly recommended before selling your PS4 since your system probably contains personal data such as your credit card information.

    A PS4 reset can also remove the entire operating system, which may be necessary if your console is malfunctioning.

    A factory reset is irreversible, so back up your game data with an external hard drive. Alternatively, PlayStation Plus users can upload their data to the cloud for safe storage.

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    You Want To Upgrade Your Ps4’s Internal Hard Drive

    Let’s face itthe PS4’s default internal hard drive isn’t up to scratch if you’re looking for a large, varied digital games library.

    If you’re thinking about upgrading your PS4’s internal hard drive, then strongly consider factory resetting your PS4 with your current internal hard drive in place. This way, you’ve got a spare internal hard drive to sell, if you’d like, or a backup hard drive that’s free of issues in case your new hard drive has any faults.

    It goes without saying that if you’re planning to upgrade your PS4’s internal hard drive, then back up your data. Also, consider an external hard drive for your PS4 as opposed to an upgraded internal hard drive.

    What Should I Do To My Ps4 Before Selling It

    It is important to factory reset or format your PS4 before you sell it. This will ensure all your data like your PlayStation account, linked social accounts, games, etc. will be deleted. After the process, the PS4 will boot up like a brand-new console. The process is similar to factory resetting your smartphone.

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    Choose Full On The Initialize Screen

    For the purpose of this, we are suggesting you select Initialize. Once youve clicked through, youll have two options. Either Quick or Full. Youll want to select Full. This will wipe everything from your PS4, so for people looking to factory reset your PS4, this is the best option for you.

    This full wipe could take a couple of hours, but once its finished youll have a complete blank PS4, thats ready for a new user. This is the best option for when youre selling your PS4 on or recycling it.

    There may be several reasons for you to need to factory reset your PlayStation 4. Heres how you do it.

    Factory resetting your PS4 wipes off everything youve stored on your console and resets all your settings to the factory defaults. If this is what you want to do, youve come to the right place.

    There are many reasons to reset your PlayStation 4. Maybe youre experiencing an issue with your console and you think resetting it should fix the issue.

    Or, if you are planning to get the latest PS5 and you want to erase your PS4 before you sell or give it away to someone.

    Either way, the following guide should help you reset your PlayStation 4 to the factory settings.

    Ps5 Factory Reset What Are My Options

    How to Factory Reset Your PS4

    These are all of the PS5 Safe Mode options that are available to you once you boot your PlayStation 5 into Safe Mode:

  • Restart PS5 Exits Safe Mode and restarts the PS5 console in its normal condition.
  • Change Video Output Changes the native display resolution. This option can be helpful when troubleshooting issues with blank screens and other display problems.
  • Update System Software Allows you to update the PS5 system software via direct download or if you have a PS5 system update stored on a connected USB storage device.
  • Restore Default Settings Restores the PS5 console to the default factory settings. Restoring Default Settings will not delete the saved data on your system storage.
  • Rebuild Database Scans the drive and creates a new database structure of all content on the system. This option is worth selecting if you find yourself running into the .
  • Reset PS5 Deletes all user data and restores the PS5 to its original factory state. This is what you want to do if you want to factory reset your PS5 to either give it a clean slate or sell it onto another user.
  • Reset PS5 Deletes all user data and removes PS5 system software. This will reset the PS5 system software to its original launch factory firmware state.
  • When carrying out a Factory Reset for PS5, you should always go for the Reset PS5 Option. You should try every other avenue to try and fix your console, and be aware of what all these options mean.

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    Hard Reset Sony Playstation 4

    How to factory resetSONY PlayStation 4? How to wipe all data in SONY PlayStation 4? How to in SONY PlayStation 4? How to restore defaults in SONY PlayStation 4?

    The following tutorial shows all method of master reset SONY PlayStation 4. Check out how to accomplish hard reset by hardware keys and settings. As a result your SONY PlayStation 4 will be as new and your core will run faster.

    Ps5 Factory Reset What Should I Do First

    As you might have expected, backing up your console is your first priority before you attempt to restore your PS5 to factory settings. Go to the Settings Menu, then head to System > Backup and Restore > Back Up Your PS5, and transfer everything to a USB drive.

    For additional information, you can read our full guide on how to back up and restore your PS5 console.

    PS5 Factory Reset P55 Safe Mode

  • Turn off your PS5 console by pressing the power button. This is the largest of the two buttons on the front of the console. The power indicator will blink for a second or two before turning off completely.
  • With the system completely off, press and hold the power button again. Release it after you hear the PS5 make a second beep. The first beep will sound when you first press the power button. The second will occur and roughly seven seconds later.
  • Connect the controller with the USB cable and press the PS button on the controller.
  • Your PS5 has now started in Safe Mode.
  • For further reading check out our full PS5 Safe Mode guide.

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    Back Up Your Saved Data

    At this point, if not before, youll want to back up your data. This can be done in one of two ways:

    Back up to an external device

    You can back up your data to a USB storage device thats formatted to FAT or exFAT.

  • Attach the USB device to your Playstation
  • Navigate to the Settings menu on your PS4
  • Here youll want to select Saved Data in System Storage
  • Then choose Copy to USB Storage Device
  • Select the files you want to back up. You can select more than one at a time by selecting Options and then Select Multiple.
  • Then just click Copy
  • This method wont back up trophies. To do that youll need to use Playstation Network.

    Back up your PS4 data using Playstation Plus Cloud:

    This method requires a paid subscription to Playstation Plus, but gives you access to 100GB of cloud storage as well as a number of other benefits like free games.

  • Browse to Settings
  • Select Application Saved Data Management
  • Then choose Select Auto-Upload
  • What Is A Ps4 Factory Reset

    How to reset your PS4 to factory settings

    Factory reset, sometimes called a master reset or hard reset, is a way to restore the system software of your PS4 to its factory or original state. In order to perform a factory reset, you can either go to the consoles System settings menu or boot your PS4 in Safe Mode.

    Factory reset entails deleting all user added data so it is, in a way, works similarly to reformatting a hard drive when in a PC environment. This means that all information that are not part of the original system software stored in your PS4 hard drive will be deleted.

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    Sometimes We Need To Need To Reset Our Devices To Solve Our Problems So Let’s Check How To Return Your Ps4 Factory Settings

    We sometimes have problems with our electronic devices. Those might be our mobile phones, televisions, computers and etc. Of course, our gaming consoles are also on this list. We might have some PlayStation 4 errors. And we might need to reset our devices to solve our problems. Yes, this might not be the best solution but sometimes can be life-saving. So lets check how to return your PS4 factory settings. How to Reset PlayStation 4?

    As we said, resetting your console should be your last effort to solve your problem. If you cannot succeed with the other solutions, then resetting is your only solution. We want to warn you that factory resetting will erase all your data from your PlayStation 4. So we suggest you back up your save data. And you are lucky if you have a PS Plus subscription. Because PS Plus subscribers can upload their save data to the cloud system. So lets check how to reset your PS4.


    Ps4 Factory Reset What Should I Do First

    As you might have expected, backing up your console is your first priority before you attempt to restore your PS4 to factory settings. Go to the Settings Menu, then head to System > Backup and Restore > Backup PS4, and transfer everything to a USB drive.

    PS4 Safe Mode

    Once you have backed up everything, youll then need to boot up your PS4 in safe mode. First, power off the console by holding down the power button for a few seconds.

    Once it beeps and the power light turns red, you can turn the console on again by keeping the power button held down until you hear another beep. Once this is done, wait seven seconds, and youll get another beep informing you to release the power button.

    Your console should now be in safe mode, but you will need to connect your DualShock 4 via USB as Bluetooth wont function in safe mode.

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    Find The Initialization Option In Settings

    Look over right to the base from inside the Settings menu. Snap on Initialization and youll be given a couple of more choices. For the motivations behind this guide, you just need to stress over the last two choices well be skirting Clear Learning Dictionary. Underneath that, youll see Restore Default Settings, which will clear your saved settings information and return the PS4 to its factory settings, however it wont wipe your hard drive.

    The other choice, Factory Reset a PS4, is the large one that will free your hard drive from information, including downloaded games, saved game information, and whatever else youve added to the support since getting it. This will reestablish your PS4 to the unblemished condition it was in when it emerged from the container.

    What To Do If Your Ps4 Crashes Or Freezes Up

    How to Factory Reset PS4 in a Few Seconds

    It’s frustrating to watch your PlayStation stop working, but there are a couple ways to fix it. You can try restarting your console, or you can run a complete factory resetâthis option will wipe all the data from your system’s hard drive, so it should be a last resort.

    Before we show you how to reset a PS4, be sure to back up everything on your machineâsaved games, images, videos, and trophies. If you don’t have a PlayStation Plus account or aren’t able to access it to upload your save data to the cloud, here’s how to back up your information on an external hard drive or flash drive.

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